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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12792

Chapter 12792 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhang HaiYan; Deng YongXue; Wang JinJun, 2005:
Fumigant activity of several kinds of plant essential oils against Cryptolestes pusillus

Toloza, A.Ceferino.; Zygadlo, J.; Cueto, Gón.Mougabure.; Biurrun, F.; Zerba, E.; Picollo, Mía.Inés., 2006:
Fumigant and repellent properties of essential oils and component compounds against permethrin-resistant Pediculus humanus capitis (Anoplura: Pediculidae) from Argentina

Tang PeiAn; Deng YongXue; Wang JinJun; Yang ZiLi; Jiang TianKe, 2006:
Fumigation activity of ethyl formate against the adults and immature stages of Sitophilus oryzae (L.)

Voss, K.A.; Gelineau-van Waes, J.B.; Riley, R.T., 2006:
Fumonisins: current research trends in developmental toxicology

Liu Jun; Liu YingJie; M.S.iHong; W.Y.; Feng Hui; Cao YaMing, 2006:
Function of CD4+ T cells in the resistant type of mouse model infected with Plasmodium yoelii

S.H.aiJun; Liu Jun; Xie CongHua, 2006:
Function of class I patatin gene in potato microtuber formation

J.X.ongHui; Luo LanFang; Zheng ShengXian, 2006:
Function of controlled release fertilizer in maintaining high agronomic use efficiency and minimizing environmental pollution in rice field of southern China

H.MinQiang, 2005:
Function of interforest grasslands in southern China and techniques for their utilization

Kanno, C., 2005:
Function of lactophorin from bovine milk - emulsyfication, inhibition of lioprotein lipase, and absorption of calcium

Makarov, V.N.; Zenevich, L.A.; Chugaevskaya, N.A.; Kabashnikova, L.F., 2005:
Function of photosynthetic apparatus in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) regenerants in vitro

Zapata, H.R., 2005:
Function of the organic matter on ionic mobility

Luu, V-Duc.; Brems, S.; Hoheisel, Jörg.D.; Burchmore, R.; Guilbride, D.Lys.; Clayton, C., 2006:
Functional analysis of Trypanosoma brucei PUF1

Morillo, S.A.; Tax, F.E., 2006:
Functional analysis of receptor-like kinases in monocots and dicots

Liu Fei; Cun ShuJian; Yang Kai; Deng BaiHuang; Yang XiaoYi; W.W.nYan, 2006:
Functional analysis on structure proteins VP28 and VP26 of white spot syndrome virus

Bentley, G.A., 2006:
Functional and immunological insights from the three-dimensional structures of Plasmodium surface proteins

Khan, A.; Zaki, F., 2006:
Functional and numerical response of spider against aphids

Hassan, I.M.; E.H.bbal, M.S.; Abd El daim, Y.A.; E.R.faei, W.H., 2004:
Functional and technological properties of some mung bean seeds products

Mincea, C., 2002:
Functional and trophic structure of arthropods from chemical treated potatoes field

Martinez-Flores, H.E.; Barrera, E.S.; Garnica-Romo, M.G.; Penagos, C.J.C.; Saavedra, J.P.; Macazaga-Alvarez, R., 2006:
Functional characteristics of protein flaxseed concentrate obtained applying a response surface methodology

Baeza, S.; Paruelo, J.M.; Altesor, A., 2006:
Functional characterization of Uruguayan vegetation using remote sensing

Liu, W.; Boitz, J.M.; Galazka, J.; Arendt, C.S.; Carter, N.S.; Ullman, B., 2006:
Functional characterization of nucleoside transporter gene replacements in Leishmania donovani

Moran, C.A., 2004:
Functional components of the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: applications for yeast glucan and mannan

Yigit, A.; Erturk, U.; Korukluoglu, M., 2005:
Functional food: walnut

Fegan, D.F., 2006:
Functional foods for aquaculture: benefits of NuProReg. and dietary nucleotides in aquaculture feeds

Larsen, J.B., 2005:
Functional forests in multifunctional landscapes - restoring the adaptive capacity of landscapes with forests and trees

Hochholdinger, F.; Woll, K.; Sauer, M.; Feix, G., 2005:
Functional genomic tools in support of the genetic analysis of root development in maize (Zea mays L.)

