Parasitizing degree of Bruchus pisorum L. (Coleoptera-Bruchidae) larvae by Triaspis thoracicus Curt. (Hymenoptera-Braconidae)

Filipescu, C.; Sapunaru, T.; Georgescu, T.; Bild, I.C.

Cercetari Agronomice in Moldova 05; 37/38(1/4): 79-85


Accession: 012808881

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A study was conducted in Podu-Iloaiei, Romania to evaluate the parasitism of B. pisorum larvae infesting pea grains by T. thoracicus. Parasitism on larvae developing in pea grains was 6-32.72%, while that in larvae infesting grey pea grains was 14.8-28.23%. In 10 out of 25 cultivars of pea, parasitism rate was 6-19.76%, while in the other 15 cultivars, this was 23.47-32.72%. In 8 out of 15 cultivars, larvae were parasitized at a rate of 14.18-23.52%, while in 7 cultivars, larvae were parasitized at a rate of 23.61-28.23%.