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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12683

Chapter 12683 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Geyer, J.; Wilke, T.; Petzinger, E., 2006:
The solute carrier family SLC10: more than a family of bile acid transporters regarding function and phylogenetic relationships

Gat, O.; Mendelson, I.; Chitlaru, T.; Ariel, N.; Altboum, Z.; Levy, H.; Weiss, S.; Grosfeld, H.; Cohen, S.; Shafferman, A., 2005:
The solute-binding component of a putative Mn(II) ABC transporter (MntA) is a novel Bacillus anthracis virulence determinant

Yang Xu; Zou Zhi Rong; H.Z.ong Qun; L.J.n; Feng Jia Yue, 2003:
The solution nitrogen of vegetable in nutrient solution and its regulation

Solovyova, A.S.; Nöllmann, M.; Mitchell, T.J.; Byron, O., 2004:
The solution structure and oligomerization behavior of two bacterial toxins: pneumolysin and perfringolysin O

Osborne, M.J.; Siddiqui, N.; Iannuzzi, P.; Gehring, K., 2004:
The solution structure of ChaB, a putative membrane ion antiporter regulator from Escherichia coli

Golovanov, A.P.; Hautbergue, G.M.; Tintaru, A.M.; Lian, L-Yun.; Wilson, S.A., 2006:
The solution structure of REF2-I reveals interdomain interactions and regions involved in binding mRNA export factors and RNA

Tidow, H.; Lauber, T.; Vitzithum, K.; Sommerhoff, C.P.; Rösch, P.; Marx, U.C., 2004:
The solution structure of a chimeric LEKTI domain reveals a chameleon sequence

Mathias, E.; Prabha, A.; Coutinho, E.; Srivastava, S.; Halkar, U., 2005:
The solution structure of a cyclic analog of neuropeptide y with high Y-1 receptor affinity by NMR, CD and MD Simulations

Ripoli, S.; Scarano, S.; Di Bari, L.; Salvadori, P., 2005:
The solution structure of a lasalocid A metal complex in lipophilic solvents

Leitner, D.; Wahl, M.; Labudde, D.; Krause, G.; Diehl, A.; Schmieder, P.; Pires, Jé.Ricardo.; Fossi, M.; Wiedemann, U.; Leidert, M.; Oschkinat, H., 2005:
The solution structure of an N-terminally truncated version of the yeast CDC24p PB1 domain shows a different beta-sheet topology

Brinkworth, C.S.; Carver, J.A.; Wegener, K.L.; Doyle, J.; Llewellyn, L.E.; Bowie, J.H., 2003:
The solution structure of frenatin 3, a neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibitor from the giant tree frog, Litoria infrafrenata

Huang, J.; Yao, Y.; Lin, J.; Ye, Y-Hao.; Sun, W-Yin.; Tang Dagger, W-Xia., 2004:
The solution structure of rat Abeta-(1-28) and its interaction with zinc ion: insights into the scarcity of amyloid deposition in aged rat brain

Sean Peacock, R.; Weljie, A.M.; Peter Howard, S.; Price, F.D.; Vogel, H.J., 2005:
The solution structure of the C-terminal domain of TonB and interaction studies with TonB box peptides

Nicastro, G.; Menon, R.P.; Masino, L.; Knowles, P.P.; McDonald, N.Q.; Pastore, A., 2005:
The solution structure of the Josephin domain of ataxin-3: structural determinants for molecular recognition

Kahmann, J.D.; Wecking, D.A.; Putter, V.; Lowenhaupt, K.; Kim, Y-Gyun.; Schmieder, P.; Oschkinat, H.; Rich, A.; Schade, M., 2004:
The solution structure of the N-terminal domain of E3L shows a tyrosine conformation that may explain its reduced affinity to Z-DNA in vitro

Mayasundari, A.; Whittemore, N.A.; Serpersu, E.H.; Peterson, C.B., 2004:
The solution structure of the N-terminal domain of human vitronectin: proximal sites that regulate fibrinolysis and cell migration

Brockmann, C.; Leitner, D.; Labudde, D.; Diehl, A.; Sievert, V.; Büssow, K.; Kühne, R.; Oschkinat, H., 2004:
The solution structure of the SODD BAG domain reveals additional electrostatic interactions in the HSP70 complexes of SODD subfamily BAG domains

