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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12976

Chapter 12976 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Silverstone, A.L.; Tseng, T-Seung.; Swain, S.M.; Dill, A.; Jeong, S.Yong.; Olszewski, N.E.; Sun, T-Ping., 2006:
Functional analysis of SPINDLY in gibberellin signaling in Arabidopsis

Kiely, A.; Authier, A.; Kralicek, A.V.; Warr, C.G.; Newcomb, R.D., 2006:
Functional analysis of a Drosophila melanogaster olfactory receptor expressed in Sf9 cells

Chen, H.; von Hehn, C.; Kaczmarek, L.K.; Ment, L.R.; Pober, B.R.; Hisama, F.M., 2006:
Functional analysis of a novel potassium channel (KCNA1) mutation in hereditary myokymia

Kamo, I.; Kaiho, Y.; Canon, T.W.; Chancellor, M.B.; de Groat, W.C.; Prantil, R.L.; Vorp, D.A.; Yoshimura, N., 2006:
Functional analysis of active urethral closure mechanisms under sneeze induced stress condition in a rat model of birth trauma

Nishiyama, T.; Mishima, K.; Ide, F.; Yamada, K.; Obara, K.; Sato, A.; Hitosugi, N.; Inoue, H.; Tsubota, K.; Saito, I., 2007:
Functional analysis of an established mouse vascular endothelial cell line

Hou, Y.; Qin, H.; Follit, J.A.; Pazour, G.J.; Rosenbaum, J.L.; Witman, G.B., 2007:
Functional analysis of an individual IFT protein: IFT46 is required for transport of outer dynein arms into flagella

Guan, Y.; Dunham, M.J.; Troyanskaya, O.G., 2006:
Functional analysis of gene duplications in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jacobsen, T.L.; Cain, D.; Paul, L.; Justiniano, S.; Alli, A.; Mullins, J.S.; Wang, C.Ping.; Butchar, J.P.; Simcox, A., 2006 :
Functional analysis of genes differentially expressed in the Drosophila wing disc: role of transcripts enriched in the wing region

Gunes, E.; Ozer, O.O., 2006:
Functional analysis of herbicides using at wheat farms: the case of Central Anatolia in Turkey

García-Herrero, C.M.; Galán, M.; Vincent, O.; Flández, B.; Gargallo, M.; Delgado-Alvarez, E.; Blázquez, E.; Navas, M.A., 2006:
Functional analysis of human glucokinase gene mutations causing MODY2: exploring the regulatory mechanisms of glucokinase activity

Hinton, T.M.; Coldwell, M.J.; Carpenter, G.A.; Morley, S.J.; Pain, V.M., 2006:
Functional analysis of individual binding activities of the scaffold protein eIF4G

El-Jaick, K.B.; Powers, S.E.; Bartholin, L.; Myers, K.R.; Hahn, J.; Orioli, I.M.; Ouspenskaia, M.; Lacbawan, F.; Roessler, E.; Wotton, D.; Muenke, M., 2006:
Functional analysis of mutations in TGIF associated with holoprosencephaly

Wray, L.V.; Fisher, S.H., 2006:
Functional analysis of the carboxy-terminal region of Bacillus subtilis TnrA, a MerR family protein

Knobe, K.E.; Persson, K.E.M.; Sjörin, E.; Villoutreix, B.O.; Ljung, R.C.R., 2007:
Functional analysis of the factor IX epidermal growth factor-like domain mutation Ile66Thr associated with mild hemophilia B

Charan, N.B.; Thompson, W.H.; Carvalho, P., 2006:
Functional anatomy of bronchial veins

Marangolo, P.; Piras, F.; Galati, G.; Burani, C., 2006:
Functional anatomy of derivational morphology

Parsons, M.P.; Li, S.; Kirouac, G.J., 2006:
Functional and anatomical connection between the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus and dopamine fibers of the nucleus accumbens

Gostick, E.; Cole, D.K.; Hutchinson, S.L.; Wooldridge, L.; Tafuro, S.; Laugel, B.; Lissina, A.; Oxenius, A.; Boulter, J.M.; Price, D.A.; Sewell, A.K., 2007:
Functional and biophysical characterization of an HLA-A*6801-restricted HIV-specific T cell receptor

Demir, S.-Ozbudak; Altinok, N.; Aydin, G.; Koseoglu, F., 2006:
Functional and cognitive progress in aphasic patients with traumatic brain injury during post-acute phase

Leman, L.J.; Weinberger, D.A.; Huang, Z-Zheng.; Wilcoxen, K.M.; Ghadiri, M.Reza., 2007:
Functional and mechanistic analyses of biomimetic aminoacyl transfer reactions in de novo designed coiled coil peptides via rational active site engineering

Ajabnoor, M.A.; El-Naggar, M.M.; Elayat, A.A.; Abdulrafee, A., 2006:
Functional and morphological study of cultured pancreatic islets treated with cyclosporine

