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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12731

Chapter 12731 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Clayton, D.; Chapman, J.; Cooper, J., 2004:
Use of unphased multilocus genotype data in indirect association studies

Ramsey, P.S.; Lyon, M.Dee.; Goepfert, A.R.; Cliver, S.; Schwebke, J.; Andrews, W.W.; Goldenberg, R.L.; Hauth, J.C., 2004:
Use of vaginal polymorphonuclear to epithelial cell ratios for the prediction of preterm birth

Smith, D.G.; Cerulli, A.; Frech, F.H., 2005:
Use of valsartan for the treatment of heart-failure patients not receiving ACE inhibitors: a budget impact analysis

Hassan, A.; Newman, A.M.; Gong, Y.; Kennedy, C.; Humphries, K.H.; Ghali, W.A.; Hirsch, G.M., 2004:
Use of valve surgery in Canada

Safdar, N.; Maki, D.G., 2006:
Use of vancomycin-containing lock or flush solutions for prevention of bloodstream infection associated with central venous access devices: a meta-analysis of prospective, randomized trials

Kenyon, James, K., 2006:
Use of vanishing bearings to locate new wading bird colonies

Spyriounis, P.K., 2005:
Use of varioscope in free microvascular tissue transplants

Klueh, U.; Dorsky, D.I.; Kreutzer, D.L., 2003:
Use of vascular endothelial cell growth factor gene transfer to enhance implantable sensor function in vivo

Maranzano, M.; Freschi, G.; Atzei, A.; Miotti, A.M., 2005:
Use of vascularized iliac crest with internal oblique muscle flap for mandible reconstruction

Matsusaki, H.; Noguchi, M.; Kawakami, T.; Tani, T., 2005:
Use of vascularized pedicle iliac bone graft combined with transtrochanteric rotational osteotomy in the treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Cook, A.; Shackford, S.; Osler, T.; Rogers, F.; Sartorelli, K.; Littenberg, B., 2005:
Use of vena cava filters in pediatric trauma patients: data from the National Trauma Data Bank

Summers, M.A.; Moore, J.Layne.; McAuley, J.W., 2004:
Use of verapamil as a potential P-glycoprotein inhibitor in a patient with refractory epilepsy

Klimenko, V.N.; Barchuk, A.S.; Lemekhov, V.G., 2006:
Use of video-assisted thoracoscopy in diagnosis and therapy of single circular formations in the lung

Mendelsohn, A.L.; Dreyer, B.P.; Flynn, V.; Tomopoulos, S.; Rovira, I.; Tineo, W.; Pebenito, C.; Torres, C.; Torres, H.; Nixon, A.F., 2005:
Use of videotaped interactions during pediatric well-child care to promote child development: a randomized, controlled trial

Smith, C.J.; Staszewski, S.; Sabin, C.A.; Nelson, M.; Dauer, B.; Gute, P.; Johnson, M.A.; Phillips, A.N.; Gazzard, B., 2004:
Use of viral load measured after 4 weeks of highly active antiretroviral therapy to predict virologic outcome at 24 weeks for HIV-1-positive individuals

Guan, M.; Chen, H.Ying.; Tan, P.Heng.; Shen, S.; Goh, P-Yee.; Tan, Y-Joo.; Pang, P.Hoon.; Lu, Y.; Fong, P.Yiquan.; Chin, D., 2004:
Use of viral lysate antigen combined with recombinant protein in Western immunoblot assay as confirmatory test for serodiagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome

Girard, F.; Batisson, I.; Martinez, G.; Breton, C.; Harel, Jée.; Fairbrother, J.M., 2006:
Use of virulence factor-specific egg yolk-derived immunoglobulins as a promising alternative to antibiotics for prevention of attaching and effacing Escherichia coli infections

Alamillo, J.M.; Monger, W.; Sola, I.; García, B.; Perrin, Y.; Bestagno, M.; Burrone, O.R.; Sabella, P.; Plana-Durán, J.; Enjuanes, L.; Lomonossoff, G.P.; García, J.A., 2006:
Use of virus vectors for the expression in plants of active full-length and single chain anti-coronavirus antibodies

