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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12890

Chapter 12890 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wischke, C.; Borchert, H-Hubert.; Zimmermann, J.; Siebenbrodt, I.; Lorenzen, D.R., 2006:
Stable cationic microparticles for enhanced model antigen delivery to dendritic cells

Dhawan, A.; Taurozzi, J.S.; Pandey, A.K.; Shan, W.; Miller, S.M.; Hashsham, S.A.; Tarabara, V.V., 2006:
Stable colloidal dispersions of C60 fullerenes in water: evidence for genotoxicity

Y.Z.iFeng; Zhang ShouFeng; Liu Ye; Zhang Fei; H.R.ngLiang, 2006:
Stable expression and purification of rabies virus nucleoprotein in Escherichia coli

Koyama, Y.; Banzai, T.; Sonezaki, S.; Kusano, K., 2006:
Stable expression of a heterogeneous gene introduced via gene targeting into the HPRT locus of human fibrosarcoma cells

Markaki, M.; Drabek, D.; Livadaras, I.; Craig, R.K.; Grosveld, F.; Savakis, C., 2006:
Stable expression of human growth hormone over 50 generations in transgenic insect larvae

Hutchinson, J.J.; Trueman, C.N., 2006:
Stable isotope analyses of collagen in fish scales: limitations set by scale architecture

Gulson, B.; Wong, H., 2006:
Stable isotopic tracing-a way forward for nanotechnology

Chen, J.; Shi, G.; Concepcion, F.A.; Xie, G.; Oprian, D.; Chen, J., 2006:
Stable rhodopsin/arrestin complex leads to retinal degeneration in a transgenic mouse model of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa

Yadav, R.K.; Chaturvedi, R.K.; Minhas, P.S., 2006:
Stage dependent tolerance of paddy (Oryza sativa) and wheat (Triticum aestivum) to organic load in distillery effluent and associated changes in soil properties

McClusky, L.M.; de Jager, C.; Bornman, M.S., 2006:
Stage-related increase in the proportion of apoptotic germ cells and altered frequencies of stages in the spermatogenic cycle following gestational, lactational, and direct exposure of male rats to p-nonylphenol

Hogardt, M.; Hoboth, C.; Schmoldt, S.; Henke, C.; Bader, L.; Heesemann, Jürgen., 2006:
Stage-specific adaptation of hypermutable Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates during chronic pulmonary infection in patients with cystic fibrosis

Mathews, R.; Gearhart, J.P.; Bhatnagar, R.; Sponseller, P., 2006:
Staged pelvic closure of extreme pubic diastasis in the exstrophy-epispadias complex

Stark, Alan, E., 2006:
Stages in the evolution of the Hardy-Weinberg law

Chang, G.; McNamara, T.; Wilkins-Haug, L.; Orav, E.John., 2006:
Stages of change and prenatal alcohol use

Andresen, R.; Caputi, P.; Oades, L., 2006:
Stages of recovery instrument: development of a measure of recovery from serious mental illness

Santos, R.; Antunes, P.; Baptista, G.; Mateus, P.; Madruga, L., 2006:
Stakeholder participation in the design of environmental policy mixes

Shaikh, I.M.; Ghodke, S.K.; Laxmi Ananthanarayan, 2007:
Staling of chapatti (Indian unleavened flat bread)

Fernandez Toiran, L.M.; Agreda, T.; Olano, J.M., 2006:
Stand age and sampling year effect on the fungal fruit body community in Pinus pinaster forests in central Spain

Maguire, D.A.; Mainwaring, D.B.; Halpern, C.B., 2006:
Stand dynamics after variable-retention harvesting in mature Douglas-Fir forests of Western North America

Nagamatsu, D.; Usui, N.; Nakashima, Y.; Hiraki, S.; Takihara, M.; Suzuki, S., 2005:
Stand structure of Japanese beech forest at Mt. Ohginosen and Mt. Hyonosen

Oliveira, M.L.R. de; Soares, C.P.B.; Souza, A.L. de; Leite, H.G., 2005:
Stand volume equations for natural forest fragments in the municipality of Vicosa, Minas Gerais

