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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12817

Chapter 12817 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gronvall, G.Kwik.; Borio, L.L., 2006:
Removing barriers to global pandemic influenza vaccination

Anonymous, 2004:
Removing hidden 'ingredient' in margarine

Melo, M.B.; Veado, J.C.C.; Silva, E.F.; Moreira, S.M.; Passos, L.M.F., 2006:
Renal arteries Dopplerfluxometry: normal systolic and diastolic flow velocities and resistive index values in the main renal arteries

Javed, I.; Rahman, Z.U.; Khan, F.H.; Muhammad, F.; Iqbal, Z.; Aslam, B., 2006:
Renal clearance and urinary excretion of kanamycin in domestic ruminant species

van den Brand, J.M.A.; Hendriks-Onstein, W.K.; Kik, M.J.L.; Gröne, A.; van Sloet, O-Oosterbaan., 2006:
Renal cysts, nephrolithiasis, and ovarian cysts in a donkey suspected of having been sexually abused

Jacobson, E.R.; Robertson, D.R.; Lafortune, M.; Johnson, C., 2004:
Renal failure and bilateral thymoma in an American bullfrog, Rana catesbiana

Cho HoSeong; Kim YeongSeob; Park NamYong, 2006:
Renal leiomyosarcoma with hepatic metastasis in an Asian water buffalo (Bubalus arnee)

Imai, D.M.; Cornish, J.; Nordhausen, R.; Ellis, J.; MacLachlan, N.James., 2006:
Renal tubular necrosis and interstitial hemorrhage ("turkey-egg kidney") in a circovirus-infected Yorkshire cross pig

Gasparini, B., 2006:
Renaming of three Australian Cortinarius

Damron, B.L.; Ouart, M.D.; Christmas, R.B., 2001:
Rendered whole-bird layer mortality as an ingredient in layer diets

Sahra, G., 2006:
Renew checklist of spiders (Aranei) of Iran

Rosa, F., 2006:
Renewable energy and cogeneration: competitive and integrated sectors

Xuza, P.H.L., 2005:
Renewal of small town economies: the case of Alice, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Hrubik, P.; Mockova, Z., 2006:
Renovation of the historic park in Dolna Krupa

Freil, M.; Nielsen, M.A.; Biltz, C.; Gut, R.; Mikkelsen, B.E.; Almdal, T., 2006:
Reorganization of a hospital catering system increases food intake in patients with inadequate intake

Viego Felipe, P.R., 2004:
Repair of power induction motor (asynchronic) in the sugar industry

Prairie, J.R., 2005:
Repairing the long-term salinity projection model for the Colorado River Basin

Bertschinger, H.J.; Jago, M.; Nöthling, J.O.; Human, A., 2006:
Repeated use of the GnRH analogue deslorelin to down-regulate reproduction in male cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

Chang, K-Sik.; Tak, J-Hyung.; Kim, S-Il.; Lee, W-Ja.; Ahn, Y-Joon., 2006:
Repellency of Cinnamomum cassia bark compounds and cream containing cassia oil to Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) under laboratory and indoor conditions

Dietrich, G.; Dolan, M.C.; Peralta-Cruz, J.; Schmidt, J.; Piesman, J.; Eisen, R.J.; Karchesy, J.J., 2006:
Repellent activity of fractioned compounds from Chamaecyparis nootkatensis essential oil against nymphal Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae)

Schmidt, A.L.; Anderson, L.M., 2006:
Repetitive DNA elements as mediators of genomic change in response to environmental cues

Rojas, G.C.; Catrileo, S.A., 2006:
Replacement of broiler litter by cereal and legume grains in winter steer finishing rations

Kohl, J.; Kassemeyer, H.H.; Tamm, L.; Gessler, C.; Pertot, I.; Bertrand, C.; Heijne, B.; Hockenhull, J.; Lindhard, H.; Kopfer, P.; Trapman, M.; Bruckner, S., 2004:
Replacement of copper fungicides in organic production of grapevine and apple in Europe (REPCO)

Cruz Suarez, L.E.; Nieto Lopez, M.; Guajardo Barbosa, C.; Tapia Salazar, M.; Scholz, U.; Ricque Marie, D., 2006:
Replacement of fish meal with poultry by-product meal

Ramalho, R.P.; Ferreira, M. de A.; Veras, A.S.C.; Lima, L.E. de; Rocha, V.R.R. de A., 2006:
Replacement of maize with cassava scrapings in diets for primiparous lactating Holstein cows

Ramalho, R.P.; Ferreira, M. de A.; Veras, A.S.C.; Santos, D.C. dos; Cavalcanti, C.V. de A.; Rocha, V.R.R. de A., 2006:
Replacement of soyabean meal with urea plus cassava scrapings in diets for crossbred lactating cows

Soares Junior, M.S.; Caliari, M.; Chang YoonKil, 2004:
Replacement of soybean meal by full fat soybean in extruded feeds for aquaculture

Abdalla, A.A.; Asar, M.A.; Soliman, F.N.K.; Hassan, G.E., 2005:
Replacement of soybean meal by raw or treated linseed meal in broiler diets

Nikolakakis, I.; Garsen, A.; Dotas, V.; Kargopoulos, A.; Imamidou, A., 2006:
Replacement of soybean meal with field pea in meat type layers' diets

Abrahao, J.J. dos S.; Prado, I.N. do; Perotto, D.; Zeoula, L.M.; Lancanova, J.A.C.; Lugao, S.M.B., 2006:
Replacing corn grain with a wet byproduct from cassava starch extraction on apparent digestibility of nutrients in beef cattle

Anonymous, 2006:
Replacing natural sand with vermiculite for culture substrate of sand worm Perinereis nuntia, Savigny

Peng, B.; Voltan, R.; Cristillo, A.D.; Alvord, W.Gregory.; Davis-Warren, A.; Zhou, Q.; Murthy, K.K.; Robert-Guroff, M., 2006:
Replicating Ad-recombinants encoding non-myristoylated rather than wild-type HIV Nef elicit enhanced cellular immunity

Bonafont, A., 2006:
Replicating and transplanting specimen palms

Paessler, S.; Ni, H.; Petrakova, O.; Fayzulin, R.Z.; Yun, N.; Anishchenko, M.; Weaver, S.C.; Frolov, I., 2006:
Replication and clearance of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus from the brains of animals vaccinated with chimeric SIN/VEE viruses

Okuno, T.; Mizumoto, H., 2006:
Replication of Red clover necrotic mosaic virus

Hohn, T.; Richert Poeggeler, K.R., 2006:
Replication of plant pararetroviruses

Ortiz Garcia, S.; Ezcurra, E.; Schoel, B.; Acevedo, F.; Soberon, J.; Snow, A.A., 2005:
Reply to Cleveland et al.'s Detecting (trans)gene flow to landraces in centers of crop origin: lessons from the case of maize in Mexico

