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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12769

Chapter 12769 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mazzaglia, A.; Fabi, A.; Belisario, A.; Librandi, I.; Cefalo, G.; Varvaro, L.; Anselmi, N., 2006:
Bark cankers on English walnut: an emerging disease

Stephens, S.A.; Salas, L.A.; Dierenfeld, E.S., 2006:
Bark consumption by the painted ringtail (Pseudochirulus forbesi larvatus) in Papua New Guinea

Pathiratna, L.S.S.; Seneviratna, P.; Perera, M.K.P.; Balasooriya, C.K., 2006:
Bark cracking disorder in the lower trunk region of seedling and in the rootstock of bud-grafted trees of Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg

Katsvanga, C.A.T.; Mudyiwa, S.M.; Gwenzi, D., 2006:
Bark stripping and population dynamics of baboon troops after chemical control in pine plantations of Zimbabwe

Fontana, M.; Buiatti, S.; Miceli, F., 2005:
Barley and its different uses for human consumption

Buiatti, S.; Sensidoni, A.; Fontana, M., 2006:
Barley and malt quality control

Rostoks, N.; Zale, J.M.; Soule, J.; Brueggeman, R.; Druka, A.; Kudrna, D.; Kleinhofs, A., 2001:
Barley gene family homologous to maize rust resistance gene Rp1-D

Quiroga, A.; Funaro, D.; Noellemeyer, E.; Peinemann, N., 2006:
Barley yield response to soil organic matter and texture in the Pampas of Argentina

Niskanen, A., 2006:
Barriers to entrepreneurship in small-scale wood and non-wood production in Europe

Wingenbach, G.J.; Chmielewski, N.; Smith, J.; Pina, M.J.; Hamilton, W.T., 2006:
Barriers to international experiential participation

Morgan, L.L.; Fahs, P.S.; Klesh, J., 2005:
Barriers to research participation identified by rural people

Avidor, B.; Graidy, M.; Efrat, G.; Leibowitz, C.; Shapira, G.; Schattner, A.; Zimhony, O.; Giladi, M., 2004:
Bartonella koehlerae, a new cat-associated agent of culture-negative human endocarditis

Rahimian, J.; Raoult, D.; Tang, Y-Wei.; Hanna, B.A., 2006:
Bartonella quintana endocarditis with positive serology for Coxiella burnetii

Reeves, W.K.; Nelder, M.P.; Cobb, K.D.; Dasch, G.A., 2006:
Bartonella spp. in deer keds, Lipoptena mazamae (Diptera: Hippoboscidae), from Georgia and South Carolina, USA

Feng, C.T.; Ho, W.C.; Chao, Y.C., 2006:
Basal petiole rot and plant kill of Zamioculcas zamiifolia caused by Phytophthora nicotianae

Stanley, J.; Chandrasekaran, S.; Regupathy, A.; Jasmine, R.S., 2006:
Base line toxicity of emamectin and spinosad to Spodoptera litura

Chen HsinHsiung; Chang ChengSheng; Wey TsongHuei, 2005:
Base study on soil thermal conductivity on earthquake and typhoon disaster place at Shitou area

Sannaveerappanavar, V.T.; Virktamath, C.A., 2006:
Base-line values for insecticide susceptibility of an Indian laboratory strain of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae)

Roes, F., 2006:
Base-narrow canines in dogs - orthodontic treatment with incline planes and power chains

Coppo, J.A.; Mussart, N.B.; Fioranelli, S.A.; Zeinsteger, P.A., 2006:
Baseline for some plasmatic and physiological variables in Rana catesbeiana

Lee MeenLang, 2006:
Baseline sensitivity of Botrytis elliptica to fludioxonil in Taiwan

Davey, J.; McGrath, M.T., 2006:
Baseline sensitivity of cucurbit powdery mildew (Podosphaera xanthii) to the fungicide quinoxyfen in New York State

Qian ZhongHai; Chen ChangJun; Wang JianXin; Zhou MingGuo, 2006:
Baseline sensitivity of different morpha of Phytophthora capsici Leonian to azoxystrobin

