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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12787

Chapter 12787 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gateau, P.; Dievoet, F. van; Bouillon, V.; Vermeersch, G.; Claude, S.; Staat, F., 2005:
Environmentally friendly properties of vegetable oil methyl esters

Bhaskaran, S.; Polonsky, M.; Cary, J.; Fernandez, S., 2006:
Environmentally sustainable food production and marketing: opportunity or hype?

Anonymous, 2006:
Envisioning the future. 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Long Beach, California, USA, 23-26 July 2006

Senanayake, S.-Namal; Shahidi, F., 2006:
Enzymatic acidolysis of evening primrose oil with docosahexaenoic acid using response surface methodology

Braga, L.G.T.; Oliveira, M.G. de A.; Lima, W.C.; Euclydes, R.F., 2006:
Enzymatic activity of lipase in post-metamorphic phase bullfrogs

Vadlejch, J.; Langrova, I.; Borovsky, M.; Sedmikova, M.; Jankovska, I.; Fechtner, J.; Lytvynets, A., 2006:
Enzymatic and protein differences between infective larvae of Trichostrongylus colubriformis conditioned or not conditioned to hypobiosis

Kandil, S.H., 1998:
Enzymatic browning and inhibition in some green olive fruits

Stepniak, D.; Koning, F., 2006:
Enzymatic gluten detoxification: the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Kashyap, M.-C.A.rawal, Y.-C.G.osh, P.-K.J.yas, D.-S.S.rkar, B.-C.S.ngh, B.-Pn, 2006:
Enzymatic hydrolysis pretreatment to solvent extraction of soybrokens for enhanced oil availability and extractability

Najafi, M.F.; Deobagkar, D.N.; Mehrvarz, M.; Deobagkar, D.D., 2006:
Enzymatic properties of a novel highly active and chelator resistant protease from a Pseudomonas aeruginosa PD100

Cerna, E.; Landeros, J.; Guerrero, E.; Flores, A.E.; Badii, M.H., 2005:
Enzymatic resistance detection by synergist products in a field Tetranychus urticae Koch strain (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Ghosh, B., C.; Bockelmann, W.; Heller, K., J., 2006:
Enzymatic studies on predominant micro-organisms of surface-ripened cheeses

Barsberg, S.; Felby, C., 2005:
Enzyme catalysed oxidation reactions of lignin in wood cell walls

Anderson, L., E.; Chrostowski, J.; Carol, A., A., 2006:
Enzyme co-localization with transketolase, xylulose-5-P 3-epimerase and phosphoriboisomerase in pea leaf chloroplasts

Shen MeiFang; Song HongBo; Geng XueBing; W.G.angHong, 2006:
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative analysis of furazolidone residues in aquatic products

Palanivel, K.M.; Kandavel, E.; Viswanathan, K., 2006:
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against Newcastle disease in layers

Bonnin, E.; Saulnier, L., 2006:
Enzymes in grain processing. Papers presented at the Fourth European Symposium of Enzymes in Grain Processing (ESEGP-4), Nantes, France, 6-8 June 2005

Sidhu, M.S.; Hollung, K.; Berg, P., 2006:
Enzympig project: enzymatic degradation of proteins in dry-cured ham

Abuduwaili, J.; Mu-Guijin, 2006:
Eolian factor in the process of modern salt accumulation in western Dzungaria, China

Gares, P., A.; Slattery, M., C.; Pease, P.; Phillips, J., D., 2006:
Eolian sediment transport on North Carolina coastal plain agricultural fields

Kim, Y-Jean.; Nutman, T.B., 2006:
Eosinophilia: causes and pathobiology in persons with prior exposures in tropical areas with an emphasis on parasitic infections

Hoenerhoff, M.J.; Starost, M.F.; Ward, J.M., 2006:
Eosinophilic crystalline pneumonia as a major cause of death in 129S4/SvJae mice

Evers, C., 2006:
Ephemeral plant communities (Sedo-Scleranthetalia) in the northern forelands of the Harz mountains

Ravindranath, M.H.; Saravanan, T.S.; Monteclaro, C.C.; Presser, N.; Ye, X.; Selvan, S.R.; Brosman, S., 2006:
Epicatechins Purified from Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Differentially Suppress Growth of Gender-Dependent Human Cancer Cell Lines