Sebban, C.; Mounier, N.; Brousse, N.; Belanger, C.; Brice, P.; Haioun, C.; Tilly, H.; Feugier, P.; Bouabdallah, R.; Doyen, C.; Salles, G.; Coiffier, B., 2006:
Standard chemotherapy with interferon compared with CHOP followed by high-dose therapy with autologous stem cell transplantation in untreated patients with advanced follicular lymphoma: the GELF-94 randomized study from the Groupe d'Etude des Lymphomes de l'Adulte (GELA)

Wise, S.A.; Poster, D.L.; Kucklick, J.R.; Keller, J.M.; Vanderpol, S.S.; Sander, L.C.; Schantz, M.M., 2006:
Standard reference materials (SRMs) for determination of organic contaminants in environmental samples

Lavi, R.; Yarnitsky, D.; Yernitzky, D.; Rowe, J.M.; Weissman, A.; Segal, D.; Avivi, I., 2006:
Standard vs atraumatic Whitacre needle for diagnostic lumbar puncture: a randomized trial

Janakiram, T.; Mahantesh ; Murgod, I.; Prabhakar, B.S., 2006:
Standardization of agro-techniques for production of chrysanthemum under low cost polyhouse

Hrabina, M.; Purohit, A.; Oster, J-Philippe.; Papanikolaou, I.; Jain, K.; Pascal, P.; Sicard, H.; Gouyon, B.; Moingeon, P.; Pauli, G.; André, C., 2006:
Standardization of an ash (Fraxinus excelsior) pollen allergen extract

Ravindran, V., 2004:
Standardized ileal digestibility - proposal for a new system to describe amino acid digestibility of feed ingredients for poultry

Snider, J.E.; Hane, S.; Berman, A.L., 2006:
Standardizing the psychological autopsy: addressing the Daubert standard

Winn-Deen, Emily, S., 2005:
Standards and controls for genetic testing

Amos, M., D.; Bridges, A., J., 2005:
Standards for autoantibody testing; Addressing future needs for autoimmune disease and cancer diagnosis

Ferencz, T., 2006:
Standards for carrying out equine anaesthesia in practice and in the clinic

Somers, T.; Vercruysse, J.-Philippe; Zarowski, A.; Verstreken, M.; Offeciers, E., 2006:
Stapedotomy with microdrill or carbon dioxide laser: Influence on inner ear function

Plaza, R.; Rodriguez-Sanchez, J.L.; Juarez, C., 2006:
Staphylococcal enterotoxin B in vivo modulates both gamma interferon receptor expression and ligand-induced activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 in T cells

Ivanov, I.B.; Gritsenko, V.A.; Kuzmin, M.D., 2006:
Staphylococcal secretory inhibitor of platelet microbicidal protein is associated with prostatitis source

Schröder, A.; Schröder, B.; Roppenser, B.; Linder, S.; Sinha, B.; Fässler, R.; Aepfelbacher, M., 2006:
Staphylococcus aureus fibronectin binding protein-A induces motile attachment sites and complex actin remodeling in living endothelial cells

Sendi, P.; Rohrbach, M.; Graber, P.; Frei, R.; Ochsner, P.E.; Zimmerli, W., 2006:
Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants in prosthetic joint infection

Renzi, A.; Izzo, D.; Di Sarno, G.; Izzo, G.; Di Martino, N., 2006:
Stapled transanal rectal resection to treat obstructed defecation caused by rectal intussusception and rectocele

Picchio, M.; Palimento, D.; Attanasio, U.; Renda, A., 2006:
Stapled vs open hemorrhoidectomy: long-term outcome of a randomized controlled trial

Silva, A.; Bacci, M.; Pagnocca, F.C.; Bueno, O.C.; Hebling, M.J.A., 2005:
Starch metabolism in Leucoagaricus gongylophorus, the symbiotic fungus of leaf-cutting ants

Meng, H.; Walker, N.; Su, Y.; Qiao, X., 2006:
Stargazin mutation impairs cerebellar synaptogenesis, synaptic maturation and synaptic protein distribution