Yacob, S.; Ali Hassan, M.; Shirai, Y.; Wakisaka, M.; Subash, S., 2005:
Baseline study of methane emission from anaerobic ponds of palm oil mill effluent treatment

Ferguson, N.S., 2006:
Basic concepts describing animal growth and feed intake

Weber, E.M., 2005:
Basic density of wood of Pinus taeda L. Marion of different ages, Misiones, Argentina

Allegretto, S.A., 2006:
Basic family budgets: working families' incomes often fail to meet living expenses around the United States

Kalparsoro, I., 2005 :
Basic notions for the protection from machinery

Batista, L., 2006:
Basic principles and diagnosis of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PPRRSv) in pig breeding herds

M.L.Yi; Wang XiQun; Gan Jing; Cai BaoJun, 2006:
Basic principles of forest management in Beijing

ermanovic, V.; Mitrovic, S.; Karovic, D., 2006:
Basic production parameters of broiler chickens fattening in Ross 308 hybrid

L.J.nRong; Liu Gang; L.C.un, 2006:
Basic requirements and constitution prerequisites for regulative mode of forest structure for sustainable management

Timov, R.A., 2005:
Basic strategy for renewing the machinery pool

Rodriguez Garcia, J.F., 2006:
Basic surgery of the thorax

Azizov, Z.M., 2005:
Basic tillage of chernozem soils in crop rotations and effectiveness of their use in the dry steppe of the Volga region

Deumlich, D.; Funk, R.; Frielinghaus, M.; Schmidt, W.A.; Nitzsche, O., 2006:
Basics of effective erosion control in German agriculture

Connor, J.F., 2005:
Basics of pig health in the finisher

Cunnington, J.H.; Constantinescu, O., 2006:
Basidiophora entospora in Australia

Wang GuoDong; Cheng RiHui; Y.M.nFeng; Jiang Xue; Cui KunNing, 2006:
Basin tectonic setting and paleoclimate revealed from minerals and geochemistry of the sediments

Hollander, A.; Huijbregts, M.A.J.; Ragas, A.M.J.; Meent, D. van de, 2006:
BasinBox: a generic multimedia fate model for predicting the fate of chemicals in river catchments

Wesawski, J.M.; Andrulewicz, E.; Kotwicki, L.; Kuzebski, E.; Lewandowski, A.; Linkowski, T.; Massel, S.R.; Musielak, S.; Olanczuk Neyman, K.; Pempkowiak, J.; Piekarek Jankowska, H.; Radziejewska, T.; Rozynski, G.; Sagan, I.; Skora, K.E.; Szefler, K.; Urbanski, J.; Witek, Z.; Woowicz, M.; Zachowicz, J.; Zarzycki, T., 2006:
Basis for a valuation of the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea: rationale and quest for tools

Eliseev, M.S.; Rybalko, A.G.; Eliseev, I.I., 2006:
Basis of the emptying time of the dosage content from a teat feeder

Garcia Estrada, C.; Damon, A.; Sanchez Hernandez, C.; Soto Pinto, L.; Ibarra Nunez, G., 2006:
Bat diversity in montane rainforest and shaded coffee under different management regimes in southeastern Chiapas, Mexico

Lina, P.H.C.; Hutson, A.M., 2005:
Bat rabies in Europe: a review

Picard Meyer, E.; Barrat, J.; Tissot, E.; Verdot, A.; Patron, C.; Barrat, M.J.; Cliquet, F., 2005:
Bat rabies surveillance in France, from 1989 through May 2005

Kuzmin, I.V.; Botvinkin, A.D.; Poleschuk, E.M.; Orciari, L.A.; Rupprecht, C.E., 2005:
Bat rabies surveillance in the former Soviet Union

Ozturk, N.; Bektas, T.E., 2006:
Batch adsorption of dyestuff from aqueous solutions onto various adsorbents

Calisher, C.H.; Childs, J.E.; Field, H.E.; Holmes, K.V.; Schountz, T., 2006:
Bats: important reservoir hosts of emerging viruses

Teixeira, E.W.; Message, D.; Negri, G.; Salatino, A., 2006:
Bauer-7-en-3 beta -yl acetate: a major constituent of unusual samples of Brazilian propolis