Anonymous, 2006:
Epidemic alert and verification: summary report 2005

Lawson, B.; Cunningham, A.; Chantrey, J.; Hughes, L.; Kirkwood, J.; Pennycott, T.; Simpson, V., 2006:
Epidemic finch mortality

Ancelle, T.; Bruyne, A. de; Niang, M.; Poisson, D.M.; Prazuck, T.; Fur, A.; Weinbreck, P.; Darde, M.L.; Dupouy Camet, J., 2006 :
Epidemic of Trichinella nativa trichinosis caused by consumption of bear meat, France, 2005

Starkuviene, S.; Kalediene, R.; Petrauskiene, J., 2006:
Epidemic of suicide by hanging in Lithuania: does socio-demographic status matter?

Olteanu, G., 2002:
Epidemio-epizootology of parasitoses

Arredondo, A.; Zúñiga, A., 2006:
Epidemiologic changes and economic burden of hypertension in Latin America: evidence from Mexico

Miller, R.A.; Reimschuessel, R., 2006:
Epidemiologic cutoff values for antimicrobial agents against Aeromonas salmonicida isolates determined by frequency distributions of minimal inhibitory concentration and diameter of zone of inhibition data

Degernes, L.; Heilman, S.; Trogdon, M.; Jordan, M.; Davison, M.; Kraege, D.; Correa, M.; Cowen, P., 2006:
Epidemiologic investigation of lead poisoning in trumpeter and tundra swans in Washington State, USA, 2000-2002

Rubina Anjum; Manzoor Hussain; Aamer, Z.; Hamid Irshad; Umer Farooq, 2006:
Epidemiological analyses of foot and mouth disease in Pakistan

Jing, H-bo.; Ning, B-an.; Hao, H-jie.; Zheng, Y-ling.; Chang, D.; Jiang, W.; Jiang, Y-qiang., 2006:
Epidemiological analysis of group A streptococci recovered from patients in China

Selhorst, T.; Muller, T.; Batza, H.J., 2005:
Epidemiological analysis of setbacks in oral vaccination in the final stage of fox rabies elimination in densely populated areas in Germany

Weitzel, T.; Wichmann, O.; Mühlberger, N.; Reuter, B.; Hoof, H-D.; Jelinek, T., 2006:
Epidemiological and clinical features of travel-associated cryptosporidiosis

Cozma, V.; Suteu, O.; Szakacs, A., 2003:
Epidemiological and clinical researches in ostrichs's endoparasitoses from some Romanian farms

Ahmad, M.S.; Ali, S.A.; Ali, A.S.; Chaubey, K.K., 2006:
Epidemiological and etiological study of oral submucous fibrosis among gutkha chewers of Patna, Bihar, India

Une, Y., 2004:
Epidemiological and pathological study of infectious diseases in imported animals - current imports and pathogen-bearing status of wild rodents for use as companion animals

Szeredi, L.; Jánosi, S.; Tenk, M.; Tekes, L.; Bozsó, M.; Deim, Z.; Molnár, T., 2007:
Epidemiological and pathological study on the causes of abortion in sheep and goats in Hungary (1998-2005)

Dao, S.; Abdillahi, A.M.; Bougoudogo, F.; Toure, K.; Simbe, C., 2006:
Epidemiological aspects of human and animal rabies in the urban area of Bamako, Mali

Santos, W.B.; Ahid, S.M.M.; Suassuna, A.C.D., 2006:
Epidemiological aspects of the raising of goat and sheep in Mossoro (RN), Brazil

Joslin, C.E.; Tu, E.Y.; McMahon, T.T.; Passaro, D.J.; Stayner, L.T.; Sugar, J., 2006:
Epidemiological characteristics of a Chicago-area Acanthamoeba keratitis outbreak

Alves, J.; Roque, A.Luísa.; Cravo, P.; Valdez, Tás.; Jelinek, T.; Rosário, Vílio.E.do.; Arez, A.Paula., 2006:
Epidemiological characterization of Plasmodium falciparum in the Republic of Cabo Verde: implications for potential large-scale re-emergence of malaria