Brancazio, L.; Miller, J.L., 2005:
Use of visual information in speech perception: evidence for a visual rate effect both with and without a McGurk effect

Phillips, K.A.; Goodchild, L.M.Shauver.; Haas, M.E.; Ulyan, M.J.; Petro, S., 2004:
Use of visual, acoustic, and olfactory information during embedded invertebrate foraging in brown capuchins (Cebus apella)

Maltseva, L.I.; Azizova, A.A., 2004:
Use of vitamin adaptogenic drugs in combined therapy of pelvic inflammatory diseases

García-Reyero, Nàlia.; Raldúa, D.; Quirós, L.; Llaveria, G.; Cerdà, J.; Barceló, Dà.; Grimalt, J.O.; Piña, B., 2003:
Use of vitellogenin mRNA as a biomarker for endocrine disruption in feral and cultured fish

Issenman, R.M.; Jaffer, I.H., 2004:
Use of voice recognition software in an outpatient pediatric specialty practice

Elefsiniotis, P.; Wareham, D.G.; Smith, M.O., 2004:
Use of volatile fatty acids from an acid-phase digester for denitrification

Schwarz, E.M.; Campbell, D.; Totterman, S.; Boyd, A.; O'Keefe, R.J.; Looney, R.John., 2003:
Use of volumetric computerized tomography as a primary outcome measure to evaluate drug efficacy in the prevention of peri-prosthetic osteolysis: a 1-year clinical pilot of etanercept vs. placebo

Dannaoui, E.; Garcia-Hermoso, D.; Naccache, J.M.; Meneau, I.; Sanglard, D.; Bouges-Michel, C.; Valeyre, D.; Lortholary, O., 2006:
Use of voriconazole in a patient with aspergilloma caused by an itraconazole-resistant strain of Aspergillus fumigatus

Wood, N.; Johnson, R.B., 2004:
Use of water 'softening and conditioning systems' significantly increases the risk of periodontitis: smoking considerations

Clifford, J.S.; Legge, R.L., 2005:
Use of water to evaluate hydrophobicity of organically-modified xerogel enzyme supports

Geso, M.; Robinson, N.; Schumer, W.; Williams, K., 2004:
Use of water-equivalent plastic scintillator for intravascular brachytherapy dosimetry

Todaro, M.; Corrao, A.; Barone, C.M.A.; Alicata, M.L.; Schinelli, R.; Giaccone, P., 2006:
Use of weaning concentrate in the feeding of suckling kids: Effects on meat quality

Granger, N.A.; Calleson, D.C.; Henson, O.W.; Juliano, E.; Wineski, L.; McDaniel, M.D.; Burgoon, J.M., 2006:
Use of Web-based materials to enhance anatomy instruction in the health sciences

Olson, L.J.; Moulton, H.J., 2004:
Use of weighted vests in pediatric occupational therapy practice

Daniel, N.; Charmeteau, Bénédicte.; Grabar, S.; Pialoux, G.; Salmon, D.; Bonilla, N.; Dupuis, M.; Troadec, C.; Rozenbaum, W.; Gahéry-Ségard, H.; Guillet, J-Gérard.; Andrieu, M., 2004:
Use of well-defined HIV-derived epitopes to evaluate CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cell responses in patients with chronic HIV-1 infection treated with HAART

Chuang, C-Hung.; Hu, M-Lin., 2004:
Use of whole blood directly for single-cell gel electrophoresis (comet) assay in vivo and white blood cells for in vitro assay

Manoharan, A.; Gemmell, R.; Hartwell, T., 2006:
Use of whole blood platelet lumi-aggregometry to optimize anti-platelet therapy in patients with chronic myeloproliferative disorders

Hughes, S.; Lim, G.; Beheshti, B.; Bayani, J.; Marrano, P.; Huang, A.; Squire, J.A., 2004:
Use of whole genome amplification and comparative genomic hybridisation to detect chromosomal copy number alterations in cell line material and tumour tissue

