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Association of soil mesofauna with litter decomposition

Ghanshyam Tripathi; Rima Kumari; Sharma, B.M.

Cientifica Jaboticabal 33(2): 148-151


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-0039
Accession: 012767482

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Soil fauna are considered as soil bioengineers because they feed on plant debris, reduce its mass and expose broken litter surfaces to increased rate of nutrient release and improve soil fertility. Therefore, the association of soil mesofauna with decomposition of crop debris (Vigna radiata- stem, V. radiata- root, Cuminum cyminum- stem, C. cyminum- root), has been investigated. The litters were buried in nylon mesh at 5 and 10 cm depth. The density of soil mesofauna associated with decomposing litter bags was analysed. The population of Acari and other soil arthropods recovered from litter bags was highest with V. radiata- stem litter type and lowest with C. cyminum- root.

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