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Studies on ensiling pressed sugarbeet pulp in plastic tubes. Part 1: Effect of delayed ensiling (24 hours interposed storage) on feeding value, losses and silage quality; costs of tube ensiling

Weber, U.; Kaiser, E.; Steinhofel, O.

Sugar Industry / Zuckerindustrie 131(10): 691-697


Accession: 012822177

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Pressed pulp is a valuable animal feed and must be carefully conserved. To this end, the use of plastic tubes has proved to be a flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly procedure that was investigated in a large-scale research project between 2003 and 2005. Marked differences in dry matter and sugar content, and in yeast germ population, were found already in the raw pressed pulp, depending chiefly on the sugar factory and season. An important subject of research was whether delayed ensiling, owing to the time taken for transport, was detrimental to the silage. Delay was simulated by interposing a 24-h storage of the pulp prior to ensiling on site.

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