Langridge, P.; Paltridge, N.; Fincher, G., 2007:
Functional genomics of abiotic stress tolerance in cereals

Beerda, B.; Veerkamp, R.F., 2006:
Functional genomics of female reproduction

Dawson, K.A., 2006:
Functional genomics: promising new tools relating nutrition to reproductive responses in cattle

Ashwell, C.M., 2006:
Functional genomics: the beginning of a new age in nutrition research

Lizarazo Forero, L.M., 2005:
Functional groups of soil microorganisms: cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur

Uchida, T.M.donnell, J.; Asano, Y., 2006:
Functional intercomparison of hillslopes and small catchments by examining water source, flowpath and mean residence time

Weeren, P.R. van, 2006:
Functional kinematics of the equine back

Yigit, N.; Bayram, A.; Danisman, T.; Sancak, Z., 2006:
Functional morphology of the venom apparatus of Larinioides ixobolus (Araneae: Araneidae)

Akalin, S.; Gonc, S.; Unal, G., 2006:
Functional properties of bioactive components of milk fat in metabolism

Park KunYoung; Kil JeungHa; Jung KeunOk; Kong ChangSuk; Lee JeongMin, 2006:
Functional properties of kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables)

H.Y.anYuan; Zhang ShouWen, 2005:
Functional properties of lactoferrin and its application

Fernandez Lopez, J.; Martinez, A.; Fernandez Gines, J.M.; Sendra, E.; Sayas, E.; Perez Alvarez, J.A., 2005:
Functional properties of ostrich (Struthio camelus) egg yolk

Laudanna, E., 2006:
Functional properties of soya

Aminigo, E.R., 2002:
Functional property changes in heat processed soyabean (Glycine max) meal

Rekha, K.B.; Reddy, M.G.; Mahavishnanan, K.; Murthy, V.B.B., 2006:
Functional relationship of bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) as influenced by different levels of drip fertigation

Zwolak, J., 2005:
Functional relationships between labour productivity and its technical equipment with the fixed assets in Polish agriculture

Santos, T.M. dos; Boica Junior, A.L.; Barbosa, J.C., 2005:
Functional response of Chrysoperla externa to Aphis gossypii in cotton cultivars

Nazari, A.; Sahragard, A.; Hajizadeh, J., 2005:
Functional response of Exochomus nigromaculatus (Col.: Coccinellidae) to different densities of Aphis nerii and Aphis craccivora

Arivoli, S.; Venkatesan, P., 2006:
Functional response of Tenagogonus fluviorum (Fabricius) in its predation of Culex quinquefasciatus Say larvae of varied density and size

Lee, S.; Choi, H.; Hwang, I.; Choi, D.; Hwang, B., 2006:
Functional roles of the pepper pathogen-induced bZIP transcription factor, CAbZIP1, in enhanced resistance to pathogen infection and environmental stresses

Harari, A.; Dutoit, Vérie.; Cellerai, C.; Bart, P-Alexandre.; Du Pasquier, R.A.; Pantaleo, G., 2006:
Functional signatures of protective antiviral T-cell immunity in human virus infections

Asari, M.; Nishita, T.; Shino, M., 2004:
Functional significance of carbonic anhydrase isozyme (CA-IV) in bovine mammary glands

Ramalingam, K.; Srinivasan, R., 2006:
Functional significance of phosphatase activity during ontogeny of Drosophila ananassae

Barillet, F.; Astruc, J.M.; Lagriffoul, G., 2006:
Functional traits in small dairy ruminants: genetic variation and relationships with milk production

Ashdown, R.R., 2006:
Functional, developmental and clinical anatomy of the bovine penis and prepuce

Rincn, F.; Martinez, M.; Pinto, G.L. de; Mayer, S., 2003:
Functionality of a mixture of three gums from species located in Venezuela in the ice cream preparation

Bilgin, B.; Daglioglu, O.; Konyali, M., 2006:
Functionality of bread made with pasteurized whey and/or buttermilk

Prasun Ray; Alok Adholeya, 2006:
Functioning and relevance of heavy metal uptake and translocation by mycorrhizal fungi

