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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 12900

Chapter 12900 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Laria, J.M.za, E.P.na, J., 2007:
Water and calcium uptake by corn kernel during alkaline treatment with different temperature profiles

Udovidchenko, N.M.; Usanov, N.A.; Bertenev, I.I., 2006:
Water and energy conservation technology for growing of sugarbeet seeds

Bartoli, F.; Boivin, A.; Schiavon, M., 2006:
Water and herbicide transient flow transport in field-dried topsoils during controlled infiltration - II. Herbicide capillary and gravity-driven transient flows

Bahceci, I.; Dinc, N.; Tar, A.F.; Agar, A.I.; Sonmez, B., 2006:
Water and salt balance studies, using SaltMod, to improve subsurface drainage design in the Konya-Cumra Plain, Turkey

Gleick, P.H., 2006:
Water and terrorism

Utas, J.E.; Kritikos, M.; Sandström, D.; Akermark, Börn., 2006:
Water as a hydrogen bonding bridge between a phenol and imidazole. A simple model for water binding in enzymes

Steinwand, A.; Harrington, R.; Or, D., 2006:
Water balance for Great Basin phreatophytes derived from eddy covariance, soil water, and water table measurements

Mao, Z.; Jiang, H.; Wang, Y.; Zu, Y.; Voronin, P.Y., 2004:
Water balance of birch and larch leaves and their resistance to short and progressive soil drought

Moret, D.; Braud, I.; Arrue, J.L., 2007:
Water balance simulation of a dryland soil during fallow under conventional and conservation tillage in semiarid Aragon, Northeast Spain

Sepaskhah, A.R.; Rezaee-Pour, S.; Kamgar-Haghighi, A.A., 2006:
Water budget approach to quantify cowpea yield using crop characteristic equations

Houser, Jeffrey, N., 2006:
Water color affects the stratification, surface temperature, heat content, and mean epilimnetic irradiance of small lakes

Cheesman, O.D., 2004:
Water consumption

Milton, A.Hasnat.; Rahman, H.; Smith, W.; Shrestha, R.; Dear, K., 2006:
Water consumption patterns in rural Bangladesh: are we underestimating total arsenic load?

Filep, T.; Rekasi, M.; Morvai, B., 2006:
Water extractable organic matter (WEOM) concentration of four different soils as affected by communal sewage sludge loads

Werner, J.J.; Arnold, W.A.; McNeill, K., 2006:
Water hardness as a photochemical parameter: tetracycline photolysis as a function of calcium concentration, magnesium concentration, and pH

L.ZhiNan, 2005:
Water harvesting in Damaidi Village, China

Anushree Malik, 2006:
Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) for phytoremediation

Nie SongLin; Shi XueYuan; L.X.aoHui; L.Z.uangYun, 2006:
Water hydraulics and its applications in the agricultural machinery

Hartstone, L.C.; Knight, J.; Riley, J.J., 2006:
Water in Tanzania: a role for extension

Henderson, H.; Wilson, R.C., 2006:
Water incident related hospital activity across England between 1997/8 and 2003/4: a retrospective descriptive study

Dufour, A.P.; Evans, O.; Behymer, T.D.; Cantú, R., 2006:
Water ingestion during swimming activities in a pool: a pilot study

Vieira, S.L.; Viola, E.S.; Berres, J.; Coneglian, J.L.B.; Freitas, D.M.; Bortolini, T.C.K., 2006:
Water intake and digestive metabolism of broilers fed all-vegetable diets containing Acidulated Soybean Soapstock

Polon, R.; Perez, N.; Rodriguez, A.T., 2006:
Water management in an irrigation sloping system and its effect on soil electric conductivity and rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield

Plaza, B.M.; Lao, M.T., 2006:
Water management in ornamental crops

Macromichalis, I., 2006:
Water nutrition

Horigane, A.; Takahashi, H.M.ruyama, S.O.tsubo, K.Y.shida, M., 2006:
Water penetration into rice grains during soaking observed by gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging

Shi GangRong; L.H.i, 2006:
Water physio-ecology of dominant species in the successional communities in Mountain Xiangshan, Huaibei, China

Mungur, R.; Wood, A.J.; Lightfoot, D.A., 2006:
Water potential is maintained during water deficit in Nicotiana tabacum expressing the Escherichia coli glutamate dehydrogenase gene

Dustmamatov, A.G.; Zholkevich, V.N.; Kuznetsov, V.V., 2004:
Water pumping activity of the root system in the process of cross-adaptation of sunflower plants to hyperthermia and water deficiency

Sarkar, A.A.; Hassan, A.A., 2006:
Water quality assessment of a groundwater basin in Bangladesh for irrigation use

Fernald, A., G.; Landers, D., H.; Wigington, P., J.J., 2006:
Water quality changes in hyporheic flow paths between a large gravel bed river and off-channel alcoves in Oregon, USA

Khadam, I.; Kaluarachchi, J., 2006:
Water quality modeling under hydrologic variability and parameter uncertainty using erosion-scaled export coefficients

Myburgh, P.A.; Howell, C.L., 2006:
Water relations of Vitis vinifera L. cv. sunred seedless in response to soil water depletion before harvest

Lakso, A.N., 2003:
Water relations of apples

Pradeep Dangol; Dongol, B.S.; Dhakal, M.P.; Merz, J.; Mohammad Jehangir; Suhail Zokaib; Verma, P.K.; Joshi, B.K.; M.X.ng; F.G.o, 2005:
Water resource dynamics: a comparison of five watersheds in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas

L.YuanHua, 2006:
Water saving irrigation in China

Awad, M.A., 2006:
Water spray as a potential thinning agent for date palm flowers (Phoenix dactylifera L.) c.v. 'Lulu'

