Section 13
Chapter 12,823

Studies on the inheritance of late bolting in cross of Chinese cabbage x Chinese cabbage and the intraspecific crosses of Paktroi x Chinese cabbage and turnip x Chinese cabbage

Yu YangJun; Zhang FengLan; Zhao XiuYun; Zhang DeShuang; He Juan; Zhang ZhenXian

Acta Agriculturae Boreali Sinica 20(3): 17-21


Accession: 012822454

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Five typical lines of Brassica campestris were used to study the inheritance of late bolting. Four lines were late bolting Chinese cabbage (B. campestris ssp.pekinensis YH, Paktroi (B. campestris ssp.chinensis FMS and WS, turnip (B. campestris ssp.rapifera (B. campestris var. rapa)) MM. The other one was early bolting Chinese cabbage BY.

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