Flis, M., 2005:
Functioning of ungulates animals in chosen forest complexes in the Lublin area. Part I - Characteristics of the groups of ungulate animals

Park YangHo; Lee JuYoung; Jang ByoungChoon; Lee KiSang, 2005:
Functions and metabolic pathway of ascorbic acid in plant

Dickson, R.C.; Sumanasekera, C.; Lester, R.L., 2006:
Functions and metabolism of sphingolipids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bai KeYu; X.B.n, 2005:
Functions of government policy and management structure on healthy development of grassland

Dong XinGuang; Deng MingJiang; Dong Hui, 2004:
Fundamental and model of the water balance in the arid inland area

Xu, J., 2006:
Fundamentals of fungal molecular population genetic analyses

Kalisch, M., 2006:
Fundamentals of understanding anthroposophical veterinary drugs. Part 2

Wargo, M.J.; Hogan, D.A., 2006:
Fungal--bacterial interactions: a mixed bag of mingling microbes

Larsen, J.N., 2005:
Fungal allergens and allergen nomenclature

Friedlander, S.L.; Bush, R.K., 2005:
Fungal allergy

Moss, R.B., 2005:
Fungal allergy in cystic fibrosis

Abdel Sattar, M.A.; Naser, S.A.; Salah, M.; E.M.rzouky, H.A., 1999:
Fungal and aflatoxins contamination of corn kernels collected from eighteen maize cultivars

Zacharisen, M.C.; Fink, J.N., 2005:
Fungal antigens associated with hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Osono, T.H.rose, D.F.jimaki, R., 2006:
Fungal colonization as affected by litter depth and decomposition stage of needle litter

Malifesi, A., 2005:
Fungal contamination: numerous facets

Gunst, L.; Krebs, H.; Dubois, D.; Mader, P., 2006:
Fungal diseases and yield in organic and conventional wheat production

Francis Otokito, G.L.; Umechuruba, C.I., 2003:
Fungal diseases of rice in nursery farms in Bayelsa State of Nigeria

Pasquini, M.; Iori, A.; Sereni, L.; Casini, F.; L.A.rora, A.; Matere, A.; Nocente, F.; Gazza, L.; Siniscalco, A.; Matteu, L.; Preiti, G.; Raimondo, I.; Randazzo, B.; Cambrea, M.; Mameli, L.; Mayerle, M.; Viola, P.; Notario, T., 2005:
Fungal diseases on wheat: spread limited in 2004-2005

Arenz, B.; Held, B.; Jurgens, J.; Farrell, R.; Blanchette, R., 2006:
Fungal diversity in soils and historic wood from the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica

Yildiran, S.Taner.; Mutlu, F.Mehmet.; Saracli, M.Ali.; Uysal, Y.; Gonlum, A.; Sobaci, G.; Sutton, D.A., 2006:
Fungal endophthalmitis caused by Aspergillus ustus in a patient following cataract surgery

Tejesvi, M.V.; Mahesh, B.; Nalini, M.S.; Prakash, H.S.; Kini, K.R.; Subbiah, V.; Shetty, H.S., 2006:
Fungal endophyte assemblages from ethnopharmaceutically important medicinal trees

Skrinjar, M.; Kocic Tanackov, S., 2004:
Fungal infection and occurence of zearalenone in barley harvested in 2003 in Serbia

Danilcenko, H.; Jariene, E.; Taraseviciene, Z.; Baliukoniene, V., 2004:
Fungal infection of different sprouted seeds for food

Bauer, J.; Meyer, K., 2006:
Fungal metabolites in silages: effects on health of food producing animals

Higgins, J.C.; Pusterla, N., 2006:
Fungal pneumonia in horses

Agusti, C.; Rano, A.; Aldabo, I.; Torres, A., 2006:
Fungal pneumonia, chronic respiratory diseases and glucocorticoids

Aguirre, J.; Hansberg, W.; Navarro, R., 2006:
Fungal responses to reactive oxygen species

Adamska, I., 2005:
Fungal species new in Poland on Carex and Juncus

Schalamuk, S.; Velazquez, S.; Chidichimo, H.; Cabello, M., 2006:
Fungal spore diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with spring wheat: effects of tillage

