Section 13
Chapter 12,966

Effect of long-term fertilization on the content of heavy metals in leached chernozem and products of a grain-beet crop rotation

Kurakov, V.I.; Minakova, O.A.; Aleksandrova, L.V.

Agrokhimiya 11: 59-65


Accession: 012965719

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The effect of different fertilizer rates on the content of heavy metals in soils and crops was studied in a long-term stationary experiment. It was found that the application of fertilizers for 65 years increased the content of available zinc, lead, nickel, iron, and manganese in the 0- to 20-cm layer of leached chemozem. Accumulation of Cu, Ni, Cd, and Pb in sugar beet roots and of Zn, Fe, Pb, and Ni in winter wheat grain was noted.

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