Sixty years of change in the sapling understories of northern hardwood selection stands in New Hampshire

Leak, W.B.

Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 23(4): 301-303


DOI: 10.1093/njaf/23.4.301
Accession: 012929482

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Numbers of understory saplings in northern hardwood stands on granitic soils harvested once or twice by single-tree selection were monitored on 1/4-ac cruise plots from 1931-32 to 1990-91. Beech, which composed somewhat less than half the stems, either increased slightly or declined; hemlock and striped maple increased substantially, whereas sugar maple declined. The decline in sugar maple saplings may have resulted from the influence of logging disturbances prior to 1931-32, which produced early successional vegetation conducive to sugar maple regeneration, followed by single-tree selection harvests that minimized any early successional influence.