Flinders, J.; Dieckmann, T., 2004:
The solution structure of the VS ribozyme active site loop reveals a dynamic "hot-spot"

Stevens, S.Y.; Cai, S.; Pellecchia, M.; Zuiderweg, E.R.P., 2003:
The solution structure of the bacterial HSP70 chaperone protein domain DnaK(393-507) in complex with the peptide NRLLLTG

Hecht, O.; Dingley, A.J.; Schwanter, A.; Ozbek, S.; Rose-John, S.; Grötzinger, J., 2006:
The solution structure of the membrane-proximal cytokine receptor domain of the human interleukin-6 receptor

Takinowaki, H.; Matsuda, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Ohkubo, T., 2006:
The solution structure of the methylated form of the N-terminal 16-kDa domain of Escherichia coli Ada protein

Baird-Titus, J.M.; Clark-Baldwin, K.; Dave, V.; Caperelli, C.A.; Ma, J.; Rance, M., 2006:
The solution structure of the native K50 Bicoid homeodomain bound to the consensus TAATCC DNA-binding site

Osborne, M.J.; Siddiqui, N.; Landgraf, D.; Pomposiello, P.J.; Gehring, K., 2005:
The solution structure of the oxidative stress-related protein YggX from Escherichia coli

Makokha, M.; Huang, Y.Janet.; Montelione, G.; Edison, A.S.; Barbar, E., 2004:
The solution structure of the pH-induced monomer of dynein light-chain LC8 from Drosophila

Revington, M.; Semesi, A.; Yee, A.; Arrowsmith, C.H.; Shaw, G.S., 2006:
The solution structure of the protein ydhA from Escherichia coli

Wulf, J.; Pascuzzi, P.E.; Fahmy, A.; Martin, G.B.; Nicholson, L.K., 2004:
The solution structure of type III effector protein AvrPto reveals conformational and dynamic features important for plant pathogenesis

Sumbatyan, N.V.; Mandrugin, V.A.; Deroussent, A.; Bertrand, J-Rémi.; Majer, Z.; Malvy, C.; Korshunova, G.A.; Hollosi, M.; Gottikh, M.B., 2005:
The solution synthesis of antisense oligonucleotide-peptide conjugates directly linked via phosphoramide bond by using a fragment coupling approach

Yücetin, L.; Keçecioğlu, N.; Akaydin, M.; Ersoy, F.F., 2004:
The solution to organ shortage in Turkey: trained transplant coordinators

Pincet, Fédéric.; Husson, J., 2005:
The solution to the streptavidin-biotin paradox: the influence of history on the strength of single molecular bonds

Sorin, E.J.; Rhee, Y.Min.; Shirts, M.R.; Pande, V.S., 2005:
The solvation interface is a determining factor in peptide conformational preferences

Appel, H.; Kuon, W.; Kuhne, M.; Hülsmeyer, M.; Kollnberger, S.; Kuhlmann, S.; Weiss, E.; Zeitz, M.; Wucherpfennig, K.; Bowness, P.; Sieper, J., 2004:
The solvent-inaccessible Cys67 residue of HLA-B27 contributes to T cell recognition of HLA-B27/peptide complexes

Whang, S.; Estrada, Tño.; Hoggard, P.E., 2004:
The solvent-initiated photolysis of dichloro(2,2'-bipyridine)platinum(II) in chloroform

Nijkamp, K.; van Luijk, N.; de Bont, J.A.M.; Wery, J., 2005:
The solvent-tolerant Pseudomonas putida S12 as host for the production of cinnamic acid from glucose

Mastrodimou, N.; Thermos, K., 2004:
The somatostatin receptor (sst1) modulates the release of somatostatin in rat retina

Vasilaki, A.; Papasava, D.; Hoyer, D.; Thermos, K., 2004:
The somatostatin receptor (sst1) modulates the release of somatostatin in the nucleus accumbens of the rat

Tulipano, G.; Rossi, E.; Culler, M.D.; Taylor, J.E.; Bonadonna, S.; Locatelli, V.; Cocchi, D.; Giustina, A., 2004:
The somatostatin subtype-2 receptor antagonist, BIM-23627, improves the catabolic effects induced by long-term glucocorticoid treatment in the rat