Mahhou, A.; Dejong, T., M.; Shackel, K., S.; Cao, T., 2006:
Water stress and crop load effects on yield and fruit quality of Elegant Lady Peach

Holbrook, G.P.; Navaleza, A.; Kwong, F., 2006:
Water stress effects on Impatiens wallerana

Berger, S.Angela.; Diehl, S.; Stibor, H.; Trommer, G.; Ruhenstroth, M.; Wild, A.; Weigert, A.; Jäger, C.Gerald.; Striebel, M., 2006:
Water temperature and mixing depth affect timing and magnitude of events during spring succession of the plankton

Wagner, M.; Lucas, T.L.-Ray, D.T.ystram, G., 2007:
Water transport in bread during baking

Karam, F.; Lahoud, R.; Masaad, R.; Daccache, A.; Mounzer, O.; Rouphael, Y., 2006:
Water use and lint yield response of drip irrigated cotton to the length of irrigation season

Marouelli, W.A.; Silva, H.R. da; Madeira, N.R., 2006:
Water use and production of processing tomato under no-tillage system and straw mulching conditions

Medeiros, G.A. de; Arruda, F.B.; Sakai, 2003:
Water use efficiency of irrigated beans: influence of plant density

Linne, H.; Hennemuth, B.; Boesenberg, J.; Ertel, K., 2007:
Water vapour flux profiles in the convective boundary layer

Wlodarczyk, T.; Witkowska-Walczak, B., 2006:
Water-air properties of muck-like soils

Jacono, C.C.; Johnson, D.M., 2006:
Water-clover ferns, Marsilea, in the southeastern United States

Krasova-Wade, T.; Diouf, O.; Ndoye, I.; Sall, C.-Elimane; Braconnier, S.; Neyra, M., 2006:
Water-condition effects on rhizobia competition for cowpea nodule occupancy

Chen XiuBin; Pan Lin; Wang QinLi; Xie XinXing, 2006:
Water-fertilizer coupling effects and its optimization in greenhouse tomato production

Kobayashi, S.; Ogawa, N.; Fujimura, Y.; Tachibana, H.; Yamada, K., 2006:
Water-soluble component in dried chrysanthemum flower stimulates tumor necrosis factor-alpha production by mouse macrophage-like cell line RAW264.7

Lin, C-Chung.; Chen, S-Jen.; Huang, K-Lin.; Lee, W-Jhy.; Lin, W-Yinn.; Liao, C-Jung.; Chaung, H-Chi.; Chiu, C-Huey., 2006:
Water-soluble ions in nano/ultrafine/fine/coarse particles collected near a busy road and at a rural site

Mimeault, C.; Trudeau, V.L.; Moon, T.W., 2006:
Waterborne gemfibrozil challenges the hepatic antioxidant defense system and down-regulates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta (PPARP) mRNA levels in male goldfish (Carassius auratus)

Zmirou-Navier, D.; Gofti-Laroche, L.; Hartemann, P., 2006:
Waterborne microbial risk assessment: a population-based dose-response function for Giardia spp. (E.MI.R.A study)

Ibarra-Jimenez, L.; Quezada-Martin, R.; Cedeno-Rubalcava, B.; Lozano-Del-Rio, A.J.; De-La-Rosa-Ibarra, M., 2006:
Watermelon response to plastic mulch and row covers

De-Vos, J.A.; Van-Bakel, P.J.T.; Hoving, I.E.; Conijn, J.G., 2006:
Waterpas-model: A predictive tool for water management, agriculture, and environment

Gottesman, R.F.; Sherman, P.M.; Grega, M.A.; Yousem, D.M.; Borowicz, L.M.; Selnes, O.A.; Baumgartner, W.A.; McKhann, G.M., 2006 :
Watershed strokes after cardiac surgery: diagnosis, etiology, and outcome

Ascough, G.D.; Mtshali, N.P.; Thompson, D.I.; Anderson, N.O.; Erwin, J.E.; Staden, J. van, 2006:

Bär, M.; Domaschke, Dörte.; Meye, A.; Lehmann, B.; Meurer, M., 2006:
Wavelength-dependent induction of CYP24A1-mRNA after UVB-triggered calcitriol synthesis in cultured human keratinocytes

Sato, H.; Tanaka, N.; Uchida, M.; Hirabayashi, Y.; Kanai, M.; Ashida, T.; Konishi, I.; Maki, A., 2006:
Wavelet analysis for detecting body-movement artifacts in optical topography signals

West, B.J.; Maciejewski, A.; Latka, M.; Sebzda, T.; Swierczynski, Z.; Cybulska-Okolow, S.; Baran, E., 2006:
Wavelet analysis of scaling properties of gastric electrical activity

Borah, S.H.nes, E.; Bhuyan, M., 2007:
Wavelet transform based image texture analysis for size estimation applied to the sorting of tea granules

Liu, X.; Qi, H.; Wang, S.; Wan, M., 2005:
Wavelet-based estimation of EEG coherence during Chinese Stroop task

Mellema, M.; Van Benthum, W.A.J.; Boer, B.; Von Harras, J.; Visser, A., 2006:
Wax encapsulation of water-soluble compounds for application in foods

Chen XinYu, 2006:
Ways to improve the qualities of teachers in human parasitology bilingual class

Pascalev, A.K., 2006:
We and they: Animal welfare in the era of advanced agricultural biotechnology

Gross, R.; Gross, U.; Lechtig, A.; Lopez-De-Romana, D., 2006:
We know much about what to do but little about how to do it: Experiences with a weekly multimicronutrient supplementation campaign

