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Responses of photosynthetic apparatus of different wheat (Triticuin aestivuin L.) genotypes to drought under field conditions. II. Changes in O2 evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters - a possible basis for screening of drought tolerance

Yordanov, I.; Georgieva, K.; Velikova, V.; Tsonev, T.; Goltsev, V.; Ivanov, P.; Tsenov, N.; Petrova, T.

Genetics and Breeding 31(3-4): 21-30


Accession: 012513843

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The drought tolerance of different wheat genotypes of Triticun aestivum L. grown in field was investigated using two different methods - O2 evolution and prompt Chl a fluorescence. It was found that under mild water deficit (10-15%) the PS2 efficiency was slightly affected. However, under severe water deficit (25-30%) PS2 is strongly inhibited and even injured.

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