Casellas, J.; Piedrafita, J.; Varona, L., 2006:
Bayes factor for testing between different structures of random genetic groups in Bruna dels Pirineus beef cattle

Faria, C.U.; Magnabosco, C.U.; Albuquerque, L.G.; Reyes, A.L.; Lobo, R.B.; Bezerra, L.A.F., 2006:
Bayesian and frequentist approaches in three-trait genetic analysis for growth and reproduction in Nelore cattle

Tiffin, R., 2006:
Bayesian clustering of farm types using the mixtures model

Perez, Aés.; Cobo, E.; Martínez, A.; Campero, C.; Späth, E., 2006:
Bayesian estimation of Tritrichomonas foetus diagnostic test sensitivity and specificity in range beef bulls

Cappa, E.P.; Cantet, R.J.C., 2006:
Bayesian estimation of direct and competition additive (co)variance in individuals mixed models

Kostoulas, P.; Leontides, L.; Enøe, C.; Billinis, C.; Florou, M.; Sofia, M., 2006:
Bayesian estimation of sensitivity and specificity of serum ELISA and faecal culture for diagnosis of paratuberculosis in Greek dairy sheep and goats

Moravie, M A.; Davison, A.; Pasquier, D.; Charmillot, P J., 2006:
Bayesian forecasting of grape moth emergence

Clements, A.C.A.; Moyeed, R.; Brooker, S., 2006:
Bayesian geostatistical prediction of the intensity of infection with Schistosoma mansoni in East Africa

Gevrekci, Y.; Chang, Y.M.; Kzlkaya, K.; Gianola, D.; Weigel, K.A.; Akbas, Y., 2006:
Bayesian inference for calving ease and stillbirth in Holsteins using a bivariate threshold sire-maternal grandsire model

Wong, K.K.F.; Song HaiYan; Chon, K.S., 2006:
Bayesian models for tourism demand forecasting

Amzal, B.; Bois, F.Y.; Parent, E.; Robert, C.P., 2006:
Bayesian-optimal design via interacting particle systems

Prescott, N.B.; Bonser, R.H.C., 2004:
Beak trimming reduces feeding efficiency of hens

Silva, A.C.; Carneiro, J.E.S.; Ferreira, L.R.; Cecon, P.R., 2006:
Bean intercropped with Brachiaria brizantha under reduced graminicide doses

Anonymous, 2006:
Bean pod mottle virus.

Medvecky, B.A.; Ketterings, Q.M.; Vermeylen, F.M., 2006:
Bean seedling damage by root-feeding grubs (Schizonycha spp.) in Kenya as influenced by planting time, variety, and crop residue management

Vizgarra, O.N.; Espeche, M.C.; Ploper, L.D., 2005:
Beans: results of the 2005 season and advances in plant breeding at EEAOC

Rupesh ; Lakhi Ram; Ram Singh; Chhillar, B.S., 2005:
Beauveria bassiana: a biological control agent against rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera (Olivier)

Westbrook, C.; Cooper, D.; Baker, B., 2006:
Beaver dams and overbank floods influence groundwater-surface water interactions of a Rocky Mountain riparian area

Kunnath, G.J., 2006:
Becoming a Naxalite in rural Bihar: class struggle and its contradictions

Barthez, A., 2005:
Becoming a woman farmer: at the junction of household activities with agricultural profession

Mathews Salazar, P., 2006:
Becoming all Indian: gauchos, Pachamama queens and tourists in the remaking of an Andean festival

Goel, A.C.; Verma, K.S., 2005:
Bed planting of wheat - a viable sowing method to improve yield and water-use-efficiency

Rimkus, Z.; Grigaitiene, L., 2004:
Bed-load yield calculation analysis

Boxtel, C.J. van, 2006:
Bedside medicine and public health: a controversy?