Anonymous, 2006:
Starke Partner: Novartis und Chiron

Trigo, C.; Campos, J.L.; Garrido, J.M.; Méndez, R., 2006:
Start-up of the Anammox process in a membrane bioreactor

Kann, P.H.; Wascher, T.; Zackova, V.; Moeller, J.; Medding, J.; Szocs, A.; Mokan, M.; Mrevlje, F.; Regulski, M., 2006:
Starting insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes: twice-daily biphasic insulin Aspart 30 plus metformin versus once-daily insulin glargine plus glimepiride

Getz, D.; Carlsen, J.; Morrison, A., 2004:
Starting the family business

Carlsen, A.N.; Dakin, C.J.; Chua, R.; Franks, I.M., 2006:
Startle produces early response latencies that are distinct from stimulus intensity effects

Mailleux, A-Catherine.; Detrain, C.; Deneubourg, J-Louis., 2006:
Starvation drives a threshold triggering communication

Suo, S.; Kimura, Y.; Van Tol, H.H.M., 2006:
Starvation induces cAMP response element-binding protein-dependent gene expression through octopamine-Gq signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans

Shah, N.G.; Trivedi, T.I.; Tankshali, R.A.; Goswami, J.A.; Jetly, D.H.; Kobawala, T.P.; Shukla, S.N.; Shah, P.M.; Verma, R.J., 2006:
Stat3 expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma: association with clinicopathological parameters and survival

Jarraud, M., 2006:
State of the art in policy development and implementation - from flood management to Integrated Flood Management

Babaliaros, V.; Block, P., 2006:
State of the art percutaneous intervention for the treatment of valvular heart disease: a review of the current technologies and ongoing research in the field of percutaneous valve replacement and repair

Chakrabarti, S.; Lanczycki, C.J.; Panchenko, A.R.; Przytycka, T.M.; Thiessen, P.A.; Bryant, S.H., 2006:
State of the art: refinement of multiple sequence alignments

Qian Jie; X.J.anChu, 2005:
State simplification and access issues for farming land in upland communities in a Chinese village

Maes, J.; Van-De-Putte, A.; Hecq, J.-Henri; Volckaert, F., A.M., 2006:
State-dependent energy allocation in the pelagic Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticum: trade-off between winter reserves and buoyancy

Persson, L.; De Roos, Aé.M.; Byström, Pär., 2006:
State-dependent invasion windows for prey in size-structured predator-prey systems: whole lake experiments

Ward, B.; McGuinness, L.; Akerman, C.J.; Fine, A.; Bliss, T.V.P.; Emptage, N.J., 2006:
State-dependent mechanisms of LTP expression revealed by optical quantal analysis

Fontanini, A.; Katz, D.B., 2006:
State-dependent modulation of time-varying gustatory responses

Shields, P.O., 2006:
State-funded tourism marketing: the effectiveness of state travel guides for the college market

Schablowski-Trautmann, M.; Gerner, H.Jürgen., 2006:
State-space analysis of joint angle kinematics in normal treadmill walking

Ward, B.Douglas.; Mazaheri, Y., 2006:
State-space estimation of the input stimulus function using the Kalman filter: a communication system model for fMRI experiments

Geldhof, E.; Cardon, G.; D.B.urdeaudhuij, I.; Danneels, L.; Coorevits, P.; Vanderstraeten, G.; D.C.ercq, D., 2006:
Static and dynamic standing balance: test-retest reliability and reference values in 9 to 10 year old children

Hulsen, U., 2006:
Static deep filtration of certified milk. An alternative for present and future long-life products

Willms, A.R.; Roughan, P.D.; Heinemann, J.A., 2006:
Static recipient cells as reservoirs of antibiotic resistance during antibiotic therapy

Akyuz, E.; Braun, J.T.; Brown, N.A.T.; Bachus, K.N., 2006 :
Static versus dynamic loading in the mechanical modulation of vertebral growth