Bredemeier, R.; Schlegel, T.; Ertel, F.; Vojta, A.; Borissenko, L.; Bohnsack, M.T.; Groll, M.; von Haeseler, A.; Schleiff, E., 2006:
Functional and phylogenetic properties of the pore-forming beta-barrel transporters of the Omp85 family

Rouhier, N.; Kauffmann, B.; Tete-Favier, Fédérique.; Palladino, P.; Gans, P.; Branlant, G.; Jacquot, J-Pierre.; Boschi-Muller, S., 2006:
Functional and structural aspects of poplar cytosolic and plastidial type a methionine sulfoxide reductases

Weitz, D.; Harder, D.; Casagrande, F.; Fotiadis, D.; Obrdlik, P.; Kelety, B.; Daniel, H., 2006:
Functional and structural characterization of a prokaryotic peptide transporter with features similar to mammalian PEPT1

Kozachkov, L.; Herz, K.; Padan, E., 2007:
Functional and structural interactions of the transmembrane domain X of NhaA, Na+/H+ antiporter of Escherichia coli, at physiological pH

Török, J.; Koprdová, R.; Cebová, M.; Kunes, J.; Kristek, F., 2006:
Functional and structural pattern of arterial responses in hereditary hypertriglyceridemic and spontaneously hypertensive rats in early stage of experimental hypertension

Ehlting, J.; Provart, N.J.; Werck-Reichhart, D., 2006:
Functional annotation of the Arabidopsis P450 superfamily based on large-scale co-expression analysis

Vega, R.A.; Maspoch, D.; Shen, C.K-F.; Kakkassery, J.J.; Chen, B.J.; Lamb, R.A.; Mirkin, C.A., 2006:
Functional antibody arrays through metal ion-affinity templates

Shen, Y.; Lee, G.; Choe, Y.; Zoltewicz, J.Susie.; Peterson, A.S., 2006:
Functional architecture of atrophins

Lanner, F.; Sohl, M.; Farnebo, F., 2006:
Functional arterial and venous fate is determined by graded VEGF signaling and notch status during embryonic stem cell differentiation

Carvalho, M.A.; Couch, F.J.; Monteiro, A.N.A., 2006:
Functional assays for BRCA1 and BRCA2

de Jong, S.N.; van Caspel, D.R.; van Haeff, M.J.; Saris, Dël.B.F., 2007:
Functional assessment and muscle strength before and after reconstruction of chronic anterior cruciate ligament lesions

Ferencz, Mária.; Somfai, Gábor.Márk.; Farkas, A.; Kovács, Iés.; Lesch, Bázs.; Récsán, Z.; Nemes, János.; Salacz, Görgy., 2006:
Functional assessment of the possible toxicity of indocyanine green dye in macular hole surgery

Praetorius-Ibba, M.; Hausmann, C.D.; Paras, M.; Rogers, T.E.; Ibba, M., 2006:
Functional association between three archaeal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases

Domellöf, E.; Rönnqvist, L.; Hopkins, B., 2006:
Functional asymmetries in the stepping response of the human newborn: a kinematic approach

Michell, T.B.; Ross, S.E.; Blackburn, J.Troy.; Hirth, C.J.; Guskiewicz, K.M., 2007:
Functional balance training, with or without exercise sandals, for subjects with stable or unstable ankles

Hilker, R.; Burghaus, L.; Razai, N.; Jacobs, A.H.; Szelies, B.; Heiss, W-Dieter., 2006:
Functional brain imaging in combined motor and sleep disorders

Wilhelm, S.; Rosenau, F.; Becker, S.; Buest, S.; Hausmann, S.; Kolmar, H.; Jaeger, K-Erich., 2006:
Functional cell-surface display of a lipase-specific chaperone

Collignon, O.; Lassonde, M.; Lepore, F.; Bastien, D.; Veraart, C., 2006:
Functional cerebral reorganization for auditory spatial processing and auditory substitution of vision in early blind subjects

Mitchell, J.L.; Trible, R.P.; Emert-Sedlak, L.A.; Weis, D.D.; Lerner, E.C.; Applen, J.J.; Sefton, B.M.; Smithgall, T.E.; Engen, J.R., 2007:
Functional characterization and conformational analysis of the Herpesvirus saimiri Tip-C484 protein

Uchiyama, H.; Hayashi, H.; Suzuki, Y., 2006:
Functional characterization of Cl-/HCO3- exchange in villous cells of the mouse ileum

Ali, A.; Christie, P.T.; Grigorieva, I.V.; Harding, B.; Van Esch, H.; Ahmed, S.Faisal.; Bitner-Glindzicz, M.; Blind, E.; Bloch, C.; Christin, P.; Clayton, P.; Gecz, J.; Gilbert-Dussardier, B.; Guillen-Navarro, E.; Hackett, A.; Halac, I.; Hendy, G.N.; Lalloo, F.; Mache, C.J.; Mughal, Z.; Ong, A.C.M.; Rinat, C.; Shaw, N.; Smithson, S.F.; Tolmie, J.; Weill, J.; Nesbit, M.Andrew.; Thakker, R.V., 2007:
Functional characterization of GATA3 mutations causing the hypoparathyroidism-deafness-renal (HDR) dysplasia syndrome: insight into mechanisms of DNA binding by the GATA3 transcription factor

