Effect of positioning of feed samples in two segments of the rumen on in-situ degradability of feed stuffs

Bogoro, S.; Kalla, D.J.U.; Gaiya, O.

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 5(2): 152-155


Accession: 012782301

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The effect of positioning of sorghum stover and groundnut haulms in dorsal and ventral segments of the rumen was investigated using nylon bags for 4, 24 and 48 hours' incubation in the rumen of two cannulated bulls. The 24 hour dry matter (DM) disappearance values were 60.05 (dorsal segment), 58.93 (ventral segments) for the groundnut haulm and 14.65 (dorsal segment), 15.75 (ventral segments) for sorghum stover respectively, with rates of degradability (C value) of 0.010, 0.009, 0.005 and 0.004, respectively. The results showed no significant effect of positioning in the rumen. As expected, the groundnut haulms were however degraded more than the sorghum stover, making the dry matter from the latter more available to the host animal than that of the former. The difference in the rate of degradation between groundnut haulm and sorghum stover must have rested on the degree of exposure of the degradable samples to the various rumen microbial species rather than that of rumen positioning of those feedstuff samples.