Platz, E.A.; Leitzmann, M.F.; Visvanathan, K.; Rimm, E.B.; Stampfer, M.J.; Willett, W.C.; Giovannucci, E., 2006:
Statin drugs and risk of advanced prostate cancer

Go, A.S.; Lee, W.Y.; Yang, J.; Lo, J.C.; Gurwitz, J.H., 2006:
Statin therapy and risks for death and hospitalization in chronic heart failure

van de Garde, E.M.W.; Hak, E.; Souverein, P.C.; Hoes, A.W.; van den Bosch, J.M.M.; Leufkens, H.G.M., 2006:
Statin treatment and reduced risk of pneumonia in patients with diabetes

Anker, S., D.; Clark, A., L.; Winkler, R.; Zugck, C.; Cicoira, M.; Ponikowski, P.; Davos, C., H.; Banasiak, W.; Zardini, P.; Haass, M.; Senges, J.; Coats, A., J.S.; Poole-Wilson, P., A.; Pitt, B., 2006:
Statin use and survival in patients with chronic heart failure - results from two observational studies with 5200 patients

Ozaydin, M.; Dogan, A.; Varol, E.; Kapan, S.; Tuzun, N.; Peker, O.; Aslan, S.M.; Altinbas, A.; Ocal, A.; Ibrisim, E., 2006:
Statin use before by-pass surgery decreases the incidence and shortens the duration of postoperative atrial fibrillation

Dirks, A.J.; Jones, K.M., 2006:
Statin-induced apoptosis and skeletal myopathy

Roudier, E.; Mistafa, O.; Stenius, U., 2006:
Statins induce mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-mediated inhibition of Akt signaling and sensitize p53-deficient cells to cytostatic drugs

Freeman, S.R.; Drake, A.L.; Heilig, L.F.; Graber, M.; McNealy, K.; Schilling, L.M.; Dellavalle, R.P., 2006:
Statins, fibrates, and melanoma risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Fort, R.; Lee YoungHoon, 2006:
Stationarity and Major League Baseball attendance analysis

Zhang, H.; Zheng, G.; Li, Z., 2006:
Statistical analysis for haplotype-based matched case-control studies

Miqueu, P.; Guillet, M.; Degauque, N.; Doré, J-Christophe.; Soulillou, J-Paul.; Brouard, S., 2006:
Statistical analysis of CDR3 length distributions for the assessment of T and B cell repertoire biases

Holloway, A.J.; Oshlack, A.; Diyagama, D.S.; Bowtell, D.D.L.; Smyth, G.K., 2006:
Statistical analysis of an RNA titration series evaluates microarray precision and sensitivity on a whole-array basis

Cagy, M.; Infantosi, A.F.C.; França, A.I.; Lemle, M., 2006:
Statistical analysis of event-related potential elicited by verb-complement merge in Brazilian Portuguese

Vigliani, A.; Boniperti, E.; Scudo, E.; Vairo, S., 2005:
Statistical and ultrasonographical evaluation of superficial digital flexor tendon injuries in 190 race horses

Ochuodho, J.O.; Modi, A.T., 2006:
Statistical evaluation of the germination of Cleome gynandra L. seeds

Schork, N.J.; Greenwood, T.A.; Braff, D.L., 2006:
Statistical genetics concepts and approaches in schizophrenia and related neuropsychiatric research

Lekone, P.E.; Finkenstädt, Bärbel.F., 2006:
Statistical inference in a stochastic epidemic SEIR model with control intervention: Ebola as a case study

Rands, S.A.; Johnstone, R.A., 2006:
Statistical measures for defining an individual's degree of independence within state-dependent dynamic games

Montana, G., 2006:
Statistical methods in genetics

Fulford, A.J.C.; Rayco-Solon, P.; Prentice, A.M., 2006:
Statistical modelling of the seasonality of preterm delivery and intrauterine growth restriction in rural Gambia

Santos, J. dos; Paula Neto, F. de; Higuchi, N.; Leite, H.G.; Souza, A.L. de; Vale, A.B. do, 2001:
Statistical models to estimate above ground biomass for central Amazonian rain forests