Wearing, S.; Ponting, J., 2006:
Reply to Jim Butcher's response (Vol. 14 No. 3) to 'Building a Decommodified Research Paradigm in Tourism: The Contribution of NGOs' (Vol. 13, No. 5)

Pauwels, V.R.N.; Huyck, A.A.O.; Verhoest, N.E.C., 2006:
Reply to comment by C. Michel on A base flow separation algorithm based on the linearized Boussinesq equation for complex hillslopes

Hill, M.C.; Barlebo, H.C.; Rosbjerg, D., 2006:
Reply to comment by F. Molz et al. on Investigating the Macrodispersion Experiment (MADE) site in Columbus, Mississippi, using a three-dimensional inverse flow and transport model

Yang ShuQing; Tan SoonKeat; Lim SiowYong, 2006:
Reply to comment by M. Bayani Cardenas and John L. Wilson on Flow resistance and bed form geometry in a wide alluvial channel

Reddy, M.M.; Schuster, P.; Kendall, C.; Reddy, M.B., 2006:
Reply to comment on 'Characterization of surface and ground water delta 18O seasonal variation and its use for estimating groundwater residence times' by R. E. Criss and W. E. Winston

Kay, D.; Ashbolt, N.; Wyer, M.D.; Fleisher, J.M.; Fewtrell, L.; Rogers, A.; Rees, G., 2006:
Reply to comments on "Derivation of numerical values for the World Health Organization guidelines for recreational waters"

Anonymous, 2005:
Report from a poplar study excursion in the Somme

Olsson, A., 2006:
Report from the Nordic nematode experiment 2005. The right variety in the right place

Bravo, S.; Perroni, M.; Torres, E.; Silva, M.T., 2006:
Report of Caligus rogercresseyi in the anadromous brown trout (Salmo trutta) in the Rio Gallegos Estuary, Argentina

Sidoti, A.; Giorgielli, A.; Granata, G., 2006:
Report of Leucostoma niveum on aspen

Gharali, B.; Merz, B.; Lotfalizadeh, H.A., 2005:
Report of Urophora terebrans (Loew, 1850) (Dip.: Tephritididae) on Centaurea from Iran

Bag, T.K., 2006:
Report of orchid wilt (Sclerotium rolfsii) on Vanda group of orchids

Karimpour, Y.; Fathipour, Y.; Talebi, A.A.; Moharramiopur, S.; Tschorsing, H.P., 2005:
Report of parasitoid fly, Pales pavida (Meigen, 1824) (Dip.: Tachinidae) from Iran

Thorat, Y.S.P., 2006:
Report of the Expert Group on Investment Credit

Bardos, P., 2006:
Report of the NICOLE workshop: state of the art in (ecological) risk assessment, Stockholm, Sweden, 15-17 June 2005

White, R.H.; Spengler, J.D.; Dilwali, K.M.; Barry, B.E.; Samet, J.M., 2006:
Report of workshop on traffic, health, and infrastructure planning

Cazzoli, P., 2005:
Report on Russula genera - V

Shi FengShan; Liu Feng; Jia HuiBin; Y.Z.ong; H.P.ng; Zhang ChunFeng, 2004:
Report on screening of forage varieties introduced from Russia

Maier, W.A., 2005:
Report on the 13th Conference of the Working Group for Medical Arachno-Entomology in Stuttgart/Hohenheim. 29-30.09.2005

Anonymous, 2002:
Report on the period of transition 1997-2002

Rajić, A.; Reid-Smith, R.; Deckert, A.E.; Dewey, C.E.; McEwen, S.A., 2006:
Reported antibiotic use in 90 swine farms in Alberta

Byrne, P.F.; Berlyn, M.B.; Coe, E.H.; Davis, G.L.; Polacco, M.L.; Hancock, D.C.; Letovsky, S.I., 1995:
Reporting and accessing QTL information in USDA's maize genome database

Jones, P.; Comfort, D.; Hillier, D., 2006:
Reporting and reflecting on corporate social responsibility in the hospitality industry: a case study of pub operators in the UK

Anonymous, 2004:

Lindskog, M.; Gustafsson, N.; Mogensen, K.S., 2006:
Representation of background error standard deviations in a limited area model data assimilation system

Echavarria-Chairez, F.; Shapiro, C.; Hergert, G.; Kranz, W., 2006:
Representation of bromide movement by the volume visualization technique

Boville, B.A.; Rasch, P.J.; Hack, J.J.; McCaa, J.R., 2006:
Representation of clouds and precipitation processes in the Community Atmosphere Model version 3 (CAM3)

Adorjany, L.; Lovejoy, F., 2003:
Representations of leisure in the writings of Robert G. Barrett

Kawachi, T.; Sunaga, Y.; Ebato, M.; Hatanaka, T.; Harada, H., 2006:
Repression of nitrate uptake by replacement of Asp105 by asparagine in AtNRT3.1 in Arabidopsis thaliana L

Vanselow, J.; Viergutz, T.; Fuerbass, R., 2006:
Repression of the aromatase gene (CYP19) during luteinization coincides with DNA methylation of a specific CpG dinucleotide within promoter 2

Gleeson, N.P.; Parfitt, G.; Doyle, J.; Rees, D., 2005:
Reproducibility and efficacy of the performance profile technique

Franke, D.E.; Cundiff, L.V., 2006:
Reproduction and maternal performance of two-year-old topcross females by tropical adapted sire breeds in temperate and subtropical regions of the United States

Huang, D-Ji.; Chen, H-Cheng.; Wu, J-Pin.; Wang, S-Yin., 2006:
Reproduction obstacles for the female green neon shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata) after exposure to chlordane and lindane

Salgado, S.M.L.; Resende, M.L.V.; Campos, V.P., 2005:
Reproduction of Meloidogyne exigua on resistant and susceptible coffee cultivars

Wilcken, S.R.S.; Fukazawa, R.M.; Rosa, J.M.O.; Jesus, A.M. de; Bicudo, S.J., 2006:
Reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita race 2 and M. javanica in maize genotypes in greenhouse conditions

Alattal, Y.; Rosenkranz, P.; Zebitz, C.P., 2006:
Reproduction of Varroa destructor in sealed worker bee brood cells of Apis mellifera carnica and Apis mellifera syriaca in Jordan

Chen LiQun; Liu ChangMing; Yang ShengTian; Hao FangHua; Zheng HongXing, 2006:
Reproduction of precipitation in the source regions of Yellow River with remote sensing

Milisits, G.; Levai, A., 2004:
Reproduction of rabbit does divergently selected for body fat content

Rossi, C.E.; Ferraz, L.C.C.B., 2006:
Reproduction of some root-knot nematodes on persimmon