Senthil-Kumar, M.; Govind, G.; Kang, L.; Mysore, K.S.; Udayakumar, M., 2006:
Functional characterization of Nicotiana benthamiana homologs of peanut water deficit-induced genes by virus-induced gene silencing

Furrer, E.M.; Ronchetti, M.F.; Verrey, Fçois.; Pos, K.M., 2007:
Functional characterization of a NapA Na(+)/H(+) antiporter from Thermus thermophilus

Sabet, S.; Ochoa, M-Teresa.; Sieling, P.A.; Rea, T.H.; Modlin, R.L., 2006:
Functional characterization of a T-cell receptor BV6+ T-cell clone derived from a leprosy lesion

Islam, M.Rafiqul.; Kim, H.; Kang, S-Wook.; Kim, J-Sup.; Jeong, Y-Min.; Hwang, H-Ju.; Lee, S-Young.; Woo, J-Chang.; Kim, S-Gu., 2006:
Functional characterization of a gene encoding a dual domain for uridine kinase and uracil phosphoribosyltransferase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Yasukawa, T.; Sugimura, K.; Fukuda, M.; Yamazaki, K.; Kitajima, S.; Okumura, K.; Aso, T., 2006:
Functional characterization of a mammalian transcription factor, Elongin A

Nakamura, Y.; Ozaki, T.; Niizuma, H.; Ohira, M.; Kamijo, T.; Nakagawara, A., 2007:
Functional characterization of a new p53 mutant generated by homozygous deletion in a neuroblastoma cell line

DelloRusso, C.; Welcsh, P.L.; Wang, W.; Garcia, R.L.; King, M-Claire.; Swisher, E.M., 2007:
Functional characterization of a novel BRCA1-null ovarian cancer cell line in response to ionizing radiation

Kraus, C.; Reis, Aé.; Naehrlich, L.; Dötsch, Jörg.; Korbmacher, C.; Rauh, R., 2007:
Functional characterization of a novel CFTR mutation P67S identified in a patient with atypical cystic fibrosis

Kim, J-Eun.; Myong, K.; Shim, W-Bo.; Yun, S-Hwan.; Lee, Y-Won., 2006:
Functional characterization of acetylglutamate synthase and phosphoribosylamine-glycine ligase genes in Gibberella zeae

Chen, H.; Hewison, M.; Adams, J.S., 2006:
Functional characterization of heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear protein C1/C2 in vitamin D resistance: a novel response element-binding protein

Itani, H.A.; Liu, X.; Pratt, J.Howard.; Sigmund, C.D., 2006:
Functional characterization of polymorphisms in the kidney enhancer of the human renin gene

Zang, Y.; Zhao, S.; Doll, M.A.; States, J.Christopher.; Hein, D.W., 2007:
Functional characterization of the A411T (L137F) and G364A (D122N) genetic polymorphisms in human N-acetyltransferase 2

da Silva Ferreira, Márcia.Eliana.; Heinekamp, T.; Härtl, A.; Brakhage, A.A.; Semighini, C.P.; Harris, S.D.; Savoldi, M.; de Gouvêa, P.Fagundes.; de Souza Goldman, M.Helena.; Goldman, G.H., 2006:
Functional characterization of the Aspergillus fumigatus calcineurin

Kidron, H.; Repo, S.; Johnson, M.S.; Salminen, T.A., 2006:
Functional classification of amino acid decarboxylases from the alanine racemase structural family by phylogenetic studies

Lacey, S.F.; L.R.sa, C.; Zhou, W.; Sharma, M.C.; Martinez, J.; Krishnan, A.; Gallez-Hawkins, G.; Thao, L.; Longmate, J.; Spielberger, R.; Forman, S.J.; Limaye, A.; Zaia, J.A.; Diamond, D.J., 2006:
Functional comparison of T cells recognizing cytomegalovirus pp65 and intermediate-early antigen polypeptides in hematopoietic stem-cell transplant and solid organ transplant recipients

Poels, J.; Verlinden, H.; Fichna, J.; Van Loy, T.; Franssens, V.; Studzian, K.; Janecka, A.; Nachman, R.J.; Vanden Broeck, J., 2006:
Functional comparison of two evolutionary conserved insect neurokinin-like receptors

Winder, R.; Cortes, C.R.; Reggia, J.A.; Tagamets, M-A., 2006:
Functional connectivity in fMRI: A modeling approach for estimation and for relating to local circuits

Matsumoto, R.; Nair, D.R.; LaPresto, E.; Bingaman, W.; Shibasaki, H.; Lüders, H.O., 2006:
Functional connectivity in human cortical motor system: a cortico-cortical evoked potential study

Thiruvady, D.R.; Georgiou-Karistianis, N.; Egan, G.F.; Ray, S.; Sritharan, A.; Farrow, M.; Churchyard, A.; Chua, P.; Bradshaw, J.L.; Brawn, T-L.; Cunnington, R., 2006:
Functional connectivity of the prefrontal cortex in Huntington's disease

