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Transcriptional regulation of the human CD3 gamma gene: the TATA-less CD3 gamma promoter functions via an initiator and contiguous Sp-binding elements

Badran, B.M.; Kunstman, K.; Stanton, J.; Moschitta, M.; Zerghe, A.; Akl, H.; Burny, Aène.; Wolinsky, S.M.; Willard-Gallo, K.E.

Journal of Immunology 174(10): 6238-6249


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 15879122
Accession: 012703560

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Growing evidence that the CD3 gamma gene is specifically targeted in some T cell diseases focused our attention on the need to identify and characterize the elusive elements involved in CD3 gamma transcriptional control. In this study, we show that while the human CD3 gamma and CD3 delta genes are oriented head-to-head and separated by only 1.6 kb, the CD3 gamma gene is transcribed from an independent but weak, lymphoid-specific TATA-less proximal promoter.

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