Guo-Hong-Bo; Xu-Shi-Yan, 2005:
The somatotype analysis on male adolescent dash players in Gansu Province

Viviani, Franco, 2004:
The somatotype of amateur Italian male volleyball players

Kiefer, J.C., 2004:
The somite segmentation clock: it takes a licking and keeps on ticking

King, Ben, 2003:
The song of Ninox scutulata obscura

Arraut, E.M.; Vielliard, J.M.E., 2004:
The song of the Brazilian population of Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae, in the year 2000: individual song variations and possible implications

Brunton, D., H.; Li, X., 2006:
The song structure and seasonal patterns of vocal behavior of male and female bellbirds (Anthornis melanura)

Wetmore, Clifford, M., 2004:
The sorediate corticolous species of Caloplaca in North and Central America

Sparrius, L., B.; James, P., W.; Allen, M.A.n, 2005:
The sorediate variety of Sclerophytomyces circumscriptus

Kuo, T-Cheng.; Lin, C-Wann.; Ho, F-Ming., 2004:
The soreness and numbness effect of acupuncture on skin blood flow

Doran, G.; Eberbach, P.; Helliwell, S., 2006:
The sorption and degradation of the rice pesticides fipronil and thiobencarb on two Australian rice soils

Ni, X.; Canuel, M.; Morales, C.R., 2006:
The sorting and trafficking of lysosomal proteins

Chehrehasa, F.; St John, J.; Key, B., 2006:
The sorting behaviour of olfactory and vomeronasal axons during regeneration

McCollum, J.M.; Peterson, G.D.; Cox, C.D.; Simpson, M.L.; Samatova, N.F., 2005:
The sorting direct method for stochastic simulation of biochemical systems with varying reaction execution behavior

Khabibov, A.D.; Magomedov, A.M.; Dibirov, M.D.; Magomedov, M.A.; Zubairova, S.M., 2004:
The sorting diversity by seed features in leguminous plants

Hauk, O.; Shtyrov, Y.; Pulvermüller, F., 2006:
The sound of actions as reflected by mismatch negativity: rapid activation of cortical sensory-motor networks by sounds associated with finger and tongue movements

De Cock, K.M.; Marston, B., 2005:
The sound of one hand clapping: tuberculosis and antiretroviral therapy in Africa

Heffner, H.E.; Heffner, R.S., 2005:
The sound-localization ability of cats

Chen-Ren-Wei, 2003 :
The source and characters of physical education culture in Northwest China

Smith, R.E.; Bayen, U.J., 2006:
The source of adult age differences in event-based prospective memory: a multinomial modeling approach

Banks, W.A., 2004:
The source of cerebral insulin

Doucet, J.R.; Molavi, D.L.; Ryugo, D.K., 2003:
The source of corticocollicular and corticobulbar projections in area Te1 of the rat

Ahmed, H.; McLaughlin, B.E.; Soong, J.; Marks, G.S.; Brien, J.F.; Nakatsu, K., 2005:
The source of endogenous carbon monoxide formation in human placental chorionic villi

Bui, L.; Rish, K.; Jaronczyk, K.; Bourque, S.; McLaughlin, B.E.; Brien, J.F.; Marks, G.S.; Smith, A.; Nakatsu, K., 2004:
The source of heme for vascular heme oxygenase I: heme uptake in rat aorta

Jaronczyk, K.; Bui, L.; Soong, J.M.; McLaughlin, B.E.; Marks, G.S.; Brien, J.F.; Nakatsu, K., 2004:
The source of heme for vascular heme oxygenase II: de novo heme biosynthesis in rat aorta

Brain, K.L.; Cuprian, A.M.; Williams, D.J.; Cunnane, T.C., 2003:
The sources and sequestration of Ca(2+) contributing to neuroeffector Ca(2+) transients in the mouse vas deferens

Wolin, M.S.; Ahmad, M.; Gupte, S.A., 2005:
The sources of oxidative stress in the vessel wall

Vig, P.; Russo, F.P.; Edwards, R.J.; Tadrous, P.J.; Wright, N.A.; Thomas, H.C.; Alison, M.R.; Forbes, S.J., 2006:
The sources of parenchymal regeneration after chronic hepatocellular liver injury in mice