Ishiwada, K.; Itoh, S.; Ueda, A., 2006:
Reproduction of the dhole, Cuon alpinus, in captivity and caring-behavior by young-adults in a pack

Richard, J.; Huet, M.; Thouzeau, G.; Paulet, Y.M.rie, 2006:
Reproduction of the invasive slipper limpet, Crepidula fornicata, in the Bay of Brest, France

M.J.an; Wang YuLong; Zeng XiangWei; Hua YuPing, 2005:
Reproduction situation of female minks infected with Aleutian mink disease parvovirus (ADV) and the percentage of ADV-infected newborn kits before raising separately

Fredberg, M.; Berg, P.; Hansen, B.K., 2006:
Reproduction traits in mink respond mainly to maternal genetic effects

Kar, J.; Guru, B.C.; Nayak, B.K., 2004:
Reproductive and commercial productivity of the cultivated eri silkmoth Samia ricini Donovan (1798) in Orissa

DovganAE.M., 2006:
Reproductive and finishing performance of Ukrainian Large White pigs

Lassoued, N.; Rekik, M.; Salem, H.B.; Dargouth, M.A., 2006:
Reproductive and productivity traits of goats grazing Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. with and without daily PEG supplementation

Bhattacharyya, H.K.; Ahmed, F.A.; Bujarbaruah, K.M., 2006:
Reproductive behaviour and genital organs in non pregnant and pregnant mithun (Bos frontalis)

Xavier, A.; Haq, M.A., 2006:
Reproductive biology and life history stages of Haplacarus davisi A. Xavier et al., 2005 (Acari: Oribatei)

Ramirez, N., 2006:
Reproductive biology and plant species selection for habitat restoration in the Venezuelan Gran Sabana Plateau

Rowe, M.; Pruett Jones, S., 2006:
Reproductive biology and sperm competition in Australian fairy-wrens

Andamari, R.; Milton, D.; Zubaidi, T., 2002:
Reproductive biology of five species of anchovies (Engraulidae) from Bima Bay, Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara

Flinn, K.M., 2006:
Reproductive biology of three fern species may contribute to differential colonization success in post-agricultural forests

Aponte, Y.; Jauregui, D., 2004:
Reproductive capacity: formation of fruits and seeds in Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Degener and Passiflora cincinnata Mast

Zamiri, M.J.; Heidari, A.H., 2006:
Reproductive characteristics of Rayini male goats of Kerman province in Iran

Burke, J.M.; Bishop, C.; Stormshak, F., 2006:
Reproductive characteristics of endophyte-infected or novel tall fescue fed ewes

Rafiqul Islam; Nadroo, G.A.; Sarkar, T.K.; Bhat, A.S., 2006:
Reproductive disorders in Corriedale ewes

Chen KaiNing; Lan CeJie; Shi LongXin; Chen WeiMin; X.H.i; Bao XianMing, 2006:
Reproductive ecology of Vallisneria natans

Takahashi, M.; Tsuchiya, H.; Ueki, A.; Mita, N.; Kubo, M.; Goryo, M.; Hashizume, T.; Osawa, T., 2006:
Reproductive examination and histopathological findings of somatic cell-cloned Holstein Friesian cows with low reproductive and low lactational performance

Ma, H.; Bernstein, L.; Pike, M.C.; Ursin, G., 2006:
Reproductive factors and breast cancer risk according to joint estrogen and progesterone receptor status: a meta-analysis of epidemiological studies

Simbar, M.; Tehrani, F.R.; Hashemi, Z., 2005:
Reproductive health knowledge, attitudes and practices of Iranian college students

Alemayehu Seifu; Mesganaw Fantahun; Alemayehu Worku, 2006:
Reproductive health needs of out-of-school adolescents: a cross-sectional comparative study of rural and urban areas in northwest Ethiopia

Ishihara, M.; Ohgushi, T., 2006:
Reproductive inactivity and prolonged developmental time induced by seasonal decline in host plant quality in the willow leaf beetle Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Dzhamaldinov, A.C.; Narizhnyi, A.G., 2005:
Reproductive indices in boars that were fed a diet containing apple pectin

Vorwerk, S.; Forneck, A., 2006:
Reproductive mode of grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae, Homoptera: Phylloxeridae) in Europe: molecular evidence for predominantly asexual populations and a lack of gene flow between them

Mutharayappa, R., 2006:
Reproductive morbidity of women in Karnataka

Yaro, A.S.; Dao, A.; Adamou, A.; Crawford, J.E.; Traoré, S.F.; Touré, A.M.; Gwadz, R.; Lehmann, T., 2006:
Reproductive output of female Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae): comparison of molecular forms

Lango Reynoso, F.; Chavez Villaba, J.; L.P.nnec, M., 2006:
Reproductive patterns of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in France

Hudson, B.P.; Dozier, W.A.I.I.I.; Wilson, J.L.; Sander, J.E.; Ward, T.L., 2004:
Reproductive performance and immune status of caged broiler breeder hens provided diets supplemented with either inorganic or organic sources of zinc from hatching to 65 wk of age

Khasatiya, C.T.; Dhami, A.J.; Ramani, V.P.; Savalia, F.P.; Kavani, F.S., 2005:
Reproductive performance and mineral profile of postpartum fertile and infertile Surti buffaloes

Maffili, V.V.; Torres, C.A.A.; Prosperi, C.P.; Fonseca, J.F. da; Pontes, R.A.M.; Moraes, E.A. de; Costa, E.P. da; Santos, A.D.F., 2005:
Reproductive performance of Alpine and Saanen goats treated with human chorionic gonadotrophin in the day fifth and twentieth postmating during induced breeding season

Azevedo, D.M.M.R.; Martins Filho, R.; Lobo, R.N.B.; Malhado, C.H.M.; Lobo, R.B.; Moura, A. de A.A.; Pimenta Filho, E.C., 2006:
Reproductive performance of Nelore cows in the North and Northeast Regions of Brazil

Tomin, E., 2006:
Reproductive performance of Ukrainian Large White pigs under different breeding regimes

Buczynski, J.T.; Panek, A.; Kempisty, B.; Skrzypczak, E.; Lucinski, P., 2006:
Reproductive performance of Zotnicka White pigs as related to RYR1 gene

Garcia-Tomas, M.; Sanchez, J.; Rafel, O.; Ramon, J.; Piles, M., 2006:
Reproductive performance of crossbred and purebred male rabbits

Diaz, M.; Garcia, J.G.; Nunez, R.; Lopez, R.; Martinez, P.A., 2006:
Reproductive performance of crossbred cows with different percentages of Bos taurus genes in tropical conditions of Mexico

Mori, R.M.; Ribeiro, E.L. de A.; Mizubuti, I.Y.; Rocha, M.A. da; Silva, L. das D.F. da, 2006:
Reproductive performance of ewes submitted to different feeding managements before and during the breeding period

