Timing of herbaceous weed control in Lower Coastal Plain loblolly pine plantations

Quicke, H.E.; Lauer, D.K.

General Technical Report Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service (SRS-92): 158-160


Accession: 012934138

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Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) response to different post-plant herbaceous weed control timings was evaluated following mechanical (bedding) and chemical (Chopper (2 oz). Results indicate that sizeable productivity gains are possible with site-specific timing of herbaceous weed control treatments. For sites with >20% cover in June of the first year, the best timing for herbaceous weed control was early in the first year of pine growth. For sites with <10% weed cover in June of the first year, the best timing was early in the second year of pine growth. Guidelines for predicting first year June cover are provided.