Rashad, M.M., 2005:
Bee honey production and its economic feasibility in Qalyoubia governorate

Bosch, J.; Kemp, W.P.; Trostle, G.E., 2006:
Bee population returns and cherry yields in an orchard pollinated with Osmia lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Kim TaeHwa; Kim ByungYoung; Kim WonBae; Kim KwangShik; Liu JianZhu; Kim DuckHwan; Rogers, P.A.M., 2006:
Bee-venom acupuncture treatment of hip osteoarthritis in a dog

Diaci, J.; Kozjek, L., 2005:
Beech sapling archiecture following small and medium gap disturbances in silver fir-beech old-growth forests in Slovenia

Skovsgaard, J.P.; Jorgensen, B.B., 2004:
Beech, oak, sycamore, Norway maple and red oak on the flat heathland of mid-Jutland

Lemaire, J., 2005:
Beech, selection forest and uneven-aged stands: from theory to practice

Fries, L.A.; Ferraz, J.B.S., 2006:
Beef cattle genetic programmes in Brazil

Chladek, G.; Falta, D., 2006:
Beef performance of Holstein calves slaughtered at 300 kg of live weight

Zjalic, M.; Dimitriadou, A.; Rosati, A., 2006:
Beef production in the European Union and the CAP reform: an overview of situation and trends

Kuterovac, K., 2006:
Beef production model

Kitner, K.R., 2006:
Beeliners, pinkies, and kitties: mobility and marginalization in the South Atlantic snapper grouper fishery

Huang JiGuo; Wei HaiJuan; Wang LiJun; Wang TieJun; Y.S.uang; Huang GuoXin, 2005:
Beer wastewater treatment using three-phase biofluidized bed

Banaszak, J.; Cierzniak, T.; Kriger, R.; Wendzonka, J., 2006:
Bees of xerothermic swards in the lower Vistula valley: diversity and zoogeographic analyses (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Apiformes)

Kaminski, A.C.; Absy, M.L., 2006:
Bees visitors of three species of Clusia (Clusiaceae) flowers in Central Amazonia

Olsson, A.; Olsson, R., 2006:
Beet cyst nematodes from the European perspective

Dieckmann, J.; Miller, H.; Koch, H.J., 2006:
Beet growth and soil structure - results from a long term on-farm joint research project

Munyaneza, J.E.; Crosslin, J.M.; Upton, J.E., 2006:
Beet leafhopper (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) transmits the Columbia Basin potato purple top phytoplasma to potatoes, beets, and weeds

Apasov, I.V., 2006:
Beet sugar production in the Russian Federation: annual totals and prospects

Skodowski, J.; Posuszny, M., 2005:
Beetles in the beech marten Martes foina and pine marten Martes martes diet

Sklodowski, J.; Posluszny, M., 2005:
Beetles in the diet of the beech marten Martes foina and the pine marten Martes martes

Oliva, J., 2006:
Beginning and development of the Czech forest policy

Walczak, D., 2005:
Beginning to explore dashboard dining

García-Andrés, S.; Monci, F.; Navas-Castillo, Jús.; Moriones, E., 2006:
Begomovirus genetic diversity in the native plant reservoir Solanum nigrum: Evidence for the presence of a new virus species of recombinant nature

Kollmann, L.J.C., 2006:
Begonia novalombardiensis L. Kollmann (Begoniaceae), a new species from the Atlantic forest in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Peng Ching, I.; Leong WaiChao; K.S.inMing; Liu Yan, 2006:
Begonia pulvinifera (sect. Diploclinium, Begoniaceae), a new species from limestone areas in Guangxi, China

Moisei, R., 2006:
Begu alluvial forest, a model for ecological reconstruction in Small Wetland of Braila Natural Park

Casteel, C.L.; Walling, L.L.; Paine, T.D., 2006:
Behavior and biology of the tomato psyllid, Bactericerca cockerelli, in response to the Mi-1.2 gene

Soto, E.; Avilan, L.; Unai, E.; Rodriguez, M.; Ruiz, J., 2004:
Behavior and characteristics of promising mango cultivars

Barbosa Filho, J.A.D.; Silva, M.A.N.; Silva, I.J.O.; Coelho, A.A.D.; Savino, V.J.M., 2005:
Behavior and performance of broiler strains reared under semi-intensive system with shaded areas

Correa, M.L.P.; Tavora, F.J.A.F.; Pitombeira, J.B., 2006:
Behavior of castorbean cultivars intercropped with cowpea and grain sorghum