Laplagne, D.A.; Espósito, M.Soledad.; Piatti, Vónica.C.; Morgenstern, Nás.A.; Zhao, C.; van Praag, H.; Gage, F.H.; Schinder, A.F., 2006:
Functional convergence of neurons generated in the developing and adult hippocampus

Tang, J.; Robertson, S.; Lem, K.E.; Godwin, S.C.; Kaler, S.G., 2006:
Functional copper transport explains neurologic sparing in occipital horn syndrome

Wahlberg, P.; Bodén, I.; Paulsson, J.; Lund, L.R.; Liu, K.; Ny, T., 2006:
Functional corpora lutea are formed in matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor-treated plasminogen-deficient mice

Lysov, V.F.; Gudin, V.A.; Gudin, S.V., 2006:
Functional correlation principle and interdependency serotonin-, histamine-, and adrenergic system in animals ontogenesis

Feng, J.; Wang, H.; Morse, H.C., 2006:
Functional deficiency in IL-7 caused by an N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea-induced point mutation

Smith, P.D.; McLean, K.J.; Murphy, M.A.; Turnley, A.M.; Cook, M.J., 2006:
Functional dentate gyrus neurogenesis in a rapid kindling seizure model

Moshkin, Y.M.; Mohrmann, L.; van Ijcken, W.F.J.; Verrijzer, C.Peter., 2006:
Functional differentiation of SWI/SNF remodelers in transcription and cell cycle control

Gureje, O.; Ogunniyi, A.; Kola, L.; Afolabi, E., 2006:
Functional disability in elderly Nigerians: Results from the Ibadan Study of Aging

Strempel, J.M.; Vercelli, D., 2006:
Functional dissection identifies a conserved noncoding sequence-1 core that mediates IL13 and IL4 transcriptional enhancement

Baker, D.Adam.; Beckingham, K.Mary.; Armstrong, J.Douglas., 2007:
Functional dissection of the neural substrates for gravitaxic maze behavior in Drosophila melanogaster

Klaver, P.; Schnaidt, M.; Fell, Jürgen.; Ruhlmann, Jürgen.; Elger, C.E.; Fernández, Gén., 2006:
Functional dissociations in top-down control dependent neural repetition priming

Zheng, Y.; Xu, D.; Gu, X., 2006:
Functional divergence after gene duplication and sequence-structure relationship: a case study of G-protein alpha subunits

Hernández-Hernández, T.; Martínez-Castilla, Lón.Patricio.; Alvarez-Buylla, E.R., 2006:
Functional diversification of B MADS-box homeotic regulators of flower development: Adaptive evolution in protein-protein interaction domains after major gene duplication events

Schilmiller, A.L.; Koo, A.J.K.; Howe, G.A., 2006:
Functional diversification of acyl-coenzyme A oxidases in jasmonic acid biosynthesis and action

Benfenati, V.; Nicchia, G.Paola.; Svelto, M.; Rapisarda, C.; Frigeri, A.; Ferroni, S., 2006:
Functional down-regulation of volume-regulated anion channels in AQP4 knockdown cultured rat cortical astrocytes

Koseki, S.; Fujii, Y.; Kato, N.; Yasunaga, K.; Kitakami, S.; Arai, K.-Ichi, 2006:
Functional effect of bovine plasma powder on quality of heat-induced gels with and without setting of mixed salt-ground meats from walleye pollack and Pacific whiting

Cao, X.; Ball, A.J.; Partosoedarso, E.R.; Burmeister, M.A.; Hornby, P.J., 2006:
Functional effects and characteristics of cecum-projecting neurons in the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus of rats

Preston, L.C.; Lipscomb, S.; Robinson, P.; Mogensen, J.; McKenna, W.J.; Watkins, H.; Ashley, C.C.; Redwood, C.S., 2006:
Functional effects of the DCM mutant Gly159Asp troponin C in skinned muscle fibres

Prince, S.N.; Foulstone, E.J.; Zaccheo, O.J.; Williams, C.; Hassan, A.Bassim., 2007:
Functional evaluation of novel soluble insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-II-specific ligand traps based on modified domain 11 of the human IGF2 receptor

Kondo, T.; Takata, H.; Takiguchi, M., 2006:
Functional expression of chemokine receptor CCR6 on human effector memory CD8+ T cells

Mitsuoka, K.; Kato, Y.; Kubo, Y.; Tsuji, A., 2006:
Functional expression of stereoselective metabolism of cephalexin by exogenous transfection of oligopeptide transporter PEPT1

Reppel, M.; Sasse, P.; Malan, D.; Nguemo, F.; Reuter, H.; Bloch, W.; Hescheler, Jürgen.; Fleischmann, B.K., 2006:
Functional expression of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in the embryonic mouse heart

