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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 12650

Chapter 12650 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stabnikov, V.P.; Ivanov, V.N., 2006:
The effect of various iron hydroxide concentrations on the anaerobic fermentation of sulfate-containing model wastewater

Degim, Zül.; Unal, N.; Eşsiz, Dç.; Abbasoglu, U., 2004:
The effect of various liposome formulations on insulin penetration across Caco-2 cell monolayer

Damasiewicz-Bodzek, A.; Kos-Kudła, B.; Suwała-Jurczyk, B., 2006:
The effect of various methods of psoriasis treatment on somatotrophin axis hormones in serum

Christiansen, B.A.; Silva, M.J., 2006:
The effect of varying magnitudes of whole-body vibration on several skeletal sites in mice

Gillies, E.M.; Putman, C.T.; Bell, G.J., 2006:
The effect of varying the time of concentric and eccentric muscle actions during resistance training on skeletal muscle adaptations in women

Davies, M.G.; Geddes, D.M.; Alton, E.W.F.W., 2004:
The effect of varying tonicity on nasal epithelial ion transport in cystic fibrosis

Papapetropoulos, S.; Ellul, J.; Argyriou, A.A.; Talelli, P.; Chroni, E.; Papapetropoulos, T., 2004:
The effect of vascular disease on late onset Parkinson's disease

Hsieh, P-S.; Bochinski, D.J.; Lin, G.T.; Nunes, L.; Lin, C.S.; Lue, T.F., 2003:
The effect of vascular endothelial growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor on cavernosal nerve regeneration in a nerve-crush rat model

Crocker, I.P.; Wareing, M.; Ferris, G.R.; Jones, C.J.; Cartwright, J.E.; Baker, P.N.; Aplin, J.D., 2005:
The effect of vascular origin, oxygen, and tumour necrosis factor alpha on trophoblast invasion of maternal arteries in vitro

Pan, S.; Kleppe, L.S.; Witt, T.A.; Mueske, C.S.; Simari, R.D., 2004:
The effect of vascular smooth muscle cell-targeted expression of tissue factor pathway inhibitor in a murine model of arterial thrombosis

Petersen, M.Bjelke., 2006:
The effect of vasopressin and related compounds at V1a and V2 receptors in animal models relevant to human disease

van Haren, F.M.P.; Rozendaal, F.W.; van der Hoeven, J.G., 2003:
The effect of vasopressin on gastric perfusion in catecholamine-dependent patients in septic shock

Mays, H.L.; Ritchison, G., 2004:
The effect of vegetation density on male mate guarding and extra-territorial forays in the yellow-breasted chat (Icteria virens)

Batty Lesley C.; Baker Alan J.M.; Wheeler Bryan D., 2006:
The effect of vegetation on porewater composition in a natural wetland receiving acid mine drainage

Najafabadi, A.Rouholamini.; Gilani, K.; Barghi, M.; Rafiee-Tehrani, M., 2004:
The effect of vehicle on physical properties and aerosolisation behaviour of disodium cromoglycate microparticles spray dried alone or with L-leucine

Kim, H.Won.; Gwak, H.Sun.; Chun, I.Koo., 2004:
The effect of vehicles and pressure sensitive adhesives on the percutaneous absorption of quercetin through the hairless mouse skin

de Oliveira, R.A.; Cunha, G.M.A.; Borges, K.Daisy.M.; de Bruin, G.S.; dos Santos-Filho, Eídio.A.; Viana, G.S.B.; de Bruin, V.M.S., 2004:
The effect of venlafaxine on behaviour, body weight and striatal monoamine levels on sleep-deprived female rats

Shelley, K.H.; Tamai, D.; Jablonka, D.; Gesquiere, M.; Stout, R.G.; Silverman, D.G., 2005:
The effect of venous pulsation on the forehead pulse oximeter wave form as a possible source of error in Spo2 calculation

Bartels, M.N.; Jelic, S.; Ngai, P.; Gates, G.; Newandee, D.; Reisman, S.S.; Basner, R.C.; D.M.ersman, R.E., 2004:
The effect of ventilation on spectral analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability during exercise