Ghose, G.; Ray, K.Rahul.; Banerjee, A., 2006:
Epidemiological Investigation of Forest Malaria among GREF and Army Personnel

Liu XiuQing; Ning JinYou; Zhao RongMao; Dong YongSen; L.G.oTai; Q.Y.ngXiu; Yang HanChun, 2006:
Epidemiological investigation of porcine circovirus type 2 infection in pigs in Xining Prefecture

Rajesh Agrawal; Mahesh Kumar; Singh, R.P., 2006:
Epidemiological investigations of PPR in goats in some part of Uttaranchal

Y.J.nHai; Liu Qun; Xia ZhaoFei, 2006:
Epidemiological investigations of infections with Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii in cattle and water buffaloes

Liu BoShu; Wang QiongQiu; Guo JianXin; L.Y.ngBin; Liu JiaSheng; Zhou XiaoWu; Yang WenRong; Zhang YiFang, 2006:
Epidemiological investigations of porcine reproductive malfunction syndrome in Honghe Prefecture

Jeoung SeokYoung; Kim Doo; Ahn SoJeo; Pak SonIl, 2006:
Epidemiological observation on recent outbreaks of canine parvoviral enteritis in Korea

Jindal, N.; Mahajan, N.K.; Sharma, P.C.; Batra, M.; Mittal, D.; Khokhar, R.S., 2005:
Epidemiological observations on peste des petits ruminants in sheep and goats in Haryana

Pfukenyi, D.M.; Mukaratirwa, S.; Willingham, A.L.; Monrad, J., 2006:
Epidemiological studies of Schistosoma mattheei infections in cattle in the highveld and lowveld communal grazing areas of Zimbabwe

Al-Qudah, K.A.-Majali, A.; Ismail, Z., 2006:
Epidemiological studies on caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus infection in Jordan

Das, P.K.; Pradhan, K.C., 2006:
Epidemiological studies on goat pox in Ganjam goats of Orissa

Ayodhya, S.; Suryanarayana, C., 2006:
Epidemiological studies on parasitic dermatitis in canines

Tabara, K.; Hoshina, K.; Itagaki, A.; Katayama, T.; Fujita, H.; Kadosaka, T.; Yano, Y.; Takada, N.; Kawabata, H., 2006:
Epidemiological study of Japanese spotted fever and tsutsugamushi disease in Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Psaroulaki, A.; Hadjichristodoulou, C.; Loukaides, F.; Soteriades, E.; Konstantinidis, A.; Papastergiou, P.; Ioannidou, M.C.; Tselentis, Y., 2006:
Epidemiological study of Q fever in humans, ruminant animals, and ticks in Cyprus using a geographical information system

Lozada de Gante, A.; Estrada Salmeron, E.; Diosdado Vargas, F.; Socci Escatel, G.; Carrera Salas, E.; Gonzalez Vega y Aguirre, D.; Garcia Nieto, H.; Morilla Gonzalez, A., 2003:
Epidemiological study of classical swine fever in farms of the central Mexican highland

Zhang RuiHong; W.H.iDong; Zhou Hai; W.B.oYan; LuHaiYing ; Xia ShengLin; Luo Le; Chen XiuYun, 2006:
Epidemiological study of dengue fever in Zhongshan City

Plaza, N.; Bracamonte, M.; Morales, G.; Obando, C., 2003:
Epidemiological study of foot and mouth disease in Venezuela. 2003

Y.H.oFeng; Liu XiaoMing; S.Y.oAn; L.C.angHai; Zhu YongJian; O.L.ang; Sun XiaoKang, 2006:
Epidemiological study of hypertension in rural residents in Qinyuan lime stone region

Tun Pe; Sann Mya; Aye Aye Myint; Min Tin Htay; Maung Maung Toe, 2005:
Epidemiological study of sea snakebite victims of Kyaikkami Township (Mon State)

Rojanasatien, S.; Padungtod, P.; Khattiya, R.; Chotinun, S.; Yano, T., 2006:
Epidemiological study on risk factors associated with the avian influenza outbreaks in poultry farms in the Chiang Mai, Lumphun, and Nan, 2004

Krivokapich, S.J.; Molina, V.; Bergagna, H.F.J.; Guarnera, E.A., 2006:
Epidemiological survey of Trichinella infection in domestic, synanthropic and sylvatic animals from Argentina

