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Growth curves for body weight and carcass components, and carcass composition of the Karagouniko sheep, from birth to 720 d of age

Goliomytis, M.O.fanos, S.P.nopoulou, E.R.gdakis, E.

Small ruminant research 66(1-3): 222-229


ISSN/ISBN: 0921-4488
DOI: 10.1016/j.smallrumres.2005.09.021
Accession: 012793349

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The growth and development of body weight (BW), carcass components and carcass composition of 102 male and female sheep of the Karagouniko dairy breed, from birth to 720 d of age, were studied. Growth curves, using the Richards growth function, were calculated for BW and carcass components. The type of the curves estimated was typically sigmoid. Asymptotic weight for BW was estimated at 101.3 and 76.5 kg for males and females, respectively. Age at point of inflection, at which maximal growth rate was attained, was predicted at 227 and 244 d, for male and female body weight curves, respectively. Among body constituents, the earliest age at the inflection point was predicted for the weight of bones (110.4 d) and the latest for total fat weight (246.9 d). No, significant, sex differences were detected for any of the estimates for maturation index k. At carcass weights of 15 kg, males were leaner and accumulated proportionately less fat than females. There was no effect of sex on bone percentage. Comparisons with carcass studies on meat-type breeds of sheep were discussed. The present study provides detailed information on growth potential and carcass development, of the Karagouniko sheep, by means of a mathematical model.

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