Section 13
Chapter 12,488

Recherche d'indicateurs des risques de ruissellement et d'erosion sur les principaux sols des montagnes mediterraneennes du Rif occidental (Maroc)

Sabir, M.; Barthes, B.; Roose, E.

Secheresse 15(1): 105-110


Accession: 012487762

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The Mediterranean mountains of Morocco are faced with numerous erosion problems: topsoil scouring through sheet (1 to 5 t/ha/year), rill (10 to 100 t/ha/year) and tillage erosion (1 to 60 t/ha/year), gully erosion on hill slopes (100 to 300 t/ha/year), landslide and embankment degradation around wadies, floods and reservoir siltation. Linear erosion being more important than sheet erosion on steep slopes, runoff energy is more important on the mountains than rainfall energy.

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