Lin XiMeng; X.B.anLi; Zhao XuDong et al., 2006:
Epidemiological survey of clonochiasis in Henan Province

Zhang HongWei; S.Y.nPu; Zhou GuangChao et al., 2006:
Epidemiological survey of malaria in Shangqiu City, Henan Province in 2000-2005

Subramanian, M.; Thorat, D.M.; Krishnan, C.Bala.; Baig, A.Aleem.; Prabakaran, I.; Hassan, T.F.; Oommen, P.K., 2006:
Epidemiological trends of leprosy elimination in CLTRI rural field operation area, Tamil Nadu, India

Gay-Andrieu, Fçoise.; Adehossi, E.; Lacroix, Véronique.; Gagara, M.; Ibrahim, M.Laminou.; Kourna, H.; Boureima, H., 2005:
Epidemiological, clinical and biological features of malaria among children in Niamey, Niger

Gargiulo, M.; Gandolfi, P.; Simonella, G., 2003:
Epidemiological, clinical and microbiological features observed in 48 cases of brucellosis in the province of Teramo, Italy, in the period April 1984-April 1987

Wilkinson, L., 2005:

Caporale, V.; Nannini, D.; Petracca, G.; Paganico, G., 2003:
Epidemiology and control of Brucella melitensis in Italy

Lakra, B.S., 2005:
Epidemiology and control of Potato apical leaf curl begomovirus disease

Flores Romero, P.; Esparrago, G.; Navas, A., 2006:
Epidemiology and distributional patterns of Meloidogyne (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae) in a monocropping system

Gill, T., 2006:
Epidemiology and health impact of obesity: an Asia Pacific perspective

Ruchi Sood; Dohroo, N.P., 2005:
Epidemiology and management of leaf spot of ginger in Himachal Pradesh

Magdas, C.; Baciu, H.; Muresan, A., 2004:
Epidemiology of Dermanyssus gallinae infestation in poultry, from three transylvanian localities

Foulet, Fçoise.; Curvale-Fauchet, N.; Cremer, Gève.; Pérignon, A.; Bourée, P.; Estrangin, E.; Revuz, J.; Bretagne, Séphane.; Botterel, Fçoise., 2006:
Epidemiology of tinea capitis. Five-year retrospective study in three hospitals in the Val de Marne

Nishiura, H., 2006:
Epidemiology of a primary pneumonic plague in Kantoshu, Manchuria, from 1910 to 1911: statistical analysis of individual records collected by the Japanese Empire

Hernández-Salazar, A.; Rosales, S.Ponce-de-Leon.; Rangel-Frausto, S.; Criollo, E.; Archer-Dubon, C.; Orozco-Topete, R., 2006:
Epidemiology of adverse cutaneous drug reactions. A prospective study in hospitalized patients

Brown, L.Morris., 2005:
Epidemiology of alcohol-associated cancers

Quinones Perez, D., 2006:
Epidemiology of antibacterial resistance in Enterococcus spp. from Cuba and other Latin American countries

Adesiji, Y.O.; Fagbami, A.H., 2006:
Epidemiology of bacterial zoonoses in Nigeria

Sofair, A.N.; Lyon, G.Marshall.; Huie-White, S.; Reiss, E.; Harrison, L.H.; Sanza, L.Thomson.; Arthington-Skaggs, B.A.; Fridkin, S.K., 2006:
Epidemiology of community-onset candidemia in Connecticut and Maryland

Akbari, M.E.; Naghavi, M.; Soori, H., 2006:
Epidemiology of deaths from injuries in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Babu, B.V.; Nayak, A.N.; Dhal, K., 2005:
Epidemiology of episodic adenolymphangitis: a longitudinal prospective surveillance among a rural community endemic for bancroftian filariasis in coastal Orissa, India

Kaal, J.F.; Baker, K.; Torgerson, P.R., 2006:
Epidemiology of flea infestation of ruminants in Libya

Erhart, A.; Ngo, D.Thang.; Phan, V.Ky.; Ta, T.Tinh.; Van Overmeir, C.; Speybroeck, N.; Obsomer, V.; Le, X.Hung.; Le, K.Thuan.; Coosemans, M.; D'alessandro, U., 2005:
Epidemiology of forest malaria in central Vietnam: a large scale cross-sectional survey

