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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12684

Chapter 12684 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kanno, A.; Hienuki, H.; Ito, T.; Nakamura, T.; Fukuda, T.; Yun PilYong; Song InJa; Kamimura, T.; Ochiai, T.; Yokoyama, J.; Maki, M.; Kameya, T., 2006:
The structure and expression of SEPALLATA-like genes in Asparagus species (Asparagaceae)

Alieva, E.V.; Mayorov, V.I.; Elisaphenko, E.V.; Adkison, L.; Blinov, A.G., 2004:
The structure and expression of the F6.2 gene form Chironomus thummi and other Chironomus species

Arredouani, M.S.; Kobzik, L., 2004:
The structure and function of marco, a macrophage class a scavenger receptor

Namboodiri, V.M.Haridasan.; Akey, Ió.V.; Schmidt-Zachmann, M.S.; Head, J.F.; Akey, C.W., 2004:
The structure and function of Xenopus NO38-core, a histone chaperone in the nucleolus

Singh, S.-Kumar; Singh, J.P.N., 2006:
The structure and function of epidermal taste buds in a carnivorous fish, Glossogobius giuris

Mcgowan, A.; Sharp, S.; Hatchwell, B., 2004:
The structure and function of nests of Long-Tailed Tits Aegithalos caudatus

Mera, K.; Anraku, M.; Kitamura, K.; Nakajou, K.; Maruyama, T.; Otagiri, M., 2005:
The structure and function of oxidized albumin in hemodialysis patients: Its role in elevated oxidative stress via neutrophil burst

Axelrod, H.L.; Okamura, M.Y., 2005:
The structure and function of the cytochrome c2: reaction center electron transfer complex from Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Guan, W.B.ng; Wang, G.Z.ong; Li, S.J.ng; Lin, Q.W.; Kong, X.H.i; Tan, S.H.a, 2006:
The structure and function of the gonopod tegumental glands of Scylla serrata

Mohd Jaafar, F.; Attoui, H.; Bahar, M.W.; Siebold, C.; Sutton, G.; Mertens, P.P.C.; D.M.cco, P.; Stuart, D.I.; Grimes, J.M.; D.L.mballerie, X., 2005:
The structure and function of the outer coat protein VP9 of Banna virus

Pombo, L.; Elliott, M.; Rebelo, J.E.uardo, 2004:
The structure and functioning of fish communities in the Ria de Aveiro, Portugal - temporal and spatial variations and the influence of abiotic factors

Dewji, N.N., 2005:
The structure and functions of the presenilins

Gallagher, M.; Nolan, C.; Jeal, F., 2005:
The structure and growth processes of caudal thorns

Karam, I.; Moudouni, S.; Droupy, S.; Abd-Alsamad, I.; Uhl, J.F.; Delmas, V., 2005:
The structure and innervation of the male urethra: histological and immunohistochemical studies with three-dimensional reconstruction

Devedjiev, Y.; Surendranath, Y.; Derewenda, U.; Gabrys, A.; Cooper, D.R.; Zhang, R-guang.; Lezondra, L.; Joachimiak, A.; Derewenda, Z.S., 2004:
The structure and ligand binding properties of the B. subtilis YkoF gene product, a member of a novel family of thiamin/HMP-binding proteins

Caron, E.; Charbonneau, Rée.; Huppé, G.; Brochu, S.; Perreault, C., 2005:
The structure and location of SIMP/STT3B account for its prominent imprint on the MHC I immunopeptidome

Pye, V.E.; Tingey, A.P.; Robson, R.L.; Moody, P.C.E., 2004:
The structure and mechanism of serine acetyltransferase from Escherichia coli

Federici, L.; Walas, F.; Luisi, B., 2004:
The structure and mechanism of the TolC outer membrane transport protein

Higgins, M.J.; Molino, P.; Mulvaney, P.; Wetherbee, R., 2003:
The structure and nanomechanical properties of the adhesive mucilage that mediates diatom-substratum adhesion and motility

Duan, R-Jun.; Yi, K-Ke.; Wu, P., 2005:
The structure and phosphorus or potassium deficiency induced expression of a calmodulin-like protein gene in Arabidopsis