Battley, E.H., 2006:
The sources of thermal energy exchange accompanying microbial catabolism

Lambert, Gretchen, 2004:
The south temperate and Antarctic ascidian Corella eumyota reported in two harbours in north-western France

Lewis Williams, Jd, 2005:
The southern African San and their rock art

Hoffmann, Robert, S., 2001:
The southern boundary of the palaearctic realm in China and adjacent countries

Cang, H-Xing.; Han, Y-Ping.Wang.Yi.; Zhou, J-Xian.; Bi, R-Chang., 2003:
The space experiment of protein crystallization aboard the Chinese spacecraft SZ-3

Valenza, N.; Murray, M.M.; Ptak, R.; Vuilleumier, P., 2004:
The space of senses: impaired crossmodal interactions in a patient with Balint syndrome after bilateral parietal damage

Luken, B.M.; Turenhout, E.A.M.; Hulstein, J.J.J.; Van Mourik, J.A.; Fijnheer, R.; Voorberg, J., 2005:
The spacer domain of ADAMTS13 contains a major binding site for antibodies in patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Perlow-Poehnelt, R.A.; Likhterov, I.; Scicchitano, D.A.; Geacintov, N.E.; Broyde, S., 2004:
The spacious active site of a Y-family DNA polymerase facilitates promiscuous nucleotide incorporation opposite a bulky carcinogen-DNA adduct: elucidating the structure-function relationship through experimental and computational approaches

Burne, J.A.; Carleton, V.L.; O'Dwyer, N.J., 2004:
The spasticity paradox: movement disorder or disorder of resting limbs?

Lambert, Kurt, 2005:
The spatial and seasonal occurrence of seabirds (Aves) off southern Mozambique

Waweru, C.; Wahungu, G.; Mugendi, E., 2005:
The spatial and temporal distribution of avian foraging guilds at the sewerage works at Chepkoilel campus, Moi University, Kenya

Borger, J.L.; Steiner, S.C., 2005:
The spatial and temporal dynamics of coral diseases in Dominica, West Indies

Mashanov, G.I.; Tacon, D.; Peckham, M.; Molloy, J.E., 2004:
The spatial and temporal dynamics of pleckstrin homology domain binding at the plasma membrane measured by imaging single molecules in live mouse myoblasts

Robertson, H.Thomas.; Kreck, T.C.; Krueger, M.A., 2005:
The spatial and temporal heterogeneity of regional ventilation: comparison of measurements by two high-resolution methods

Kemmerer, D., 2005:
The spatial and temporal meanings of English prepositions can be independently impaired

Morozov, Y.M.; Ben-Ari, Y.; Freund, T.F., 2004:
The spatial and temporal pattern of fatty acid amide hydrolase expression in rat hippocampus during postnatal development

Indefrey, P.; Levelt, W.J.M., 2004:
The spatial and temporal signatures of word production components

BéruBé, K.A.; Sexton, K.J.; Jones, T.P.; Moreno, T.; Anderson, S.; Richards, R.J., 2004:
The spatial and temporal variations in PM10 mass from six UK homes

Liu-Ji-Sheng; Chen-Yan-Guang, 2004 :
The spatial complexity of the law of allometric growth and urban population density

Vroomen, J.; Keetels, M., 2006:
The spatial constraint in intersensory pairing: no role in temporal ventriloquism

Singhal, S.; Rich, P.; Markus, H.S., 2005:
The spatial distribution of MR imaging abnormalities in cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy and their relationship to age and clinical features

Giannoulaki, M.; Machias, A.; Somarakis, S.; Tsimenides, N., 2005:
The spatial distribution of anchovy and sardine in the northern Aegean Sea in relation to hydrographic regimes

Scharlau, I., 2004:
The spatial distribution of attention in perceptual latency priming

O'callaghan, M.; Davies, M.; Andrews, R., 2006:
The spatial distribution of five species of Raillietina infecting the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae

Bracchini, L.; Loiselle, S.; Dattilo, A.Massimo.; Mazzuoli, S.; Cózar, Aés.; Rossi, C., 2004:
The spatial distribution of optical properties in the ultraviolet and visible in an aquatic ecosystem