Lu, Y.; Gioia-Patricola, L.; Gomez, J.Vivas.; Plummer, M.; Franceschi, S.; Kato, I.; Canzian, F., 2005:
Use of whole genome amplification to rescue DNA from plasma samples

Ho, J.; Parwani, A.V.; Jukic, D.M.; Yagi, Y.; Anthony, L.; Gilbertson, J.R., 2006:
Use of whole slide imaging in surgical pathology quality assurance: design and pilot validation studies

Garnett, G.N.; Chambers, C.L.; Mathiasen, R.L., 2006:
Use of witches' brooms by Abert squirrels in ponderosa pine forests

Smyth, G.K.; Michaud, Jëlle.; Scott, H.S., 2005:
Use of within-array replicate spots for assessing differential expression in microarray experiments

Makkonen, H.P.; Nakas, J.P., 2005:
Use of xylanase and arabinofuranosidase for arabinose removal from unbleached kraft pulp

Kanauchi, M.; Bamforth, C.W., 2003:
Use of xylose dehydrogenase from Trichoderma viride in an enzymic method for the measurement of pentosan in barley

Coughlan, C.M.; Brodsky, J.L., 2005:
Use of yeast as a model system to investigate protein conformational diseases

Burgess, R.M.; Perron, M.M.; Cantwell, M.G.; Ho, K.T.; Serbst, J.R.; Pelletier, M.C., 2004:
Use of zeolite for removing ammonia and ammonia-caused toxicity in marine toxicity identification evaluations

Belousov, V.S., 2005:
Use of zeolite-bearing rock as sorbent of ammonia and pesticides from aquecus environments

Gómez-Esteban, J.Carlos.; Zarranz, J.J.; Velasco, F.; Lezcano, E.; Lachen, M.C.; Rouco, I.; Barcena, J.; Boyero, S.; Ciordia, R.; Allue, I., 2005:
Use of ziprasidone in parkinsonian patients with psychosis

Cotroneo, A.; Gareri, P.; Lacava, R.; Cabodi, S., 2004:
Use of zolpidem in over 75-year-old patients with sleep disorders and comorbidities

Lester, R.T.; McGeer, A.; Tomlinson, G.; Detsky, A.S., 2003:
Use of, effectiveness of, and attitudes regarding influenza vaccine among house staff

Uga, Hiroyuki, 2005:
Use of. crude sap for one-step RT-PCR-based assays of Bean yellow mosaic virus and the utility of this protocol for various plant-virus combinations

Zabawski, J.; Wiktor, A.; Sikora, M.; Van Dyke, D.L., 2005:
Use Reference Bands to Accurately Estimate ISCN Band Levels 400, 550, and 850

O'hare, B.A.M.; Kader, A.; Powell, C.V.E., 2004:
Use your ears

Huston, S.A.; Kirking, D.M.; Shimp, L.A., 2006:
Use, intentions, and beliefs about hormone replacement therapy in women with and without diabetes

Winquist, R.J.; Pan, J.Qian.; Gribkoff, V.K., 2005 :
Use-dependent blockade of Cav2.2 voltage-gated calcium channels for neuropathic pain

Van Bogaert, P.Paul.; Pittoors, Fçois., 2003:
Use-dependent blockade of cardiac pacemaker current (If) by cilobradine and zatebradine

Stoeckel, M.C.; Pollok, B.; Schnitzler, A.; Witte, O.W.; Seitz, R.J., 2004:
Use-dependent cortical plasticity in thalidomide-induced upper extremity dysplasia: evidence from somaesthesia and neuroimaging

Pratt, E.B.; Brink, T.S.; Bergson, P.; Voigt, M.M.; Cook, S.P., 2005:
Use-dependent inhibition of P2X3 receptors by nanomolar agonist

Dubroff, J.G.; Stevens, R.T.; Hitt, J.; Maier, D.L.; McCasland, J.S.; Hodge, C.J., 2005:
Use-dependent plasticity in barrel cortex: intrinsic signal imaging reveals functional expansion of spared whisker representation into adjacent deprived columns