Hammers, A.; Chen, C-Hua.; Lemieux, L.; Allom, R.; Vossos, S.; Free, S.L.; Myers, R.; Brooks, D.J.; Duncan, J.S.; Koepp, M.J., 2006:
Statistical neuroanatomy of the human inferior frontal gyrus and probabilistic atlas in a standard stereotaxic space

Duan, J.-J.J.ang, C.; Head, G.-P.B.atti, M.-A.W.rd, D.-P.L.vine, S.-L.N.ckson, T.-E.N.meth, M., A., 2006:
Statistical power analysis of a 2-year field study and design of experiments to evaluate non-target effects of genetically modified Bacillius thuringiensis corn

Weller, J.I., 2001:
Statistical power to detect QTL, and parameter CIs

Netopilík, M., 2006:
Statistical properties of the band-broadening function

Mitrophanov, A.Yu.; Borodovsky, M., 2006:
Statistical significance in biological sequence analysis

Zeng, K.; Fu, Y-Xin.; Shi, S.; Wu, C-I., 2006:
Statistical tests for detecting positive selection by utilizing high-frequency variants

Urfer, W.; Grzegorczyk, M.; Jung, K., 2006 :
Statistics for proteomics: a review of tools for analyzing experimental data

Lu, T.; Shen, T.; Zong, C.; Hasty, J.; Wolynes, P.G., 2006:
Statistics of cellular signal transduction as a race to the nucleus by multiple random walkers in compartment/phosphorylation space

Schust, J.; Sperl, B.; Hollis, A.; Mayer, T.U.; Berg, T., 2006:
Stattic: a small-molecule inhibitor of STAT3 activation and dimerization

Rizk, N.S., 2003:
Status and distribution of soil boron in representative physiographic units at El-Bahariya Oasis

Angami, A.; Gajurel, P.R.; Rethy, P.; Singh, B.; Kalita, S.K., 2006:
Status and potential of wild edible plants of Arunachal Pradesh

Knake, S.; Rochon, J.; Fleischer, S.; Katsarou, N.; Back, T.; Vescovi, M.; Oertel, W.H.; Reis, J.; Hamer, H.M.; Rosenow, F., 2007:
Status epilepticus after stroke is associated with increased long-term case fatality

Ariffin, D.; Idris, A.S.; Singh, G., 2000:
Status of Ganoderma in oil palm

Abd, E.Hameed, A.H., 2002:
Status of P and K in some soils of Egypt

Zeller, W., 2006:
Status of biocontrol methods against fire blight

Gupta, P.K., 2006:
Status of biopesticides - Indian scene

Mitchell, D.R.; Mitchell, J.A., 2006 :
Status of clinical gene sequencing data reporting and associated risks for information loss

Indrarjit Barman; Ray, A.K.; Maheswarappa, H.P., 2006:
Status of coconut cultivation and strategies for improving the productivity in Assam

Temple, V.J.; Haindapa, B.; Turare, R.; Masta, A.; Amoa, A.B.; Ripa, P., 2006:
Status of iodine nutrition in pregnant and lactating women in national capital district, Papua New Guinea

L.M.ngDe; Xiao HanQian; Y.C.ongXiang; H.Y.ngHao; Tang HaiTao; Zhang YiYang, 2005:
Status of medium and minor elements in soils and effect of fertilizer application in the tobacco regions of Hunan province

Ngole, V.M.; Ekosse, G.E., 2006:
Status of minerals and heavy metals in the substance sediments around a landfill in Botswana

Mahapatra, C.M.; Padhi, M.K.; Sahoo, S.K., 2006:
Status of poultry production in different parts of Orissa during the last decade

Khakvar, R.; Shamsbakhsh, M.; Pourrahim, R., 2005:
Status of six potato viruses in Khuzestan province

Fenn, M.E.; Huntington, T.G.; McLaughlin, S.B.; Eagar, C.; Gomez, A.; Cook, R.B., 2006:
Status of soil acidification in North America

