Light interception of lighting systems, Venlo and Wide span type greenhouses

Janssen, E.; ' t Hart, H.

Acta Horticulturae 711: 431-436


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-7572
Accession: 012870222

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TNO has developed a computer program to calculate the light interception of the greenhouse structure using an improved half-perimeter method, taking into account reflections and shadowing. This program is used to compare the light interception of Venlo and wide span type greenhouse. Furthermore, the influence of artificial lighting on the total light interception is considered. The objective is to minimize the light interception of the greenhouse structure (with and without lighting equipment). The computer program is widely used by greenhouse construction companies and suppliers to improve the light interception of their greenhouses. The theory is also implemented in the Dutch Greenlabel programme, to develop energy efficient greenhouses. The program is used to compare several common types of the Venlo greenhouse type. The following parameters are varied: bay width, glass panel width, vent size, gutter type and light intensity level of the lighting system. The total range of light interception is approximately 7% (difference between maximum and minimum light interception of the greenhouse including lighting system), and the range of the lighting system is 3%. It is concluded that a 4-meter bay width together with 1.67-meter glass panels is the most favourable Venlo greenhouse type. Integration of the lighting system with the structure result to a 0.7% improvement in light interception.