Williams, A.J.; Parshikov, I.A.; Moody, J.D.; Heinze, T.M.; Sutherland, J.B., 2004:
Fungal transformation of an antimicrobial fluoroquinolone drug during growth on poultry litter materials

Olynych, T.J.; Jakeman, D.L.; Marshall, J.S., 2006:
Fungal zymosan induces leukotriene production by human mast cells through a dectin-1-dependent mechanism

Barbieri, E.; Potenza, L.; Rossi, I.; Saltarelli, R.; Guidi, C.; Ceccaroli, P.; Bertini, L.; Zambonelli, A.; Giomaro, G.; Stocchi, V., 2005:
Fungal-bacterial interaction within the ectomycorrhizal fungus Tuber borchii Vittad. life cycle

Arias Rivas, B.; Yanez, V.; Carrizales, L.; Sanchez, M.C., 2006:
Fungi associated to postbloom fruit drop of Tahiti lime (Citrus latifolia Tan.) and evaluation of their chemical control

Jankowiak, Robert, 2006:
Fungi associated with Tomicus piniperda in Poland and assessment of their virulence using Scots pine seedlings

Nweke, F.U.; Enujeke, E.C., 2006:
Fungi associated with spoilage of stored and marketed white yam tubers (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) in Umunede, Nigeria

Vasiliauskas, R.; Bakys, R.; Lygis, V.; Ihrmark, K.; Barklund, P.; Stenlid, J., 2006:
Fungi associated with the decline of Fraxinus excelsior in the Baltic States and Sweden

Wokocha, R.C.; Oparah, F., 2004:
Fungi associated with tomato wilt in the tropical humid lowlands of Southeastern Nigeria and preliminary evaluation for disease tolerance in the crop

Kowalik, M.; Sagan, A., 2005:
Fungi causing dying out of heather in permanent plantings

Kowalczyk, S.; Maciorowski, R., 2006:
Fungi colonizing seeds of dwarf and semi-dwarf naked oat

Ducid, M.G.; Murace, M.A.; Cellini, J.M., 2005:
Fungi diversity in Osmorhiza spp. phylloplane related to the regeneration system applied in Nothofagus pumilio forests in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Dynowska, M.; Kisicka, I., 2005:
Fungi isolated from selected birds potentially pathogenic to humans

Adamska, I., 2005:
Fungi of the genus Ramularia of the Sowinski National Park

Chiari, M.; Papetti, C., 2004:
Fungi of the town of Brescia - 4

Gadgil, P.D.; Dick, M., 2006:
Fungi silvicolae novazelandiae: 6

Humar, M.; Pohleven, F., 2004:
Fungicidal properties of 50 years old waste impregnated wood

Stefan, A.L.; Sesan, T.E.; Tudora, C., 2004:
Fungicide action test of some vegetal extracts obtained from paprika seeds

Cragnolini, C.I.; Novo, R.J.; March, G.J.; Conles, M.Y.; Balzarini, M., 2005:
Fungicide application timings and efficacy in the control of peach scab

Cavallo, A.R.; Novo, R.J.; Perez, M.A., 2005:
Fungicide efficiency in the control of seedborne fungi in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Argentina

Zvoutete, P., 2006:
Fungicide sprays to control brown rust (Puccinia melanocephala) gave variable cane and sugar yield responses in the South-east Lowveld of Zimbabwe

McFarlane, K.; McFarlane, S.A.; Moodley, D.; Rutherford, R.S., 2006:
Fungicide trials to determine the effect of brown rust on the yield of sugarcane variety N29

Silva, J.C. da; Meyer, M.C.; Coutinho, W.M.; Suassuna, N.D., 2006:
Fungitoxicity of chemical groups on Myrothecium roridum in vitro and on myrothecium leaf spot on cotton plants

Diminic, D.; Grskovic, M.; Mozer, A., 2006:
Fungual diseases of coniferous trees in plantations in North Adriatic area of Croatia

Giuliano, I.; Silva, T.G.M.; Napoleao, R.; Gutierrez, A.H.; Siqueira, C.S., 2005:
Fungus identification on Dimorphandra mollis seeds and the effect of different treatments