Jyotsana Sharma; Singh, R.K., 2006:
Status of tuber diseases in potato at Jalandhar

Manzano, L.S.J.; Silvosa, B.Z.; Lumasag, L.R.; Lebosada, D.B.; Verdejo, V.R., 2001:
Status of women in the Gango gold rush area in Bukidnon

Zeller, W., 2006:
Status on induced resistance against plant bacterial diseases

Barbee, S.A.; Estes, P.S.; Cziko, A-Marie.; Hillebrand, J.; Luedeman, R.A.; Coller, J.M.; Johnson, N.; Howlett, I.C.; Geng, C.; Ueda, R.; Brand, A.H.; Newbury, S.F.; Wilhelm, J.E.; Levine, R.B.; Nakamura, A.; Parker, R.; Ramaswami, M., 2006:
Staufen- and FMRP-containing neuronal RNPs are structurally and functionally related to somatic P bodies

Maseda, P.H.; Fernández, R.J., 2006:
Stay wet or else: three ways in which plants can adjust hydraulically to their environment

Nowotny, T.; Szucs, A.; Pinto, R.D.; Selverston, A.I., 2006:
StdpC: a modern dynamic clamp

Madani, T.A.; Albarrak, A.M.; Alhazmi, M.A.; Alazraqi, T.A.; Althaqafi, A.O.; Ishaq, A.H., 2006:
Steady improvement of infection control services in six community hospitals in Makkah following annual audits during Hajj for four consecutive years

Hagenimana, A.D.ng, X.G., W., 2007:
Steady state flow behaviours of extruded blend of rice flour and soy protein concentrate

Kubat, J.; Lipavsky, J., 2006:
Steady state of the soil organic matter in the long-term field experiments

Daviss, W.Burleson.; Perel, J.M.; Birmaher, B.; Rudolph, G.R.; Melhem, I.; Axelson, D.A.; Brent, D.A., 2006:
Steady-state clinical pharmacokinetics of bupropion extended-release in youths

Legent, G.; Thellier, M.; Norris, V.; Ripoll, C., 2006:
Steady-state kinetic behaviour of two- or n-enzyme systems made of free sequential enzymes involved in a metabolic pathway

Wang, C-Zhi.; Zhang, B.; Song, W-Xin.; Wang, A.; Ni, M.; Luo, X.; Aung, H.H.; Xie, J-Tian.; Tong, R.; He, T-Chuan.; Yuan, C-Su., 2006:
Steamed American ginseng berry: ginsenoside analyses and anticancer activities

Dobrzyn, P.; Dobrzyn, A., 2006:
Stearoyl-CoA desaturase: A new therapeutic target of liver steatosis

Runyan, C.; Schaible, K.; Molyneaux, K.; Wang, Z.; Levin, L.; Wylie, C., 2006:
Steel factor controls midline cell death of primordial germ cells and is essential for their normal proliferation and migration

Michelo, C.; Sandøy, I.F.; Dzekedzeke, K.; Siziya, S.; Fylkesnes, K., 2006:
Steep HIV prevalence declines among young people in selected Zambian communities: population-based observations (1995-2003)

Henderson, A.Cortney.; Levin, D.L.; Hopkins, S.R.; Olfert, I.Mark.; Buxton, R.B.; Prisk, G.Kim., 2006:
Steep head-down tilt has persisting effects on the distribution of pulmonary blood flow

Phan, L.K.; Takemoto, S.; Futai, K., 2006:
Steinernema ashiuense sp. n. (Nematoda: Steinernematidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from Japan

Mrácek, Z.; Nguyen, K.B.; Tailliez, P.; Boemare, Nël.; Chen, S., 2006:
Steinernema sichuanense n. sp. (Rhabditida, Steinernematidae), a new species of entomopathogenic nematode from the province of Sichuan, east Tibetan Mts., China

Teber, D.; Subotic, S.; Schulze, M.; Stock, C.; Eskicorapci, S.; Rassweiler, J., 2006:
Stellenwert der Laparoskopie in der Kinderurologie