Fernandez, E.; Alvarez, F.; Anadon, R.; Barquero, S.; Bode, A.; Garcia, A.; Garcia-Soto, C.; Gil, J.; Gonzalez, N.; Iriarte, A.; Mourino, B.; Rodriguez, F.; Sanchez, R.; Teira, E.; Torres, S.; Valdes, L.; Varela, M.; Varela, R.; Zapata, M., 2004:
The spatial distribution of plankton communities in a Slope Water anticyclonic Oceanic eDDY (SWODDY) in the southern Bay of Biscay

Morrison, G., C.; Zhao, P.; Kasthuri, L., 2006:
The spatial distribution of pollutant transport to and from indoor surfaces

Balanov, A.A.; Zemnukhov, V.V.; Ivanov, O.A., 2004 :
The spatial distribution of the eelpout Lycodes soldatovi (Pisces: Zoarcidae) on the Sea of Okhotsk continental slope

Gobell, J.L.; Tseng, C-huei.; Sperling, G., 2004:
The spatial distribution of visual attention

Osborn, T.J.; Briffa, K.R., 2006:
The spatial extent of 20th-century warmth in the context of the past 1200 years

Carlsen, T.M.; Coty, J.D.; Kercher, J.R., 2004:
The spatial extent of contaminants and the landscape scale: an analysis of the wildlife, conservation biology, and population modeling literature

Zeck, Günther.M.; Xiao, Q.; Masland, R.H., 2005:
The spatial filtering properties of local edge detectors and brisk-sustained retinal ganglion cells

Ledgeway, T.; Hess, R.F., 2005:
The spatial frequency and orientation selectivity of the mechanisms that extract motion-defined contours

Zimmer, H.D.; Lehnert, Günther., 2004:
The spatial mismatch effect is based on global configuration and not on perceptual records within the visual cache

Razin, S.V.; Iarovaia, O.V., 2005:
The spatial organization of DNA in the nucleus may determine positions of recombination hot-spots

Natter, K.; Leitner, P.; Faschinger, A.; Wolinski, H.; McCraith, S.; Fields, S.; Kohlwein, S.D., 2005:
The spatial organization of lipid synthesis in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae derived from large scale green fluorescent protein tagging and high resolution microscopy

Cheung, J.K.; Dupuy, B.; Deveson, D.S.; Rood, J.I., 2004:
The spatial organization of the VirR boxes is critical for VirR-mediated expression of the perfringolysin O gene, pfoA, from Clostridium perfringens

Mackenzie, L.; Roderick, H.Llewelyn.; Berridge, M.J.; Conway, S.J.; Bootman, M.D., 2004:
The spatial pattern of atrial cardiomyocyte calcium signalling modulates contraction

Salek, Miroslav, 2004:
The spatial pattern of the black-billed magpie, Pica pica, contribution to predation risk on dummy nests

El-Fadaly, A.B.; Kummer, W., 2004:
The spatial relationship between type I glomus cells and arteriolar myocytes in the mouse carotid body

Zorzi, M.; Priftis, K.; Meneghello, F.; Marenzi, R.; Umiltà, C., 2005:
The spatial representation of numerical and non-numerical sequences: evidence from neglect

Dong, G.; Liu, H.; Bayford, R.H.; Yerworth, R.; Gao, S.; Holder, D.; Yan, W., 2004:
The spatial resolution improvement of EIT images by GVSPM-FOCUSS algorithm

Sanborn, M.; Telmer, K., 2003:
The spatial resolution of LA-ICP-MS line scans across heterogeneous materials such as fish otoliths and zoned minerals

Levin, Donald, A., 2006:
The spatial sorting of ecological species: Ghost of competition or of hybridization past?

