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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12983

Chapter 12983 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Basille, C.; Olivennes, Fçois.; Le Calvez, J.; Beron-Gaillard, N.; Meduri, G.; Lhommé, C.; Duvillard, P.; Benard, J.; Morice, P., 2006:
Impact of gonadotrophins and steroid hormones on tumour cells derived from borderline ovarian tumours

Gebremeskel, K.; Pieterse, P., 2007:
Impact of grazing around a watering point on soil status of a semi-arid rangeland in Ethiopia

Loeser, M.R.R.; Sisk, T.D.; Crews, T.E., 2007:
Impact of grazing intensity during drought in an Arizona grassland

Muhammad, S.; Muller, T.; Mayer, J.; Joergensen, R.G., 2007:
Impact of growing maize (Zea mays) on the decomposition of incorporated fresh alfalfa residues

Graham, G.N.; Guendelman, M.; Leong, B.S.; Hogan, S.; Dennison, A., 2006:
Impact of heart disease and quality of care on minority populations in the United States

Pagano, M.E.; Phillips, K.A.; Stout, R.L.; Menard, W.; Piliavin, J.A., 2007:
Impact of helping behaviors on the course of substance-use disorders in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder

Anderson, R.T.; Wenzel, L.; Walker, A.P.; Ruggiero, A.; Acton, R.T.; Hall, M.A.; Tucker, D.C.; Thomson, E.; Harrison, B.; Howe, E.; Holup, J.; Leiendecker-Foster, C.; Power, T.; Adams, P., 2006:
Impact of hemochromatosis screening in patients with indeterminate results: the hemochromatosis and iron overload screening study

Sheng, W-Huei.; Hung, C-Ching.; Kao, J-Horng.; Chang, S-Yuan.; Chen, M-Yuan.; Hsieh, S-Min.; Chen, P-Jer.; Chang, S-Chwen., 2007:
Impact of hepatitis D virus infection on the long-term outcomes of patients with hepatitis B virus and HIV coinfection in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy: a matched cohort study

Sung, V.W.; Rogers, M.L.; Myers, D.L.; Clark, M.A., 2006:
Impact of hospital and surgeon volumes on outcomes following pelvic reconstructive surgery in the United States

Valle Tovo, C.; Alves de Mattos, A.; Ribeiro de Souza, Aéa.; Ferrari de Oliveira Rigo, J.; Lerias de Almeida, P.Roberto.; Galperim, B.; Riegel Santos, B., 2007:
Impact of human immunodeficiency virus infection in patients infected with the hepatitis C virus

Watts, B., D.; Byrd, M., A., 2007:
Impact of hurricane isabel on bald eagle nests and reproductive performance in the lower Chesapeake Bay

Gondi, V.; Bradley, K.; Mehta, M.; Howard, A.; Khuntia, D.; Ritter, M.; Tomé, W., 2006:
Impact of hybrid fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomography/computed tomography on radiotherapy planning in esophageal and non-small-cell lung cancer

Kanu, I.; Anyanwu, E., 2005:
Impact of hydrophobic pollutants' behavior on occupational and environmental health

Merrill, R.M., 2006:
Impact of hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy on race-specific rates of corpus, cervical, and ovarian cancers in the United States

Daud, S.A.; Yusen, R.D.; Meyers, B.F.; Chakinala, M.M.; Walter, M.J.; Aloush, A.A.; Patterson, G.Alexander.; Trulock, E.P.; Hachem, R.R., 2006:
Impact of immediate primary lung allograft dysfunction on bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome

Kabitz, H-Joachim.; Lang, F.; Walterspacher, S.; Sorichter, S.; Müller-Quernheim, J.; Windisch, W., 2006:
Impact of impaired inspiratory muscle strength on dyspnea and walking capacity in sarcoidosis

Nino-Soto, M.I.; Basrur, P.K.; King, W.Allan., 2006:
Impact of in vitro production techniques on the expression of X-linked genes in bovine (bos taurus) oocytes and pre-attachment embryos

