Section 13
Chapter 12,830

Toxicity assay for beta -exotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner to Dendrolimus superans Butler

Hu ChunXiang; Yan HongBo; Wang ZhiYing; Yang YuHuan; Wang YanJun; Yu FengLong; Yu XianJun

Journal of Northeast Forestry University 34(3): 5-6, 8


Accession: 012829515

Seed activity of larch and toxicity of D. superans were determined using two strains of beta -exotoxin from B. thuringiensis, and a toxicity testing for B. thuringiensis beta -exotoxin to Telenomus tetratomus Thomson was also conducted. Result showed that B. thuringiensis beta -exotoxin can inhibit the germination rate of larch seeds.

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