Arundhati Phookan; Laskar, S.; Aziz, A.; Goswami, R.N., 2006:
Reproductive performance of indigenous pigs of the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam

Potocnjak, D.; Pavicic, Z.; Valpotic, H.; Popovic, M.; Bedrica, L.; Vijtiuk, N.; Vlahovic, K.; Mrljak, V.; Baric Rafaj, R., 2006:
Reproductive performance of late pregnant gilts treated with BaypamunReg. before farrowing

Teodoro, A.V.; Reis, P.R., 2006:
Reproductive performance of the mite Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes, 1939) on citrus and coffee, using life table parameters

Martins, L.-Franco; Baracat-Pereira, M.-Cristina; Guimaraes, J.-Domingos; Da-Costa, E.-Paulino; Silveira, T.-Da-Silva; Alves-Torres, C.-Alexandre; Rodrigues, M.-Teixeira; Braz, V.-Barbosa, 2006:
Reproductive performance, soluble proteins of the seminal plasm and hypoosmotic test in male goats of the Alpine breed under controlled mating

Fronte, B.; Porrini, S.; Ferretti, M.; Zalli, F.; Bagliacca, M.; Mani, P., 2005:
Reproductive performances in captivity condition of pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) of wild and farm origin

Lobago, F.; Bekana, M.; Gustafsson, H.; Kindahl, H., 2006:
Reproductive performances of dairy cows in smallholder production system in Selalle, Central Ethiopia

Uematsu, H., 2006:
Reproductive rate and predatory ability of the pentatomid bug, Andrallus spinidens (Fabr.) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Renema, R.A., 2004:
Reproductive responses to Sel-PlexReg. organic selenium in male and female broiler breeders: impact on production traits and hatchability

Gaash, B.; Kausar, R.; Bhan, R.; Bashir, S., 2005:
Reproductive tract infections in Kargil: a community based study

Lu, K.G.; Morresey, P.R., 2006:
Reproductive tract infections in horses

Estienne, M.J.; Harper, A.F.; Knight, J.W., 2006:
Reproductive traits in gilts housed individually or in groups during the first thirty days of gestation

Khaziakhmetov, F., 2005:
Reproductive traits of sows using grass meal of goat's-rue

Tyagi, S.; Mandal, D.K.; Mahesh Kumar; Mathur, A.K., 2006:
Reproductive wastage rate of crossbred dairy bulls with reference to level of exotic inheritance and number of breed components

Quiggin, J., 2006:
Repurchase of renewal rights: a policy option for the National Water Initiative

Ichinosawa, J., 2006:
Reputational disaster in Phuket: the secondary impact of the tsunami on inbound tourism

Halmy, L., 2006:
Requirements for Mangalica food products

Quendler, E.; Boxberger, J.; Niernsee, S., 2006:
Requirements for a driver assistant system around agricultural vehicles

Babcock, S.L.; Neihsl, A., 2006:
Requirements for mandatory reporting of animal cruelty

Zhu Tan; W.J.ng; Chang IShin, 2005:
Requirements for strategic environmental assessment in China

Silva Junior, R.G.C.; Lana, G.R.Q.; Rabello, C.B.V.; Lana, S.R.V.; Barboza, W.A., 2006:
Requirements of methionine + cystine for female broilers chickens from 1 to 21 and 22 to 42 days old on tropical climate region

Batterbury, S.P.J.; Fernando, J.L., 2006:
Rescaling governance and the impacts of political and environmental decentralization: an introduction

Anonymous, 2006:
Research Review - Tea Research Foundation (Central Africa), 1997-2001

Zhang Lei; Jiang JianHong; L.L.n, 2004:
Research advance and current status of swine influenza

L.X.uPing; Bai YongFu, 2006:
Research advance in purity identification technology of tobacco variety

Liang WanJun; H.H.iQing; Liu FuJin; Zhang DaMing, 2006:
Research advance of biomass and carbon storage of poplar in China

L.X.an; Chen KunSong; Zhang MingFang; Mosbah, K.M., 2006:
Research advance of glucosinolates from crucifer

Wang-Xiao-Xiong; Lu-Long-Dou; Hao-Huai-Qing; Yang-Ying-Gen; Guo-Zhong-Chen; Guo-Yi-Ming; Lin-Jin-Xing, 2006:
Research advances about developmental mechanism of somatic embryos in conifers

W.Y.ngBo; Xue JianHui, 2004:
Research advances about effects of enhanced UV-B radiation on plants

Guan WenQiang; L.S.uFen, 2006:
Research advances in application of natural plant extracts to postharvest preservation of fruits and vegetables

Liu ZiXiong; Zhu TianHui; Zhang Jian, 2005:
Research advances in root exudates and rhizosphere microorganisms of forest trees

H.X.Sheng; Liao ZongWen; Huang PeiZhao; Duan JiXian; G.R.nShan; L.H.ngBo; Zhao JianHua, 2006:
Research advances in slow/controlled-release water-storing fertilizers

Zheng JunQiang; Gao ZengGui; Zhuang JingHua; Chen Jie, 2005:
Research advances of bio-control of maize soil borne disease

Zhou YanZhou; Zhou XianMin; Chen AnGuo, 2005:
Research advances on application of urease inhibitor to poultry production

Huo Yan; Yang YinFeng, 2006:
Research advances on ghrelin

Maiti, R.K.; Vidyasagar, P.; Patil, B.S.; Singh, V.P., 2006:
Research advances on salinity tolerance in vegetable crops - a review

H.Q.ngQuan; Wang YuXiong, 2005:
Research advances on transgenic lucerne

Chen WenQing, 2004:
Research and application of automatic control system for water saving irrigation project

Guo LianXi; Wang MeiNi; Zhao Wei, 2006:
Research and application of grassland yield estimation system based on 3S technology

L.W.nLin; Huang FengHong; G.Q.angHua; Gan WeiRui, 2006:
Research and application of twin-screw press for cold pressing of de-hulled rapeseed

Jiang JianXin; Chen XiaoYang, 2005:
Research and development of energy forest and forest energy bioconversion

Yang RenCui; Zhang ShuBiao; Huang RongHua; Zhang QingQi, 2005:
Research and development of hybrid rice with eui (elongated uppermost internode) gene

Wang JianDong; Gong ShiHong; X.M.oYun; Zhao YueFen; Liu ZhongShan, 2006:
Research and development of liquamatic piston fertilizer pump for micro-irrigation

Liu JinPing; Liang XiAi, 2006:
Research and development of peanut yoghurt

L.G.ng; Yang QunFa; Cuan MiXing; Zhang BaiLiang, 2006:
Research and development of the BCT-1 biomass gas burner

Zhu Yan; Gao Yu; Cui XiuMing; Fen GuangQuan; Liu YunZhi; L.J.e, 2006:
Research and development of the GAP expert system based on DET of Panax notoginseng in Yunnan Province - framework construction and content of technological consultation system