Lewis, D.-Bruce; Schade, J., D.; Huth, A., K.; Grimm, N., B., 2006:
The spatial structure of variability in a semi-arid, fluvial ecosystem

Edmonds, B.A.; Culling, J.F., 2006:
The spatial unmasking of speech: evidence for better-ear listening

Edmonds, B.A.; Culling, J.F., 2005:
The spatial unmasking of speech: evidence for within-channel processing of interaural time delay

Samsonova, V.P.; Egorova, O.N., 2004:
The spatial variability of value pH in grey forest cultivated soils of vladimirskoye opol'e

Dosher, B.Anne.; Liu, S-Hua.; Blair, N.; Lu, Z-Lin., 2004:
The spatial window of the perceptual template and endogenous attention

Shaman, J.; Day, J.F.; Stieglitz, M., 2004:
The spatial-temporal distribution of drought, wetting, and human cases of St. Louis encephalitis in southcentral Florida

Zaikin, A.N.; Ivanov, P.S.; Tverdislov, V.A.; Tverdislova, I.L.; Yakovenko, L.V., 1999:
The spatial: Temporal processes of organic substance transformation, transfer and fractioning in soil

Dreyer, A.; Blodau, C.; Turunen, J.; Radke, M., 2005:
The spatical distribution of PAH depositions to peatlands of Eastern Canada

Tardif, E.; Murray, M.M.; Meylan, Rël.; Spierer, L.; Clarke, S., 2006:
The spatio-temporal brain dynamics of processing and integrating sound localization cues in humans

Mwaura, Francis, 2003:
The spatio-temporal characteristics of water transparency and temperature in shallow reservoirs in Kenya

Komzak, Petr, 2001:
The spatio-temporal diversity in caddisfly communities (Trichoptera, Insecta) of the Oslava and Chvojnice streams (Czech Republic)

Sacau, M.; Pierce, G.J.; Wang, J.; Arkhipkin, A.I.; Portela, J.; Brickle, P.; Santos, M.B.; Zuur, A.F.; Cardoso, X., 2005:
The spatio-temporal pattern of Argentine shortfin squid Illex argentinus abundance in the southwest Atlantic

White, B.J.; Kerzel, D.; Gegenfurtner, K.R., 2006:
The spatio-temporal tuning of the mechanisms in the control of saccadic eye movements

Bijma, F.; de Munck, J.C.; Heethaar, R.M., 2005:
The spatiotemporal MEG covariance matrix modeled as a sum of Kronecker products

Tsukada, M.; Pan, X., 2005:
The spatiotemporal learning rule and its efficiency in separating spatiotemporal patterns

van de Ven, V.G.; Formisano, E.; Röder, C.H.; Prvulovic, D.; Bittner, R.A.; Dietz, M.G.; Hubl, D.; Dierks, T.; Federspiel, A.; Esposito, F.; Di Salle, F.; Jansma, B.; Goebel, R.; Linden, D.E.J., 2005:
The spatiotemporal pattern of auditory cortical responses during verbal hallucinations

Kharuk, V.I.; Dvinskaya, M.L.; Ranson, K.J., 2005:
The spatiotemporal pattern of fires in northern Taiga larch forests of central Siberia

Gorshkov, Yu, A., 2006:
The spatiotemporal structure of population in the muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus)

Malkova, M.; Palchekh, N.; Yakimenko, V.; Kuzmin, I., 2004:
The spatiotemporal structure of rodent populations in the steppe zone of Western Siberia

Kil, H-Keum.; Koo, B-Neyo.; Park, J-Hee.; Kim, W-Oak., 2004:
The spatula introducer for insertion of the flexible reinforced laryngeal mask airway (RLMA)

Poncin, P.; Stoumboudi, M.T.; Gervalle, L.; Barbieri, R.; Economou, A.N.; Economidis, P.S., 2005:
The spawning behaviour of the endangered freshwater fish Ladigesocypris ghigii (Gianferrari, 1927)

Riva-Rossi, C.; Arguimbau, M.; Pascual, M., 2003:
The spawning migration of anadromous rainbow trout in the Santa Cruz River, Patagonia (Argentina) through radio-tracking

Nielsen, E.; Stottrup, J.; Heilmann, J.; Mackenzie, B., 2004:
The spawning of plaice Pleuronectes platessa in the Kattegat

Schümperli, D.; Pillai, R.S., 2004:
The special Sm core structure of the U7 snRNP: far-reaching significance of a small nuclear ribonucleoprotein

Goncharova, N.V.; Kirichenko, O.G.; Filatova, L.V., 2004:
The special features of phosphate transformation on the Rhodobacter sphaeroides chromatophores

Wagner, G.; Koch, K.; Reichenbach, Jürgen.R.; Sauer, H.; Schlösser, R.G.M., 2006:
The special involvement of the rostrolateral prefrontal cortex in planning abilities: an event-related fMRI study with the Tower of London paradigm