Ibrahim, E.Chérif.; Hims, M.M.; Shomron, N.; Burge, C.B.; Slaugenhaupt, S.A.; Reed, R., 2006:
Weak definition of IKBKAP exon 20 leads to aberrant splicing in familial dysautonomia

Orlén, H.; Hughes, D., 2006:
Weak mutators can drive the evolution of fluoroquinolone resistance in Escherichia coli

Tadin, D.; Kim, J.; Doop, M.L.; Gibson, C.; Lappin, J.S.; Blake, R.; Park, S., 2006:
Weakened center-surround interactions in visual motion processing in schizophrenia

Bitan, T.; Burman, D.D.; Lu, D.; Cone, N.E.; Gitelman, D.R.; Mesulam, M-Marsel.; Booth, J.R., 2006:
Weaker top-down modulation from the left inferior frontal gyrus in children

Ijarotimi, O.-Steve; Ogunsemore, M.-Temidayo, 2006:
Weaning foods and their impact on child-feeding practices among low-income Nigerian mothers

Sameshima, R.; Kanda, E.; Jiao JiAng; X.X.anBing; Meng Ying; Geng LiQing, 2006:
Weather data and growth record of paddy rice over 6 years at 10 locations in Heilongjiang Province

Lobell, D.B.; Cahill, K.N.; Field, C.B., 2006:
Weather-based yield forecasts developed for 12 California crops

Smid, R.; Kubasek, M.; Klimes, D.; Dusek, L.; Jarkovsky, J.; Marsalek, B.; Hilscherova, K.; Blaha, L.; Cupr, P.; Holoubek, I., 2006:
Web portal for management of bioindication methods and ecotoxicological tests in ecological risk assessment

Kajitori, K.; Urikura, S.; Aoki, K., 2006:
Web searching of fishery products by using thesaurus and category information

Lisacek, Fédérique., 2006:
Web-based MS/MS data analysis

Fernandes, J.M.C.; Ponte, E.M. del; Pavan, W.; Cunha, G.R.; Cervi, C.R.; Dalbosco, J.; Silva, J.T., 2006:
Web-based system to true-forecast disease epidemics - case study for Fusarium head blight of wheat

Hakansson, S., 2003:
Weed communities looked upon as early stages in secondary vegetation succession

Marcinkeviciene, A.; Boguzas, V., 2006:
Weed control by soil tillage and catch crop

Katiyar, P.; Kolhe, S.S., 2006:
Weed control in drilled rice

Lawson, I.Y.D.; Dzomeku, I.K.; Asempa, R.; Benson, S., 2006:
Weed control in maize using Mucuna and Canavalia as intercrops in the Northern Guinea Savanna zone of Ghana

Hakansson, S., 2003:
Weed flora and plant adaptation to environment and competitive conditions

Tyr, S.; Lacko Bartosova, M., 2006:
Weed infestation and weed management in integrated and ecological agricultural crop systems

Vivian Smith, G.; Gosper, C.R.; Stansbury, C.; White, E., 2006:
Weed invasions: taking a bird's eye view of fleshy-fruited alien invaders

Riesinger, P.; Hyvonen, T., 2006:
Weed occurrence in Finnish coastal regions: a survey of organically cropped spring cereals

Stanton, R., 2006:
Weed seed dispersal by cattle and sheep

Pilipavicius, V., 2006:
Weed seed getting into grain according to spring barley maturity stage

Gramig, G.; Stoltenberg, D.; Norman, J., 2006:
Weed species radiation-use efficiency as affected by competitive environment

Tyser, L.; Novakova, K., 2006:
Weed vegetation of agrophytocenoses in selected regions of the Czech Republic

Jeeva, S.; Kiruba, S.; Mishra, B.P.; Venugopal, N.; Dhas, S.S.M.; Regini, G.S.; Kingston, C.; Kavitha, A.; Sukumaran, S.; Raj, A.D.S.; Laloo, R.C., 2006:
Weeds of Kanyakumari district and their value in rural life

Hakansson, S., 2003:
Weeds with diverse life forms in various types of crops

Hino, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Yoshimura, A.; Takeda, Y.; Hisakatsu, S.; Yoneda, S.; Gemma, A.; Moriya, H.; Kudoh, S.; E-Japan-Chesters-Grp, 2006:
Weekly administration of irinotecan (CPT-11) plus cisplatin for non-small cell lung cancer

Anstey, K.J.; Jorm, A.F.; Réglade-Meslin, C.; Maller, J.; Kumar, R.; von Sanden, C.; Windsor, T.D.; Rodgers, B.; Wen, W.; Sachdev, P., 2006:
Weekly alcohol consumption, brain atrophy, and white matter hyperintensities in a community-based sample aged 60 to 64 years

Frasci, G.; D'Aiuto, G.; Comella, P.; Thomas, R.; Botti, G.; D.B.nito, M.; D.R.sa, V.; Iodice, G.; Rubulotta, M.R.; Comella, G., 2006:
Weekly cisplatin, epirubicin, and paclitaxel with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor support vs triweekly epirubicin and paclitaxel in locally advanced breast cancer: final analysis of a sicog phase III study

Keeling, R.M.; Golumbek, P.T.; Streif, E.M.; Connolly, A.M., 2006:
Weekly oral prednisolone improves survival and strength in male mdx mice

Hasegawa, Y.; Takanashi, S.; Okudera, K.; Aoki, M.; Basaki, K.; Kondo, H.; Takahata, T.; Yasui-Furukori, N.; Tateishi, T.; Abe, Y.; Okumura, K., 2004:
Weekly paclitaxel and nedaplatin with concurrent radiotherapy for locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a phase I/II study