Ben Maïz, Hédi.; Abderrahim, E.; Ben Moussa, F.; Goucha, R.; Karoui, C., 2006:
Epidemiology of glomerular diseases in Tunisia from 1975 to 2005. Influence of changes in healthcare and society

Sanz Alonso, M.A.; Jarque Ramos, I.; Salavert Lleti, M.; Peman, J., 2006:
Epidemiology of invasive fungal infections due to Aspergillus spp. and Zygomycetes

Harding, A.L.; Byers, K.B., 2006:
Epidemiology of laboratory-associated infections

Pitsavos, C.; Panagiotakos, D.B.; Lentzas, Y.; Stefanadis, C., 2005:
Epidemiology of leisure-time physical activity in socio-demographic, lifestyle and psychological characteristics of men and women in Greece: the ATTICA Study

Al-Ghoury, A.A.; El-Hashimi, W.K.; Abul-Hab, J., 2006:
Epidemiology of malaria and predictions of retransmission in Babylon Governorate, Iraq

Sharma, S.K.; Tyagi, P.K.; Padhan, K.; Upadhyay, A.K.; Haque, M.A.; Nanda, N.; Joshi, H.; Biswas, S.; Adak, T.; Das, B.S.; Chauhan, V.S.; Chitnis, C.E.; Subbarao, S.K., 2006:
Epidemiology of malaria transmission in forest and plain ecotype villages in Sundargarh District, Orissa, India

Khan, U.J.; Akhtar, T.; Maqbool, A.; Anees, A., 2006:
Epidemiology of paramphistomiasis in buffaloes under different managemental conditions at four districts of Punjab province, Pakistan

Allepuz, A.; Picado, A.; Casal, J., 2005:
Epidemiology of pig production. II. Samples and questionnaires

Mejía, W.; Casal, J.; Zapata, D.; Sánchez, G.J.; Martín, M.; Mateu, E., 2006:
Epidemiology of salmonella infections in pig units and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of the strains of Salmonella species isolated

Lee, Y-Sheng.; Wang, P-Hua.; Tseng, S-Jen.; Ko, C-Fen.; Teng, H-Jen., 2006:
Epidemiology of scrub typhus in eastern Taiwan, 2000-2004

Stefanoff, Pł.; Rosińska, M.; Zieliński, A., 2006:
Epidemiology of tick-borne diseases in Poland

Gokuden, M.; Ishitani, K.; Yoshikuni, K-Ichiro.; Ueno, N.; Shinkawa, N.; Kuramoto, T.; Honda, T.; Miyata, Y., 2006:
Epidemiology of tsutsugamushi disease and Japanese spotted fever in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Neelam Taneja; Manisha Biswal; Khuddaier, B.Y., 2006:
Epidemiology of vancomycin-resistant enterococci

Saag, K.G.; Choi, H., 2006:
Epidemiology, risk factors, and lifestyle modifications for gout

Okwulehie, L.C.; Osuagwu, G.G.E., 2005:
Epidermal characteristics of some Nigerian species of Pterocarpus, Jacq. (Papilionaceae)

Ibrahim, K.A., 1999:
Epidermal structure and floral morphology of some genera of family Solanaceae

Tuvache, N.; Kona Boun, J.J.; Bussieres, G.; Marcoux, M., 2006:
Epidural administration of morphine and reduced intestinal transit

Oliveira, F.S. de; Martins, L.L.; Duque, J.C.; Pauloni, A.P.; Valadao, C.A.A., 2006:
Epidural anesthesia in agoutis (Dasyprocta azarae)

Yue XueZhuang; Zhu WenYuan; M.H.iJun; Wang DaGuang; L.C.engRang, 2006:
Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits ultraviolet B radiation induced VEGF secretion in HaCaT cells

Kula, E., 1999:
Epigeic arachnoentomofauna of the Knehyne reserve in the Beskids

Haddad, C.R.; Dippenaar Schoeman, A.S., 2006:
Epigeic spiders (Araneae) in pistachio orchards in South Africa