Alves, S.M. de F.; Silva, A.E. da; Seraphin, J.C.; Vera, R.; Souza, E.R.B. de; Rolim, H.M.V.; Ximenes, P.A., 2004:
Behavior of maize cultivars in the industrial production of pamonha

Porto, E.R.; Amorim, M.C.C. de; Dutra, M.T.; Paulino, R.V.; Brito, L.T. de L.; Matos, A.N.B., 2006:
Behavior of saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) irrigated with effluents from tilapia raised in brackish water

Costa, R. de S.; Bleicher, E., 2006:
Behavior of whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) biotype B, in growing crop systems of watermelon and melon plants

Ohmura, W.; Ozaki, M.; Yamaoka, R., 2006:
Behavioral and electrophysiological investigation on taste response of the termite Zootermopsis nevadensis to wood extractives

Zhao, X-Cheng.; Yan, Y-Hua.; Wang, C-Zhu., 2006:
Behavioral and electrophysiological responses of Helicoverpa assulta, H. armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), their F1 hybrids and backcross progenies to sex pheromone component blends

Schutz, K.E.; Agren, E.; Amundin, M.; Roken, B.; Palme, R.; Morner, T., 2006:
Behavioral and physiological responses of trap-induced stress in European badgers

Shinmura, T.; Eguchi, Y.; Uetake, K.; Tanaka, T., 2006:
Behavioral changes in laying hens after introduction to battery cages, furnished cages and an aviary

MacKay, M.; Liller, K., 2006:
Behavioral considerations for sports and recreational injuries in children and youth

Ewer, J., 2006:
Behavioral endocrinology: lighting up peptidergic neurons that mediate a complex behavior

Hennessy, D.A., 2005:
Behavioral incentives, equilibrium endemic disease, and health management policy for farmed animals

Berkel, L.A.; Poston, W.S.Carlos.; Reeves, R.S.; Foreyt, J.P., 2005:
Behavioral interventions for obesity

Tresz, H., 2006 :
Behavioral management at the Phoenix Zoo: new strategies and perspectives

Rode, K.D.; Farley, S.D.; Robbins, C.T., 2006:
Behavioral responses of brown bears mediate nutritional effects of experimentally introduced tourism

Rödel, H.G.; Monclús, R.; von Holst, D., 2006:
Behavioral styles in European rabbits: social interactions and responses to experimental stressors

Abdel Rahman, M.A.; Darwish, M.H.A., 2006:
Behavioral, physiological and adrenal responses to regrouping and relocation in sheep

Suwannapong, N.; Howteerakul, N.; Boonshuyar, C., 2006:
Behaviors and perceptions of Japanese tourists affecting diarrheal illness and health care need assessment: A questionnaire study

Takeuchi, S.; L.Y.eSheng; H.Y.ngKang; Zhou Huan; Moji, K.; Ohtsuka, R.; Watanabe, C., 2006:
Behaviors associated with water contact and Schistosoma japonicum infection in a rural village, the Dongting Lake Region, China

Foret, M.; Prochazka, P., 2006:
Behaviour and decision making of Czech consumers when buying beverages

Karlen, G.A.; Hemsworth, P.H.; Gonyou, H.W., 2005:
Behaviour and stress physiology of gestating sows in conventional stalls and in large groups on deep litter

Reiter, K., 2006:
Behaviour and welfare of broiler chicken

Covelli, S.; Piani, R.; Kotnik, J.; Horvat, M.; Faganeli, J.; Brambati, A., 2005:
Behaviour of Hg species in a microtidal deltaic system: the Isonzo River mouth (northern Adriatic Sea)

Futai, M.M.; Almeida, M.S.S.; Lacerda, W.A., 2006:
Behaviour of a tropical soil under saturated conditions

De-Leonardis, A.; Macciola, V., 2006:
Behaviour of cod liver oil during the autoxidation process

Melo, B. de; Marcuzzo, K.V.; Teodoro, R.E.F.; Carvalho, H. de P.; Severino, G.M., 2006:
Behaviour of coffee lineages recommended for planting under irrigation at Uberlandia, MG