Agnihotri, Y., 2003:
Weekly rainfall distribution index - a better tool for crop planning

Bean, S.M.; Conner, M.G., 2007:
Wegener's granulomatosis of the uterine cervix: a case report and review of the literature

Walton, M.E.; Kennerley, S.W.; Bannerman, D.M.; Phillips, P.E.M.; Rushworth, M.F.S., 2006:
Weighing up the benefits of work: behavioral and neural analyses of effort-related decision making

Egawa, K.'ichi; Kitabatake, Y.; Oida, Y., 2006:
Weight bearing-induced modulation of the soleus H-reflex in humans: Effect of static tilt and additional weight load during upright standing

Donovan, J.; Dingwall, I.; McChesney, S., 2006:
Weight change 1 year following total knee or hip arthroplasty

Levine, M.D.; Marcus, M.D.; Kalarchian, M.A.; Weissfeld, L.; Qin, L., 2006:
Weight concerns affect motivation to remain abstinent from smoking postpartum

Tsai, C-Jyi.; Leitzmann, M.F.; Willett, W.C.; Giovannucci, E.L., 2006:
Weight cycling and risk of gallstone disease in men

de la Maza, Mía-Pía.; Olivares, D.; Hirsch, S.; Sierralta, W.; Gattás, V.; Barrera, G.; Bunout, D.; Leiva, L.; Fernández, M., 2006:
Weight increase and overweight are associated with DNA oxidative damage in skeletal muscle

Hatzaras, I.; Tranquilli, M.; Coady, M.; Barrett, P.M.; Bible, J.; Elefteriades, J.A., 2006:
Weight lifting and aortic dissection: more evidence for a connection

Brinkworth, G.D.; Noakes, M.; Buckley, J.D.; Clifton, P.M., 2006:
Weight loss improves heart rate recovery in overweight and obese men with features of the metabolic syndrome

Lacey, J.V.; Leitzmann, M.; Brinton, L.A.; Lubin, J.H.; Sherman, M.E.; Schatzkin, A.; Schairer, C., 2006:
Weight, height, and body mass index and risk for ovarian cancer in a cohort study

Budagyan, L.; Abagyan, R., 2006:
Weighted quality estimates in machine learning

Fellman, J.; Eriksson, A., W., 2006:
Weinberg's differential rule reconsidered

Resch, L.; Despres, A.; Pizzi, A.; Bocquet, J.F.; Leban, J.M., 2006:
Welding-through doweling of wood panels

Barbosa Filho, J.A.D.; silva, I.J.O.; Silva, M.A.N., 2006:
Welfare evaluation of laying hens kept in different housing systems - a study using image analysis

Pollack, H.A.; Reuter, P., 2006 :
Welfare receipt and substance-abuse treatment among low-income mothers: the impact of welfare reform

Ruini, C.; Belaise, C.; Brombin, C.; Caffo, E.; Fava, G.A., 2006:
Well-being therapy in school settings: a pilot study

Ponizovsky, A.M.; Grinshpoon, A.; Margolis, A.; Cohen, R.; Rosca, P., 2006:
Well-being, psychosocial factors, and side-effects among heroin-dependent inpatients after detoxification using buprenorphine versus clonidine

Thordarson, P.; L.D.oumaguet, B.; Velonia, K., 2006:
Well-defined protein-polymer conjugates--synthesis and potential applications

Harrison, R.A.; Vu, T.; Hunter, A.J., 2006:
Wernicke's encephalopathy in a patient with schizophrenia

Selitsky, T.; Chandra, P.; Schiavello, H.J., 2006:
Wernicke's encephalopathy with hyperemesis and ketoacidosis

Zeppel, H.D., 2006:
West Africa: community-based ecotourism in forest areas

Poorter, L.; Bongers, F.; Lemmens, R.H.M.J., 2004:
West African forests: introduction

Singh, D.R., 2006:
West Indian Cherry - a lesser known fruit for nutritional security

Docherty, D.E.; Samuel, M.D.; Nolden, C.A.; Egstad, K.F.; Griffin, K.M., 2006:
West Nile virus antibody prevalence in wild mammals, Southern Wisconsin

Couissinier Paris, P., 2006 :
West Nile virus in Europe and Africa: still minor pathogen, or potential threat to public health?

Cabre, O.; Grandadam, M.; Marie, J.-Lou; Gravier, P.; Prange, A.; Santinelli, Y.; Rous, V.; Bourry, O.; Durand, J.-Paul; Tolou, H.; Davoust, B., 2006:
West Nile virus in horses, sub-Saharan Africa

Chung, K.Min.; Liszewski, M.Kathryn.; Nybakken, G.; Davis, A.E.; Townsend, R.Reid.; Fremont, D.H.; Atkinson, J.P.; Diamond, M.S., 2006:
West Nile virus nonstructural protein NS1 inhibits complement activation by binding the regulatory protein factor H

Ruiz, M.O.; Wolf, A.J.; Tedesco, C.; Kitron, U., 2004:
West Nile virus risk in Illinois

Sinha, D.K.; Singh, D.K.; Bishor, V.I.; Goswami, T.K., 2005:
Western blot analysis of Brucella melitensis AntigensReg.

Aruljothi, A.; Latha, B.R.; Lalitha John, 2005:
Western blot analysis of midgut proteins of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides

McCue, M.D., 2006:
Western diamondback rattlesnakes demonstrate physiological and biochemical strategies for tolerating prolonged starvation

Coskun, A., 2006:
Westgard multirule for calculated laboratory tests

Dai, Q.; Zhou, M.; Lei, L., 2006:
Wet electrolytic oxidation of cationic red X-GRL

Srinivasan, D.; Nadarajan, L., 2006:
Wet land weed Sphaeranthus indicus Asteraceae (Linn.) a potential green pesticide for managing Angoumois grain moth Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv.)