Zordan, R.E.; Galgoczy, D.J.; Johnson, A.D., 2006:
Epigenetic properties of white-opaque switching in Candida albicans are based on a self-sustaining transcriptional feedback loop

Zhang XinYu; Zhang ZhiHong; Gao XiuYan; L.H.; D.G.oDong, 2006:
Epigenetic variation in characteristics of the micro-propagated strawberry plants and their offsprings

Sauvan, B., 2005:
Epilepsy in a Persian cat

Jakovljevic, V.; Du, Z.; Jock, S.; Geider, K., 2006:
Epiphytic Erwinias to control fire blight

Cascante-Marin, A.; Wolf, J., H.D.; Oostermeijer, J.G.rard, B.; Den-Nijs, J.C.M.; Sanahuja, O.; Duran-Apuy, A., 2006:
Epiphytic bromeliad communities in secondary and mature forest in a tropical premontane area

Nascimbene, J.; Isocrono, D.; Marini, L.; Caniglia, G.; Piervittori, R., 2006:
Epiphytic lichen vegetation on Larix in the Italian Alps

Dick, M.; Bulman, L., 2005:
Episodic defoliation of radiata pine or physiological needle blight

Noguera, J.L.; Rodriguez, M.C.; Varona, L.; Tomas, A.; Munoz, G.; Ramirez, O.; Barragan, C.; Arque, M.; Bidanel, J.P.; Amills, M.; Ovilo, C.; Sanchez, A., 2006:
Epistasis is a fundamental component of the genetic architecture of prolificacy in pigs

Nowak, B.F.; LaPatra, S.E., 2006:
Epitheliocystis in fish

Anonymous, 2005:
Epitrix cucumeris

Khismatullina, N.A.; Chernov, A.N.; Yusupov, R.H.; Ravilov, A.Z.; Ivanov, A.V.; Zaydullin, M.S., 2005:
Epizootic situation and fox rabies prophylaxis in the territory of Tatarstan

Djuricic, B.; Vukelic, O.; Knezevic, N.; Radojicic, S.; Ungurovic, U.; Debeljak, Z.; Ignjatovic, R.; Simonovic, L.; Zivojinovic, M.; Zivulj, A.; Lausevic, D., 2005 :
Epizootiological characteristics of rabies in Serbia and Montenegro, 1993-2004

Lazo, L.; Hernandez, L.; Cruz, E.; Maroto, L.O.; Manso, M.J.; Molina, R.; Rodriguez, A., 2005:
Epizootiological considerations about the behavior of the swine enteric colibacillosis in Villa Clara Province

Radbea, N.; Radbea, G.; Cosoroaba, I.; Darabus, G.; Oprescu, I.; Morariu, S.; Banita, C., 2002:
Epizootological research in canine demodicosis

Gilmour, A.R.; Thompson, R., 2006:
Equation ordering for average information Reml

Hill, R.J.; Murphy, A.J.; Buntain, H.M.; Davies, P.S.W., 2006:
Equations for classifying overweight in children: a comparison

Soares, C.P.B.; Leite, H.G.; Gorgens, E.B., 2005:
Equations to estimate carbon stock in stems of individual trees and stands of eucalyptus

Lilienthal, H.; Schnug, E., 2004:
Equifertiles - the key to extend the supervised areas of ground based remote sensing systems

Gereli, Gürhan.; Seki, Yş.; Murat Kuşoğlu, I.; Yurdakoç, K., 2006:
Equilibrium and kinetics for the sorption of promethazine hydrochloride onto K10 montmorillonite

Silva, G.A. da; Mendes, L.M.; Trugilho, P.F.; Mori, F.A.; Santos, I.F. dos, 2005:
Equilibrium moisture content of wood panels

Whitlock, R.H.; McAdams, S., 2006:
Equine botulism

Meulen, K. van der; Caij, A.; Smets, K.; Nauwynck, H., 2006:
Equine coital exanthema in a mare in Belgium

Choi, Y.H.; Love, C.C.; Varner, D.D.; Hinrichs, K., 2006:
Equine embryo development after intracytoplasmic injection of twice frozen-thawed sperm

Betteridge, K.J.; Waelchli, R.O., 2005:
Equine embryo encapsulation: ephemeral, essential and enigmatic