Guinamard, R.; Demion, M.; Magaud, C.; Potreau, D.; Bois, P., 2006:
Functional expression of the TRPM4 cationic current in ventricular cardiomyocytes from spontaneously hypertensive rats

Lerman, G.; McQuown, J.; Blais, A.; Dynlacht, B.D.; Chen, G.; Mishra, B., 2006:
Functional genomics via multiscale analysis: application to gene expression and ChIP-on-chip data

Kaneko, M.Kato.; Kato, Y.; Kameyama, A.; Ito, H.; Kuno, A.; Hirabayashi, J.; Kubota, T.; Amano, K.; Chiba, Y.; Hasegawa, Y.; Sasagawa, I.; Mishima, K.; Narimatsu, H., 2007 :
Functional glycosylation of human podoplanin: glycan structure of platelet aggregation-inducing factor

Tanaka, K.; Soto-Gutierrez, A.; Navarro-Alvarez, N.; Rivas-Carrillo, J.-David; Jun, H.-Sook; Kobayashi, N., 2006:
Functional hepatocyte culture and its application to cell therapies

Zhang, D-Qi.; Zhou, T-Rong.; McMahon, D.G., 2007:
Functional heterogeneity of retinal dopaminergic neurons underlying their multiple roles in vision

Schneider, L.F.; Warren, M.P., 2006:
Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea is associated with elevated ghrelin and disordered eating

Azmi, H.; Biswal, B.; Salas, S.; Schulder, M., 2007:
Functional imaging in a low-field, mobile intraoperative magnetic resonance scanner: expanded paradigms

Chabas, Dée.; Habert, M-Odile.; Maksud, P.; Tourbah, A.; Minz, M.; Willer, J-Claude.; Arnulf, I., 2007:
Functional imaging of cataplexy during status cataplecticus

Carbon, M.; Eidelberg, D., 2006:
Functional imaging of sequence learning in Parkinson's disease

Kayser, C.; Petkov, C.I.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N.K., 2007:
Functional imaging reveals visual modulation of specific fields in auditory cortex

Karchin, R.; Monteiro, A.N.A.; Tavtigian, S.V.; Carvalho, M.A.; Sali, A., 2007:
Functional impact of missense variants in BRCA1 predicted by supervised learning

Knox, K.S.; Day, R.B.; Kohli, L.M.; Hage, C.A.; Twigg, H.L., 2006:
Functional impairment of CD4 T cells despite normalization of T cell number in HIV

Du, Z.; Chaoqian, X.; Shan, H.; Lu, Y.; Ren, N., 2007:
Functional impairment of cardiac transient outward K+ current as a result of abnormally altered cellular environment

Verkade, M.Anton.; van Druningen, Cé.Johan.; Vaessen, L.Maria.Bernardus.; Hesselink, D.Adriaan.; Weimar, W.; Betjes, M.Gerardus.Henricus., 2006:
Functional impairment of monocyte-derived dendritic cells in patients with severe chronic kidney disease

Furuya, T.; Kamijo, T.; Ozaki, T.; Kusafuka, T.; Nakagawara, A., 2006:
Functional implication of the Shf in neuroblastoma

Lundin, K.B.; Giwercman, A.; Dizeyi, N.; Giwercman, Y.L., 2007:
Functional in vitro characterisation of the androgen receptor GGN polymorphism

Aurich, I.; Mueller, L.P.; Aurich, H.; Luetzkendorf, J.; Tisljar, K.; Dollinger, M.M.; Schormann, W.; Walldorf, J.; Hengstler, J.G.; Fleig, W.E.; Christ, B., 2006:
Functional integration of hepatocytes derived from human mesenchymal stem cells into mouse livers

Kavanagh, E.; Buchert, M.; Tsapara, A.; Choquet, A.; Balda, M.S.; Hollande, Fédéric.; Matter, K., 2006:
Functional interaction between the ZO-1-interacting transcription factor ZONAB/DbpA and the RNA processing factor symplekin

Calon, A.; Gross, I.; Davidson, I.; Kedinger, Mèle.; Duluc, I.; Domon-Dell, C.; Freund, J-Noël., 2006:
Functional interaction between the homeoprotein CDX1 and the transcriptional machinery containing the TATA-binding protein

Ryan, C.M.; Harries, J.C.; Kindle, K.B.; Collins, H.M.; Heery, D.M., 2006:
Functional interaction of CREB binding protein (CBP) with nuclear transport proteins and modulation by HDAC inhibitors

Baker, K.D.; Beckstead, R.B.; Mangelsdorf, D.J.; Thummel, C.S., 2007:
Functional interactions between the Moses corepressor and DHR78 nuclear receptor regulate growth in Drosophila

Patricelli, M.P.; Szardenings, A.Katrin.; Liyanage, M.; Nomanbhoy, T.K.; Wu, M.; Weissig, H.; Aban, A.; Chun, D.; Tanner, S.; Kozarich, J.W., 2007:
Functional interrogation of the kinome using nucleotide acyl phosphates