Kallel, H.; Chelly, H.; Bahloul, M.; Ksibi, H.; Dammak, H.; Chaari, A.; Ben Hamida, C.; Rekik, N.; Bouaziz, M., 2005:
The effect of ventilator-associated pneumonia on the prognosis of head trauma patients

Rankin, S.M.; Innocenti, M.A.; Eicher, C.A.; Furst, D., 2004:
The effect of ventral nerve cord severance and male castration on female mating behavior, clutch size, and maternal care in the ring-legged earwig

Xia, Q.; Tholandi, M.; Osmond, D.H.; Pollack, L.M.; Zhou, W.; Ruiz, J.D.; Catania, J.A., 2006:
The effect of venue sampling on estimates of HIV prevalence and sexual risk behaviors in men who have sex with men

Choi, J-Shik.; Li, X., 2005:
The effect of verapamil on the pharmacokinetics of paclitaxel in rats

Umemura, S.; Nakamura, S.; Sugiura, T.; Tsuka, Y.; Fujitaka, K.; Yoshida, S.; Baden, M.; Iwasaka, T., 2006:
The effect of verapamil on the restoration of myocardial perfusion and functional recovery in patients with angiographic no-reflow after primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Herz, R.S., 2003:
The effect of verbal context on olfactory perception

Pan-Zhi-Hao; Jiang-Zhen; Pan-Cui-Zhen; Zhao-Qiang, 2005:
The effect of vertical displacement of heart on ventricular function and configuration

Emsley, S.; Tarling, G.; Burrows, M., 2005:
The effect of vertical migration strategy on retention and dispersion in the Irish Sea during spring-summer

Leung, M.-Tak; Ciocca, V., 2004:
The effect of vertical tongue loading on the position perception of the tongue

Bouwman, A.M.; Visser, M.R.; Eissens, A.C.; Wesselingh, J.A.; Frijlink, H.W., 2004:
The effect of vessel material on granules produced in a high-shear mixer

Romane, D.; Bendika, Z.; Senakola, E.; Davies, R.M.; Ellwood, R.P.; Pretty, I.A., 2005:
The effect of video repositioning on the reliability of light-induced fluorescence imaging: an in vivo study

Wells, Deborah, L., 2005:
The effect of videotapes of animals on cardiovascular responses to stress

Fukui, T.; Inui, T., 2006:
The effect of viewing the moving limb and target object during the early phase of movement on the online control of grasping

Chan, A., W.Y.; Peelen, M., V.; Downing, P., E., 2004:
The effect of viewpoint on body representation in the extrastriate body area

Thorpe, D.L.; Knutsen, S.F.; Beeson, W.Lawrence.; Fraser, G.E., 2006:
The effect of vigorous physical activity and risk of wrist fracture over 25 years in a low-risk survivor cohort

Pliss, G.B.; Mel'nikov, A.S.; Malinin, V.V.; Khavinson, V.Kh., 2005:
The effect of vilon (Lys-Glu) on 1.2-dimethylhydrazine-induced neoplasia

Vereshchagin, V.K., 2003:
The effect of vinpocetine on the cerebral circulation upon irradiation in rats

Rempel, G.; Moussavi, Z., 2005:
The effect of viscosity on the breath-swallow pattern of young people with cerebral palsy

Skyner, L., J.; Amory, J., R.; Hosey, G., 2004:
The effect of visitors on the self-injurious behaviour of a male pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus)

Hatta, T.; Oikawa, Y.; Ohbuchi, K.-Ichi, 2005:
The effect of visual cues on negotiation

Hibler, T.L.; Houde, A.E., 2006:
The effect of visual obstructions on the sexual behaviour of guppies: the importance of privacy

Muller-Gass, A.; Stelmack, R.M.; Campbell, K.B., 2006:
The effect of visual task difficulty and attentional direction on the detection of acoustic change as indexed by the Mismatch Negativity

Tomatsu, S.; Ohtsuki, T., 2005:
The effect of visual transformation on bimanual circling movement