Stout, T.A.E., 2006:
Equine embryo transfer: review of developing potential

Hoven, R. van den, 2006:
Equine exercise physiology - transforming laboratory studies into practical concepts

Zanine, A. de M.; Santos, E.M.; Ferreira, D. de J.; Cecon, P.R., 2006:
Equine grazing habits in tropical pastures of different structures

Harless, W.; Pusterla, N., 2006:
Equine herpesvirus 1 and 4 respiratory disease in the horse

Craig, Mía.I.; Barrandeguy, Mía.E.; Fernández, F.M., 2005:
Equine herpesvirus 2 (EHV-2) infection in thoroughbred horses in Argentina

Nunes, J.; Mackie, J.T.; Kiupel, M., 2006:
Equine histoplasmosis presenting as a tumor in the abdominal cavity

Reynolds, D., 2006:
Equine infectious anaemia in Ireland

Mooney, J.; Flynn, O.; Sammin, Dónal., 2006:
Equine infectious anaemia in Ireland: characterisation of the virus

Landolt, G.A., 2015:
Equine influenza virus

Rendle, D., 2006:
Equine laminitis: 1. Management in the acute stage

Divers, T.J.; Mohammed, H.O.; Hintz, H.F.; Lahunta, A. de, 2006:
Equine motor neuron disease: a review of clinical and experimental studies

MacKay, R.J., 2006:
Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis: treatment, prognosis, and prevention

Oldruitenborgh Oosterbaan, M.M.S. van; Boom, R. van den; Grinwis, G.C.M., 2006:
Equine rhabdomyolysis: four clinical cases

Lahunta, A. de, 2006:
Equine videos: signalment-history

MacLachlan, N.James.; Balasuriya, U.B., 2006:
Equine viral arteritis

Spinabella, S.; Grossi, I.; Carlucci, F., 2004:
Equine wounds healing in clinical practice

Lennox, A.M., 2006:
Equipment for exotic mammal and reptile diagnostics and surgery

Magagnotti, N.; Spinelli, R., 2006:
Equipment for individual protection: security and comfort

Gorski, R., 2006:
Equipment for protecting plants cultivated under cover. Part III. Cold fog generators

Gorski, R., 2006:
Equipment for protecting plants cultivated under cover. Part IV. Equipment for soil and substrate steaming

Gorski, R., 2006:
Equipment for protecting plants cultivated under cover. Part V. Equipment for vaporizing sulfur and pesticides

Asante, A.Danso.; Zwi, A.Barry.; Ho, M.Theresa., 2006:
Equity in resource allocation for health: a comparative study of the Ashanti and Northern Regions of Ghana

Priya Sangameswaran, 2006:
Equity in watershed development - a case study in western Maharashtra

Britton, Jr; Brazier, M., 2006:
Eradicating the invasive topmouth gudgeon, Pseudorasbora parva, from a recreational fishery in northern England

Heim, D., 2006:
Eradication of bovine viral diarrhoea from Switzerland is a demanding task, but worth doing

Cussan, J. le, 2006:
Eradication of invasive alien plants on Lord Howe Island, NSW using three Asparagus species (Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce, A. plumosus Baker and A. aethiopicus L.) as a case study

Coventry, E.; Fayolle, L.; Aime, S.; Alabouvette, C.; Noble, R.; Whipps, J., 2004:
Eradication of plant pathogens and pests from composting wastes and their use in disease suppression

Bentz, B.J.; Six, D.L., 2006:
Ergosterol content of fungi associated with Dendroctonus ponderosae and Dendroctonus rufipennis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Panaccione, D., G.; Kotcon, J., B.; Schardl, C., L.; Johnson, R., D.; Morton, J., B., 2006:
Ergot alkaloids are not essential for endophytic fungus-associated population suppression of the lesion nematode, Pratylenchus scribneri, on perennial ryegrass

Grassl, M., 2005:
Ergot and toxins in cereals - ensuring product safety using an optical colour sorter

Chetverikov, P.E., 2005:
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Establishment of an operating room committee and a training program to improve aseptic techniques for rodent and large animal surgery

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Establishment of bovine mammary epithelial cell culture system

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Establishment of cell model for the study of cytotoxicity induced by microcystin-LR

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Establishment of economic rotation for a regulated forest