Gilman, B.H.; Bonito, A.J.; Eicheldinger, C., 2007:
Impact of influenza immunization on medical expenditures among Medicare elderly, 1999-2003

May, R.; Landa, A.; Van-Dijk, J.; Linnell, J., D.C.; Andersen, R., 2006:
Impact of infrastructure on habitat selection of wolverines Gulo gulo

Falagas, M.E.; Siempos, I.I.; Bliziotis, I.A.; Panos, G.Z., 2006:
Impact of initial discordant treatment with beta-lactam antibiotics on clinical outcomes in adults with pneumococcal pneumonia: a systematic review

Hermans, G.; Wilmer, A.; Meersseman, W.; Milants, I.; Wouters, P.J.; Bobbaers, H.; Bruyninckx, F.; Van den Berghe, G., 2006:
Impact of intensive insulin therapy on neuromuscular complications and ventilator dependency in the medical intensive care unit

Khmenitsky, O.K.; Khmelnitskaya, N.M.; Tararak, T.Y.; Vasilyeva, N.A.; Balykin, M.V., 2006:
Impact of intermittent hypobaric hypoxia on the thyroid morphofunctional state in experimental hyperthyroidism

Suzuki, M.; Sakurai, Y.; Nagata, K.; Kinashi, Y.; Masunaga, S.; Ono, K.; Maruhashi, A.; Kato, I.; Fuwa, N.; Hiratsuka, J.; Imahori, Y., 2006:
Impact of intra-arterial administration of boron compounds on dose-volume histograms in boron neutron capture therapy for recurrent head-and-neck tumors

Ho, E.A.; Soo, P.Lim.; Allen, C.; Piquette-Miller, M., 2006:
Impact of intraperitoneal, sustained delivery of paclitaxel on the expression of P-glycoprotein in ovarian tumors

Fierens, Sébastien.; Mairesse, Hélène.; Heilier, J-François.; Focant, J-François.; Eppe, G.; De Pauw, E.; Bernard, A., 2007 :
Impact of iron and steel industry and waste incinerators on human exposure to dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals: results of a cross-sectional study in Belgium

Taniguchi, T.; Satoh, M., 2006:
Impact of irrigation water stability on on-farm water distribution in a paddy field

Onay-Besikci, A., 2006:
Impact of lactate in the perfusate on function and metabolic parameters of isolated working rat heart

Yu-Guangming; Wei-Yali; Tao-Wenxing; Lu-Di; Zhang-Min, 2006:
Impact of land consolidation on regional landscape pattern - A case of the land consolidation project of basic farmland in Anlu City, Hubei Province

Hsu, H-T.; Hwang, S-L.; Lee, P-H.; Chen, S-C., 2006:
Impact of liver donation on quality of life and physical and psychological distress

Norf, H.; Arndt, H.; Weitere, M., 2006:
Impact of local temperature increase on the early development of biofilm-associated ciliate communities

Vila, B., 2006:
Impact of long work hours on police officers and the communities they serve

Yamamoto, T.; Nakahigashi, M.; Umegae, S.; Kitagawa, T.; Matsumoto, K., 2007:
Impact of long-term enteral nutrition on clinical and endoscopic recurrence after resection for Crohn's disease: A prospective, non-randomized, parallel, controlled study

Kothe, R.; Kohlmann, T.; Klink, T.; Rüther, W.; Klinger, R., 2006:
Impact of low back pain on functional limitations, depressed mood and quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

France, E.K.; Smith-Ray, R.; McClure, D.; Hambidge, S.; Xu, S.; Yamasaki, K.; Shay, D.; Weintraub, E.; Fry, A.M.; Black, S.B.; Shinefield, H.R.; Mullooly, J.P.; Jackson, L.A., 2006 :
Impact of maternal influenza vaccination during pregnancy on the incidence of acute respiratory illness visits among infants

Chiba, S.; Coleman, K.; Pogliano, K., 2006:
Impact of membrane fusion and proteolysis on SpoIIQ dynamics and interaction with SpoIIIAH

