Section 13
Chapter 12,926

Preparation of inactivated rabies suckling mouse brain vaccine adjuvanted with natural immune stimulants

Madbouly, H.M.; El Dien, A.M.N.; Abeer, B.A.H.

Veterinary Medical Journal Giza 54(4): 913-927


ISSN/ISBN: 1110-1423
Accession: 012925610

The challenge virus standard (CVS-11) strain of fixed rabies virus was propagated in suckling mouse brain for several passages. These passages were titrated in 3-4 weeks old white Swiss mice using mouse inoculation test (MIT). The harvested infected brains of suckling mice were inactivated using 1/4000 beta-propiolactone (BPL) and adjuvanted using Nigella sativa oil and combination of vitamin E and selenium.

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