Imaoka, T.; Kusuhara, H.; Adachi, M.; Schuetz, J.D.; Takeuchi, K.; Sugiyama, Y., 2006:
Functional involvement of multidrug resistance-associated protein 4 (MRP4/ABCC4) in the renal elimination of the antiviral drugs adefovir and tenofovir

Hishida, R.; Kamatani, D.; Kitaura, H.; Kudoh, M.; Shibuki, K., 2006:
Functional local connections with differential activity-dependence and critical periods surrounding the primary auditory cortex in rat cerebral slices

Shinoura, N.; Yamada, R.; Suzuki, Y.; Kodama, T.; Sekiguchi, K.; Takahashi, M.; Yagi, K., 2007:
Functional magnetic resonance imaging is more reliable than somatosensory evoked potential or mapping for the detection of the primary motor cortex in proximity to a tumor

Rauch, S.L.; Wedig, M.M.; Wright, C.I.; Martis, B.; McMullin, K.G.; Shin, L.M.; Cannistraro, P.A.; Wilhelm, S., 2006:
Functional magnetic resonance imaging study of regional brain activation during implicit sequence learning in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Elsom, R.; Sanderson, P.; Hesketh, J.E.; Jackson, M.J.; Fairweather-Tait, S.J.; Akesson, Börn.; Handy, J.; Arthur, J.R., 2006:
Functional markers of selenium status: UK Food Standards Agency workshop report

Wehrle, R.; Kaufmann, C.; Wetter, T.C.; Holsboer, F.; Auer, D.P.; Pollmächer, T.; Czisch, M., 2007:
Functional microstates within human REM sleep: first evidence from fMRI of a thalamocortical network specific for phasic REM periods

Duengelhoef, S.; Schmitt, M., 2006:
Functional morphology of copulation in Chrysomelidae-Criocerinae and Bruchidae (Insecta : Coleoptera)

Bruns, M.B.; Miller, M.W., 2007:
Functional nerve growth factor and trkA autocrine/paracrine circuits in adult rat cortex are revealed by episodic ethanol exposure and withdrawal

Tropel, P.; Platet, N.; Platel, J-Claude.; Noël, Dèle.; Albrieux, M.; Benabid, A-Louis.; Berger, Fçois., 2006:
Functional neuronal differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Chou, A-Kuo.; Chen, T-I.; Winardi, W.; Dai, M-Hong.; Chen, S-Chieh.; Howng, S-Long.; Yen, C-Po.; Lin, T-Kan.; Jeng, A.Y.; Kwan, A-Lie., 2007:
Functional neuroprotective effect of CGS 26303, a dual ECE inhibitor, on ischemic-reperfusion spinal cord injury in rats

Tabernero, J.; Klyce, S.D.; Sarver, E.J.; Artal, P., 2007:
Functional optical zone of the cornea

Zaros, Cécile.; Briand, J-François.; Boulard, Y.; Labarre-Mariotte, S.; Garcia-Lopez, M.Carmen.; Thuriaux, P.; Navarro, F., 2006:
Functional organization of the Rpb5 subunit shared by the three yeast RNA polymerases

Keith, G.P.; Smith, M.A.; Crawford, J.Douglas., 2006:
Functional organization within a neural network trained to update target representations across 3-D saccades

Rades, D.; Fehlauer, F.; Veninga, T.; Stalpers, L.J.A.; Basic, H.; Hoskin, P.J.; Rudat, V.; Karstens, J.H.; Schild, S.E.; Dunst, J., 2006:
Functional outcome and survival after radiotherapy of metastatic spinal cord compression in patients with cancer of unknown primary

Polinder, S.; van Beeck, E.F.; Essink-Bot, M.Louise.; Toet, H.; Looman, C.W.N.; Mulder, S.; Meerding, W.Jan., 2007:
Functional outcome at 2.5, 5, 9, and 24 months after injury in the Netherlands

Murray, D.J.; Gilbert, R.W.; Vesely, M.J.J.; Novak, C.B.; Zaitlin-Gencher, S.; Clark, J.R.; Gullane, P.J.; Neligan, P.C., 2006 :
Functional outcomes and donor site morbidity following circumferential pharyngoesophageal reconstruction using an anterolateral thigh flap and salivary bypass tube

Oishi, Y.; Nagasaki, K.; Miyata, S.; Matsuura, M.; Nishimura, S-ichiro.; Akiyama, F.; Iwai, T.; Miki, Y., 2007:
Functional pathway characterized by gene expression analysis of supraclavicular lymph node metastasis-positive breast cancer

Correa, R.; Harari, A.; Vallelian, F.; Resino, S.; Munoz-Fernandez, M.Angeles.; Pantaleo, G., 2006:
Functional patterns of HIV-1-specific CD4 T-cell responses in children are influenced by the extent of virus suppression and exposure

Shiau, M-Yuh.; Yu, L.; Yuan, H-Shin.; Lin, J-Hong.; Liu, C-Kuan., 2006:
Functional performance of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia in southern Taiwan