Matzkin, L.M.; Merritt, T.J.S.; Zhu, C-Tseh.; Eanes, W.F., 2005:
The structure and population genetics of the breakpoints associated with the cosmopolitan chromosomal inversion In(3R)Payne in Drosophila melanogaster

Sbarra, D.A.; Ferrer, E., 2006:
The structure and process of emotional experience following nonmarital relationship dissolution: dynamic factor analyses of love, anger, and sadness

Juman, Rahanna, A., 2005:
The structure and productivity of the Thalassia testudinum community in Bon Accord Lagoon, Tobago

Bao, D.; Pang, Z.; Morgan, J.I., 2005:
The structure and proteolytic processing of Cbln1 complexes

Gamblin, S.J.; Haire, L.F.; Russell, R.J.; Stevens, D.J.; Xiao, B.; Ha, Y.; Vasisht, N.; Steinhauer, D.A.; Daniels, R.S.; Elliot, A.; Wiley, D.C.; Skehel, J.J., 2004:
The structure and receptor binding properties of the 1918 influenza hemagglutinin

Schiel, David, R., 2004:
The structure and replenishment of rocky shore intertidal communities and biogeographic comparisons

Treffort, N.; Picquet, F.; Petit, J.; Falempin, M., 2005:
The structure and response properties of Golgi tendon organs in control and hypodynamia-hypokinesia rats

Bubinas, A.; Vaitonis, G., 2005:
The structure and seasonal dynamics of zoobenthic communities in the northern and central parts of the Curonian Lagoon

Battelli, Claudio, 2004:
The structure and seasonal variations of Bangia atropurpurea (Roth) C. Agardh (Bangiales, Rhodophyceae) community from the Slovenian coast (northern Adriatic)

Levshenkova, E.V.; Ukraintsev, K.E.; Orlova, V.V.; Alibaeva, R.A.; Kovriga, I.E.; Zhugdernamzhilyn, O.; Frolova, E.I., 2004:
The structure and specific features of the cDNA expression of the human gene MRPL37

Range, K.; McGrath, M.J.; Lopez, X.; York, D.M., 2004:
The structure and stability of biological metaphosphate, phosphate, and phosphorane compounds in the gas phase and in solution

Lehmann-Ziebarth, N.; Ives, A., R., 2006:
The structure and stability of model ecosystems assembled in a variable environment

Pearce, D.A., 2005:
The structure and stability of the bacterioplankton community in Antarctic freshwater lakes, subject to extremely rapid environmental change

Sagdullaev, I.I.; Akhmedov, S., M., 2005:
The structure and state of the adrenals depending on nutrition conditions

Ramos, C., 2004:
The structure and ultrastructure of the sinus venosus in the mature dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula): the endocardium, the epicardium and the subepicardial space

Bitto, E.; Bingman, C., A.; Allard, S., T.M.; Wesenberg, G., E.; Phillips, G., N. ,. Jr.;, 2005:
The structure at 1.7 angstrom resolution of the protein product of the At2g17340 gene from Arabidopsis thaliana

Bitto, E.; Bingman, C., A.; Allard, S., T.M.; Wesenberg, G., E.; Aceti, D., J.; Wrobel, R., L.; Frederick, R., O.; Sreenath, H.; Vojtik, F., C.; Jeon, W.-Bae; Newman, C., S.; Primm, J.; Sussman, M., R.; Fox, B., G.; Markley, J., L.; Phillips, G., N. ,. Jr.;, 2005:
The structure at 2.4 angstrom resolution of the protein from gene locus At3g21360, a putative Fe-II/2-oxoglutaratedependent enzyme from Arabidopsis thaliana

Bitto, E.; Bingman, C., A.; Robinson, H.; Allard, S., T.M.; Wesenberg, G., E.; Phillips, G., N. ,. Jr.;, 2005:
The structure at 2.5 angstrom resolution of human basophilic leukemia-expressed protein BLES03

Deignan, M.E.; Prior, M.; Stuart, L.E.; Comerford, E.J.; McMahon, H.E.M., 2004:
The structure function relationship for the Prion protein

Rath, A.; Davidson, A.R.; Deber, C.M., 2005:
The structure of "unstructured" regions in peptides and proteins: role of the polyproline II helix in protein folding and recognition