Palav, T.S.etharaman, K., 2007:
Impact of microwave heating on the physico-chemical properties of a starch-water model system

Lanning, E.M.; Holtick, U.; Dickinson, A.M.; Holler, E.; Gluckman, E.; Hromadnikova, I.; Middleton, P.G.; Collin, M.P., 2006:
Impact of mismatching CD1a, a dimorphic antigen-presenting molecule, on graft-versus-host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Hunter, M.D.; Ganesan, V.; Wilkinson, I.D.; Spence, S.A., 2006:
Impact of modafinil on prefrontal executive function in schizophrenia

Jobard, G.; Vigneau, M.; Mazoyer, B.; Tzourio-Mazoyer, N., 2006:
Impact of modality and linguistic complexity during reading and listening tasks

Keenan, A-Maree.; Tennant, A.; Fear, J.; Emery, P.; Conaghan, P.G., 2006:
Impact of multiple joint problems on daily living tasks in people in the community over age fifty-five

van der Schaaf, Ré.J.; Vis, M.M.; Sjauw, K.D.; Koch, K.T.; Baan, J.; Tijssen, J.G.P.; de Winter, R.J.; Piek, J.J.; Henriques, Jé.P.S., 2006:
Impact of multivessel coronary disease on long-term mortality in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction is due to the presence of a chronic total occlusion

Ahn, S-Gyun.; Shin, J-Han.; Koh, B-Ram.; Choi, J-Hyun.; Kang, S-Jin.; Choi, B-Joo.; Choi, S-Yeon.; Yoon, M-Ho.; Hwang, G-Seung.; Tahk, S-Jea., 2006:
Impact of myocardial perfusion on left atrial remodeling following primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction

Lambelé, M.; Labrosse, Béatrice.; Roch, E.; Moreau, A.; Verrier, B.; Barin, F.; Roingeard, P.; Mammano, F.; Brand, D., 2006:
Impact of natural polymorphism within the gp41 cytoplasmic tail of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 on the intracellular distribution of envelope glycoproteins and viral assembly

Chaix, M-Laure.; Ekouevi, D.Koumavi.; Peytavin, G.; Rouet, Fçois.; Tonwe-Gold, B.; Viho, I.; Bequet, L.; Amani-Bosse, C.; Menan, Hé.; Leroy, Vériane.; Rouzioux, C.; Dabis, Fçois., 2006:
Impact of nevirapine (NVP) plasma concentration on selection of resistant virus in mothers who received single-dose NVP to prevent perinatal human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transmission and persistence of resistant virus in their infected children

Low, H-Cheng.; Da Costa, M.; Prabhakaran, K.; Kaur, M.; Wee, A.; Lim, S-Gee.; Wai, C-Tao., 2006:
Impact of new legislation on presumed consent on organ donation on liver transplant in Singapore: a preliminary analysis

Tielsch, J.M.; Darmstadt, G.L.; Mullany, L.C.; Khatry, S.K.; Katz, J.; LeClerq, S.C.; Shrestha, S.; Adhikari, R., 2007:
Impact of newborn skin-cleansing with chlorhexidine on neonatal mortality in southern Nepal: a community-based, cluster-randomized trial

Guttal, V.; Jayaprakash, C., 2007:
Impact of noise on bistable ecological systems

Yumino, D.; Tsurumi, Y.; Takagi, A.; Suzuki, K.; Kasanuki, H., 2007:
Impact of obstructive sleep apnea on clinical and angiographic outcomes following percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Huang-Juan; Xia-Han-Ping; Kong-Guo-Hui, 2007:
Impact of oil shale waste slag on plant growth and benefits of limestone amendment

Majumdar, S.R.; Tsuyuki, R.T.; McAlister, F.A., 2006:
Impact of opinion leader-endorsed evidence summaries on the quality of prescribing for patients with cardiovascular disease: a randomized controlled trial

Li-Ruo-Yu; Gao-Nai-Yun; Xu-Bin; Zen-Wen-Hui; Zhao-Jian-Fu; Le-Lin-Sheng, 2006:
Impact of organic matter in water on the adsorption of EDCs (BPA) onto granular activated carbon (GAC) from the view of molecular weight distribution