Reynaud, Séphane.; Malissein, E.; Donnard, M.; Bordessoule, D.; Turlure, P.; Trimoreau, F.; Denizot, Y., 2006:
Functional platelet-activating factor receptors in immature forms of leukemic blasts

Duroudier, N.P.; Sayers, I.; Castagna, C.Carabott.; Fenech, A.G.; Halapi, E.; Swan, C.; Hall, I.P., 2007:
Functional polymorphism and differential regulation of CYSLTR1 transcription in human airway smooth muscle and monocytes

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Functional properties and convergence in biology

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Functional requirements for the lysosomal thiol reductase GILT in MHC class II-restricted antigen processing

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Functional residual capacity and airway resistance of the rat measured with a heat- and temperature-adjusted body plethysmograph

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Functional role of fouling community on an artificial reef at the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

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Functional strategies of the hindlimb muscles in the mouse deer

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Fungal spore dispersal by the Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)

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Fungal strains isolated from cork stoppers and the formation of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole involved in the cork taint of wine

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Fungicidal property of active component derived from Acorus gramineus rhizome against phytopathogenic fungi

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Fungicidal value of wood tar from pyrolysis of treated wood

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Fungitoxic activity of plant lectins

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Fungos anamorfos decompositores do folhedo de Caesalpinia echinata Lam

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Fur welche Pflanzenarten hat die Schweiz eine internationale Verantwortung?

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Fur-bearing species and Scottish islands

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Further characterization of theobroma oil-beeswax admixtures as lipid matrices for improved drug delivery systems

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Further development of the methods of dermatosurgical treatment of pretumor cervical diseases

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Further evidence for adipocytic differentiation by the neoplastic myoepithelium

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Further evidence for seed size variation in the genus Zostera: Exploratory studies with Z-japonica and Z-asiatica

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Further faunistic notes on Cozyptila and Xysticus from Turkey (Araneae, Thomisidae)

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Further instances of functional anomaly of the spermathecal gland in Coleoptera (Staphylinidae Curculionidae Scolytidae)

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Further new Taraxacum species (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) from northern Europe

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Further notes on the application of zero-inflated models in highway safety

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Fusarium ear rot and how to screen for resistance in open pollinated maize in the Andean regions

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Fusarium head blight biological control with Lysobacter enzymogenes

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Fusarium-helminthsporum root rottenness in barley varieties depending upon meteorological conditions, reproduction and sowing time

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Fusicoccins are biosynthesized by an unusual chimera diterpene synthase in fungi

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Fusiform aneurysm of the superior cerebellar artery: short review article

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Fusion imaging of three-dimensional magnetic resonance cisternograms and angiograms for the assessment of microvascular decompression in patients with hemifacial spasms

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Fusion of carbohydrate binding modules from Thermotoga neapolitana with a family 10 xylanase from Bacillus halodurans S7

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Fusion of the genes for AHL-lactonase and S-layer protein in Bacillus thuringiensis increases its ability to inhibit soft rot caused by Erwinia carotovora

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Fusion patterns of craniofacial sutures in rhesus monkey skulls of known age and sex from Cayo Santiago

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Futterungsversuche zum Einsatz von Trockenschlempe aus der Bioethanolherstellung bei Ferkeln und Mastschweinen

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Future cancer management with stem cell knowledge and technology

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Future directions in behavioural syndromes research

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Future of biomedical sciences: single molecule microscopy

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Future of rice-fish culture, desert aquaculture and feed development in Africa: The case of Egypt as the leading country in Africa

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Future of toxicology--lipid peroxidation in the future: from biomarker to etiology

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Future practice profiles of Canadian medical trainees

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Future time perspective as predictor of cannabis use: exploring the role of substance perception among French adolescents

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Fuzzy model for toxicity evaluation of phenol derivatives degraded by yeast Trichosporon cutaneum

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FvVE1 regulates filamentous growth, the ratio of microconidia to macroconidia and cell wall formation in Fusarium verticillioides

Kukacka, V., 2006:
Fyziologicke aspekty obrannych pohybu koni ve vztahu k jezdcum

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G alpha(q)-coupled muscarinic acetylcholine receptors enhance nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans mating behavior

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G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons

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G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) kinase 2 regulates agonist-independent Gq/11 signaling from the mouse cytomegalovirus GPCR M33

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G protein-coupled receptor 101 mRNA expression in the mouse brain: altered expression in the posterior hypothalamus and amygdala by energetic challenges

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G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2-mediated phosphorylation of downstream regulatory element antagonist modulator regulates membrane trafficking of Kv4.2 potassium channel

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G protein-coupled receptor-mediated ERK1/2 phosphorylation: towards a generic sensor of GPCR activation

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G quadruplex-based FRET probes with the thrombin-binding aptamer (TBA) sequence designed for the efficient fluorometric detection of the potassium ion

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G-CSF and neuroprotection: a therapeutic perspective in cerebral ischaemia

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G-protein-coupled receptor signalling through protein networks

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G-protein-coupled receptor trafficking: understanding the chemical basis of health and disease

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G-quadruplexes in promoters throughout the human genome