Kimber, M.S.; Martin, F.; Lu, Y.; Houston, S.; Vedadi, M.; Dharamsi, A.; Fiebig, K.M.; Schmid, M.; Rock, C.O., 2004:
The structure of (3R)-hydroxyacyl-acyl carrier protein dehydratase (FabZ) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Webby, C.J.; Baker, H.M.; Lott, J.Shaun.; Baker, E.N.; Parker, E.J., 2005:
The structure of 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals a common catalytic scaffold and ancestry for type I and type II enzymes

Bohren, K.M.; Brownlee, J.M.; Milne, A.C.; Gabbay, K.H.; Harrison, D.H.T., 2005:
The structure of Apo R268A human aldose reductase: hinges and latches that control the kinetic mechanism

McGregor, N.; Ayora, S.; Sedelnikova, S.; Carrasco, B.; Alonso, J.C.; Thaw, P.; Rafferty, J., 2005:
The structure of Bacillus subtilis RecU Holliday junction resolvase and its role in substrate selection and sequence-specific cleavage

Zernova, V.; Shevchenko, V., 2001:
The structure of Baltic Sea phytocene in conditions of continuous eutrophycation of waters

Fukushi, D.; Ushiki, T., 2005:
The structure of C-banded human metaphase chromosomes as observed by atomic force microscopy

Snyder, G.A.; Colonna, M.; Sun, P.D., 2005:
The structure of DC-SIGNR with a portion of its repeat domain lends insights to modeling of the receptor tetramer

Lu, X.; Heilman, J.M.; Blans, P.; Fishbein, J.C., 2005:
The structure of DNA dictates purine atom site selectivity in alkylation by primary diazonium ions

Uhríková, D.; Hanulová, Mária.; Funari, Sérgio.S.; Lacko, I.; Devínsky, F.; Balgavý, P., 2004:
The structure of DNA-DLPC-cationic gemini surfactant aggregates: a small angle synchrotron X-ray diffraction study

Uhríková, D.; Hanulová, Mária.; Funari, Sérgio.S.; Khusainova, R.S.; Sersen, F.; Balgavý, P., 2005:
The structure of DNA-DOPC aggregates formed in presence of calcium and magnesium ions: a small-angle synchrotron X-ray diffraction study

Rafferty, J.B.; Bolt, E.L.; Muranova, T.A.; Sedelnikova, S.E.; Leonard, P.; Pasquo, A.; Baker, P.J.; Rice, D.W.; Sharples, G.J.; Lloyd, R.G., 2003:
The structure of Escherichia coli RusA endonuclease reveals a new Holliday junction DNA binding fold

Warkentin, E.; Hagemeier, C.H.; Shima, S.; Thauer, R.K.; Ermler, U., 2005:
The structure of F420-dependent methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase: a crystallographic 'superstructure' of the selenomethionine-labelled protein crystal structure

Carrington, P.E.; Sandu, C.; Wei, Y.; Hill, J.M.; Morisawa, G.; Huang, T.; Gavathiotis, E.; Wei, Y.; Werner, M.H., 2006:
The structure of FADD and its mode of interaction with procaspase-8

Su, H-Poo.; Lin, D.Yin-Wei.; Garboczi, D.N., 2006:
The structure of G4, the poxvirus disulfide oxidoreductase essential for virus maturation and infectivity

Cook, P.D.; Thoden, J.B.; Holden, H.M., 2006:
The structure of GDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-mannose-3-dehydratase: a unique coenzyme B6-dependent enzyme

Leppanen, V.-Matti; Bespalov, M., M.; Runeberg-Roos, P.; Puurand, U.; Merits, A.; Saarma, M.; Goldman, A., 2004:
The structure of GFR alpha 1 domain 3 reveals new insights into GDNF binding and RET activation

Webb, A.I.; Borg, N.A.; Dunstone, M.A.; Kjer-Nielsen, L.; Beddoe, T.; McCluskey, J.; Carbone, F.R.; Bottomley, S.P.; Aguilar, M-Isabel.; Purcell, A.W.; Rossjohn, J., 2004:
The structure of H-2K(b) and K(bm8) complexed to a herpes simplex virus determinant: evidence for a conformational switch that governs T cell repertoire selection and viral resistance