Aravindhan, R.; Fathima, N.Nishad.; Rao, J.Raghava.; Nair, B.Unni., 2006:
Wet oxidation of acid brown dye by hydrogen peroxide using heterogeneous catalyst Mn-salen-Y zeolite: a potential catalyst

Easter, K.W.; Konishi, Y., 2006:
What are the economic health costs of non-action in controlling toxic water pollution?

Cook, D.A.; Armitage, D.M.; Wildey, K.B., 2004:
What are the implications of climate change for integrated pest management of stored grain in the UK?

Hoyt, D.F.; Wickler, S.J.; Dutto, D.J.; Catterfeld, G.E.; Johnsen, D., 2006:
What are the relations between mechanics, gait parameters, and energetics in terrestrial locomotion?

Wang, J.; Dauter, M.; Dauter, Z., 2006:
What can be done with a good crystal and an accurate beamline?

Steinhofel, O.; Sacher, M., 2005:
What can fodder cost?

Ruthruff, E.; Hazeltine, E.; Remington, R.W., 2005:
What causes residual dual-task interference after practice?

Isermeyer, F.; Gocht, A.; Riedel, J., 2005:
What chance has sugarbeet?

De-Passille, A.-Marie; Rushen, J., 2006:
What components of milk stimulate sucking in calves?

Midgley, J.J.; Seydack, A., 2006:
What determines biomass in indigenous forests? An analysis of the Knysna Forest, South Africa

Jones, E.A.V.; le Noble, F.; Eichmann, A., 2006:
What determines blood vessel structure? Genetic prespecification vs. hemodynamics

Gove, A.-D.R.co-Gray, V., 2006:
What determines conditionality in ant-Hemiptera interactions? Hemiptera habitat preference and the role of local ant activity

Kuhar, A.; Juvancic, L., 2005:
What determines integrated and organic fruit and vegetable consumption in Slovenia?

Marcus, G.; Rabagliati, H., 2006:
What developmental disorders can tell us about the nature and origins of language

Adam, F., 2006:
What do additional carcass yield percentages bring?

Rust, S., 2006:
What do hydrology studies mean for tree management?

Diel, Ingo, J., 2006:
What do patients with metastatic bone pain need?

Chen, S.; Masri, S.; Wang, X.; Phung, S.; Yuan, Y-Ching.; Wu, X., 2006:
What do we know about the mechanisms of aromatase inhibitor resistance?

Cullen, J.; McLaughlin, A., 2006:
What drives the persistence of presenteeism as a managerial value in hotels?: observations noted during an Irish work-life balance research project

Holmgren, M.; Poorter, L.; Siepel, A., 2004:
What explains the distribution of rare and endemic West African plants?

Iriarte-Díaz, Jé.; Bozinovic, F.; Vásquez, R.A., 2006:
What explains the trot-gallop transition in small mammals?

Pineda, J.Owner.A.; Oberman, L.M., 2006:
What goads cigarette smokers to smoke? Neural adaptation and the mirror neuron system

McPeek, M.A., 2006:
What hypotheses are you willing to entertain?

Rudén, C., 2006:
What influences a health risk assessment?

Singh, A.; Singh, S., 2006:
What is a good editorial?

Pomeroy, R.S.; Rivera Guieb, R., 2005:
What is a process for community-based co-management?

Pomeroy, R.S.; Rivera Guieb, R., 2005:
What is community-based co-management?

Scullion, A.; Garcia, B., 2005:
What is cultural policy research?

Boysen, I., 2006:
What is good animal welfare practice for cattle?

Adams, M.A.; Roughley, P.J., 2006:
What is intervertebral disc degeneration, and what causes it?

Stern, R.D.; Coe, R.; Allan, E.F.; Dale, I.C., 2004:
What is natural resources research?

Willis, K.J.; Birks, H.J.B., 2006:
What is natural? The need for a long-term perspective in biodiversity conservation

Obroucheva, N.V., 2005:
What is new about seeds: genomics and proteomics

Shrake, D., L.; Elfner, L., E.; Hummon, W.; Janson, R., W.; Free, M., 2006:
What is science?

Simopoulos, A.P., 2005:
What is so special about the diet of Greece? The scientific evidence

Shibasaki, H.; Hallett, M., 2006:
What is the Bereltschaftspotential?

Curtis, T.P.; Head, I.M.; Lunn, M.; Woodcock, S.; Schloss, P.D.; Sloan, W.T., 2006:
What is the extent of prokaryotic diversity?

Attvall, E.; Frigyesi, A.; Sternby, B., 2006:
What is the impact of resistance to activated protein C (Leiden mutation to factor V) in inflammatory bowel disease?

Chi, D.S.; Eisenhauer, E.L.; Lang, J.; Huh, J.; Haddad, L.; Abu-Rustum, N.R.; Sonoda, Y.; Levine, D.A.; Hensley, M.; Barakat, R.R., 2006:
What is the optimal goal of primary cytoreductive surgery for bulky stage IIIC epithelial ovarian carcinoma (EOC)?

Takahashi, N.; Takahashi, O.; Ogawa, S.; Takahashi, M., 2006:
What is the origin of the premotor potential recorded from the second lumbrical?

Cohn, J.N., 2006:
What is the role of angiotensin-receptor blockade in cardiovascular protection?

Damon, M.; Collin, A., 2006:
What is the role of mitochondrial uncoupling proteins in mammals and birds?

Carr, V.J.; Lewin, T.J.; Neil, A.L., 2006:
What is the value of treating schizophrenia?