Nguyen-Oghalai, T.U.; Ottenbacher, K.J.; Granger, C.V.; Smith, S.Toombs.; Goodwin, J.S., 2006:
Impact of osteoarthritis on rehabilitation for persons with hip fracture

Wang, Q.; Xiao, Y-fu.; Vuitton, D.A.; Schantz, P.M.; Raoul, F.; Budke, C.; Campos-Ponce, M.; Craig, P.S.; Giraudoux, P., 2007:
Impact of overgrazing on the transmission of Echinococcus multilocularis in Tibetan pastoral communities of Sichuan Province, China

Boev, V.M.; Krasikov, S.I.; Leĭzerman, V.G.; Bugrova, O.V.; Sharapova, N.V.; Svistunova, N.V., 2007:
Impact of oxidative stress on the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia under the conditions of an industrial town

Paoletti, E., 2006:
Impact of ozone on Mediterranean forests: a review

Vasquez-Caicedo, A.-Lucia; Schilling, S.; Carle, R.; Neidhart, S., 2007:
Impact of packaging and storage conditions on colour and beta-carotene retention of pasteurised mango puree

Desai, N.D.; Naylor, C.David.; Kiss, A.; Cohen, E.A.; Feder-Elituv, R.; Miwa, S.; Radhakrishnan, S.; Dubbin, J.; Schwartz, L.; Fremes, S.E., 2007:
Impact of patient and target-vessel characteristics on arterial and venous bypass graft patency: insight from a randomized trial

Bakhtiary, F.; Schiemann, M.; Dzemali, O.; Dogan, S.; Schächinger, V.; Ackermann, H.; Moritz, A.; Kleine, P., 2007:
Impact of patient-prosthesis mismatch and aortic valve design on coronary flow reserve after aortic valve replacement

Shudy, M.; de Almeida, M.Lihinie.; Ly, S.; Landon, C.; Groft, S.; Jenkins, T.L.; Nicholson, C.E., 2006 :
Impact of pediatric critical illness and injury on families: a systematic literature review

Lee, I.; Selamet, A.; Huff, N., T., 2006:
Impact of perforation impedance on the transmission loss of reactive and dissipative silencers

Salerno, S.M.; Carlson, D.W.; Soh, E.K.; Lettieri, C.J., 2007:
Impact of perioperative cardiac assessment guidelines on management of orthopedic surgery patients

Bhattaram, V.A.; Bonapace, C.; Chilukuri, D.M.; Duan, J.Z.; Garnett, C.; Gobburu, J.V.S.; Jang, S.H.; Kenna, L.; Lesko, L.J.; Madabushi, R.; Men, Y.; Powell, J.R.; Qiu, W.; Ramchandani, R.P.; Tornoe, C.W.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, J.J., 2007:
Impact of pharmacometric reviews on new drug approval and labeling decisions - a survey of 31 new drug applications submitted between 2005 and 2006

Coleman, R.E.; Burkett, D.A.; Sherwood, V.; Caci, J.; Spradling, S.; Jennings, B.T.; Rowton, E.; Gilmore, W.; Blount, K.; White, C.E.; Putnam, J.L., 2007:
Impact of phlebotomine sand flies on U.S. Military operations at Tallil Air Base, Iraq: 2. Temporal and geographic distribution of sand flies

Basamba, T.A.; Barrios, E.; Singh, B.R.; Rao, I.M., 2007:
Impact of planted fallows and a crop rotation on nitrogen mineralization and phosphorus and organic matter fractions on a Colombian volcanic-ash soil

Cao, C.-Shixiong; Chen, L.; Gao, W.; Chen, Y.; Yan, M., 2006:
Impact of planting grass on terrene roads to avoid soil erosion

Gahan, M.E.; Webster, D.E.; Wesselingh, S.L.; Strugnell, R.A., 2006:
Impact of plasmid stability on oral DNA delivery by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Bracey, A.W.; Grigore, A.M.; Nussmeier, N.A., 2006:
Impact of platelet testing on presurgical screening and implications for cardiac and noncardiac surgical procedures

