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Evaluation of morphological traits on near-isogenic lines of cold tolerance and molecular validation at booting stage in Japonica rice

Gui, M.; Zeng, Y-Wen.; Du, J.; Pu, X-Ying.; Shen, S-Quan.; Yang, S-Ming.; Zhang, H.

Yi Chuan 28(8): 972-976


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-9772
PMID: 16870585
Accession: 012787442

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Five parents and their near-isogenic lines (NILs) were grown in field experiments in Kunming (elevation 1 916 m, two kinds of water temperatures at booting stage were 19.5+or-0.7 degrees C and 17.8+or-1.1 degrees C) and Aziying (elevation 2 150 m, water temperature at booting stage was 18.2+or-0.22 degrees C) Yunnan, China, in 2004. Seventeen agronomic traits and SSR molecular markers were clustered by Statistica.

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