Martens, V.E.G.; de Jong, P.F., 2005:
The effect of visual word features on the acquisition of orthographic knowledge

Economides, P., A.; Khaodhiar, L.; Caselli, A.; Caballero, A.E.rique; Keenan, H.; Bursell, S.-Erik; King, G., L.; Johnstone, M., T.; Horton, E., S.; Veves, A., 2005:
The effect of vitamin E on endothelial function of micro- and macrocirculation and left ventricular function in type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients

Zhang, X.Yang.; Zhou, D.Feng.; Cao, L.Yuan.; Xu, C.Qing.; Chen, D.Chun.; Wu, G.Ying., 2004:
The effect of vitamin E treatment on tardive dyskinesia and blood superoxide dismutase: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Collins, J.F.; Krol, W.F.; Kirk, G.F.; Gaster, R.N., 2004:
The effect of vitreous presentation during extracapsular cataract surgery on the postoperative visual acuity at one year

van Alphen, P.M.; McQueen, J.M., 2006:
The effect of voice onset time differences on lexical access in Dutch

Rimol, L.M.; Eichele, T.; Hugdahl, K., 2005:
The effect of voice-onset-time on dichotic listening with consonant-vowel syllables

Volta, C.A.; Alvisi, V.; Petrini, S.; Zardi, S.; Marangoni, E.; Ragazzi, R.; Capuzzo, M.; Alvisi, R., 2005:
The effect of volatile anesthetics on respiratory system resistance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Siegert, I.; Banks, C., 2005:
The effect of volatile fatty acid additions on the anaerobic digestion of cellulose and glucose in batch reactors

Marin, R.; Williams, A.; Hale, S.; Burge, B.; Mense, M.; Bauman, R.; Tortella, F., 2003:
The effect of voluntary exercise exposure on histological and neurobehavioral outcomes after ischemic brain injury in the rat

Potério-Filho, Jão.; Silveira, S.Aparecida.Ferreira.; Potério, G.Maria.Braga.; Fecuri, R.Junior.; de Almeida, Fábio.Haddad.Marcelino.; Menezes, Fábio.Hüsemann., 2006:
The effect of walking with high-heeled shoes on the leg venous pressure

Rosand, J.; Eckman, M.H.; Knudsen, K.A.; Singer, D.E.; Greenberg, S.M., 2004:
The effect of warfarin and intensity of anticoagulation on outcome of intracerebral hemorrhage

Brukh, R.; Barat, R.; Mitra, S., 2006:
The effect of waste concentration on destruction efficiency during incineration

Dewson, Z.S.; Death, R.G.; James, A.B., 2003:
The effect of water abstractions on invertebrate communities in four small North Island streams

Sapir, N.; Tsurim, I.; Gal, B.; Abramsky, Z., 2004:
The effect of water availability on fuel deposition of two staging Sylvia warblers

Dijkstra, Z.J.; Weyten, H.; Willems, L.; Keurentjes, J.T.F., 2006:
The effect of water concentration on the activity and stability of CLECs in supercritical CO2 in continuous operation

Szmeja, J.; Bazydlo, E., 2005:
The effect of water conditions on the phenology and age structure of Luronium natans (L.) raf. populations

Heimeier, R.A.; Bartolo, R.C.; Donald, J.A., 2004:
The effect of water deprivation on signalling molecules that utilise cGMP in the spinifex hopping mouse Notomys alexis

Xiong, B.-Hong; Hou, H.-Bo; Zhong, Y., 2005:
The effect of water depth on seedling emergence and early growth of Vallisneria natans in a eutrophic lake with reduced transparency

Van Duyl, F.; Scheffers, S.; Thomas, F.; Driscoll, M., 2006:
The effect of water exchange on bacterioplankton depletion and inorganic nutrient dynamics in coral reef cavities

Hladik, M.; Kubecka, J., 2004:
The effect of water level fluctuation on tributary spawning migration of reservoir fish

Hurley, C.; D.D.ene, Y.; Meder, R.; Pope, J.M.; Baldock, C., 2003:
The effect of water molecular self-diffusion on quantitative high-resolution MRI polymer gel dosimetry