Galetto, Rán.; Moumen, A.; Giacomoni, Véronique.; Véron, M.; Charneau, P.; Negroni, M., 2004:
The structure of HIV-1 genomic RNA in the gp120 gene determines a recombination hot spot in vivo

Harmat, V.; Gál, Péter.; Kardos, József.; Szilágyi, K.; Ambrus, Géza.; Végh, B.; Náray-Szabó, Gábor.; Závodszky, Péter., 2004:
The structure of MBL-associated serine protease-2 reveals that identical substrate specificities of C1s and MASP-2 are realized through different sets of enzyme-substrate interactions

Smith, K.J.; Carter, P.S.; Bridges, A.; Horrocks, P.; Lewis, C.; Pettman, G.; Clarke, A.; Brown, M.; Hughes, J.; Wilkinson, M.; Bax, B.; Reith, A., 2004:
The structure of MSK1 reveals a novel autoinhibitory conformation for a dual kinase protein

Harrison, A.J.; Yu, M.; Gårdenborg, Tés.; Middleditch, M.; Ramsay, R.J.; Baker, E.N.; Lott, J.Shaun., 2006:
The structure of MbtI from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the first enzyme in the biosynthesis of the siderophore mycobactin, reveals it to be a salicylate synthase

Beis, K.; Allard, S.T.M.; Hegeman, A.D.; Murshudov, G.; Philp, D.; Naismith, J.H., 2003:
The structure of NADH in the enzyme dTDP-d-glucose dehydratase (RmlB)

Kresge, N.; Simoni, R., D.; Hill, R., L., 2005:
The structure of NADH: The work of Sidney P. Colowick

Wehenkel, A.; Fernandez, P.; Bellinzoni, M.; Catherinot, V.; Barilone, N.; Labesse, G.; Jackson, M.; Alzari, P.M., 2006:
The structure of PknB in complex with mitoxantrone, an ATP-competitive inhibitor, suggests a mode of protein kinase regulation in mycobacteria

Petrova, O.S.; Mironenko, N.V.; Afanasenko, O.S., 2005:
The structure of Pyrenophora avenae populations in Leningrad region on virulence and DNA-markers

Garavaglia, S.; Cambria, M.Teresa.; Miglio, M.; Ragusa, S.; Iacobazzi, V.; Palmieri, F.; D'Ambrosio, C.; Scaloni, A.; Rizzi, M., 2004:
The structure of Rigidoporus lignosus Laccase containing a full complement of copper ions, reveals an asymmetrical arrangement for the T3 copper pair

Shen, L.Nan.; Dong, C.; Liu, H.; Naismith, J.H.; Hay, R.T., 2006:
The structure of SENP1-SUMO-2 complex suggests a structural basis for discrimination between SUMO paralogues during processing

Babon, J.J.; McManus, E.J.; Yao, S.; DeSouza, D.P.; Mielke, L.A.; Sprigg, N.S.; Willson, T.A.; Hilton, D.J.; Nicola, N.A.; Baca, M.; Nicholson, S.E.; Norton, R.S., 2006:
The structure of SOCS3 reveals the basis of the extended SH2 domain function and identifies an unstructured insertion that regulates stability

Madrona, A.Yarrow.; Wilson, D.K., 2004:
The structure of Ski8p, a protein regulating mRNA degradation: Implications for WD protein structure

Smith, G.David.; Pangborn, W.A.; Blessing, R.H., 2005:
The structure of T6 bovine insulin

Altermark, Børn.; Smalås, A.O.; Willassen, N.P.; Helland, R., 2006:
The structure of Vibrio cholerae extracellular endonuclease I reveals the presence of a buried chloride ion

Derewenda, U.; Mateja, A.; Devedjiev, Y.; Routzahn, K.M.; Evdokimov, A.G.; Derewenda, Z.S.; Waugh, D.S., 2004:
The structure of Yersinia pestis V-antigen, an essential virulence factor and mediator of immunity against plague

Larkin, D.M.; Astakhova, I.M.; Kozhin, A.Iu.; Karamysheva, T.V.; Rubtsov, N.B.; Kuznetsov, S.B.; Zhdanova, N.S., 2004:
The structure of a conserved region of porcine genome, represented in human genome by chromosome 17