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G2 checkpoint-dependent DNA repair and its response to catalase in Down syndrome and control lymphocyte cultures

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G2E3 is a nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling protein with DNA damage responsive localization

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G72/G30 genes and schizophrenia: a systematic meta-analysis of association studies

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GA(3) induced changes in slow growing endangered Himalayan plant Podophyllum hexandrum and hastening of vegetative growth

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GABA and glutamate specifically induce contractions in the sponge Tethya wilhelma

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GABA excitation in mouse hilar neuropeptide Y neurons

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GABAA receptor associated proteins: a key factor regulating GABAA receptor function

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GABAA receptor-associated phosphoinositide 3-kinase is required for insulin-induced recruitment of postsynaptic GABAA receptors

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GABA(A)-receptor mRNA expression in the prefrontal and temporal cortex of ALS patients

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GABAB receptor association with the PDZ scaffold Mupp1 alters receptor stability and function

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GABAB receptor stimulation accentuates the locomotor effects of morphine in mice bred for extreme sensitivity to the stimulant effects of ethanol

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GABA, not glycine, mediates inhibition of latent respiratory motor pathways after spinal cord injury

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GABA-synthesizing enzyme, GAD67, from dermal fibroblasts: evidence for a new skin function

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GABAergic interneurons facilitate mossy fiber excitability in the developing hippocampus

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GABAergic neurons are less selective to stimulus orientation than excitatory neurons in layer II/III of visual cortex, as revealed by in vivo functional Ca2+ imaging in transgenic mice

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GABAergic spill-over transmission onto hippocampal mossy fiber boutons

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GABI-Kat SimpleSearch: an Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA mutant database with detailed information for confirmed insertions

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Gelege des Sperlingskauzes Glaucidium passerinum in einem Nistkasten fur den Raufusskauz Aegolius funereus

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Generalized, switch-like competitive heterodimerization networks

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Generating tide in pilot-scale constructed wetlands to enhance agricultural wastewater treatment

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Generating ultra-specific custom monoclonal antibodies in just eight weeks

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Generation and expansion of human CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells with indirect allospecificity: Potential reagents to promote donor-specific transplantation tolerance

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Generation and modelling of megavoltage photon beams for contrast-enhanced radiation therapy

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Generation and reshaping of sequences in neural systems

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Generation of a conditional disruption of the Tsc2 gene

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Generation of a transgenic mouse model with chondrocyte-specific and tamoxifen-inducible expression of Cre recombinase

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Generation of a transgenic silkworm that secretes recombinant proteins in the sericin layer of cocoon: production of recombinant human serum albumin

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Generation of an improved cytogenetic and comparative map of Bos taurus chromosome BTA27

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Generation of extreme ultrasonics in rainforest katydids

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Generation of genetically engineered mosquitoes refractory to malaria parasites - Challenge for malaria control through the genetic manipulation of its vector

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Generation of geometrically and radiometrically terrain corrected SAR image products

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Generation of human cortical neurons from a new immortal fetal neural stem cell line

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Generation of reactive oxygen and antioxidant species by hydrodynamically stressed suspensions of Morinda citrifolia

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Generation of reactive oxygen species is an early event in dolichyl phosphate-induced apoptosis

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Generation of somatic cell hybrids for the production of biologically active factors that stimulate proliferation of other cells

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Generation of temporally and spatially heterogeneous landscapes for models of population dynamics

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Generation of the receptive fields of subpial cells in turtle visual cortex

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Generation of the vocal tract spectrum from the underlying articulatory mechanism

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Generation of theta oscillations by weakly coupled neural oscillators in the presence of noise

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Generation of viable fish from cryopreserved primordial germ cells

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Generational changes on the draw-a-man test: a comparison of Brazilian urban and rural children tested in 1930, 2002 and 2004

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Generic disposition of Vicatia bipinnata in Melanosciadium and a new species (Umbelliferae)

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Generic limits in tribe Halimolobeae and description of the new genus Exhalimolobos (Brassicaceae)

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Genes affecting CeR competition in Drosophila

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Genes required for osmoregulation and apical secretion in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Genes that affect cholesterol synthesis, cholesterol absorption, and chylomicron assembly: the relationship between the liver and intestine in control and streptozotosin diabetic rats

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Genes, environments, development and asthma: a reappraisal

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Genesis and properties of dark-colored chernozem-like soils of mesodepressions under fallow in the northern Caspian region

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Genetic CLC-1 chloride channel deficiency modifies diaphragm muscle isometric contractile properties

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Genetic algorithm for multi-objective experimental optimization

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Genetic analysis of a novel Alaska barley yellow dwarf virus in the family Luteoviridae

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Genetic analysis of corn kernel chemical composition in the random mated 7 generation of the cross of generations 70 of IHP x ILP

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Genetic analysis of lethal tip necrosis induced by Clover yellow vein virus infection in pea

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Genetic analysis of nuclear ribosomal DNA of Lentinula edodes

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Genetic analysis of the innate immune responses in wild-derived inbred strains of mice