Resistance performance to whitebacked planthopper in different phenotypes of japonica/indica doubled haploid rice lines

Sogawa, K.; Hu Jiang; Zeng LongJun; Qian Qian; Zeng DaLi

Rice Science 12(2): 133-136


ISSN/ISBN: 1672-6308
Accession: 012816476

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Field performance of whitebacked planthopper (WBPH)-resistance of four phenotypes was evaluated in Chunjiang 06 (CJ-06)/TN1 DH rice lines, which were expressed by different combinations of sucking inhibitory and ovicidal traits inherited independently from CJ-06. WBPH established the highest populations in susceptible DH lines that had neither sucking inhibitory- nor ovicidal resistance. Both immigration and subsequent population levels were kept below the damage-causing density in the sucking inhibitory DH lines even under a WBPH outbreak. WBPH could not build up populations in the DH lines having both the sucking inhibitory and ovicidal resistance. Although WBPH immigrated preferentially to non-sucking inhibitory DH lines with ovicidal resistance, subsequent population buildup was significantly suppressed. It was concluded that the differential performance to WBPH-resistance in CJ-06/TN1 DH lines was primarily due to the sucking inhibitory trait, and complementarily to the ovicidal trait.