Guzman, F.M.; Gotelli, V.G.; Vargas, M.G., 2005:
Furniture structural performance

Lourenco, W.R.; Motta, P.C.; Silva, E.A. da, 2006:
Further considerations on the genus Ananteris Thorell (Scorpiones, Buthidae) in Brazilian Amazonia, and description of a new species

Lourenco, W.R., 2006:
Further considerations on the genus Buthacus Birula, 1908 (Scorpiones, Buthidae), with a description of one new species and two new subspecies

Lourenco, W.R.; Goodman, S.M., 2006:
Further considerations regarding the status of Grosphus madagascariensis (Gervais) and Grosphus hirtus Kraepelin, and description of a new species (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

Bray, M.T.; French, H.M.; Shur, Y., 2006:
Further cryostratigraphic observations in the CRREL Permafrost Tunnel, Fox, Alaska

Sun Wei; Wang PengXin; Han LiJuan; Yan Kai; Zhang ShuYu; L.X.ngMin, 2006:
Further improvement of the approach to monitoring drought using vegetation and temperature condition indexes from multi-years' remotely sensed data

Mohamed, A.Z., 1999:
Further outlook for Egyptian export of medicinal and ornamental plants and how to solve their problems

H.W.i; Zhu YinChang; Cao GuoQun, 2006:
Further study on detection of cattle schistosomiasis with dipstick dye immunoassay

Ley, D.H.; Sheaffer, D.S.; Dhondt, Aé.A., 2006:
Further western spread of Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection of house finches

Ueoka, N.; Ueoka, T.; Hikasa, Y.; Murase, T.; Kosuga, J.; Sakai, S.; Goto, Y., 2006:
Fusariosis in a cat

Cohen, E.J., 2006:
Fusarium keratitis associated with soft contact lens wear

Gorman, S.R.; Magiorakos, A-Pelagia.; Zimmerman, S.K.; Craven, D.E., 2006:
Fusarium oxysporum pneumonia in an immunocompetent host

Meister, U., 2005:
Fusarium toxins in bread cereals of the land Brandenburg in the years 2000 to 2004 - Comparison of integrated and ecological cultivation

Soni, K.K.; Asaiya, A.J.; Nandeshwar, D.L.; Jamaluddin, 2005:
Fusarium wilt of Buchanania lanzan Spreng. - a new disease record from India

Soulakellis, N.A.; Novak, I.D.; Zouros, N.; Lowman, P.; Yates, J., 2006:
Fusing Landsat-5 TM imagery and shaded relief maps in tectonic and geomorphic mapping: Lesvos Island, Greece

Chen Li; Xie QingMei; L.S.aoLi; Wang JingShi; M.J.ngYun; B.Y.ngZuo; Cao YongChang, 2006:
Fusion expression of ns1 gene of avian influenza virus H9N2 subtype in E. coli BL 21 (DE3)

Horvat, B., 2006:
Fusion of satellite imagery as exemplified by landcover mapping

Stern, J.S.; Kazaks, A.; Downey, M., 2005:
Future and implications of reimbursement for obesity treatment

Prince, J.Bruce.; Andrus, D.M.; Gwinner, K.P., 2006:
Future demand, probable shortages, and strategies for creating a better future in food supply veterinary medicine

Bureau, D.P.; Hua, K., 2006:
Future directions in feed formulation for waste reduction

Jacobson, E.; Heard, D.; Isaza, R., 2006:
Future directions in reptile medical education

Rosenthal, K., 2006:
Future directions in training of veterinarians for small exotic mammal medicine: expectations, potential, opportunities, and mandates

Flammer, K., 2006:
Future directions in training veterinarians for companion avian species

Carpenter, J.W.; Miller, R.Eric., 2006:
Future directions in training zoological medicine veterinarians

Tell, L.A., 2006:
Future directions in zoological medical education: expectations, potential, opportunities and mandates

McGregor, R., 2006:
Future directions: using biotechnology to discover new sweeteners, bitter blockers and sweetness potentiators

Brymer, R.A.; Wilborn, L.R.; Schmidgall, R.S., 2006:
Future global hospitality leaders: a comparison of European and US ethics

Cottle, D.; Williams, M., 2006:
Future human capability building in the sheep and wool industry

Caffagni, L.C., 2006:
Future markets of soyabeans and maize: how to utilize them?

