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Endectin in the treatment of endo and ectoparasitism in ruminants

Endectin in the treatment of endo and ectoparasitism in ruminants

North East Veterinarian 6(1): 21

This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of endectin (oral ivermectin) in treating endo and ectoparasitoses in ruminants. 45 animals from Purnea district, North Bihar, diagnosed for both endo and ectoparasitic infestations were divided into 3 groups: A - 10 buffaloes aged 1-3 months with mixed infection of endo (especially Ascaris) and ectoparasites, orally treated with endectin bolus at 25 mg/75 kg body weight (BW), same dose repeated after one months; B - 15 goats suffering from gastrointestinal nematode (especially Haemonchus) and ectoparasitic infestations, orally treated with endectin tablet at 10 mg/25 kg BW as a single dose; and C - 11 cattle and 9 buffaloes infected with multiple endoparasites, ticks and mites, treated orally with endectin bolus at 25 mg/70 kg BW before and after the flood season (June and November). Most of the animals were free of ecto and endoparasites after treatment with endectin. The efficacy values of endectin in groups A, B and C were 80, 73.3 and 90%, respectively. It was concluded that endectin was an easy, effective and well-tolerated treatment against ecto and endoparasitic infestations. Moreover, no side effects were observed even in pregnant animals.

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