Jurczok, A.; Hamza, A.; Nill, A.; Gerbershagen, H. , P.; Fornara, P., 2006:
Stellenwert der laparoskopischen nierenchirurgie in der urologie

Hermanns, H.J.; Schwahn-Schreiber, C.; Waldermann, F., 2006:
Stellenwert der operativen Verfahren in der Behandlung des Ulcus cruris venosum Konsensusempfehlung und Arbeitsonleitung der DGP-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Operative Ulkustherapie

Voeller, H., 2006:
Stellenwert von Veranderungen der Lebensgewohnheiten zur Risikoreduktion

Scharla, S., 2006:
Stellenwert von nativem und biologisch aktivem Vitamin D bei der Pravention und Therapie der Osteoporose

Unay, D.; Gosselin, B., 2007:
Stem and calyx recognition on 'Jonagold' apples by pattern recognition

Wolcan, S.M.; Rollan, M.C.; Roncol, L.; Lori, G., 2006:
Stem and crown rot of Aster ericoides var. ericoides caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Campos, J.C.C.; Leite, H.G.; Silva, G.F. da; Soares, C.P.B.; Carneiro, J.A., 2001:
Stem and crown volume estimation of trees of mixed stands species

Walton, L.J.; Kurepin, L.V.; Reid, D.M.; Chinnappa, C.C., 2006:
Stem and leaf growth of alpine sun and prairie shade ecotypes of Stellaria longipes under different photoperiods: role of ethylene

Waskar, M.; Li, Y.; Tower, J., 2005:
Stem cell aging in the Drosophila ovary

Barcaui, C.Baptista.; Gonçalves da Silva, A.Maria.; Sotto, Mírian.N.; Genser, B., 2006:
Stem cell apoptosis in HIV-1 alopecia

Wang, Y.; Kim, H-Joo.; Vunjak-Novakovic, G.; Kaplan, D.L., 2006:
Stem cell-based tissue engineering with silk biomaterials

Gomillion, C.T.; Burg, K.J.L., 2006:
Stem cells and adipose tissue engineering

Wu, K.Hong.; Cui, B.; Yu, C.Tao.; Liu, Y.Long., 2006:
Stem cells: new cell source for myocardial constructs tissue engineering

Petrillo, M.; Silvestro, G.; Di Nocera, P.Paolo.; Boccia, A.; Paolella, G., 2006:
Stem-loop structures in prokaryotic genomes

Lin, L-Gen.; Zhong, Q-Xing.; Cheng, T-Yan.; Tang, C-Ping.; Ke, C-Qiang.; Lin, G.; Ye, Y., 2006:
Stemoninines from the roots of Stemona tuberosa

Tsai, W-Ping.; Chen, C-Lin.; Ko, W-Chien.; Pan, S-Chen., 2006:
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia bacteremia in burn patients

Berlis, A.; Vesper, J.; Ostertag, C., 2006:
Stent placement for intracranial cysts by combined stereotactic/endoscopic surgery

Boshoff, D.; Budts, W.; Mertens, L.; Eyskens, B.; Delhaas, T.; Meyns, B.; Daenen, W.; Gewillig, M., 2006:
Stenting of hypoplastic aortic segments with mild pressure gradients and arterial hypertension

English, K.M., 2006:
Stenting the mildly obstructive aortic arch: useful treatment or oculo-inflatory reflex?

Garcia-Garcia, H., M.; Vaina, S.; Tsuchida, K.; Serruys, P., W., 2006:
Stents liberadores de farmacos

Ribatti, D.; Mangialardi, G.; Vacca, A.; Paget, S., 2006 :
Stephen Paget and the 'seed and soil' theory of metastatic dissemination

Gevers, D.; Dawyndt, P.; Vandamme, P.; Willems, A.; Vancanneyt, M.; Swings, J.; De Vos, P., 2006:
Stepping stones towards a new prokaryotic taxonomy

Sugimura, S.; Crothers, D.M., 2006:
Stepwise binding and bending of DNA by Escherichia coli integration host factor