Buschmann, A.H.; Vasquez, J.A.; Osorio, P.; Reyes, E.; Filun, L.; Hernandez-Gonzalez, M.C.; Vega, A., 2004:
The effect of water movement, temperature and salinity on abundance and reproductive patterns of Macrocystis spp. (Phaeophyta) at different latitudes in Chile

Zaccai, G., 2004:
The effect of water on protein dynamics

Wortmann, F-J.; Stapels, M.; Elliott, R.; Chandra, L., 2005:
The effect of water on the glass transition of human hair

Dobbie, K.E.; Smith, K.A., 2006:
The effect of water table depth on emissions of N2O from a grassland soil

Gilani, K.; Najafabadi, A.Rouholamini.; Barghi, M.; Rafiee-Tehrani, M., 2005:
The effect of water to ethanol feed ratio on physical properties and aerosolization behavior of spray dried cromolyn sodium particles

Boesel, L.F.; Reis, R.L., 2006:
The effect of water uptake on the behaviour of hydrophilic cements in confined environments

Wernberg, T.; Thomsen, M., S., 2005:
The effect of wave exposure on the morphology of Ecklonia radiata

Zmyslony, M.; Rajkowska, E.; Mamrot, P.; Politanski, P.; Jajte, J., 2004:
The effect of weak 50 Hz magnetic fields on the number of free oxygen radicals in rat lymphocytes in vitro

Sheiman, I.M.; Fesenko, E.E., 1999:
The effect of weak electromagnetic fieid on morphogenesis in planarians

Pron'ko, V.V.; Korsak, V.V.; Druzhkin, A.F., 2004:
The effect of weather conditions and land treatment on the efficiency of fertilizers in the Volga steppe region

Yoshimura, I.; Naito, M.; Hara, M.; Zhang, J., 2003:
The effect of wedged insoles on the lateral thrust of anterior cruciate ligament-insufficient knees

Puthoff, M.L.; Darter, B.J.; Nielsen, D.H.; Yack, H.John., 2006:
The effect of weighted vest walking on metabolic responses and ground reaction forces

Stephenson, C.; Mccarthy, J.; Vikelis, E.; Shave, R.; Whyte, G.; Gaze, D.; George, K., 2005:
The effect of weightlifting upon left ventricular function and markers of cardiomyocyte damage

McConville, J.T.; Ross, A.C.; Chambers, A.R.; Smith, G.; Florence, A.J.; Stevens, H.N.E., 2004:
The effect of wet granulation on the erosion behaviour of an HPMC-lactose tablet, used as a rate-controlling component in a pulsatile drug delivery capsule formulation

Chiang, S.H.; Hsia, L.C., 2005:
The effect of wet pad and forced ventilation house on the reproductive performance of boar

Hue, O.; Benavente, H.; Chollet, D., 2004:
The effect of wet suit use by triathletes: an analysis of the different phases of arm movement

Andres, S.; Zaritzky, N.; Califano, A., 2006:
The effect of whey protein concentrates and hydrocolloids on the texture and colour characteristics of chicken sausages

Newman, B.H.; Newman, D.T.; Ahmad, R.; Roth, A.J., 2006:
The effect of whole-blood donor adverse events on blood donor return rates

van der Meer, P.F.; de Wildt-Eggen, J., 2006:
The effect of whole-blood storage time on the number of white cells and platelets in whole blood and in white cell-reduced red cells

Potapov, M., A.; Rogov, V., G.; Ovchinnikova, L., E.; Muzyka, V.-Yu; Potapova, O., F.; Bragin, A., V.; Evsikov, V.-, 2004:
The effect of winter food stores on body mass and winter survival of water voles, Arvicola terrestris, in Western Siberia: the implications for population dynamics

Voor, M.J.; Antoci, V.; Antoci, V.; Roberts, C.S., 2005:
The effect of wire plane tilt and olive wires on proximal tibia fracture fragment stability and fracture site motion