Wang, Y.A.; Yu, X.; Overman, S.; Tsuboi, M.; Thomas, G.J.; Egelman, E.H., 2006:
The structure of a filamentous bacteriophage

Keatinge-Clay, A.T.; Stroud, R.M., 2006:
The structure of a ketoreductase determines the organization of the beta-carbon processing enzymes of modular polyketide synthases

Kasper, C.; Pickering, D.S.; Mirza, O.; Olsen, L.; Kristensen, A.S.; Greenwood, J.R.; Liljefors, T.; Schousboe, A.; Wätjen, F.; Gajhede, M.; Sigurskjold, B.W.; Kastrup, J.S., 2006:
The structure of a mixed GluR2 ligand-binding core dimer in complex with (S)-glutamate and the antagonist (S)-NS1209

Faller, M.; Niederweis, M.; Schulz, G.E., 2004:
The structure of a mycobacterial outer-membrane channel

Rout, D.; Mondal, S.; Chakraborty, I.; Islam, S.S., 2006:
The structure of a polysaccharide from Fraction-II of an edible mushroom, Pleurotus florida

Merianos, H.J.; Wang, J.; Moore, P.B., 2004:
The structure of a ribosomal protein S8/spc operon mRNA complex

Robertson, M.P.; Igel, H.; Baertsch, R.; Haussler, D.; Ares, M.; Scott, W.G., 2005:
The structure of a rigorously conserved RNA element within the SARS virus genome

Zhuang, Z.; Yoder, B.L.; Burgers, P.M.J.; Benkovic, S.J., 2006:
The structure of a ring-opened proliferating cell nuclear antigen-replication factor C complex revealed by fluorescence energy transfer

Ohnishi, H.; Yamamoto, M-Toshi., 2004:
The structure of a single unit of ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA) including intergenic subrepeats in the Australian bulldog ant Myrmecia croslandi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Rice, G.; Tang, L.; Stedman, K.; Roberto, F.; Spuhler, J.; Gillitzer, E.; Johnson, J.E.; Douglas, T.; Young, M., 2004:
The structure of a thermophilic archaeal virus shows a double-stranded DNA viral capsid type that spans all domains of life

Messens, J.; Van Molle, I.; Vanhaesebrouck, P.; Van Belle, K.; Wahni, K.; Martins, Jé.C.; Wyns, L.; Loris, R., 2004:
The structure of a triple mutant of pI258 arsenate reductase from Staphylococcus aureus and its 5-thio-2-nitrobenzoic acid adduct

Prasad, L.; Leduc, Y.; Hayakawa, K.; Delbaere, L.T.J., 2004:
The structure of a universally employed enzyme: V8 protease from Staphylococcus aureus

Tsuji, A.; Ishiko, A.; Ikeda, N., 2006:
The structure of a variant allele which is considered to be 30.3 in the STR locus D21S11

Xie, K.; Sowden, M.P.; Dance, G.S.C.; Torelli, A.T.; Smith, H.C.; Wedekind, J.E., 2004:
The structure of a yeast RNA-editing deaminase provides insight into the fold and function of activation-induced deaminase and APOBEC-1

Proudfoot, H.; Baillie, A.J.; Teesson, M., 2005:
The structure of alcohol dependence in the community

Larson, S.B.; Day, J.S.; Glaser, S.; Braslawsky, G.; McPherson, A., 2005:
The structure of an antitumor C(H)2-domain-deleted humanized antibody

Slagsvold, T.; Stenmark, H., 2004:
The structure of an endosomal protein sorter

Leeper, T.C.; Varani, G., 2005:
The structure of an enzyme-activating fragment of human telomerase RNA

Jackson, C.; Kim, H-Kyung.; Carr, P.D.; Liu, J-Wei.; Ollis, D.L., 2005:
The structure of an enzyme-product complex reveals the critical role of a terminal hydroxide nucleophile in the bacterial phosphotriesterase mechanism

Brüx, C.; Ben-David, A.; Shallom-Shezifi, D.; Leon, M.; Niefind, K.; Shoham, G.; Shoham, Y.; Schomburg, D., 2006:
The structure of an inverting GH43 beta-xylosidase from Geobacillus stearothermophilus with its substrate reveals the role of the three catalytic residues

