Section 13
Chapter 12,828

The interesting cross-paths of HIV/AIDS and water in Southern Africa with special reference to South Africa

Obi, C.L.; Onabolu, B.; Momba, M.N.B.; Igumbor, J.O.; Ramalivahna, J.; Bessong, P.O.; Rensburg, E.J. van; Lukoto, M.; Green, E.; Mulaudzi, T.B.

Water SA 32(3): 323-343


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-4738
Accession: 012827267

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HIV/AIDS and water-borne diseases account for a substantial degree of morbidity and mortality in different age groups across the globe, but their ripple effects are more devastating in developing countries. Estimates of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa vary but attest to a mature and generalised epidemic. Antenatal sero-prevalence data show a rising epidemic from less than 1% prevalence among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in 1990 to over 29.5% in 2004.

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