Bonnin, E.D.viet, S.S.rensen, J.; Sibbesen, O.G.ldson, A.J.ge, N.S.ulnier, L., 2006:
Behaviour of family 10 and 11 xylanases towards arabinoxylans with varying structure

Maigre, D., 2006:
Behaviour of four Pinot blanc clones in Changins

Ouedraogo-Kone, S.; Kabore-Zoungrana, C.Y.; Ledin, I., 2006:
Behaviour of goats, sheep and cattle on natural pasture in the sub-humid zone of West Africa

Rodel, W.; Scheuer, R., 2006:
Behaviour of pathogenic Escherichia coli in short fermented spreadable raw sausage. 1. The influence of the internal physical and chemical parameters

Arienzo, M., 2005:
Behaviour of pesticides in turfgrass soil: implication for groundwater contamination

Leite, D.M.G.; Silva, M.A. da; Medeiros, R.B. de; Saibro, J.C. de; Pavan, M.A.; Zanella, J.A.; Barrey, M.A.A., 2006:
Behaviour of pigs submitted to different grazing systems in white clover pasture

Suirezs, T.M., 2005:
Behaviour of the wood of Pinus taeda impregnated with chrome copper arsenic (CCA)

Berk, J.; Hinz, T.; Wartemann, S., 2006:
Behaviour, performance and health of animals in a turkey stable with a roofed outside run (veranda)

Gokce, A.; Stelinski, L.L.; Isaacs, R.; Whalon, M.E., 2006:
Behavioural and electrophysiological responses of grape berry moth (Lep., Tortricidae) to selected plant extracts

Gilg, A.; Barr, S., 2006:
Behavioural attitudes towards water saving? Evidence from a study of environmental actions

Appleton, K.M., 2006:
Behavioural determinants of daily energy intake during a 28 day outdoor expedition in Arctic Norway

Santilli, F.; Stella, R.M. della; Mani, P.; Fronte, B.; Paci, G.; Bagliacca, M., 2004:
Behavioural differences between pheasants artificially hatched from wild parents or from farm parents

Provenza, F.D., 2006:
Behavioural mechanisms influencing use of plants with secondary metabolites by herbivores

Navarova, S., 2006:
Behavioural medicine - disturbances in feed intake

Douglas Hamilton, I.; Bhalla, S.; Wittemyer, G.; Vollrath, F., 2006:
Behavioural reactions of elephants towards a dying and deceased matriarch

Gökçe, A.; Isaacs, R.; Whalon, M.E., 2006:
Behavioural response of Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) larvae to selected plant extracts

Sapua, M.; Budzynki, M.; Budzynska, M.; Kamieniak, J.; Mazurek, E.; Sadowska Pszczoa, J., 2005:
Behavioural responses of stallions in Training Centres

Hankivsky, O., 2006:
Beijing and beyond: women's health and gender-based analysis in Canada

Ramos Lira, L.; Perez, E.; Romero, M., 2005:
Being young in a society in transition: the challenges and risks of drug use in Mexico City

Cooper, M.J., 2006:
Beliefs and their relationship to eating attitudes and depressive symptoms in men

Irani, T.; Place, N.T.; Friedel, C., 2006:
Beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and barriers toward international involvement among college of agriculture and life science students

Vanderwaeren, R., 2006:
BellisReg. the new reference against white disease

Pereira, O.L.; Bosquetti, L.B.; Barreto, R.W., 2005:
Bellulicauda dialii on Dialium guianense (Leguminosae) in Brazil

Taillefer, Mène.; D.F.uscia, R., 2006:
Benazepril and subclinical feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a prospective, blinded, controlled study

Baines, R.N.; Davies, W.P.; Batt, P.J., 2006:
Benchmarking international food safety and quality systems towards a framework for fresh produce in the transitional economies

Line, P., 2006:
Benchmarking seismic base shear to historical practice

Park HanMin; Fushitani, M.; Sato, K.; Kubo, T.; Byeon HeeSeop, 2006:
Bending creep performances of three-ply cross-laminated woods made with five species