Zhou, W.; Goldin, A.L., 2004:
Use-dependent potentiation of the Nav1.6 sodium channel

Eaton, M.J.; Duplan, H., 2004:
Useful cell lines derived from the adrenal medulla

Matsuura, Hitoe, 2005:
Useful of hand-carried cardiac ultrasound Doppler device in diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension

Tanaka, N.; Tanaka, E.; Sheena, Y.; Komatsu, M.; Okiyama, W.; Misawa, N.; Muto, H.; Umemura, T.; Ichijo, T.; Matsumoto, A.; Yoshizawa, K.; Horiuchi, A.; Kiyosawa, K., 2006:
Useful parameters for distinguishing nonalcoholic steatohepatitis with mild steatosis from cryptogenic chronic hepatitis in the Japanese population

Shiozawa, S.; Tsuchiya, A.; Kim, D.Ho.; Usui, T.; Masuda, T.; Kubota, K.; Hosokawa, T.; Oishi, T.; Naritaka, Y.; Ogawa, K., 2005:
Useful predictive factors of common bile duct stones prior to laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallstones

Morita, K.; Kawata, N.; Takimoto, Y.; Nemoto, N., 2004:
Useful prognosis factors by immunohistopathological analysis of p53, MDM2, and HER2/neu on invasive urinary bladder cancer

Rogé, J.; Pébayle, T.; Campagne, Aélie.; Muzet, A., 2005:
Useful visual field reduction as a function of age and risk of accident in simulated car driving

Montoya, A.; Kong, A.; Estrada-Torres, A.; Cifuentes, J.; Caballero, J., 2004:
Useful wild fungi of La Malinche National Park, Mexico

Nakamura, T.; Et-Al, 2004:
Usefullness of Chinese medicine, Rikkunshitou(R) for idiopathic laryngeal granuloma

Nariai, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Wakimoto, H.; Aoyagi, M.; Tamaki, M.; Ishiwata, K.; Senda, M.; Ishii, K.; Hirakawa, K.; Ohno, K., 2005:
Usefulness of L-[methyl-11C] methionine-positron emission tomography as a biological monitoring tool in the treatment of glioma

Iinuma, H.; Okinaga, K.; Egami, H.; Mimori, K.; Hayashi, N.; Nishida, K.; Adachi, M.; Mori, M.; Sasako, M., 2006:
Usefulness and clinical significance of quantitative real-time RT-PCR to detect isolated tumor cells in the peripheral blood and tumor drainage blood of patients with colorectal cancer

Tanaka, Y.; Yoshinaga, M.; Anan, R.; Tanaka, Y.; Nomura, Y.; Oku, S.; Nishi, S.; Kawano, Y.; Tei, C.; Arima, K., 2006:
Usefulness and cost effectiveness of cardiovascular screening of young adolescents

Kalach, N.; Nguyen, V.Bang.; Bergeret, M.; Boutros, Névine.; Dupont, C.; Raymond, J., 2005:
Usefulness and influence of age of a novel rapid monoclonal enzyme immunoassay stool antigen for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in children

Shiraishi, K.; Takihara, H.; Kamiryo, Y.; Naito, K., 2005:
Usefulness and limitation of punched-out orchidometer in testicular volume measurement

Ma, J., 2005:
Usefulness and limitations of normal mode analysis in modeling dynamics of biomolecular complexes

López, Jé.I.; Del Cura, Jé.L.; Zabala, R.; Bilbao, F.J., 2005:
Usefulness and limitations of ultrasound-guided core biopsy in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal tumours

Kitawaki, J.; Ishihara, H.; Koshiba, H.; Kiyomizu, M.; Teramoto, M.; Kitaoka, Y.; Honjo, H., 2005:
Usefulness and limits of CA-125 in diagnosis of endometriosis without associated ovarian endometriomas

Breccia, M.; Carmosino, I.; Biondo, F.; Mancini, M.; Russo, E.; Latagliata, R.; Alimena, G., 2005:
Usefulness and prognostic impact on survival of WHO reclassification in FAB low risk myelodyplastic syndromes

