Section 13
Chapter 12,532

SENV infection in HIV-positive patients: prevalence, subtype characterization, and impact on HIV disease progression

Quiros-Roldan, E.; Torti, C.; Imberti, L.; Casari, S.; Soriano, V.; Moretti, F.; Pirovano, S.; Carosi, G.

Aids Research and Human Retroviruses 19(12): 1079-1082


ISSN/ISBN: 0889-2229
PMID: 14709243
DOI: 10.1089/088922203771881167
Accession: 012531028

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Among 165 HIV-infected patients, prevalence of SEN virus (SENV) infection was 51.5%, with subtype A predominance and unique SENV variant (67%), but also SENV superinfections with multiple variants were frequent. High prevalence, superinfection and broad SENV subtype diversification have been demonstrated, all linked to intravenous drug use (IVDU) as a risk factor for HIV acquisition. At multivariate analysis, SENV infection did not appear to have any negative impact on survival, while a possible protective effect needs further investigation.

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