Lee, T.A.; Weaver, F.M.; Weiss, K.B., 2007:
Impact of pneumococcal vaccination on pneumonia rates in patients with COPD and asthma

Luo, N.; Hatchett, D., W.; Rogers, K., R., 2006:
Impact of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the electrochemical responses of a ferricyanide probe at template-modified self-assembled monolayers on gold electrodes

Kwon, E.O.; Carver, B.S.; Snyder, M.E.; Russo, P., 2006:
Impact of positive surgical margins in patients undergoing partial nephrectomy for renal cortical tumours

Makhado, A.B.; Crawford, R.J.M.; Underhill, L.G., 2006:
Impact of predation by cape fur seals Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus on Cape gannets Morus capensis at Malgas Island, Western Cape, South Africa

Rauh, V.A.; Garfinkel, R.; Perera, F.P.; Andrews, H.F.; Hoepner, L.; Barr, D.B.; Whitehead, R.; Tang, D.; Whyatt, R.W., 2006:
Impact of prenatal chlorpyrifos exposure on neurodevelopment in the first 3 years of life among inner-city children

Bada, H.S.; Das, A.; Bauer, C.R.; Shankaran, S.; Lester, B.; LaGasse, L.; Hammond, J.; Wright, L.L.; Higgins, R., 2007:
Impact of prenatal cocaine exposure on child behavior problems through school age

Keeley, J., E.; Mcginnis, T., W., 2007:
Impact of prescribed fire and other factors on cheatgrass persistence in a Sierra Nevada ponderosa pine forest

Laundre, J.W.; Hernandez, L.; Clark, S.G., 2006:
Impact of puma predation on the decline and recovery of a mule deer population in southeastern Idaho

Hsieh, Y-Hen.; King, C-Chuan.; Chen, C.W.S.; Ho, M-Shang.; Hsu, S-Bi.; Wu, Y-Chun., 2006:
Impact of quarantine on the 2003 SARS outbreak: a retrospective modeling study

Mukamal, K.J., 2007:
Impact of race and ethnicity on counseling for alcohol consumption: a population-based, cross-sectional survey

Burstein, J.M.; Gidrewicz, D.; Hutchison, S.J.; Holmes, K.; Jolly, S.; Cantor, W.J., 2007:
Impact of radial artery cannulation for coronary angiography and angioplasty on radial artery function

Falsey, A.R.; Murata, Y.; Walsh, E.E., 2007:
Impact of rapid diagnosis on management of adults hospitalized with influenza

Benito-Fernández, J.; Vázquez-Ronco, M.A.; Morteruel-Aizkuren, E.; Mintegui-Raso, S.; Sánchez-Etxaniz, Jús.; Fernández-Landaluce, A., 2006:
Impact of rapid viral testing for influenza A and B viruses on management of febrile infants without signs of focal infection

Moya-Quiles, M.R.; Alvarez, R.; Miras, M.; Gomez-Mateo, J.; Lopez-Alvarez, M.R.; Marin-Moreno, I.; Martínez-Barba, E.; Sanchez-Mozo, M.P.S.; Gomez, M.; Arnal, F.; Sanchez-Bueno, F.; Marin, L.A.; Garcia-Alonso, A.M.; Minguela, A.; Muro, M.; Parrilla, P.; Alonso, C.; Alvarez-López, M.R., 2007:
Impact of recipient HLA-C in liver transplant: a protective effect of HLA-Cw*07 on acute rejection

Palomino, D.; Carrascal, L., M., 2007:
Impact of recreation on forest bird communities: non-detrimental effects of trails and picnic areas

Shiffman, M.L.; Ghany, M.G.; Morgan, T.R.; Wright, E.C.; Everson, G.T.; Lindsay, K.L.; Lok, A.S.F.; Bonkovsky, H.L.; Di Bisceglie, A.M.; Lee, W.M.; Dienstag, J.L.; Gretch, D.R., 2007:
Impact of reducing peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin dose during retreatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Middleton, N.; Shave, R.; George, K.; Whyte, G.; Simpson, R.; Florida-James, G.; Gaze, D., 2007:
Impact of repeated prolonged exercise bouts on cardiac function and biomarkers