Tanaka, K.; Li, H.; Curran, P.J.; Takano, Y.; Arbit, B.; Currier, J.W.; Yeatman, L.A.; Kobashigawa, J.A.; Tobis, J.M., 2006:
Usefulness and safety of percutaneous coronary interventions for cardiac transplant vasculopathy

Salem, M.; Rotevatn, S.; Stavnes, S.; Brekke, M.; Vollset, S.Emil.; Nordrehaug, J.Erik., 2004:
Usefulness and safety of percutaneous myocardial laser revascularization for refractory angina pectoris

Sugi, N.; Yamagami, H.; Ohno, R.; Saito, Y.; Kakehashi, A.; Kuroki, M.; Ishikawa, S.E.; Kawakami, M., 2004:
Usefulness of Diabetic Eye Notebook in education of the patients

Watanabe, M.; Uemura, S.; Iwama, H.; Okayama, S.; Takeda, Y.; Kawata, H.; Horii, M.; Nakajima, T.; Hirohashi, S.; Kichikawa, K.; Ookura, A.; Saito, Y., 2006:
Usefulness of 16-slice multislice spiral computed tomography for follow-up study of coronary stent implantation

Yoo, T-Hyun.; Chang, K.Hee.; Ryu, D-Ryeol.; Kim, J.Sung.; Choi, H.Young.; Park, H.Cheon.; Kang, S-Wook.; Choi, K.Hun.; Kim, J.Myung.; Ha, S.Kyu.; Han, D.Suk.; Lee, H.Yung., 2006:
Usefulness of 23S rRNA amplification by PCR in the detection of bacteria in CAPD peritonitis

Sarasin, Fçois.P.; Carballo, D.; Slama, S.; Louis-Simonet, M., 2005:
Usefulness of 24-h Holter monitoring in patients with unexplained syncope and a high likelihood of arrhythmias

Hamamoto, Y.; Niino, K.; Ishiyama, H.; Adachi, M.; Hosoya, T.; Kataoka, M., 2004:
Usefulness of 3D conformal radiation therapy for reduction of radiation-induced white matter injury

Stein, P.D.; Beemath, A.; Skaf, E.; Kayali, F.; Janjua, M.; Alesh, I.; Olson, R.E., 2005:
Usefulness of 4-, 8-, and 16-slice computed tomography for detection of graft occlusion or patency after coronary artery bypass grafting

Wu, C.I.; Changlai, S.P.; Huang, W.S.; Tsai, C.H.; Lee, C.C.; Kao, C.H., 2003:
Usefulness of 99mTc ethyl cysteinate dimer brain SPECT to detect abnormal regional cerebral blood flow in patients with acute carbon monoxide poisoning

Lumachi, F.; Varotto, L.; Borsato, S.; Tregnaghi, A.; Zucchetta, P.; Marzola, M.Cristina.; Cecchin, D.; Bui, F., 2004:
Usefulness of 99mTc-pertechnetate scintigraphy and fine-needle aspiration cytology in patients with solitary thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer

Kumar, R.; Kang, G.S., 2006:
Usefulness of Andigena (Solanum tuberosum SSP andigena) genotypes as parents in breeding early bulking potato cultivars

Cosson, S., 2004:
Usefulness of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) as a screen for left ventricular abnormalities in diabetes mellitus

Conen, D.; Zeller, A.; Pfisterer, M.; Martina, B., 2006:
Usefulness of B-type natriuretic peptide and C-reactive protein in predicting the presence or absence of left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with systemic hypertension

Maron, B.J.; Tholakanahalli, V.N.; Zenovich, A.G.; Casey, S.A.; Duprez, D.; Aeppli, D.M.; Cohn, J.N., 2004:
Usefulness of B-type natriuretic peptide assay in the assessment of symptomatic state in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Mottram, P.M.; Leano, R.; Marwick, T.H., 2003:
Usefulness of B-type natriuretic peptide in hypertensive patients with exertional dyspnea and normal left ventricular ejection fraction and correlation with new echocardiographic indexes of systolic and diastolic function