Longo, Walter, E., 2003:
The specialty of colon and rectal surgery: Its impact on patient care and role in academic medicinea

Ogawa, T.; Shirai, T.; Shionyu-Mitsuyama, C.; Yamane, T.; Kamiya, H.; Muramoto, K., 2004:
The speciation of conger eel galectins by rapid adaptive evolution

Zheleznova, G.V.; Shubina, T.P., 2005:
The species composition of mosses in the technogenically disturbed areas of the Komi republic

Salzburger, W.; Meyer, A., 2004:
The species flocks of East African cichlid fishes: recent advances in molecular phylogenetics and population genetics

Zhang-Liang; Huang-Yan-Yan; Liu-Huan-Zhang, 2004:
The species identification of mussels in Qing Lan Lake (Jiangxi Province) based on sequence differences of mitochondirial 16S rRNA gene

Sakakibara, Albino, M., 2005:
The species of Aspona Stal and nomenclatural notes (Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Membracidae)

Wynne, M., J.; Serio, D.; Cormaci, M.; Furnari, G., 2005:
The species of Chondrophycus and Laurencia (Rhodomelaceae, ceramiales) occurring in Dhofar, the Sultanate of Oman

Chainey, John, E., 2005:
The species of Papilionidae and Pieridae (Lepidoptera) described by Cramer and Stoll and their putative type material in the Natural History Museum in London

Facchini, S., 2004:
The species of Pseudohyparpalus Basilewsky, 1946 from Madagascar, with one described as new (Coleoptera Carabidae, Harpalinae)

Pereira, L., A.; Minelli, A.; Uliana, M., 2004:
The species of Schendylops Cook, 1899 (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha, Schendylidae) from Madagascar

Sakakibara, A., M.; Creao-Duarte, A., J., 2006:
The species of membracids described by C. Berg and M. Spinola classified in Sundarion Kirkaldy (Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Membracidae)

Sousa, S.-Mario, 2005:
The species of the genus Lonchocarpus sect. Lonchocarpus (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae : Millettieae) for Bolivia

Belokobylskij, S., A.; Chen, X., 2004:
The species of the genus Rhaconotus Ruthe,1854 (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae) from China with a key to species

Fedoronchuk, M.M.; Shevera, M.V.; Krytzka, L.I.; Shyian, N.M.; Tsarenko, O.M., 2004:
The species of vascular plants described from Ukraine: Families Valerianaceae, Dipsacaceae, Apocynaceae, Campanulaceae, Gentianaceae

Janis Christine, M.; Damuth John; Theodor Jessica, M., 2004:
The species richness of Miocene browsers, and implications for habitat type and primary productivity in the North American grassland biome

Ziv, Y.; Tsairi, A., 2004:
The species richness-productivity relationship: time to stop searching for a true pattern?

Mazei, Yua; Tikhonenkov, Dv; Myl'nikov, Ap, 2005:
The species structure of community and abundance of heterotrophic flagellates in small freshwater bodies

Lawson, D.; Jensen, H.Jeldtoft., 2006:
The species-area relationship and evolution

Storch, D.; Evans, K.L.; Gaston, K.J., 2005:
The species-area-energy relationship

Joedicke, R.; Langhoff, P.; Misof, B., 2004:
The species-group taxa in the Holarctic genus Cordulia: a study in nomenclature and genetic differentiation (Odonata: Corduliidae)

Assi, K.; Pillai, R.; Gómez-Muñoz, A.; Owen, D.; Salh, B., 2006:
The specific JNK inhibitor SP600125 targets tumour necrosis factor-alpha production and epithelial cell apoptosis in acute murine colitis

Nowak, I.; Pajtasz-Piasecka, E.; Chmielowski, B.; Ignatowicz, L.; Kuśnierczyk, P., 2006:
The specific T-cell response to antigenic peptides is influenced by bystander peptides

Sun, Q.; Sun, L.; Liu, H-Hsing.; Chen, X.; Seth, R.B.; Forman, J.; Chen, Z.J., 2006:
The specific and essential role of MAVS in antiviral innate immune responses

Abe, Y.; Hirane, A.; Yoshizawa, A.; Nakajima, H.; Adachi, Y., 2006:
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