Schaffner, s; Huml, G.; Suda, M., 2006:
Future of forestry extension. Results of the example of Bayern

Sharma, A.K.; Prasad, S.; Shalini Gupta; Singh, B.; Singh, R.P., 2005:
Future of herbicide-resistant crops under zero-tillage system in India

Niskanen, A., 2006:
Future of the Finnish forest sector: implications to small-scale forestry and forest owners' associations

Curtis, K., 2005:
Future of the wood technology center

Joshi, O.P., 2003:
Future perspectives of soybean in India

Muhlbauer, F., 2005:
Future prospects for professional enterprises

Stock, O.; Werthner, H.; Zancanaro, M., 2006:
Futuring travel destination recommendation systems

Yan HuiChao; Yang HaiDong; Xiao Li; H.Y.eMing; Chen FeiXiang; Wang Lu; Yang PeiLing; W.W.nLiang, 2006:
Fuzzy SOFM-GIS space evaluation model and its application in farmland classification

Kildisas, V.; Levisauskas, D., 2005:
Fuzzy approach to environmental performance evaluation

Lak, A.M.; Hamrah, M.; Majdabadi, G.H., 2006:
Fuzzy classification: a case study: using landsat TM images in Iran

Deng, S.; Chen, S-Nong.; Lu, J.; Wang, Z.Jim.; Nikolic, D.; van Breemen, R.B.; Santarsiero, B.D.; Mesecar, A.; Fong, H.H.S.; Farnsworth, N.R.; Pauli, G.F., 2006:
GABAergic phthalide dimers from Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels

Dharmaraj, P.S.; Lohithaswa, H.C.; Mannur, D.M., 2005:
GBS-964: a promising chickpea variety for Zone-2 and 3 of Northern Karnataka

Szarka, S.; Hethelyi, E.; Lemberkovics, E.; Kuzovkina, I.N.; Banyai, P.; Szoke, E., 2006:
GC and GC-MS studies on the essential oil and thiophenes from Tagetes patula L

Zhang-Yuan; Wang-Zhe-Zhi, 2006:
GC-MS analysis of fat-soluble constituents of hemp kernels

E.S.hly, M.A.; Gul, W.; Feng, S.; Nanayakkara, N.P.D.; Clark, A.M.; Khan, S.; Cogswell, F.B.; Walker, L.A., 2006:
GC-MS analysis of the 8-aminoquinoline antimalarial and its carboxy metabolite in plasma and red blood cells of primates

Biedermann, M.; Grob, K., 2006:
GC-MS characterization of oligomers in polyadipates used as plasticizers for PVC in food contact

Rigon, R.; Bertoldi, G.; Over, T.M., 2006:
GEOtop: a distributed hydrological model with coupled water and energy budgets

Prasad, G.R., 2006:
GFCL in the service of farmers

Rao, Y.L.P., 2006:
GIS in forest management: preparing a forest working plan in India

Almgren, S.; Nilsson, E.; Erlandsson, B.; Isaksson, M., 2006:
GIS supported calculations of (137)Cs deposition in Sweden based on precipitation data

Niyi Ola, A., 2005:
GIS technique applied to surface water survey in South Western Nigeria: a case study of Eleyele Dam Ibadan

Liu XiJun; Hong ShuYuan; W.J.nCui, 2006:
GIS-based analysis on the forest landscape in the small watershed - based on Xiaokeng of Laoshan natural conservation area in Anhui Province

Yang GuoJing; Xiao DuNing; Zhao ChengZhang, 2004:
GIS-based analysis on the forest landscape patterns in the Qilian Mountain

O.L.Ye; M.H.iZhou; Sha ZhanJiang; Cao GuangChao; Xue Liang; Yang HaiZhen, 2004:
GIS-based analysis on the spatial patterns of landscapes in the Qaidam Basin

Deng QingHai; Pan GuoYing; Jia JunHui; Yan FuRong, 2004:
GIS-based optimized management information system of water resources

