Comparative survey of the nutritive value of several edible Coleoptera from Mexico and Pachymerus nucleorum (Fabricius, 1792) (Bruchidae) from Brasil

Ramos Elorduy, J.; Costa Neto, E.M.; Santos, J.F. dos; Pino Moreno, J.M.; Landero Torres, I.; Angeles Campos, S.C.; Garcia Perez, A.

Interciencia 31(7): 512-516


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-1844
Accession: 012773399

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The nutritive value of some edible beetle species from Mexico and that of Pachymerus nucleorum from Brazil was analysed using standard methods and then compared. The results showed that the edible beetles and P. nucleorum had high contents of proteins, amino acids, fats, calories and minerals. These edible insects contribute to the nutrition of the people that consumes them, in accordance with their abundance and availability during several seasons of the year.