Section 13
Chapter 12,773

Combining ability and heterosis of 14 CIMMYT and 13 domestic maize populations in an NC II mating design

Yang AiGuo; Zhang ShiHuang; Li MingShun; Rong TingZhao; Pan GuangTang

Acta Agronomica Sinica 32(9): 1329-1337


Accession: 012772909

The combining ability of 27 maize population composed of 14 germplasm introduced from CIMMYT and 13 domestic cultivars for 14 biometric traits was determined in a field experiment conducted in Sichuan, China in 2001-02. The general combining ability for yield of the germplasm from CIMMYT was higher compared to the domestic population. The CIMMYT materials were taller and had high ear position compared to the domestic cultivars.

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