Efficacy of Pseudomonas fluorescens alone and in combination with Pasteuria penetrans against plant parasitic nematodes

Sankaranarayanan, C.; Hussaini, S.S.; Rangeshwaran, R.; Kumar, P.S.

International Journal of Tropical Plant Diseases 19(1/2): 7-13


Accession: 012855532

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In an experiment conducted, the cell free culture filtrate of Pseudomonas fluorescens was found toxic to juveniles of Meloidogyne incognita, Heterodera cajani and Rotylenchulus reniformis. As the exposure time increased, there was an increase in the mortality of juveniles. At 48 h, there was 95% mortality of R. reniformis, 94% mortality of M. incognita, and 85% mortality of H. cajani. In potted condition on tomato, combined inoculation of P. fluorescens and Pasteuria penetrans inhibited the gall formation and egg masses of M. incognita than individual inoculations.