Mitchell, A.D., 2007:
Impact of research with cattle, pigs, and sheep on nutritional concepts: body composition and growth

Carrie, A.G.; Grymonpre, R.E.; Blandford, A.A., 2006:
Impact of residence on prevalence and intensity of prescription drug use among older adults

O'Ryan, M.; Díaz, J.; Mamani, N.; Navarrete, M.; Vallebuono, C., 2007:
Impact of rotavirus infections on outpatient clinic visits in chile

Nagarajan, K.; Ramesh, F., 2007:
Impact of sago effluent on protein content in the freshwater fish, Clarias batrachus

Kardos, P.; Wencker, M.; Glaab, T.; Vogelmeier, C., 2006:
Impact of salmeterol/fluticasone propionate versus salmeterol on exacerbations in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Bayas, M.V.; Kearney, A.; Avramovic, A.; van der Merwe, P.Anton.; Leckband, D.E., 2006:
Impact of salt bridges on the equilibrium binding and adhesion of human CD2 and CD58

Tam, V.H.; Kabbara, S.; Yeh, R.F.; Leary, R.H., 2006:
Impact of sample size on the performance of multiple-model pharmacokinetic simulations

Zalloua, P.A.; Hsu, Y-Hsiang.; Terwedow, H.; Zang, T.; Wu, D.; Tang, G.; Li, Z.; Hong, X.; Azar, S.T.; Wang, B.; Bouxsein, M.L.; Brain, J.; Cummings, S.R.; Rosen, C.J.; Xu, X., 2006:
Impact of seafood and fruit consumption on bone mineral density

Barrea, C.; Hornberger, L.K.; Alkazaleh, F.; McCrindle, B.W.; Roberts, A.; Berezovska, O.; Windrim, R.; Seaward, P.Gareth.; Smallhorn, J.F.; Ryan, G., 2006:
Impact of selective laser ablation of placental anastomoses on the cardiovascular pathology of the recipient twin in severe twin-twin transfusion syndrome

Sangakkara, U.R.; Stamp, P., 2006:
Impact of selective weeding on maize productivity in major and minor seasons - a comparative analysis from the Asian humid tropics

Turner, G.A.; Moore, A.E.; Marti, V.P.J.; Paterson, S.E.; James, A.G., 2008:
Impact of shaving and anti-perspirant use on the axillary vault

Nguyen, N.Xuan.; Pham, H.Nguyen.; Langenbucher, A.; Cursiefen, C.; Seitz, B., 2007:
Impact of short-term versus longterm topical steroid treatment on 'idiopathic' endothelial cell loss after normal-risk penetrating keratoplasty

Obermann, M.F.oebrich, J.P.rrin, J.; Tournoud, M., 2007:
Impact of significant floods on the annual load in an agricultural catchment in the mediterranean

Chang, L-Teh.; Sun, C-Kwan.; Chiang, C-Hua.; Wu, C-Jen.; Chua, S.; Yip, H-Kan., 2007:
Impact of simvastatin and losartan on antiinflammatory effect: in vitro study

Haritash, A.-Kumar-; Baskar, R.-; Sharma, N.-; Paliwal, S., 2007:
Impact of slate quarrying on soil properties in semi-arid Mahendragarh in India

Van Cauter, E.; Holmback, U.; Knutson, K.; Leproult, R.; Miller, A.; Nedeltcheva, A.; Pannain, S.; Penev, P.; Tasali, E.; Spiegel, K., 2007:
Impact of sleep and sleep loss on neuroendocrine and metabolic function

Niemeyer, M.; Niemeyer, T.; Fottner, S.; Haerdtle, W.; Mohamed, A., 2007:
Impact of sod-cutting and choppering on nutrient budgets of dry heathlands