Hess, M.; Melzer, R.R.; Eser, R.; Smola, U., 2006:
The structure of anchovy outer retinae (Engraulididae, Clupeiformes) - a comparative light- and electron-microscopic study using museum-stored material

Shanmugam, G.; Polavarapu, P.L.; Gopinath, D.; Jayakumar, R., 2005:
The structure of antimicrobial pexiganan peptide in solution probed by Fourier transform infrared absorption, vibrational circular dichroism, and electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy

Vaezeslami, S.; Mathes, E.; Vasileiou, C.; Borhan, B.; Geiger, J.H., 2006:
The structure of Apo-wild-type cellular retinoic acid binding protein II at 1.4 A and its relationship to ligand binding and nuclear translocation

Mason, P.E.; Neilson, G.W.; Enderby, J.E.; Saboungi, M-Louise.; Dempsey, C.E.; MacKerell, A.D.; Brady, J.W., 2004:
The structure of aqueous guanidinium chloride solutions

Sawaya, M.R.; Cannon, G.C.; Heinhorst, S.; Tanaka, S.; Williams, E.B.; Yeates, T.O.; Kerfeld, C.A., 2006:
The structure of beta-carbonic anhydrase from the carboxysomal shell reveals a distinct subclass with one active site for the price of two

Fredslund, F.; Jenner, L.; Husted, L.B.; Nyborg, J.; Andersen, G.Rom.; Sottrup-Jensen, L., 2006:
The structure of bovine complement component 3 reveals the basis for thioester function

Choi, K.H.; Gallei, A.; Becher, P.; Rossmann, M.G., 2006:
The structure of bovine viral diarrhea virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and its amino-terminal domain

Vallone, B.; Nienhaus, K.; Matthes, A.; Brunori, M.; Nienhaus, G.Ulrich., 2004:
The structure of carbonmonoxy neuroglobin reveals a heme-sliding mechanism for control of ligand affinity

Podkorytova, O.L.; Loss, K.E.; Tkachenko, N.Ia.; Bratsun, O.I.; Voronova, N.E.; Chura, I.S.; Tomilina, N.A., 2005:
The structure of causes of acute renal failure and the efficacy of its treatment according to the materials of an intensive nephrological care unit

Panov, A.A., 2006:
The structure of cephalic foregut in Neopachygaster (Diptera, Stratiomyidae, Pachygasterinae)

Lahey, B.B.; Applegate, B.; Waldman, I.D.; Loft, J.D.; Hankin, B.L.; Rick, J., 2004:
The structure of child and adolescent psychopathology: generating new hypotheses

McKay, D.; Piacentini, J.; Greisberg, S.; Graae, F.; Jaffer, M.; Miller, J., 2005:
The structure of childhood obsessions and compulsions: dimensions in an outpatient sample

Michel, G.; Pojasek, K.; Li, Y.; Sulea, T.; Linhardt, R.J.; Raman, R.; Prabhakar, V.; Sasisekharan, R.; Cygler, M., 2004:
The structure of chondroitin B lyase complexed with glycosaminoglycan oligosaccharides unravels a calcium-dependent catalytic machinery

Maclean, J.; Ali, S., 2003:
The structure of chorismate synthase reveals a novel flavin binding site fundamental to a unique chemical reaction

Sheremet, N.V., 2005:
The structure of clover-grass mixture with participation of Festuca arundinacea (Poaceae) on level opencut spoil banks in the Kuzbas

Oldham, M.L.; Brash, A.R.; Newcomer, M.E., 2004:
The structure of coral allene oxide synthase reveals a catalase adapted for metabolism of a fatty acid hydroperoxide

Tokarski, J.S.; Newitt, J.A.; Chang, C.Ying.J.; Cheng, J.D.; Wittekind, M.; Kiefer, S.E.; Kish, K.; Lee, F.Y.F.; Borzillerri, R.; Lombardo, L.J.; Xie, D.; Zhang, Y.; Klei, H.E., 2006:
The structure of Dasatinib (BMS-354825) bound to activated ABL kinase domain elucidates its inhibitory activity against imatinib-resistant ABL mutants

Mpawenayo, B.; Mathooko, J.M., 2005:
The structure of diatom assemblages associated with Cladophora and sediments in a highland stream in Kenya