Sanchis, J.; Bodí, V.; Llácer, A.; Núñez, J.; Facila, L.; Ruiz, V.; Blasco, M.; Sanjuán, R.; Chorro, F.J., 2004:
Usefulness of C-reactive protein and left ventricular function for risk assessment in survivors of acute myocardial infarction

Chirinos, J.A.; Zambrano, J.P.; Chakko, S.; Schob, A.; Veerani, A.; Perez, G.O.; Mendez, A.J., 2004:
Usefulness of C-reactive protein as an independent predictor of death in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy

Madhi, S.A.; Kohler, M.; Kuwanda, L.; Cutland, C.; Klugman, K.P., 2006:
Usefulness of C-reactive protein to define pneumococcal conjugate vaccine efficacy in the prevention of pneumonia

Chang, A.; Cai, J.; Miranda, G.; Groshen, S.; Skinner, D.; Stein, J.P., 2004:
Usefulness of CA 125 as a preoperative prognostic marker for transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Saqi, A.; Alexis, D.; Remotti, F.; Bhagat, G., 2005:
Usefulness of CDX2 and TTF-1 in differentiating gastrointestinal from pulmonary carcinoids

Saad, R.S.; Cho, P.; Silverman, J.F.; Liu, Y., 2004:
Usefulness of Cdx2 in separating mucinous bronchioloalveolar adenocarcinoma of the lung from metastatic mucinous colorectal adenocarcinoma

García, I.; Sarabia, L.; Cruz Ortiz, M.; Aldama, J.Manuel., 2005:
Usefulness of D-optimal designs and multicriteria optimization in laborious analytical procedures. Application to the extraction of quinolones from eggs

Arai, E.; Kuramochi, A.; Tsuchida, T.; Tsuneyoshi, M.; Kage, M.; Fukunaga, M.; Ito, T.; Tada, T.; Izumi, M.; Shimizu, K.; Hirose, T.; Shimizu, M., 2006:
Usefulness of D2-40 immunohistochemistry for differentiation between kaposiform hemangioendothelioma and tufted angioma

Díaz, F.Martínez.; Gilar, M.Bernal.; Saurí, A.Ruiz.; Bosh, A.Llombart.; Luna, A., 2005:
Usefulness of DNA quantification in diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathies A preliminary study

Donal, E.; Grimm, R.A.; Yamada, H.; Kim, Y.Jin.; Marrouche, N.; Natale, A.; Thomas, J.D., 2005:
Usefulness of Doppler assessment of pulmonary vein and left atrial appendage flow following pulmonary vein isolation of chronic atrial fibrillation in predicting recovery of left atrial function

Soh, J.; Toyooka, S.; Aoe, K.; Asano, H.; Ichihara, S.; Katayama, H.; Hiraki, A.; Kiura, K.; Aoe, M.; Sano, Y.; Sugi, K.; Shimizu, N.; Date, H., 2006:
Usefulness of EGFR mutation screening in pleural fluid to predict the clinical outcome of gefitinib treated patients with lung cancer

Hoshino, A.; Kawada, E.; Ukita, T.; Itoh, K.; Sakamoto, H.; Fujita, K.; Mantani, N.; Kogure, T.; Tamura, J., 2004:
Usefulness of FDG-PET to diagnose intravascular lymphomatosis presenting as fever of unknown origin

de Matos, P.S.; Ferreira, A.P.; de Oliveira Facuri, F.; Assumpção, L.V.M.; Metze, K.; Ward, L.S., 2005:
Usefulness of HBME-1, cytokeratin 19 and galectin-3 immunostaining in the diagnosis of thyroid malignancy

Clavel, C.; Bory, J-P.; Caudroy, S.; Lorenzato, M.; Durlach, A.; Graesslin, O.; Quereux, C.; Birembaut, P., 2005:
Usefulness of HPV testing in the follow-up of untreated cervical low grade lesions

Hotta, K.; Shimoda, T.; Nakanishi, Y.; Saito, D., 2006:
Usefulness of Ki-67 for predicting the metastatic potential of rectal carcinoids

