Contributions to the knowledge of the Triviidae. XIV. A further new Triviella Jousseaume, 1884 from South Africa. (Mollusca : Gastropoda)

Fehse, D.

Spixiana 29(3): 229-233


ISSN/ISBN: 0341-8391
Accession: 012957169

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A new species of the gastropod family Triviidae Troschel, 1863 is described as endemic from South African offshores. The new species belongs to the genus Triviella Jousseaume, 1884. Type species of the genus is Cypraea oniscus Lamarck, 1810. The new species Triviella williami, spec. nov. is compared with the following similar species of the genus from the same area: Triviella magnidentata (Liltved, 1986), Triviella rubra (Shaw, 1909) and Triviella phalacra Schilder, 1930. All five specimens of the new species differs from its most similar congener, T. rubra, besides other features by the narrower aperture, by the stronger, more numerous posterior basal folds and especially by the colour pattern of the animals.