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Establishment of effective electromagnetic origin factors, which reduces seed impurity, caused by microbiote

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Establishment of fingerprinting for melon hybrids by SSR markers

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Establishment of forecasting model for the occurring periods of Chilo suppressalis in Liuhe County of Jilin Province

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Establishment of high-efficient in vitro leaf regeneration system in Chinese jujube

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Establishment of plant regeneration system for Cucumis melon cv. GT-1

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Establishment of primary care centre for University Malaysia Sabah

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Establishment of rapid propagation system of aerial root segment of Anthurium andraeanum Linden in vitro

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Establishment of regeneration system of Lespedeza formosa

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Establishment of school forests in the Meiji period

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Establishment of technology system of F1 anther culture from japonica/indica hybrid rice

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Estate Thomas Experimental Forest, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: research history and potential

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Estimate of Brachiaria plantaginea leaf area using linear dimensions of the leaf blade

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Estimate of genetic trend for milk production in Holstein cattle from the State of Minas Gerais

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Estimate of the time for onset of the main post mortem alterations in chickens

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Estimated Asian adult soy protein and isoflavone intakes

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Estimated breeding values of sires predict average progeny performance

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Estimation of maximum runoff and hydrological classification of areas within small watersheds dominated by forest

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Estimation of wheat production, forecasting and risk analysis

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Ethos and culture of Nyishi tribe and use pattern of Common Indian Monitor (Varanus bengalensis Daudin, 1758) in Arunachal Pradesh, India

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European river cruises

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Eutrofication risks as a consequence of uncontrolled feeding of the marine fish in the cages

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Evaluating diagnostics: the malaria guide

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Evaluating effects of habitat loss and land-use continuity on ant species richness in seminatural grassland remnants

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Evaluating efficacy of a chitosan product using a double-blinded, placebo-controlled protocol

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Evaluating flow dissipations on a block ramp

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Evaluating forestry potential on a site without observing the flora. Presentation of a method developped in a lime-rich mediterranean region

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Evaluating impacts of Lake MaidTM plant control

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Evaluating internet portals - an empirical study of acceptance measurement based on the Austrian National Tourist Office's service portal

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Evaluating potential protection areas by means of multi-attribute priority analysis for the Central Karelia Herb-rich Forest Network pilot project in Eastern Finland

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Evaluating prophylactic effectiveness of morenite against antenatal hypotrophy of pigs

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Evaluating rural tourism activity by farmers retired from non-farming jobs: a multifunctional perspective

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Evaluating satellite sensor-derived indices for Lyme disease risk prediction

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Evaluating strategies for improved water use in spring wheat with CERES

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Evaluating the accountability of trunk size and canopy volume models for determining apple tree production potential across diverse management regimes

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Evaluating the effect of climate change on growth and yield of rain-fed and well-watered winter wheat in Tabriz, using simulation

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Evaluating the effects of beetle predators on slug population dynamics

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Evaluating the effects of image filtering in short-term radar rainfall forecasting for hydrological applications

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Evaluating the efficacy of polyhexamethylene biguanide at suppressing Salmonella typhimurium in the water column of red-eared slider turtles, Trachemys scripta elegans, under transport

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Evaluating the efficacy of vaccine storage in the general practice setting

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Evaluating the impact of coastal land uses on water-clarity conditions from Landsat TM/ETM+ imagery: Candarli Bay, Aegean Sea

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Evaluating the inhibitory activity of synthetic anti-microbial peptides against Ustilago scitaminea, Fusarium verticillioides and Eldana saccharina

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Evaluating the level of genetic variability of populations of spruce with different genetic distances

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Evaluating the maize production potential of a semi-arid ecotope with four production techniques

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Evaluating the performance of different willingness to pay question formats for valuing environmental restoration in rural China

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Evaluating the relative contributions of hydroperiod and soil fertility on growth of south Florida mangroves

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Evaluating the returns to site-specific irrigation

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Evaluating the self-initialization procedure for large-scale ecosystem models

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Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of tuberculosis educational activities for prisoners in Honduras

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Evaluating the sustainability of methods for mitigation of arsenic contaminated aquifers

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Evaluating the thermal properties of bedding materials used in poultry production as based on thermovision images

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