Mossavarali, S.; Hosseinkhani, S.; Ranjbar, B.; Miroliaei, M., 2006:
Stepwise modification of lysine residues of glucose oxidase with citraconic anhydride

Wegerski, C., J.; Sonnenschein, R., N.; Cabriales, F.; Valeriote, F., A.; Matainaho, T.; Crews, P., 2006:
Stereochemical challenges in characterizing nitrogenous spiro-axane sesquiterpenes from the Indo-Pacific sponges Amorphinopsis and Axinyssa

Haque, M.; Rahman, K.; Iskander, M.; Hasan, C.; Rashid, M., 2006:
Stereochenols A and B, two quinones from Stereospermum chelonoides

Phillips, K.R.; Tong, S.; Goodyear, R.; Richardson, G.P.; Cyr, J.L., 2006:
Stereociliary myosin-1c receptors are sensitive to calcium chelation and absent from cadherin 23 mutant mice

Nikolai, L.N.; McClure, E.L.; Macleod, S.L.; Wong, C.S., 2006:
Stereoisomer quantification of the beta-blocker drugs atenolol, metoprolol, and propranolol in wastewaters by chiral high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Garcia, Y.; Breen, A.; Burugapalli, K.; Dockery, P.; Pandit, A., 2006:
Stereological methods to assess tissue response for tissue-engineered scaffolds

Nordborg, C.; Larsson, K.; Nordborg, E., 2006:
Stereological study of neovascularization in temporal arteritis

Chen, Y.; Liu, X.Quan.; Zhong, J.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, G., 2006:
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Stimulation of eryptosis by aluminium ions

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Stimulation of nonspecific immunity in female polar foxes during the second part of pregnancy and the health status of their progeny

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Stimulation of prostaglandin EP2 receptors prevents NMDA-induced excitotoxicity

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Stimulative activity of Drynaria fortunei (Kunze) J. Sm. extracts and two of its flavonoids on the proliferation of osteoblastic like cells

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Stimulatory effects of extract prepared from the bark of Cinnamomum cassia blume on the function of osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells

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Stimuli-responsive thin gel films

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Stimulus animal characteristics do not modulate the expression of partner preference by female rats

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Stocking rates on cultivated winter pastures for meat goats

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Stoffwechselversagen und Ernahrung

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Stoichiometry of murine leukemia virus envelope protein-mediated fusion and its neutralization

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Stored product psocids as one of the preys of the predatory mite Cheyletus eruditus (Schrank) (Acarina: Cheyletidae)

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StpC-based gene therapy targeting latent reservoirs of HIV-1

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Strategic zur Verbesserung des Monitoring nationaler und internationaler tiergenetischer Ressoureen

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Strategies for plasma proteomic profiling of cancers

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Strategies interrelation used in the handle and use of pasture in farms located in Trujillo state, Venezuela

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Strategies to maximize heterologous protein expression in Escherichia coli with minimal cost

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Strategy implementation success: the moderating effects of size and environmental complexity and the mediating effects of involvement

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Strategy of assessment of fresh and spreadable raw sausage

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Strategy of provision and assessment of preventive health services

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Stratey of a target-oriented production of quality timber

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Strawberries in Italy: production and varieties

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Streamflow generation in the Pang and Lambourn catchments, Berkshire, UK

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Strength evaluation of nylon fishing line

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Strength of plywood joints with overdriven nails

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Strength training effects of whole-body vibration?

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Strengthening urban forest development improving urban ecological environment

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Strenuous, intensive, long-term exercise does not prevent or delay the onset of Huntington's disease

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Streptococcus bovis Infection in young Infants

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Streptococcus salivarius promotes mucin putrefaction and malodor production by Porphyromonas gingivalis

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Streptokokken-Toxic-Shock-Syndrom (STSS) bei einer 23-jahrigen Handballspielerin

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Stress oxydant et pathologies humaines

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Stress responses of the fish Nile tilapia subjected to electroshock and social stressors

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Stress reverses plasticity in the pathway projecting from the ventromedial prefrontal cortex to the basolateral amygdala

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