Availability of DTPA extractable zinc, copper, iron and manganese in Cordoba (Argentina) soils and its relationship with other properties

Volmer Buffa, E.; Ratto, S.E.

Ciencia del Suelo 23(2): 107-114


Accession: 012767760

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Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn DTPA extractable content and it relationship with organic matter, pH, salinity and lime were studied in 48 soils (Mollisol, Entisol and Alfisol) from some geomorphic regions of the Chaco-Pampean plain of Cordoba (Argentina). Soils ranged from silty loam to loamy sandy in texture, weak acidity to strong alkalinity, and low to medium salinity. Soils were sampled from 0 to 60 cm depth. Cu was found at a critical range (0.1-1 mg.kg-1) only in sandy soils, with the highest concentration (1.5-2.5 mg kg-1) in Argiudolls. Zn was below 1 mg kg-1 in most regions. Mn (2385 mg kg-1) and Fe (21-68 mg kg-1) were above the respective critical content in all regions, with highest concentration of both micronutrients was found in Argiudolls. Zn, Cu and Mn distribution in the soil profile was associated with organic matter content. Lime and soil pH for Cu, and organic matter and soil salinity for Zn, were positively correlated with DTPA content.