Lavoie, K.L.; Bacon, S.L.; Barone, S.; Cartier, A.; Ditto, B.; Labrecque, M., 2006:
What is worse for asthma control and quality of life: depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, or both?

Logan, M., R.; Raskin, R., E.; Thompson, S., 2006:
What is your diagnosis? Carry-on dermal baggage: a nodule from a dog

Pereira, P.D.as; Santos, M.; Montenegro, L.; Faustino, A.M., 2006:
What is your diagnosis? A femorotibial joint swelling with popliteal lymph node enlargement in a Rottweiler

Hylton, P., K.; Rizzi, T., E.; Allison, R., W., 2006:
What is your diagnosis? Intracellular success: cytologic findings in an ulcerated submandibular mass from a cat

Tarigo, J.; Linder, K.; Neel, J.; Harvey, S.; Remick, A.; Grindem, C., 2006:
What is your diagnosis? Reluctant to dive: coelomic effusion in a frog

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What's new in pediatric allergology in 2005? Part 2. Respiratory allergy: epidemiology (a review of the international literature from October 2004 to October 2005)

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What's the point? Towards a methodology for assessing the function of psychiatric inpatient aggression

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Wheat development as affected by nitrogen and sulfur nutrition

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Wheat nitrogen metabolism during grain filling: comparative role of glumes and the flag leaf

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Wheel-running activity and energy metabolism in relation to ambient temperature in mice selected for high wheel-running activity

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When CDK1 rides the telomere cycle

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When David and Goliath share a home: Compound nesting of Pyramica and Playthyrea ants

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When are no-take zones an economically optimal fishery management strategy?

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When arts met marketing

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When being straight bends rules: a rationale for the linear FeNO unit in the low-spin square-pyramidal {FeNO}7 tetracyanonitrosylferrate(2-) anion

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When do auditory/visual differences in duration judgements occur?

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When do general practitioners request urine specimens for microbiology analysis? The applicability of antibiotic resistance surveillance based on routinely collected data

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When do older adults turn to the internet for health information? Findings from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study

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When does MMR loss occur during HNPCC progression?

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When good trees turn bad: the unintended spread of introduced plantation tree species in India

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When home is where the stress is: expanding the dimensions of housing that influence asthma morbidity

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When is lack of supervision neglect?

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When ontogeny reveals what phylogeny hides: Gain and loss of horns during development and evolution of horned beetles

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When similar beginnings lead to different ends: Constraints and diversity in cirripede larval development

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When the cow does not get up

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When trade-offs interact: balance of terror enforces dominance discovery trade-off in a local ant assemblage

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When will J Soils and Sediments get assigned an impact factor?

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Where are the forest administrations?

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Where is the "straight ahead" in spatial neglect?

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Whey protein gel composites of soybean and linseed oils as a dietary method to modify the unsaturated fatty acid composition of milk lipids

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Which one is responsible for apical sterility in wheat under water-stress conditions, ovule or pollen aborting

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Which two questions of Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) should we start from?

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Which women stop smoking during pregnancy and the effect on breastfeeding duration

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Whipple's disease with muscle impairment

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Whirling bed blanching of potato cubes and its effects on product quality

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Whisker primary afferents encode temporal frequency of moving gratings

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White and gray matter development in human fetal, newborn and pediatric brains

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White biotechnology as a promising perspective for further development of sugar plants

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White blood cell sister chromatid exchange among a sample of Thai subjects exposed to toluene, an observation

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White matter growth as a mechanism of cognitive development in children

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White matter lesions are associated with progression of medial temporal lobe atrophy in Alzheimer disease

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White matter volume and concentration reductions in adolescents with history of very preterm birth: a voxel-based morphometry study

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White piedra in children

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White pine weevil (Pissodes strobi) biological performance is unaffected by the jasmonic acid or wound-induced defense response in Norway spruce (Picea abies)

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White vesicles in the skin of Aplysia californica cooper: A proposed excretory function

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White-rots, chlorine and the environment - a tale of many twists

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Whitefly, aphids and thrips attack on cabbage

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Who are you and what is your role in community-based co-management?

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Who chooses anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and why? A 2-year prospective study

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Who cites who in the invasion zoo: insights from an analysis of the most highly cited papers in invasion ecology

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Who drinks and why? A review of socio-demographic, personality, and contextual issues behind the drinking motives in young people

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Who gets credit? The gendered division of microfinance programs in Egypt

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Who is at risk and what do they know? Segmenting a population on their food safety knowledge

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Who is the typical college student? Implications for personalized normative feedback interventions

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Whole animal growth

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Whole genome association mapping by incompatibilities and local perfect phylogenies

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Whole genome comparison of the A-fumigatus family

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Whole genome sequence data of an infectious molecular clone of the SIVagm TYO-1 strain

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Whole-animal models

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Whole-body PET/CT with C-11-meta-hydroxyephedrine in tumors of the sympathetic nervous system: Feasibility study and comparison with I-123-MIBG SPECT/CT

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Whole-body heat shock protects the ischemic rat heart by stimulating mitochondria respiration

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Whole-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging and staging of orbital lymphoma

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Whole-body three-dimensional contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) angiography with parallel imaging techniques on a multichannel MR system for the detection of various systemic arterial diseases

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Whole-body vibration training compared with resistance training: effect on spasticity, muscle strength and motor performance in adults with cerebral palsy

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Whole-cell modeling framework in which biochemical dynamics impact aspects of cellular geometry

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Whole-pelvis, "mini-pelvis," or prostate-only external beam radiotherapy after neoadjuvant and concurrent hormonal therapy in patients treated in the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 9413 trial

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Whole-specimen histopathology: a method to produce whole-mount breast serial sections for 3-D digital histopathology imaging

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Why Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis L.) tepals have green marks?