Kim, J.Hyoung.; Hwang, J-Min., 2005:
Usefulness of MR imaging in children without characteristic clinical findings of Duane's retraction syndrome

Quenot, J-Pierre.; Boichot, C.; Petit, A.; Falcon-Eicher, S.; d'Athis, P.; Bonnet, C.; Wolf, J-Eric.; Louis, P.; Brunotte, Fçois., 2005:
Usefulness of MRI in the follow-up of patients with repaired aortic coarctation and bicuspid aortic valve

Thaman, R.; Esteban, M.Tome.; Barnes, S.; Gimeno, J.R.; Mist, B.; Murphy, R.; Collinson, P.O.; McKenna, W.J.; Elliott, P.M., 2006:
Usefulness of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide levels to predict exercise capacity in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Ambrosi, P.; Oddoze, C.; Ribéri, A.; Arques, Séphane.; Portugal, H.; Métras, D.; Habib, G., 2004:
Usefulness of N-terminal-pro-brain natriuretic peptide levels in predicting survival in heart transplant recipients

Dunbar, C.C.; Saul, B.I.; Kassotis, J.; Badillo, L., 2005:
Usefulness of P-wave morphology during submaximal treadmill exercise to predict coronary artery disease

Shirayama, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Sakatani, T.; Mani, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Matsubara, H., 2006:
Usefulness of paroxetine in depressed men with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

Schreibman, D.S.; McPherson, C.A.; Rosenfeld, L.E.; Batsford, W.P.; Lampert, R., 2004:
Usefulness of procainamide challenge for electrophysiologic arrhythmia risk stratification

Horwich, T.; Lee, S-Joon.; Saxon, L., 2003:
Usefulness of QRS prolongation in predicting risk of inducible monomorphic ventricular tachycardia in patients referred for electrophysiologic studies

Filippi, L.; Schillaci, O.; Santoni, R.; Manni, C.; Danieli, R.; Simonetti, G., 2006:
Usefulness of SPECT/CT with a hybrid camera for the functional anatomical mapping of primary brain tumors by [Tc99m] tetrofosmin

Ho, Y-Lwun.; Lin, L-Yu.; Lin, J-Lee.; Chen, M-Fong.; Chen, W-Jone.; Lee, Y-Teh., 2003:
Usefulness of ST-segment elevation in lead aVR during tachycardia for determining the mechanism of narrow QRS complex tachycardia

Hayashi, T.; Hirano, Y.; Takai, H.; Kimura, A.; Taniguchi, M.; Kurooka, A.; Ishikawa, K., 2005:
Usefulness of ST-segment elevation in the inferior leads in predicting ventricular septal rupture in patients with anterior wall acute myocardial infarction

Akashi, T.; Mizuno, I.; Okumura, A.; Fuse, H., 2005:
Usefulness of sperm quality analyzer-V (SQA-V) for the assessment of sperm quality in infertile men

Zakliczynski, M.; Swierad, M.; Zakliczynska, H.; Maruszewski, M.; Buszman, P.; Zembala, M., 2005:
Usefulness of stanford scale of intimal hyperplasia assessed by intravascular ultrasound to predict time of onset and severity of cardiac allograft vasculopathy

Perkiömäki, J.S.; Hyytinen-Oinas, M.; Karsikas, M.; Seppänen, T.; Hnatkova, K.; Malik, M.; Huikuri, H.V., 2006:
Usefulness of T-wave loop and QRS complex loop to predict mortality after acute myocardial infarction

Hsu, H-Bao.; Fu, Y-Ching.; Tsai, S-Chuan.; Yen, R-Fang.; Hwang, B., 2003:
Usefulness of Tc-99m HMPAO-labeled WBC heart scan to predict impaired ventricular function and coronary artery dilation in children with Kawasaki disease

Morrow, D.A.; Sabatine, M.S.; Antman, E.M.; Cannon, C.P.; Braunwald, E.; Theroux, P., 2004:
Usefulness of tirofiban among patients treated without percutaneous coronary intervention (TIMI high risk patients in PRISM-PLUS)