Olatunji, B.O.; Williams, N.L.; Lohr, J.M.; Sawchuk, C.N., 2005:
The structure of disgust: domain specificity in relation to contamination ideation and excessive washing

Burgess, S.A.; Walker, M.L.; Sakakibara, H.; Oiwa, K.; Knight, P.J., 2004:
The structure of dynein-c by negative stain electron microscopy

Ryttersgaard, C.; Le Nours, Jérôme.; Lo Leggio, L.; Jørgensen, C.Thea.; Christensen, L.Lehmann.Hylling.; Bjørnvad, M.; Larsen, S., 2004:
The structure of endo-beta-1,4-galactanase from Bacillus licheniformis in complex with two oligosaccharide products

Mazina, Nk, 2005:
The structure of energy supply for tissue adaptation in small mammals differing in ecological specialization

Campbell, R.; Robert, J.S.ott, 2005:
The structure of evolution by natural selection

Geng-Shi-Lei; Ning-Xi-Ping; Wu-Hong; Lin-Huang-Quan; Zhao-Sheng; Xu-Hong-Hua, 2005:
The structure of flower in different developmental stages in relation to the varieties of chlorogenic acid content in Lonicera confusa

Romanuk, T.N.; Jackson, L.J.; Post, J.R.; Mccauley, E.; Martinez, N.D., 2006:
The structure of food webs along river networks

Acharya, P.; Warkentin, E.; Ermler, U.; Thauer, R.K.; Shima, S., 2006:
The structure of formylmethanofuran: tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase in complex with its coenzymes

Hermens, F.; Kappers, A.M.L.; Gielen, S.C.A.M., 2006:
The structure of frontoparallel haptic space is task dependent

Johnston, M.V.; Shawaryn, M.A.; Malec, J.; Kreutzer, J.; Hammond, F.M., 2006:
The structure of functional and community outcomes following traumatic brain injury

Cwalina-Ambroziak, B.; Majchrzak, B., 2000:
The structure of fungal population from Galega orientalis root system formed as the result of fertilization

Urosev, D.; Ma, Q.; Tan, A.L.C.; Robinson, R.C.; Burtnick, L.D., 2006:
The structure of gelsolin bound to ATP

Hettema, J.M.; Prescott, C.A.; Myers, J.M.; Neale, M.C.; Kendler, K.S., 2005:
The structure of genetic and environmental risk factors for anxiety disorders in men and women

Kendler, K.S.; Prescott, C.A.; Myers, J.; Neale, M.C., 2003:
The structure of genetic and environmental risk factors for common psychiatric and substance use disorders in men and women

Gaston, K., J.; Davies, R., G.; Gascoigne, C., E.; Williamson, M., 2005:
The structure of global species-range size distributions: raptors & owls

Mueller-Dieckmann, C.; Kernstock, S.; Lisurek, M.; von Kries, J.Peter.; Haag, F.; Weiss, M.S.; Koch-Nolte, F., 2006:
The structure of human ADP-ribosylhydrolase 3 (ARH3) provides insights into the reversibility of protein ADP-ribosylation

Hibbert, R.G.; Teriete, P.; Grundy, G.J.; Beavil, R.L.; Reljic, R.; Holers, V.Michael.; Hannan, J.P.; Sutton, B.J.; Gould, H.J.; McDonnell, J.M., 2005:
The structure of human CD23 and its interactions with IgE and CD21

Barbier, A.; Clément-Collin, V.; Dergunov, A.D.; Visvikis, A.; Siest, Gérard.; Aggerbeck, L.P., 2005:
The structure of human apolipoprotein E2, E3 and E4 in solution 1. Tertiary and quaternary structure

Clément-Collin, V.; Barbier, A.; Dergunov, A.D.; Visvikis, A.; Siest, Gérard.; Desmadril, M.; Takahashi, M.; Aggerbeck, L.P., 2005:
The structure of human apolipoprotein E2, E3 and E4 in solution. 2. Multidomain organization correlates with the stability of apoE structure

Zhang, Y.; Secrist, J.A.; Ealick, S.E., 2006:
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The study on the normal intestinal microflora of the Giant Panda returned to wild and the Giant Panda in captivity

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The study on the treatment of Oviducts Ranae protein with enzyme hydrolysis

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