Heller, L.; Nascimento, N. de O., 2005:
Research and development on environmental sanitation in Brazil: needs and trends

Virmani, S.M., 2003 :
Research and development strategies to counter drought impacts for sustained chickpea production in the tropics

Stoop, W.A.; Hart, T., 2005:
Research and development towards sustainable agriculture by resource-poor farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa: some strategic and organisational considerations in linking farmer practical needs with policies and scientific theories

H.XiaoPeng, 2006:
Research and manufacture of electric manually fed sweet corn cutter

Gao GuoZhi; H.L.ng; Peng ShiZhang, 2005:
Research and real-time forecast model of irrigation schedule in irrigation districts

Colburn, L.L., 2006:
Research and resource management in North American fisheries

Radoi, C.; Nedelcu, M.; Guresoaie, I.; Rosu, L., 2002:
Research concerning an analysis of wing length and width in the Romanian bees from different areas

Greavu, M., 2006:
Research concerning the ground water level, an essential factor for ecological rehabilitation of the declining forests located in dammed areas of the Danube Delta

Dragotoiu, T., 2002:
Research concerning the heritability of some production characters in a Landrace pig population

Pana, C.; Stoica, I.; Curelea, M.; Dragotoiu, D.; Marin, M.; Stoica, L., 2000:
Research concerning the influence of vegetable fat adding comparison with animal fat in broiler diets on growing performances and carcass quality

Palada Nicolau, M.; Jouve, L.; Hausman, J.F., 2006:
Research concerning the medium and long-term conservation of the collection of oak embryogenic lines

Filote, E.; Filote, M., 2002:
Research concerning the possibilities of improving the milk production at the Karakul breed in Botosani

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Research considerations in pre-cooling and numerical simulation for agricultural products at FEAGRI/UNICAMP

Zhang ShuAng; D.K.Jiu; L.C.engDe; S.J.nHao, 2004:
Research development of gene engineering on resistance to coleopterans

Zhao XingXin; Liu WeiMin; Luo TiQian; X.S.engYan, 2006:
Research development of spouted bed

Hou YuanZhao, 2005:
Research direction of Green GDP accounting for forest and its perspectives in China

Liu Ying; Gao XueJun, 2006:
Research for regularity of yogurt fermented in DVS about biochemical changes during the refrigeration

Mathurin, P.; Jaubertie, J.P.; Lemoine, M.C.; Poitout, d' H.; Fournier, L., 2006:
Research in sweet potato clones adapted to conditions of Allier

Mubyazi, G.M.; Gonzalez-Block, M.A., 2005:
Research influence on antimalarial drug policy change in Tanzania: case study of replacing chloroquine with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine as the first-line drug

Clauss, M. et al., 2006:
Research into causes of BSE propagation: a case study in Bavaria

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Research into the influence of phytohormones upon the growth in vitro at several varieties of greenhouse carnations

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Research methods: a guide to using the case study method to explore hospitality information technology phenomena

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Research navigating the course of clinical practice in diabetes

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Research of Fuzhuan tea's therapy for hyperlipidemia by high-throughput screening

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Research of basic issues of supraregional biocentre in Knehyne - Certuv Mlyn, the Moravian-Silesian Beskids Mts. Research project

Bozic, M.; Cavlovic, J.; Teslak, K., 2006:
Research of criteria for detachment of protective stands - forest administration Gospic case study

Curtu, A.L., 2003:
Research of genetic variation of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) using DNA markers

Kohan, S., 2005:
Research of intensive breeding ways of poplar 'Gigant' in the area of the Latorice river in the Eastern Slovakian lowland

Guan Qiang; Yin LiLi; L.Z.iPeng; Zhan ChangShu, 2006:
Research of measuring instrument for tree diameter based on ultrasonic distance measurement

Mikulic, J., 2006:
Research of the influence of unplanned building on the development of sustainable tourism in Makarska Riviera

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Research of the variability in basic density of Pinus taeda plantations from Misiones and north of Corrientes Provinces

Gavrichenko, A.I.; Shvareva, A.A.; Kormin, A.M., 2006:
Research of tractor cab external temperature field

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Research on USDA farm credit programs: past, present, and future

Tang QingHong; Chen Jie; Shen GuoHui; F.Q.nMei; Qian ZhengGuan, 2006:
Research on application techniques for a novel herbicide 10% ZJ0273 EC on transplanted rapes

Y.J.Sheng; L.Q.Jian; Zeng Yong; W.X.Ming, 2006:
Research on brand agriculture of Shanghai suburbs - analysis on the current situation of Qingpu brand agriculture

L.HuiQing, 2004:
Research on characters, targets and bases of ecotourism

Davidescu, V.; Toma, I.; Neata, G., 1998:
Research on chemical fertilisers and the lead as polluting of fodder plants cultivated on reddish-brown soil at Moara Domneasca

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Research on cold acclimation of Oncomelania hupensis in lab

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Research on condition of the using forest satoyama of social welfare institutions for mentally handicapped persons in metropolis Tokyo

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Research on conservation of forest tree germplasm resources in Australia and New Zealand

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Research on determination of 1,8-cineole in eucalyptus oil using acetophenone as internal standard

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Research on development dynamic state of Xinjiang apricot fruit

Liao ShengXi; Yang Lin; Zheng YiXin; Liu Juan; Qin ZhiHong, 2005:
Research on drought resistance of Azadirachta indica provenances

M.S.iChun; Yang WenBin, 2005:
Research on drying technology for Italian poplar thin board

X.Y.oMing; Wang ZuGuo, 2006:
Research on efficient cropping arrangement for watermelon, melon and cucumber under multispan beam greenhouse

Gao Shan; X.Y.anMing; X.Z.iMing, 2006:
Research on evaluating system of planning urban and rural development as a whole - taking Jiangsu Province for example

L.M.ngXian; Zhou HongMei, 2006:
Research on financial support to construction of socialist new countryside

Coanda, C.; Stoiculescu, C.D., 2005:
Research on forest biodiversity in large protected areas in the Romanian Carpathians

Ling YaoChu; H.Y.eXiao, 2006:
Research on industry orientation of urban agriculture in city

Wang HongJun; W.Q.Feng; Xie YingZhou, 2006:
Research on law of seed dry matter accumulation and its relation with yield of soybean

LuNa ; Shen MingHao, 2006:
Research on mutagenicity of sodium benzoate in bone marrow cells

Liu LiJuan; Feng YuCai; Zhao LanPo; Geng YuHui; Dong Ran, 2006:
Research on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium deficiency of Dioscorea nipponica

