Comparison of growth and survival of the hybrid and inbred lines in Litopenaeus vannamei

Yao XueMei; Huang Bo; Lai QiuMing; Zhang JiTao; Wang ZhiYong

Journal of Fisheries of China 30(6): 791-795


ISSN/ISBN: 1000-0615
Accession: 012906631

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Inbred and hybrid lines were established based on two different broodstocks of Litopanaeus vannamei, named as stock A and B. Stock A was SPF prawns introduced from the America Oceanic Institute (Hawaii, USA), stock B without specific virus was selected through many generations from Hainan local shrimp whose parents were coming from Taiwan. Inbred lines consisted of two groups AA(Afemale x Amale), BB(Bfemale x Bmale). Hybrid lines consisted of two groups AB(Afemale x Bmale), BA(Bfemale x Amale). Comparing larvae growth and survival of F1 from different lines under the same hatchery and nursery conditions, we find that the growth rate of the inbred group is AA > BB, the survival of inbred group is BB > AA. The result shows that there are significant differences: group AA grow fast, group BB have higher survival rate. In hybrid groups, the growth was AB > BA and the survival rate is BA > AB. For inbred and hybrid groups, the growth rate was AA > AB > BA > BB, the survival rate is BB > BA > AB > AA. Groups AB and BA of hybrid line show the double superior phenotype trait of growth and survival rate, which implies hetetosis is obvious. And the hybrid progeny inherit the parent phenotype trait, but in terms of growth and survival, the heritability of parent leading.