Qian Jing; Chen Xi; L.J.anHai; Zhao ChengYi, 2004:
GIS-based study on the spatial variability of soil moisture content in the oases

Hung, L.Q.; Batelaan, O.; San, D.N.; Van, T.T., 2005:
GIS-remote sensing application of landslide hazard mapping - case study Thua-Thien-Hue Province, Vietnam

Ma, N.; Li, Z-Yun.; Cartagena, J.A.; Fukui, K., 2006:
GISH and AFLP analyses of novel Brassica napus lines derived from one hybrid between B. napus and Orychophragmus violaceus

George, S.K.; Thomas, R.; Dipu, M.T., 2005 :
GM feeds - a safety evaluation

Nanavati, P.B., 2006:
GNFC in the service of farmers

Prakash, B.G.; Halaswamy, K.M.; Pawar, K.N.; Ravikumar, M.R.; Jahagirdar, S.A.; Wali, S.Y., 2004:
GPM-6 horsegram: a high yielding yellow mosaic resistant variety

Sun ZhongFu; Cao HongTai; L.H.ngLiang; D.K.Ming; Wang YingChun; S.X.aoFeng; Cai TianFang; Liu ShuAng; Chu JinXiang, 2006:
GPRS and WEB based data acquisition system for greenhouse environment

Patzelt, G.; Besson, J.L.; Gautier, L.; Geldreich, P., 2005:
GPS mapping of forest roads in the Alsace: a project to serve the timber chain

Rao, C.R.; Hansa Modi, 2006:
GSFC in the service of farmers

Kristensen, J.H.; Ilett, K.F.; Hackett, L.Peter.; Kohan, R., 2006:
Gabapentin and breastfeeding: a case report

Kyrkouli, S.E.; Strubbe, J.H.; Scheurink, A.J.W., 2006:
Galanin in the PVN increases nutrient intake and changes peripheral hormone levels in the rat

Anonymous, 2006:
Galicia is committed to promoting consumption of organic products in colleges

Thakur, N.S.A.; Gitanjali, 2005:
Gallant soldier, Galinsoga parviflora L., a new host of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) from Meghalaya

Chen, H-W., 2006:
Gallium, indium, and arsenic pollution of groundwater from a semiconductor manufacturing area of Taiwan

Khaki, Z., 2005:
Gallstones in sheep and cows slaughtered at Tehran abattoirs

Hoffman, L.C.; Wiklund, E., 2006:
Game and venison - meat for the modern consumer

Keimbou, D.C.K., 2005:
Games, body and culture: emerging issues in the anthropology of sport and physical education in Cameroon (1920-60)

Tsujimoto, H., 2005:
Gametocidal genes in wheat as the inducer of chromosome breakage

Jones, P.R.; Rosentreter, R., 2006:
Gametophyte fragment growth of three common desert mosses on artificial and natural substrates

Srivastava, A.; Mishra, R., 2005:
Gamma ray induced small flower mutant in Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Pracilio, G.; Adams, M.L.; Smettem, K.R.J., 2004:
Gamma ray spectrometry used to spatially predict soil properties important to plant growth

Sanjeev Singh, 2006:
Gamma rays induced mutations in Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Bown, A.W.; Macgregor, K.B.; Shelp, B.J., 2006:
Gamma-aminobutyrate: defense against invertebrate pests?

Chang, U-Min.; Li, C-Hann.; Lin, L-In.; Huang, C-Po.; Kan, L-Sing.; Lin, S-Bin., 2006:
Ganoderiol F, a ganoderma triterpene, induces senescence in hepatoma HepG2 cells

Chee, B.J., 2005:
Ganoderma boninense: fungus with blood sugar lowering property

Lai Kun; L.Y.Ping; Feng XueGang, 2006:
Gap between tourism planning and implementation: a case of China

Chen BiHua; Hong Wei; Y.G.ngFu, 2005:
Gap dynamic and their natural disturbance characteristics in mid-Fujian montane natural forest

Imai, N.; Takyu, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Nakamura, T., 2006:
Gap formation and regeneration of tropical mangrove forests in Ranong, Thailand

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