Rautiainen, P.; Koivula, K.; Hyvarinen, M., 2004:
The effect of within-genet and between-genet competition on sexual reproduction and vegetative spread in Potentilla anserina ssp. egedii

Barzilai-Pesach, V.; Sheiner, E.K.; Sheiner, E.; Potashnik, G.; Shoham-Vardi, I., 2006:
The effect of women's occupational psychologic stress on outcome of fertility treatments

Fliessbach, K.; Weis, S.; Klaver, P.; Elger, C.E.; Weber, B., 2006:
The effect of word concreteness on recognition memory

Rayner, K.; Li, X.; Juhasz, B., J.; Yan, G., 2005:
The effect of word predictability on the eye movements of Chinese readers

Thermenos, H.W.; Goldstein, J.M.; Buka, S.L.; Poldrack, R.A.; Koch, J.K.; Tsuang, M.T.; Seidman, L.J., 2005:
The effect of working memory performance on functional MRI in schizophrenia

McGorry, R.W.; Dempsey, P.G.; O'Brien, N.V., 2004:
The effect of workstation and task variables on forces applied during simulated meat cutting

Johansson, L.; Björing, G.; Hägg, Göran.M., 2004:
The effect of wrist orthoses on forearm muscle activity

Segador, J.; Gil-Guillen, V.F.; Orozco, D.; Quirce, F.; Carratalá, M.C.; Fernández-Parker, A.; Merino, J., 2005:
The effect of written information on adherence to antibiotic treatment in acute sore throat

Hultman, P.; Taylor, A.; Yang, J.M.; Pollard, K.M., 2006:
The effect of xenobiotic exposure on spontaneous autoimmunity in (SWR x SJL)F1 hybrid mice

Thaweboon, S.; Thaweboon, B.; Soo-Ampon, S., 2004:
The effect of xylitol chewing gum on mutans streptococci in saliva and dental plaque

Zgoda, M.M.; Woskowicz, M.; Nachajski, M.; Haeusler, O.; Iwanczyk, M., 2004:
The effect of xylitol on the stability and morphological parameters of tablets with sorbitol made by direct tabletting of formulation components

Ertekin, M.-Vecdi; Tekin, S.-Basol; Erdogan, F.; Karslioglu, I.; Gepdiremen, A.; Sezen, O.; Balci, E.; Gundogdu, C., 2004:
The effect of zinc sulphate in the prevention of radiation-induced dermatitis

Hughes, S.; Samman, S., 2006:
The effect of zinc supplementation in humans on plasma lipids, antioxidant status and thrombogenesis

Ko, W.-Sheng; Guo, C.-Hung; Hsu, G.-Shyng, W.; Chiou, Y.-Ling; Yeh, M.-Sheng; Yaun, S.-Rong, 2005:
The effect of zinc supplementation of chronic hepatitis C patients with interferon and ribavirin

Tannehill-Gregg, S.H.; Levine, A.L.; Nadella, M.V.P.; Iguchi, H.; Rosol, T.J., 2006:
The effect of zoledronic acid and osteoprotegerin on growth of human lung cancer in the tibias of nude mice

Wolf, A.Maria.; Rumpold, H.; Tilg, H.; Gastl, G.; Gunsilius, E.; Wolf, D., 2006:
The effect of zoledronic acid on the function and differentiation of myeloid cells

Yelizarova, V.A., 2004:
The effect of zooplankton on the daily increment of phytoplankton biomass in a mesotrophic waterbody (the Rybinsk Reservoir)

Kragh, T.; Sondergaard, M.; Borch, N.H., 2006:
The effect of zooplankton on the dynamics and molecular composition of carbohydrates during an experimental algal bloom

Bubeníková, V.; Votava, M.; Horácek, Jí.; Pálenícek, Tás.; Dockery, C., 2005:
The effect of zotepine, risperidone, clozapine and olanzapine on MK-801-disrupted sensorimotor gating

Webb, S., 2005:
The effect on IMRT conformality of elastic tissue movement and a practical suggestion for movement compensation via the modified dynamic multileaf collimator (dMLC) technique