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Why a global strategy on diet, physical activity and health?

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Why and how to talk about it? Couple dialogue around HIV-infection disclosure within serodiscordant couples in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

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Why are mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists cardioprotective?

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Why breeding time has not responded to selection for earlier breeding in a songbird population

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Why do highly polarizing black burnt-up stubble-fields not attract aquatic insects? An exception proving the rule

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Why does brain damage impair memory? A connectionist model of object recognition memory in perirhinal cortex

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Why does chloroquine impair renal function?: chloroquine may modulate the renal tubular response to vasopressin either directly by inhibiting cyclic AMP generation, or indirectly via nitric oxide

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Why life histories are diverse

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Why opening a door is as easy as eating an apple: A reply to Thompson-Schill and Botvinick (2006)

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Why psychiatric conditions are special: an evolutionary and cross-cultural perspective

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Why regulate the market?

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Why residuals are symmetric in genetic evaluation?

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Why we consistently use the left donor kidney in living related transplantation: initial experience of right laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and comparison with left nephrectomy

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Why yeast cells can undergo apoptosis: death in times of peace, love, and war

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Wide genomic analysis of human endometrial receptivity: new times, new opportunities

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Wide-field subdiffraction imaging by accumulated binding of diffusing probes

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Widespread presence of naturally occurring perchlorate in high plains of Texas and New Mexico

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Wie gut ist der Vergleich mit der ,,kontralateralen Hand? Eine Untersuchung von Griffstarke und Beweglichkeit

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Wiener filter deconvolution of overlapping evoked potentials

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Wild and domestic animals as permanent Trichinella reservoir in Poland

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Wild bees and pollination

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Wild boars (Sus scrofa scrofa) seminiferous tubules morphometry

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Wild edible fruits of Tripura

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Wilderness restoration: The paradox of public participation

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Wildfire history and fire ecology of the Swiss National Park (Central Alps): new evidence from charcoal, pollen and plant macrofossils

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Wildlife/danger tree assessment in unharvested stands attacked by mountain pine beetle in the central interior of British Columbia

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Will Rogers revisited: prospective observational study of survival of 3592 patients with colorectal cancer according to number of nodes examined by pathologists

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Will agri-environment schemes deliver substantial biodiversity gain, and if not why not?

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Will businesses ever become legitimate partners in the financing of the arts in France?

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Will genetic polymorphism of tetranucleotide sequences help in the diagnostics of major psychiatric disorders?

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Will radiation-induced bystander effects or adaptive responses impact on the shape of the dose response relationships at low doses of ionizing radiation?

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Will reduction of antibiotic use reduce antibiotic resistance?: The pneumococcus paradigm

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Williams-Beuren syndrome: determination of deletion size using quantitative real-time PCR

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Wilms' tumor 1-associating protein regulates G2/M transition through stabilization of cyclin A2 mRNA

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Wind-forced seiche events on Great Slave Lake: hydrologic implications for the Slave River Delta, NWT, Canada

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Wine and health: evidence and mechanisms

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Wine differentiation of vineyard management regimes

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Wine production by guava piece immobilized yeast from Indian cultivar grapes and its volatile composition

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Wine promotions in restaurants - do beverage sales contribute or cannibalize?

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Wine supply chain traceability: aspects concerning its use on the Brazilian industry

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Wine, fibrinolysis and health

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Winning by a neck: tall giraffes avoid competing with shorter browsers

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Winter cereal-corn double crop forage production and phosphorus removal

Koprna, R., 2006:
Winter oilseed rape Oponent

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Winter pastures management and productive potential of mixed systems in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brasil

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Winter survival of Erwinia amylovora in apple terminal shoot tissue

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Winter wheat grain yield estimation using remote sensing and GIS

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Wireless data acquisition and control systems for agricultural water management projects

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Wireless health care service system for elderly with dementia

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Wireless patient monitoring system for a moving-actuator type artificial heart

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Wirksamkeit probiotischer Futterzusatze bei Ferkeln and Mastschweinen

Thacker, Y.B.V.; Bilkei, G., 2006:
Wirkungen einer Doxylcyclin Trimetoprim / Sulfonamid Futtermedikation ouf dos Auftreten von postpartalen Erkrankungen bei Sauen mit prapartalen signifikanten Harnwegsinfektionen

Fuerst-Waltl, B.; Baumung, R., 2006:
Wirtschaftliche Gewichte fur Exterieurmerkmale beim Bergsehaf

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Witches' broom - a new disease of Tephrosia purpurea (L.) Pers

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Withdrawal, shear, and bending moment capacities of round mortise and tenon timber framing joints

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Withdrawing implantable defibrillator shock therapy in terminally ill patients

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Within treatment drinking and surreptitious drinking during brief substance abuse treatment

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Within-herd heritability estimated with daughter-parent regression for yield and somatic cell score

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Wnt and TGF-beta signaling are required for the induction of an in vitro model of primitive streak formation using embryonic stem cells

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Wnt but not BMP signaling is involved in the inhibitory action of sclerostin on BMP-stimulated bone formation

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Wnt lipid modifications: not as saturated as we thought

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Wnt/Wingless pathway activation and chromosome 6 loss characterize a distinct molecular sub-group of medulloblastomas associated with a favorable prognosis

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Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in development and disease

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Wnt/beta-catenin signaling modulates survival of high glucose-stressed mesangial cells

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Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates vertebrate limb regeneration

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Wnt11 controls cell contact persistence by local accumulation of Frizzled 7 at the plasma membrane