Onoda, S.; Mutoh, M.; Ishikawa, T.; Sakamoto, H.; Yamaguchi, J.; Okada, H.; Tsurusaki, T.; Kubota, T.; Takizawa, S.; Yagi, H.; Mori, C.; Nagasawa, H.; Shibata, T.; Yoshida, S.; Imai, K.; Horie, T.; Mochizuki, S., 2004:
Usefulness of a 6 fr right judkins catheter for mechanically extracting a massive intracoronary thrombus from an ectasic right coronary artery: a report on two different cases of thrombectomy

Gallego, S.; Mangano, A.; Gastaldello, Ré.; Sen, L.; Medeot, S., 2004:
Usefulness of a Nested-polymerase chain reaction for molecular diagnosis of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I/II

Fdg-Pet-Workgrp; Subcomm-Med-Application-Cyclotron-Produced-Radionuclides; Japan-Radioisotope-Assoc; Japanese-Soc-Nucl-Med, 2005:
Usefulness of a PET/CT scanner and a proposal for examination fee

Okamoto, M.; Fukui, M.; Kurusu, A.; Shou, I.; Maeda, K.; Hamada, C.; Tomino, Y., 2006:
Usefulness of a body composition analyzer, InBody 2.0, in chronic hemodialysis patients

Nakamura, H.; Ogasawara, J.; Monma, C.; Hase, A.; Suzuki, H.; Kai, A.; Haruki, K.; Nishikawa, Y., 2003:
Usefulness of a combination of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and enrichment culture in laboratory investigation of a foodborne outbreak due to Clostridium perfringens

Bodí, V.; Sanchis, J.; López-Lereu, Mía.P.; Losada, A.; Núñez, J.; Pellicer, M.; Bertomeu, V.; Chorro, F.J.; Llácer, A., 2005:
Usefulness of a comprehensive cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging assessment for predicting recovery of left ventricular wall motion in the setting of myocardial stunning

Maeshima, S.; Osawa, A.; Maeshima, E.; Shimamoto, Y.; Sekiguchi, E.; Kakishita, K.; Ozaki, F.; Moriwaki, H., 2004:
Usefulness of a cube-copying test in outpatients with dementia

Güell, M.; Artigau, E.; Esteve, V.; Sánchez-Delgado, J.; Junquera, F.; Calvet, X., 2006:
Usefulness of a delayed test for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in bleeding peptic ulcer

Luo, H.; Chen, M.; Trento, A.; Miyamoto, T.; Kobal, S.L.; Neuman, Y.; Naqvi, T.Z.; Tolstrup, K.; Siegel, R.J., 2004:
Usefulness of a hand-carried cardiac ultrasound device for bedside examination of pericardial effusion in patients after cardiac surgery

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Usefulness of flexible bronchoscopy for aspiration of foods into the tracheobronchial trees in 2 patients with severe motor and intellectual disabilities

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Usefulness of hepatocytes for evaluating the genetic polymorphism of CYP2D6 substrates

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Usefulness of the addition of metformin to insulin in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Users guide for noble fir bough cruiser - Introduction

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Usewear and residue analysis of stone artefacts from the Enclosed Chamber, Rocky Cape, Tasmania

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Using biogeography to help set priorities in marine conservation

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Using bioinformatics and genome analysis for new therapeutic interventions

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Using biologically active supplements to improve psychoemotional state in teenagers

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Using bisoprolol in treatment of heart failutre

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Using carvedilol in treatment of heart failure

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Using children as standardised patients for assessing clinical competence in paediatrics

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Using chlorine dioxide for drinking water a disinfection by the application of the chlorite/chlorine process

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Using clinical guidelines designed for older adults with diabetes mellitus and complex health status

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Using clinical vignette assignments to teach medical informatics

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Using compost from urban solid waste to prevent erosion in road embankments

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Using compost of agricultural solid waste to produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

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Using computers for assessment in medicine

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Using different structure types of microemulsions for the preparation of poly(alkylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles by interfacial polymerization

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Using direct calorimetry to test the accuracy of indirect calorimetry in an ectotherm