Ravn, P.; Warming, L.; Christgau, S.; Christiansen, C., 2004:
The effect on cartilage of different forms of application of postmenopausal estrogen therapy: comparison of oral and transdermal therapy

de Souza, Fício.Dias.; Pécora, J.Djalma.; Silva, R.Gariba., 2004:
The effect on coronal leakage of liquid adhesive application over root fillings after smear layer removal with EDTA or Er:YAG laser

Ponholzer, A.; Oismüller, Rée.; Somay, C.; Büchler, F.; Maier, U.; Hawliczek, R.; Rauchenwald, M.; Madersbacher, S., 2005:
The effect on erectile function of 103palladium implantation for localized prostate cancer

Morozova, T.V.; Pasyukova, E.G., 2000:
The effect on fitness and varying location of the copia retrotransposon in Drosophila melanogaster inbred lines differing in transposition rate

Nøjgaard, J.Klenø.; Christensen, K.Bang.; Wolkoff, P., 2005:
The effect on human eye blink frequency of exposure to limonene oxidation products and methacrolein

Christidis, N.; Kopp, S.; Ernberg, M., 2005:
The effect on mechanical pain threshold over human muscles by oral administration of granisetron and diclofenac-sodium

Nasution, M.D.; Brownie, C.; Pollock, K.H.; Powell, R.A., 2004:
The effect on model identifiability of allowing different relocation rates for live and dead animals in the combined analysis of telemetry and recapture data

Benoit, D.S.W.; Anseth, K.S., 2005:
The effect on osteoblast function of colocalized RGD and PHSRN epitopes on PEG surfaces

Cooper, M.; Dustan, K.; Rotureau, L., 2006:
The effect on radiochemical purity of modifications to the method of preparation and dilution of Tc-99m-sestamibi

Lai Lu; Hao Ming De; Peng Ling Fa; Zhang Zhen Ming, 2003:
The effect on soil phosphorus in long-term continuous cropping of alfalfa in the arid loess regions

Moore, B.C.J.; Stainsby, T.H.; Alcántara, Jé.I.; Kühnel, V., 2004:
The effect on speech intelligibility of varying compression time constants in a digital hearing aid

Moskovitz, D.Norman.; Bodian, C.; Chapman, M.L.; Marion, J.F.; Rubin, P.H.; Scherl, E.; Present, D.H., 2004:
The effect on the fetus of medications used to treat pregnant inflammatory bowel-disease patients

Han J.Q.ang;;; Fan Gong Ren; H.X.e Ling; Liu Chao Ying; Liu Yong; D.Y.N.n; W.Y.P.n, 2003:
The effect on transcription and translation of S gene in the C-truncated HBV mutant

Morona, J.K.; Miller, D.C.; Morona, R.; Paton, J.C., 2004:
The effect that mutations in the conserved capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis genes cpsA, cpsB, and cpsD have on virulence of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Zhang-Huo-Yun; Sun-Qi-Ling; Yuan-Yue-Xiang; Liu-Xiao-Feng; Chen-Fei, 2004:
The effecting of chinese traditional medicine and optimization of culture mediums on Bifidobacterium multiplication

Decuzzi, P.; Causa, F.; Ferrari, M.; Netti, P.A., 2006:
The effective dispersion of nanovectors within the tumor microvasculature

Kukolowicz, P.Franciszek.; Gil-Ulkowska, M.; Bulski, W., 2005:
The effective dose (Deff) for electron beams

Xu, X.George., 2005:
The effective dose equivalent and effective dose for hot particles on the skin

Sievers, A.; Wolfenden, R., 2005:
The effective molarity of the substrate phosphoryl group in the transition state for yeast OMP decarboxylase

Fuglsang, A., 2003:
The effective number of codons for individual amino acids: some codons are more optimal than others

Eigaard, O.R.tzau; Holst, R., 2004:
The effective selectivity of a composite gear for industrial fishing: a sorting grid in combination with a square mesh window

Kobayashi, M.; Chi, D.; Coldwell, S.E.; Domoto, P.; Milgrom, P., 2005:
The effectiveness and estimated costs of the access to baby and child dentistry program in Washington State