S.W.nChing; Wang Yiren; Shiau HuohJong; Ferng ShyhJer, 2005:
Bending strength of door frame joints of China-fir

Brandt, K.; Langhans, W.; Geary, N.; Leonhardt, M., 2006:
Beneficial and deleterious effects of hydroxycitrate in rats fed a high-fructose diet

Breuillé, D.; Béchereau, F.; Buffière, C.; Denis, P.; Pouyet, C.; Obled, C., 2006:
Beneficial effect of amino acid supplementation, especially cysteine, on body nitrogen economy in septic rats

Taki, K.; Takayama, F.; Niwa, T., 2005:
Beneficial effects of Bifidobacteria in a gastroresistant seamless capsule on hyperhomocysteinemia in hemodialysis patients

Blackshaw, R.E.; Moyer, J.R.; Huang, H.C., 2005:
Beneficial effects of cover crops on soil health and crop management

Rahman, I., 2006:
Beneficial effects of dietary polyphenols using lung inflammation as a model

Salmah ; Mahmood, A.A.; Sidik, K.; Nazmul, M.H.M.; Suzainur, K.A.R.; Indran, M., 2004:
Beneficial effects of honey in combination with plant extracts on cutaneous wound healing in rats: an animal model

Jurado Guerra, P.; Luna Luna, M.; Barretero Hernandez, R., 2004:
Beneficial use of biosolids as organic fertilizers in arid and semiarid rangelands

Mohan Singh; Namdev, S.L.; Kapoor, K.K., 2004 :
Beneficial use of phosphate rock as source of phosphorus in soils

Xia ZhiLi; Yao XianMing; Liu BaoShu; Zhang FengXia; Lan XianZhen, 2004:
Benefit analysis on DJS afforestation method

Brien, F.D.; Young, J.M., 2006:
Benefit-cost analysis of the selection demonstration flocks

Lawson, S.R.; Itami, R.M.; Gimblett, H.R.; Manning, R.E., 2006:
Benefits and challenges of computer simulation modeling of backcountry recreation use in the Desolation Lake area of the John Muir Wilderness

Buckley, K.M.; Charles, G.E., 2006:
Benefits and challenges of transitioning preterm infants to at-breast feedings

Crawford, E.K.; Worsham, N.L.; Swinehart, E.R., 2006:
Benefits derived from companion animals, and the use of the term attachment

Gianoli, E.; Ramos, I.; Alfaro-Tapia, A.; Valdez, Y.; Echegaray, E., R.; Yabar, E., 2006:
Benefits of a maize-bean-weeds mixed cropping system in Urubamba Valley, Peruvian Andes

Culliney, T.W., 2005:
Benefits of classical biological control for managing invasive plants

Moorman, R.S., 2006:
Benefits of local residents visiting La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Acea Fiallo, C.M., 2004:
Benefits of magnetic treatment in the sugar industry

Samson, M.I.; Laureles, E.V.; Larazo, W.M.; Gines, H.C.; Buresh, R.J., 2005:
Benefits of real-time N fertilizer management within 4 years in 2 long-term experiments (IRRI and PhilRice)

Hernandez Herrera, A.; Zermeno Gonzalez, A.; Rodriguez Garcia, R.; Jasso Cantu, D., 2006:
Benefits of total whitewashing of apple (Malus domestica Borkh) trees in the Sierra de Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico

Massieu, A., 2004:
Benefits resulting from a tourism satellite account for the compilation of national accounts

Chidanandaiah; Keshri, R.C., 2006:
Bengal gram and rice flour in batter mix on quality of enrobed buffalo meat patties

Heilskov, A., C.; Alperin, M.; Holmer, M., 2006:
Benthic fauna bio-irrigation effects on nutrient regeneration in fish farm sediments

Kanchana Aksorn, W.; Petpiroon, S., 2006:
Benthic macrofauna in the lower Chao Phraya River

Bertran, C.; Vargas Chacoff, L.; Pena Cortes, F.; Mulsow, S.; Tapia, J.; Hauenstein, E.; Schlatter, R.; Bravo, A., 2006:
Benthic macrofauna of three saline-lake wetlands on the coastal rim of southern Chile

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