Bogomil'skiĭ, M.R.; D'iakonova, I.N.; Rakhmanova, I.V.; Tikhomirov, A.M.; Golubovskiĭ, O.A., 2006:
Impact of sound signals of high intensity on the acoustic analyzer

Bernacchia, A.; Amit, D.J., 2007 :
Impact of spatiotemporally correlated images on the structure of memory

Rao, A.; Walsh, J., 2006:
Impact of specialist care in patients with newly diagnosed heart failure: a randomised controlled study

Valgimigli, M.; Dawkins, K.; Macaya, C.; de Bruyne, B.; Teiger, E.; Fajadet, J.; Gert, R.; De Servi, S.; Ramondo, A.; Wittebols, K.; Stoll, H-Peter.; Rademaker, T.A.M.; Serruys, P.W., 2007:
Impact of stable versus unstable coronary artery disease on 1-year outcome in elective patients undergoing multivessel revascularization with sirolimus-eluting stents: a subanalysis of the ARTS II trial

Franklin, J.C.; Moretti, N.A.; Blumenthal, T.D., 2007:
Impact of stimulus signal-to-noise ratio on prepulse inhibition of acoustic startle

Xie, J.; Wu, E.Q.; Zheng, Z-Jie.; Croft, J.B.; Greenlund, K.J.; Mensah, G.A.; Labarthe, D.R., 2006:
Impact of stroke on health-related quality of life in the noninstitutionalized population in the United States

Zechmann, C.M.; Woenne, E.C.; Brix, G.; Radzwill, N.; Ilg, M.; Bachert, P.; Peschke, P.; Kirsch, S.; Kauczor, H-Ulrich.; Delorme, S.; Semmler, W.; Kiessling, F., 2007:
Impact of stroma on the growth, microcirculation, and metabolism of experimental prostate tumors

Sigel, E.; Baur, R.; Boulineau, N.; Minier, F., 2006:
Impact of subunit positioning on GABAA receptor function

Cheng, A-Lin.; Lin, H.; Kasprow, W.; Rosenheck, R.A., 2007:
Impact of supported housing on clinical outcomes: analysis of a randomized trial using multiple imputation technique

Ouedraogo, A.; Nagot, N.; Vergne, L.; Konate, I.; Weiss, H.A.; Defer, M-Christine.; Foulongne, V.; Sanon, A.; Andonaba, J-Baptiste.; Segondy, M.; Mayaud, P.; Van de Perre, P., 2006:
Impact of suppressive herpes therapy on genital HIV-1 RNA among women taking antiretroviral therapy: a randomized controlled trial

Orvieto, M.A.; Alsikafi, N.F.; Shalhav, A.L.; Laven, B.A.; Steinberg, G.D.; Zagaja, G.P.; Brendler, C.B., 2006:
Impact of surgical margin status on long-term cancer control after radical prostatectomy

Loupy, A.; Anglicheau, D.; Timsit, M.Olivier.; Thervet, E.; Mamzer-Bruneel, M-France.; Martinez, F.; Desgranchamps, Fçois.; Thiounn, N.; Kreis, H.; Legendre, C.; Chrétien, Y.; Méjean, A., 2007:
Impact of surgical procedures and complications on outcomes of third and subsequent kidney transplants

Wang-Jianling; Wang-Lin; Wang-Baozhen; Zhang-Jinsong; Zou-Qixian, 2006:
Impact of suspended particles and enhancement techniques on ultraviolet disinfection of a secondary effluent

Palacios, R.; Jiménez-Oñate, F.; Aguilar, M.; Galindo, M.José.; Rivas, P.; Ocampo, A.; Berenguer, J.; Arranz, J.Alberto.; Ríos, M.José.; Knobel, H.; Moreno, F.; Ena, J.; Santos, Jús., 2006:
Impact of syphilis infection on HIV viral load and CD4 cell counts in HIV-infected patients

Morales, J.María.; Domínguez-Gil, B., 2006:
Impact of tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil combination on cardiovascular risk profile after kidney transplantation