Kankasova, Yu, V.; Maksimov, N.I., 2006:
The effectiveness and safety of fozide in patients with arterial hypertension

Aneziokoro, C.O.; Cannon, J.P.; Pachucki, C.T.; Lentino, J.R., 2006:
The effectiveness and safety of oral linezolid for the primary and secondary treatment of osteomyelitis

Peterkova, V.A.; Fofanova, O.V.; Nagayeva, Y., V., 2005:
The effectiveness and safety of use of a soluble recombinant growth hormone formulation in the treatment of shortness in children with retarded intrauterine development

Swift, J.C.; Rees, T.D.; Plemons, J.M.; Hallmon, W.W.; Wright, J.C., 2005:
The effectiveness of 1% pimecrolimus cream in the treatment of oral erosive lichen planus

Pandian, Z.; Bhattacharya, S.; Nikolaou, D.; Vale, L.; Templeton, A., 2003:
The effectiveness of IVF in unexplained infertility: A systematic Cochrane review

Folwaczny, M.; Heym, R.; Mehl, A.; Hickel, R., 2004:
The effectiveness of InGaAsP diode laser radiation to detect subgingival calculus as compared to an explorer

Gray, E.; McCambridge, J.; Strang, J., 2005:
The effectiveness of motivational interviewing delivered by youth workers in reducing drinking, cigarette and cannabis smoking among young people: quasi-experimental pilot study

Ostrowska, L.; Lech, M.M., 2005:
The effectiveness of a body mass reduction program in obese women in perimenopausal and menopausal age compared with the effectiveness of such a program in younger (18-44 years of age) women living in Poland

Fedder, D.O.; Chang, R.J.; Curry, S.; Nichols, G., 2003:
The effectiveness of a community health worker outreach program on healthcare utilization of west Baltimore City Medicaid patients with diabetes, with or without hypertension

Engelstad, L.P.; Stewart, S.; Otero-Sabogal, R.; Leung, M.S.; Davis, P.I.; Pasick, R.J., 2005:
The effectiveness of a community outreach intervention to improve follow-up among underserved women at highest risk for cervical cancer

Clemson, L.; Cumming, R.G.; Kendig, H.; Swann, M.; Heard, R.; Taylor, K., 2004:
The effectiveness of a community-based program for reducing the incidence of falls in the elderly: a randomized trial

Levine, D.M.; Bone, L.R.; Hill, M.N.; Stallings, R.; Gelber, A.C.; Barker, A.; Harris, E.C.; Zeger, S.L.; Felix-Aaron, K.L.; Clark, J.M., 2003:
The effectiveness of a community/academic health center partnership in decreasing the level of blood pressure in an urban African-American population

Wilson, A.; Potter, J.; Taub, N.; Moore, A.; Robinson, T., 2004:
The effectiveness of a modified version of the Wilkinson questionnaire in screening for TIA and minor stroke in the United Kingdom

Hagihara, T.; Ando, M.; Kawasaki, K.; Makinodan, Y.; Tsukamasa, Y., 2006:
The effectiveness of a new physical property evaluation method of kamaboko which applied the principal component analysis to the puncture and stress relaxation tests

Sidhu, R.; Passmore, A.; Baker, D., 2005:
The effectiveness of a peer support camp for siblings of children with cancer

Breese, P.; Burman, W.; Shlay, J.; Guinn, D., 2004:
The effectiveness of a verbal opt-out system for human immunodeficiency virus screening during pregnancy

Richerzhagen, C.; Holm-Mueller, K., 2005:
The effectiveness of access and benefit sharing in Costa Rica: Implications for national and international regimes

Klimek, M., 2006:
The effectiveness of adrenocorticotropin repeated doses in high risk pregnancies

Hernandes, S.-Evandro-Daniel; De-Mello, A.-Claudia; Sant'ana, J.-Jordao; Soares, V.-Sarto; Cassiolato, V.; Garcia, L.-Botelho; Cardos, C.-Luiz, 2004:
The effectiveness of alcohol gel and other hand-cleansing agents against important nosocomial pathogens