Huang XiuQing, 2005:
Research on optimal dietary nutritional level for Mule duck

Jiang SuQin; L.S.uTing; Wang XingHua; Cui WeiZheng; Han XueBo; Guo ZhaoYi; Yin XiaoYun, 2006:
Research on original young silkworms reared with pellet artificial diet

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Research on relationship between occurrence of peroxides and of derivative - volatile oxidative products in refined rapeseed and sunflower oils

Ene, A.; Radu, A.; Udrescu, S., 1998:
Research on soil cover within the hydrographic basin of Valea Baiesti, Buzau County

Zhang NaiLi; Guo JiXun, 2006:
Research on soil microbial biomass phosphorus in a Carex duriuscula community of Songnen meadow

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Research on some varieties of vetch (Vicia sativa L.) with particular reference to phenology and morphology

Badiceanu, L.; Burloi, G.; Negut, L., 1998:
Research on some winter barley varieties behaviour on the Barlad Plateau

Badiceanu, L.; Burloi, G.; Negut, L.; Filiche, E., 1998 :
Research on some winter two-row barley lines on the sloping fields of the Tutova hillocks

Hartter, J.; Leonard, J.; Garland, J.; Pilkerton, S., 2006:
Research on synthetic rope and its future in timber harvesting

Dobrescu, A., 1999:
Research on the activity of several oxidative enzymes in soybean organs (Glycine max L. Merr.)

Akbulut, B., 2006:
Research on the condition of existing populations of sturgeons and production possibilities

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Research on the contribution of the spontaneous honey-bearing flora to the honey production during the gathering with technical plants in Dobrogea area

Davidescu, V.; Coteanu, O.; Dobrescu, A.; Toma, I.; Neata, G.; Budoi, G., 1998:
Research on the correlation between chlorophyl content and nitrogen necessary in plants

Tsujimoto, T.; Sakurai, H., 2006:
Research on the development of applicable agricultural machines for small-scale farmers in Africa (Part 2) - case study of improvement and trial-made of Turkish thresher

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Research on the differences between optimal economic fertilizers rates as related of mathematical response model

Liu ZhenBo; Liu YiXing; Y.H.iPeng; Yuan JunQi, 2005:
Research on the dynamic modulus of elasticity measurement of lumber

Trdan, S.; Znidarcic, D.; Valic, N., 2005:
Research on the efficacy of three different substances to reduce the occurrence of fungus Erysiphe cichoracearum DC. (Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae) on chicory

Lyubenov, A., 2005:
Research on the germplasm of Prunus armeniaca L. at the regional centre for applied science, Silistra, Bulgaria

Gao XuePing; T.X.angYang; Y.L.li, 2006:
Research on the groundwater contamination caused by using seawater as land-scape water in channel coastal

Miljkovic, I., 2006:
Research on the growth dynamics of fruits and shoots, and mineral content of olive leaves under the ecological conditions of Istria

Raducuta, I.; Togoe, I.; Vlad, I., 2000:
Research on the influence of increasing the ration protein content on the microbial dynamics in young sheep for fattening

Brischke, C.; Rapp, A.O., 2005:
Research on the influence of macro and micro climate on decay: an experimental approach for the useful life prediction of wooden components and preliminary results

Budoi, G.C., 1999:
Research on the influence of the yield price and the fertilizer cost ratio on optimum economic fertilizer rates

Qiu HengJia; Bian XinMin; Zhu LiQun, 2005:
Research on the landscape spatial pattern in the Taihu lake-land ecotone - a case study of Wuzhong District of Suzhou City

Crivineanu, C.; Balteanu, G., 1999:
Research on the potential production at the sugar beet in the south of the Romanian south plain

Xu, P.; Zhang, X-guo.; Li, Y-ming.; Yu, C-hui.; Xu, L.; Xu, G-yun., 2006:
Research on the protection effect of pioglitazone for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in rats

Criste, R.D.; Burlacu, G.; Taranu, I.; Burlacu, R., 2000:
Research on the recommendation of supplemental dietary iron (Fe) for piglets (10-30 kg) according to the growth intensity

Burzo, I.; Dobrescu, A.; Georgescu, M., 1996:
Research on the seed germination physiology in Helianthus annuus

Danescu, F.; Rosu, C.; Surdu, A., 2003:
Research on the substitution of poorly perfroming black locust forest situated in the external part of the forest steppe zone

Homma, A.K.O., 2006:
Research on the sustainable management of the Amazon: perspective on soyabeans

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Research on the use of three different types of seed cleaning and sorting machines for seed corn in the Thrace region

Budoi, G.C.; Coroianu, M., 1999:
Research on the variation of the action coefficients of vegetation trophic factors

Xiao ChangLai; Zhang LiChun; Fang Zhang; Jia Tao, 2006:
Research on transform relationship between surface water and groundwater in Taoer River Fan

Mieldazys, A.; Jasinskas, A.; Ferevicius, D., 2006:
Research on vibratory effect on grass mass

Tang WeiDong; L.P.ngPing; L.Z.angPing, 2006:
Research on visualization of artificial light covering area in greenhouse

Tang WeiDong; L.P.ngPing, 2006:
Research on visualization of plant development model using state theory

Mora, A.; Morera, J., 1995:
Research on yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus) and its potential for the agricultural growth of the region

Chen XueSen; W.Y.n; Sun YongHua; Liu Wen; Liang Qing, 2006:
Research on yield components among apricot seedlings of F1 populations

Tang, J-Ling., 2006:
Research priorities in traditional Chinese medicine

Geng SenLin; Shang ZhiYuan, 2006:
Research progress and prospects of stored grain insect sound detection technology

Zheng Li; Yang JinLing; Zhu Ping; Cheng KeDi, 2005:
Research progress in beta -xylosidase

Wang FuJun; Wang Wen' e, 2006:
Research progress in analysis of flow passage in irrigation emitters using computational fluid dynamics techniques

Luo XiWen; Zang Ying; Zhou ZhiYan, 2006:
Research progress in farming information acquisition technique for precision agriculture

Yang BaoJin; Luo Jun, 2005:
Research progress of protein engineering for chymosin

Zhao ZhenDong; Sun Zhen, 2004:
Research progress on natural resources and application of the bioactive substance - squalene

Xiong, G-hua.; Jin, C-fa., 2006:
Research progress on the resting habits of major sandflies and control strategy

X.L.ng; Zhang ShiGuang, 2005:
Research prospect of the tabtoxin's pathogenicity

Rosca, I.; Pasol, P., 1997:
Research regarding dynamics of species Agrotis segetum Den. et Schiff. in Fundulea area by using specific synthetic sexual pheromone

Mihaila, E., 2006:
Research regarding the application of release cuttings - weedings in beech stands

Ciobanu, M., 2002:
Research regarding the effects of some chitin inhibitors on Plodia interpunctella larvae

Chirila, A.; Tomescu, S.; Cuzic, M., 2002:
Research regarding the influence of the feeding time in the cold season on the wear of wintering bees