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Wnt2 coordinates the commitment of mesoderm to hematopoietic, endothelial, and cardiac lineages embryoid bodies

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Wnt5a signaling induces proliferation and survival of endothelial cells in vitro and expression of MMP-1 and Tie-2

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Wnt9b is the mutated gene involved in multifactorial nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate in A/WySn mice, as confirmed by a genetic complementation test

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Wolfram syndrome 1 (WFS1) protein expression in retinal ganglion cells and optic nerve glia of the cynomolgus monkey

Della Giusta, M.; Phillips, C., 2006:
Women entrepreneurs in the Gambia: challenges and opportunities

Szuster, B.; Flaherty, M., 2005:
Women oyster vendors in Eastern Thailand

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Women's anxieties caused by false positives in mammography screening: a contingent valuation survey

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Women's emotional adjustment to IVF: a systematic review of 25 years of research

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Women's health in a rural community in Kerala, India: do caste and socioeconomic position matter?

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Yield quality response of autumn planted sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) to different phosphorus levels

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Yield response of crops amended with sewage sludge in the field is more affected by sludge properties than by final soil metal concentration

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Yield response of diverse sunflower hybrids to varying levels of nitrogen

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Yielding ability of different types of maize hybrids

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Yielding of apple tree cultivars 'Fiesta' and 'Pinova' depending on the age of planting material and methods of its production in a nursery

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Youth travel market - international

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YpdC determines site-1 degradation in regulated intramembrane proteolysis of the RsiW anti-sigma factor of Bacillus subtilis

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Yttrium-90 microspheres for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma: a review

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Zapalenie skorno-miesniowe i wielomiesniowe - mozliwosci leczenia

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Zero acquaintance benchmarking at travel destination websites: what is the first impression that national tourism organizations try to make?

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Zimbabwe's theatre for young people

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Anonymous, 2006:
Zoledronat bringt deutlichen Nutzen

Anonymous, 2006:
Zoledronat verlangert das Uberleben

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Zum Einsatz von Futtermitteln aus gentechnisch veranderten Pflanzen (GVP) in der Tierernahrung

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alpha-Glucosidase inhibitory profile of catechins and theaflavins

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alpha-Hydroxy and alpha-amino acids under possible Hadean, volcanic origin-of-life conditions

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Alpha-lipoic acid: an inhibitor of secretory phospholipase A2 with anti-inflammatory activity

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alpha-synuclein and Parkinson's disease: the first roadblock

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beta-catenin destruction complex: insights and questions from a structural perspective

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Beta-Catenin signaling - Linking renal cell carcinoma and polycystic kidney disease

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beta-Estradiol biodegradable microspheres: effect of formulation parameters on encapsulation efficiency and in vitro release

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Beta-hairpins with native-like and non-native hydrogen bonding patterns could form during the refolding of staphylococcal nuclease

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Beta-Spectrin functions independently of Ankyrin to regulate the establishment and maintenance of axon connections in the Drosophila embryonic CNS

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Beta-arrestin2-mediated internalization of mammalian odorant receptors

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Beta-blocker use among veterans with systolic heart failure

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Beta-catenin is essential for lamination but not neurogenesis in mouse retinal development

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Beta-catenin relieves I-mfa-mediated suppression of LEF-1 in mammalian cells

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Beta-cell lipases and insulin secretion

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Beta-cyclodextrin and its derivatives-enhanced solubility and biodegradation of 2-nitrobiphenyl

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Beta-endorphin alters electrical activity of gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons located in the terminal nerve of the teleost medaka (Oryzias latipes)

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beta-Glucosidase as a reporter for the gene expression studies in Thermus thermophilus and constitutive expression of DNA repair genes

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Beta-hydroxyisovalerylshikonin induces apoptosis and G0/G1 cell-cycle arrest of endometriotic stromal cells: a preliminary in vitro study

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Beta-lapachone activates a Mre11p-Tel1p G1/S checkpoint in budding yeast

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Beta-nerve growth factor participates in an auto/paracrine pathway of regulation of the meiotic differentiation of rat spermatocytes

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beta-tubulin is a more suitable internal control than beta-actin in western blot analysis of spinal cord tissues after traumatic injury

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Beta/gamma oscillatory activity in the CA3 hippocampal area is depressed by aberrant GABAergic transmission from the dentate gyrus after seizures

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c-Fos facilitates the acquisition and extinction of cocaine-induced persistent changes

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cPath: open source software for collecting, storing, and querying biological pathways

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cis-Terpenones as an effective chemopreventive agent against aflatoxin B1-induced cytotoxicity and TCDD-induced P450 1A/B activity in HepG2 cells

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crv4, a mouse model for human ataxia associated with kyphoscoliosis caused by an mRNA splicing mutation of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 (Grm1)

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dSno facilitates baboon signaling in the Drosophila brain by switching the affinity of Medea away from Mad and toward dSmad2

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Delta C-13 and delta N-15 changes after dietary shift in veliger larvae of the slipper limpet Crepidula fornicata: an experimental evidence

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Delta-Storage pool disease: a pitfall in the forensic investigation of sudden anal blood loss in children: a case report

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Delta-cyclodextrin as novel chiral probe for enantiomeric separation by electromigration methods

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e-Learning Object Portals: a new resource that offers new opportunities for librarians

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'Traditionalist' versus 'Islamist' identities in a Dagestani collective farm

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'e-letters': practice promotion at the click of a mouse

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(+)-Pinoresinol/(-)-lariciresinol reductase from Linum perenne Himmelszelt involved in the biosynthesis of justicidin B

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(Cynara scolymus L.) plants depending on cultivation method

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