Cander, B.; Girisgin, S.; Koylu, R.; Gul, M.; Kocak, S., 2005:
The effectiveness of analgesics in traumatic injuries of the extremities

Finckh, A.; Simard, J.F.; Duryea, J.; Liang, M.H.; Huang, J.; Daneel, S.; Forster, A.; Gabay, C.; Guerne, P-André., 2005:
The effectiveness of anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy in preventing progressive radiographic joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis: a population-based study

Schadé, A.; Marquenie, L.A.; van Balkom, A.J.L.M.; Koeter, M.W.J.; de Beurs, E.; van den Brink, W.; van Dyck, R., 2005:
The effectiveness of anxiety treatment on alcohol-dependent patients with a comorbid phobic disorder: a randomized controlled trial

Lee, S-Eun.; Song, K-Ho.; Liu, J.; Kwon, H-Ju.; Youn, S-Bo.; Lee, Y-Won.; Cho, S-Hwan.; Kim, D-Hwan., 2004:
The effectiveness of auriculoacupoint treatment for artificially induced acute hepatic injury in dogs

Kuz'mina, L.Y.; Loginov, O.N.; Boiko, T.F.; Isaev, R.F.; Sveshnikova, E.V.; Melent'ev, A.I., 2003:
The effectiveness of bacterial formulation in control of stinking smut

Gurr, B.; Coetzer, B.R., 2005:
The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural therapy for post-traumatic headaches

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The effects of carbenoxolone on human myocardial conduction: a tool to investigate the role of gap junctional uncoupling in human arrhythmogenesis

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The effects of carbohydrate supplementation during repeated bouts of prolonged exercise on saliva flow rate and immunoglobulin A

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The effects of cerebral ischemia on the rat choroid plexus

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The effects of changes in loading conditions and modulation of inotropic state on the myocardial performance index: comparison with conductance catheter measurements

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The effects of changes in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases on suicide rates in 71 countries, 1950-1999

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The effects of chronic aerobic and anaerobic exercises n lymphocyte subgroups

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The effects of chronic food restriction on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity depend on morning versus evening availability of food

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The effects of climate and hydrology on the trophic status of Selingue Reservoir, Mali, West Africa

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The effects of climate change on the reproduction of coastal invertebrates

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The effects of co-cultivation of pearl mussels and fishes on water pollution control in middle or small sized water

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The effects of collagen fiber orientation on the flexural properties of pericardial heterograft biomaterials

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The effects of colloid solutions on hemostasis

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The effects of combined androgen blockade on cognitive function during the first cycle of intermittent androgen suppression in patients with prostate cancer

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The effects of compensation and extra compensation of Larix olgensis for needle pests injury

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The effects of competition on growth and biomass allocation in Nymphoides peltata (Gmel.) O. Kuntze growing in microcosm

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The effects of continuous and partial reward on the vigilance task performance of adults with attentional deficits: a pilot investigation

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The effects of controlled deep breathing on smoking withdrawal symptoms in dependent smokers

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The effects of copper and lead on growth and zinc accumulation of Thlaspi caerulescens J. and C. Presl: Implications for phytoremediation of contaminated soils

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The effects of copper-histidine therapy on brain metabolism in a patient with Menkes disease: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic study

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The effects of corneal parameters on the assessment of endothelial cell density in the elderly eye

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The effects of corticosteroids on behavior in children with nephrotic syndrome

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The effects of cost-shifting in the state children's heath insurance program

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The effects of covert attention and stimulus complexity on the P3 response during an auditory continuous performance task

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The effects of crayfish predation on phenotypic and life-history variation in fathead minnows

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The effects of creatine supplementation on muscular performance and body composition responses to short-term resistance training overreaching

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The effects of cricoid pressure, remifentanil, and propofol on esophageal motility and the lower esophageal sphincter

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The effects of cryopreservation on human hepatocytes obtained from different sources of liver tissue

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The effects of cultivation site on forage quality of Calliandra calothyrsus var. Patulul

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