Popov, C., 2004:
Research regarding the protection of cereals, legumes for grains, industrial and forage crops against pathogens and pests in 2003

Gaspar, R.; Clinciu, I., 2006:
Research regarding the stability and resistance of the hydrotechnical works for torrents' management

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Research regarding the yield elaboration in Dactylis glomerata and Medicago sativa mixture: analysis at population level

Pan LiMei; Y.F.Ping; Jiang Ying, 2004:
Research report on cultivar resource of black-bean in Jilin Province

Gregory, R.J., 2002:
Research should not ignore the power of elite groups

Wang HaiYing; Yang GuoTing; Zhou Dan, 2004:
Research situation and comprehensive utilization of wood vinegar

Hayakawa, F.; Ioku, K.; Akuzawa, S.; Yoneda, C.; Kazami, Y.; Nishinari, K.; Baba, Y.; Kohyama, K., 2006:
Research survey of Japanese consumers on texture vocabulary (studies on Japanese texture terms Part 2)

Watson, C.; Alroe, H.; Kristensen, E.S., 2006:
Research to support the development of organic food and farming

Maiti, R.K.; Vidyasagar, P.; Singh, V.P., 2006:
Research trends on physiological basis of crop growth and productivity in maize (Zea mays L.) - a review

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Research works upon morphological characters of F1 and F2 generation in winter wheat

Usher, M.B., 2005:
Research, strategies and policies for protecting Scotland's rural biodiversity

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Researches about the influence of some fertilising system on some fodder plants cultivated on reddish-brown soil from Moara Domneasca

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Researches and experiences of Conservation Reserve Program in USA

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Researches concerning the carbamates toxicology (Carbendazim 99, Carbendazim 500 SC)

Cernea, C.; Cozma, V.; Magdas, C.; Cernea, M.; Cioflanc, A., 2003:
Researches for establishing the Mondolar 10% (monensin) (KRKA, Slovenya) efficacy in experimental chicken eimeriosis

Constantina, C.; Sonica, D., 2004:
Researches on earwigs Forficula auricularia F. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) as predator of common pear psylla Cacopsylla pyri L. (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

Constantina, C.; Sonica, D., 2004:
Researches on pear ecosystem entomofauna in Baneasa-Bucharest area. Ecological parameters of pest and beneficial insects

Song ZhanQian, 2004:
Researches on pine chemicals in China

Beldeanu, E.C., 2006:
Researches on the length of axial tracheids of resonance spruce stems

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Researches regarding the dynamics of some seminologics indices to boars

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Researches regarding the yield elaboration in Dactylis glomerata and Medicago sativa mixture. Analysis at individual level

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Researches regarding water regime of some field crops in Transylvania (1964-2002)

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Reservation, management and use of satoyama forest in local governments (I) - From questionnaire survey to municipalities in Kinki district

Yoshimura, T.; Noda, H.; Tanaka, W.; Hosoda, K., 2005:
Reservation, management and use of satoyama forest in local governments (II) - From questionnaire survey to municipalities in Kanto district

Noda, H.; Tanaka, W.; Yoshimura, T.; Hosoda, K., 2005:
Reservation, management and use of satoyama forest in local governments (III) - Table of results of questionnaires about satoyama forest in Kinki and Kanto district

Geacu, S.; Calinescu, C., 2005:
Reserve for European bison (Bison bonasus L.) at Negra-Bucsani (Dambovita county)

Ter Ghazaryan, D.; Heinen, J.T., 2006:
Reserve management during transition: the case of Issyk-Kul biosphere and nature reserves, Kyrgyzstan

Gvazava, D., 2006:
Reserves for increasing the economic efficiency of dairy farming

Koomans, R.; Bamford, S., 2006:
Reservoir bathymetry and sediment composition

Dsouli, N.; Younsi-Kabachii, H.; Postic, Dèle.; Nouira, S.; Gern, L.; Bouattour, A., 2006:
Reservoir role of lizard Psammodromus algirus in transmission cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (Spirochaetaceae) in Tunisia

Cunha-e-Silva, N.; Sant'Anna, C.; Pereira, M.Gomes.; Porto-Carreiro, I.; Jeovanio, Aé.Luiz.; de Souza, W., 2006:
Reservosomes: multipurpose organelles?

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Resident perception of the effect of tourism: a case study of the Crystal Basin Recreation Area, California

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Residential camps as a setting for nutrition education of Australian girls

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Residential radon and lung cancer: end of the story?

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Residents and urban green spaces: the case of Bari

G.M.ng; Wong PohPoh, 2006:
Residents' perception of tourism impacts: a case study of homestay operators in Dachangshan Dao, North-East China

Florgard, C.; Forsberg, O., 2006:
Residents' use of remnant natural vegetation in the residential area of Jarvafaltet, Stockholm

Uddin, M.; Okazaki, E., 2006:
Residual catalytic activity: a rapid screening tool to verify cooking temperature of fish and shellfish meats

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Residual contaminants in milk

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Residual dynamics of clopyralid in oil seed and soil

Sanjay Gupta; Rameshwar Singh; Khanna, V.K., 2005:
Residual effect of 2,4-D on in vitro regeneration in four genotypes of sudan grass (Sorghum sudanense Piper)

L. e Silva, P.S.; Silva, J. da; Oliveira, F.H.T. de; Sousa, A.K.F. de; Duda, G.P., 2006:
Residual effect of cattle manure application on green ear yield and corn grain yield

Yousef, A.S.; Abd, E.A.l, S.M., 2006:
Residual effect of certain pesticides against two land snails species, Monacha contiana and Eobania vermicutata under laboratory and field conditions

Mahmoud, M.R., 2006:
Residual effect of compost and biofertilizer on maize yield, and some soil chemical properties

Marchiori Junior, O.; Constantin, J.; Oliveira Junior, R.S.; Inoue, M.H.; Pivetta, J.P.; Cavalieri, S.D., 2005:
Residual effect of isoxaflutole under different dry periods

Zaid, M.S.; E.G.ozoli, M.A.; Lamhy, M.A., 2005:
Residual effect of some organic residues produced from biogas units on growth and nutrients utilization by wheat plants

Hulugalle, N.R.; Weaver, T.B.; Finlay, L.A., 2006:
Residual effects of cotton-based crop rotations on soil properties of irrigated Vertosols in central-western and north-western New South Wales

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Residual persistence of chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid and acephate in brinjal fruit

Sarwan Kumar; Sharma, D.R., 2006:
Residual toxicity period of insecticides against citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton in nursery

Guy, S.O.; Lauver, M.A., 2006:
Residue cover in wheat systems following dry pea and lentil in the Palouse region of Idaho

Ahuja, A.K.; Mohapatra, S.; Sharma, D.; Awasthi, M.D., 2006:
Residue persistence of different formulations of lambda -cyhalothrin in brinjal

Drozdzynski, D., 2006:
Residues and transfer of triazine herbicides in ground waters of intensively exploited arable land in Wielkopolska province of Poland

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Residues from veterinary medicinal products, growth promoters and performance enhancers in food-producing animals: a European Union perspective

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Residues of DDT and HCH in wheat samples collected from different states of India and their dietary exposure: A multicentre study

Sumitra Arora; Amerika Singh; Trivedi, T.P.; Shukla, R.P.; Jitendra Singh, 2006:
Residues of chlorpyriphos and monocrotophos in IPM and non-IPM mango orchards

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Residues of diazinon and fenitrothion insecticides on and in sugarbeet plants

Samanta, A.; Chowdhury, A.; Somchoudhury, A.K., 2006:
Residues of different insecticides in/on brinjal and their effect on Trichogramma spp

Jahromi, K.T., 2006:
Residues of imidacloprid in cucumber

Ferreira, E.M.; Videira e Castro, I., 2005:
Residues of the cork industry as carriers for the production of legume inoculants

De Melo Abreu, S.; Caboni, P.; Pirisi, F.M.; Cabras, P.; Alves, A.; Garau, V.L., 2006:
Residues of the fungicide famoxadone in grapes and its fate during wine production

Witkowski, E.T.F.; Lamont, B.B., 2006:
Resilience of two Banksia species to global change: comparing results of bioclimatic modelling, demographic and translocation studies

Jones, M.J.; Orr, B., 2006 :
Resin tapping and forest cooperatives in Honduras

Mota-Sanchez, D.; Hollingworth, R.M.; Grafius, E.J.; Moyer, D.D., 2005:
Resistance and cross-resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides and spinosad in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Nowosiad, M.; Giedrys Kalemba, S., 2006:
Resistance and serotypes evolution of Streptococcus pneumoniae strains isolated in West Pomerania Region of Poland in the years 2001-2003

Anselmi, N.; Mazzaglia, A.; Scaramuccia, L.; Pace, C. de, 2006:
Resistance attitude of Juglans Regia L. Provenances towards anthracnose (Gnomonia leptstyla (FR.) ces et de not.)

Lobo, V.L. da S.; Lopes, C.A.; Giordano, L. de B., 2005:
Resistance components to bacterial spot and growth of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria, race T2, in tomato genotypes

Emblidge Fromme, A.; Dybdahl, M.F., 2006:
Resistance in introduced populations of a freshwater snail to native range parasites

Silva, G.; Rodriguez, J.; Bernal, J., 2006:
Resistance in parasitoids and predators of agricultural pests to insecticides

Onyeka, T.J.; Petro, D.; Ano, G.; Etienne, S.; Rubens, S., 2006:
Resistance in water yam (Dioscorea alata) cultivars in the French West Indies to anthracnose disease based on tissue culture-derived whole-plant assay

Liang, X.Q.; Luo, M.; Guo, B.Z., 2006:
Resistance mechanisms to Aspergillus flavus infection and aflatoxin contamination in peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Wu, K.; Guo, Y.; Head, G., 2006:
Resistance monitoring of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to bt insecticidal protein during 2001-2004 in China

Cai SongWu; Lin LiFeng; Duan JinHua; Yin WeiXiong, 2006:
Resistance of Aedes albopictus to insecticides and it's resistance management in Guangdong Province

Rezanejad, A.; Arabtabar, H.; Hosseinzadeh, A., 2003:
Resistance of Beech, Oak and Hornbeam wood species against marine borers in Boshehr port coasts in Persian Gulf

Yang JianGuo; P.X.angHong; Chen HuiMing; Yao YuanGan; Zou Ying, 2006:
Resistance of ER300 eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) against genetic bacterial wilt (Ralastonia solanacearum) and it's application to breeding

Alvarez-Sánchez, M.A.; Mainar-Jaime, R.C.; Pérez-García, J.; Rojo-Vázquez, F.A., 2006:
Resistance of Fasciola hepatica to triclabendazole and albendazole in sheep in Spain

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Resistance of Japanese encephalitis vector mosquitoes to insecticides in Jiangsu Province

Yuan Jie; Yang XueHui; H.H.iYong; Jin Xing, 2006:
Resistance of Magnapothe grisea to tricyclazole in Guizhou

Domingues, S.J.S.; Melo, F.R.; Aguiar, J.M.; Affonso, A.G.; Giuli, J.S.A.; Rose, J.L.; Sales, M.P.; Machado, L.F.; Azevedo, C.R.; Cunha, P.C. da; Uchoa, A.F.; Oliveira, A.E.A. de; Xavier Filho, J.; Fernandes, K.V.S., 2006:
Resistance of Vigna unguiculata (cowpea) seeds to Callosobruchus maculatus is restricted to cotyledonary tissues

Galimand, M.; Carniel, E.; Courvalin, P., 2006:
Resistance of Yersinia pestis to antimicrobial agents

Humeres, E.C.; Morse, J.G., 2006 :
Resistance of avocado thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) to sabadilla, a botanically derived bait

Bardon, J.; Kolar, M., 2005:
Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics at livestock farms

Lebow, S.; Woodward, B.; Crawford, D.; Abbott, W., 2005:
Resistance of borax-copper treated wood in aboveground exposure to attack by Formosan subterranean termites

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Resistance of crab-grass (Digitaria ciliaris) populations to Acetyl-Co-A Carboxylase-inhibiting herbicides

X.H.ngXing; LuZhongXian ; Chen JianMing; Zheng XuSong; Y.X.aoPing, 2006:
Resistance of different rice varieties to the striped stem borer, Chilo suppressalis, and its relationship with the morphological and anatomic characteristics of rice

Sayed, T.S.; Hirad, F.Y.; Abro, G.H., 2006:
Resistance of different stored wheat varieties to khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium (Everest) and lesser grain borer, Rhizopertha dominica (Fabricus)

Andruszewska, A.; Byczynska, M., 2005:
Resistance of linseed cultivars from the Institute of Natural Fibres collection to Fusarium wilt

Vares Megino, L., 2006:
Resistance of pathogens to fungicides

Steinhauserova, I.; Borilova, G.; Nebola, M., 2006:
Resistance of poultry, swine and human strains of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli to selected antibiotics: a comparative study

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Restorer and maintainer lines for newly developed cytoplasmic genic male sterile (CMS) lines of barley

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Restoring biodiversity to pine afforestations in Israel

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Restoring farmers' faith in farming

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Restoring the image of milk fat

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Restructuring Uganda's coffee industry: why going back to basics matters

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Restructuring of the dairy sector is in full swing

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Results revealed: the facts and figures from STRI's questionnaire on the use of biological products. Part 2 (Part 1 featured in the July edition)

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