Owor, M.-; Hartwig, T.-; Muwanga, A.-; Zachmann, D.-; Pohl, W., 2007:
Impact of tailings from the Kilembe copper mining district on Lake George, Uganda

Anavberokhai, Musa, O., 2006:
Impact of targeted HIV/AIDS education on knowledge of adolescents

Qaddoumi, I.; Mansour, A.; Musharbash, A.; Drake, J.; Swaidan, M.; Tihan, T.; Bouffet, E., 2006:
Impact of telemedicine on pediatric neuro-oncology in a developing country: the Jordanian-Canadian experience

Gayle, H.; Wainberg, M.A., 2007:
Impact of the 16th International Conference on AIDS: can these conferences lead to policy change?

Mbele, A.M.; Snyman, L.; Pattison, R.C., 2006:
Impact of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act on maternal morbidity and mortality in the west of Pretoria

Martin Curran, M.; Moran, D., 2006:
Impact of the FTSE4Good Index on firm price: an event study

Wickens, H.J.; Jacklin, A., 2006:
Impact of the Hospital Pharmacy Initiative for promoting prudent use of antibiotics in hospitals in England

Adams, E.Kathleen.; Breen, N.; Joski, P.J., 2006:
Impact of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program on mammography and Pap test utilization among white, Hispanic, and African American women: 1996-2000

Ofsthun, N.J.; Lazarus, J.Michael., 2006:
Impact of the change in CMS billing rules for erythropoietin on hemoglobin outcomes in dialysis patients

Mingo, C.A.; McIlvane, J.M.; Haley, W.E., 2006:
Impact of the diagnostic label of osteoarthritis on perceptions of disability and willingness to help a parent in African Americans and whites

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Impact of the level of muscle invasion in organ-confined bladder cancer

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Impact of transportation of feedlot cattle to the harvest facility on the prevalence of Escherichia coli O157 : H7, Salmonella, and total aerobic microorganisms on hides

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Impact of tumor size on the predictive ability of the pT3a primary tumor classification for renal cell carcinoma

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Impact of two chemistry mechanisms fully coupled with mesoscale model on the atmospheric pollutants distribution

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Impact of undergraduate research on academic performance, educational planning, and career development

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Impact of weather on annual fluctuations in breeding numbers of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor in Norway

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Impact on health-related quality of life and perceived burden of informal caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease

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Impact pathway evaluation of an integrated Striga hermonthica control project in Northern Nigeria

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Impacto de las actividades de uso racional del medicamento en medicos que nunca han recibido esta informacion

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Impacts of a smoking cessation benefit among employed populations

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Impacts of dietary intake and helminth infection on diversity in growth among schoolchildren in rural south China: a four-year longitudinal study

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Impacts of educational level and employment status on mortality for Japanese women and men: the Jichi Medical School cohort study

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Impacts of extraction methods in the rapid determination of atrazine residues in foods using supercritical fluid chromatography and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: microwave solvent vs. supercritical fluid extractions

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Impacts of human activity on reindeer and caribou: The matter of spatial and temporal scales

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Impacts of hydraulic works on fish biodiversity in the Yangtze River Valley and counter-measures

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Impacts of nutrient enrichment and sediment on phytoplankton community structure in the northern Baltic Sea

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Impacts of picnic areas on bird assemblages and nest predation activity within Australian eucalypt forests

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Impacts of plateau pikas on soil organic matter and moisture content in alpine meadow

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Impacts of soil-water conservation in Jialing River on sedimentation of the Three Gorges Reservoir

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Impacts of urban environmental elements on residential housing prices in Guangzhou (China)

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Impaired cell communication in the diabetic heart. The role of the renin angiotensin system

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Impaired dendritic cell function resulting from chronic undernutrition disrupts the antigen-specific immune response in mice

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Impaired detoxication of hydrogen sulfide in ulcerative colitis?

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Impaired developmental switch of short-term plasticity in pyramidal cells of dysplastic cortex

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Impaired downregulation following erythropoietin receptor activation in non-small cell lung carcinoma

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Impaired effect of salt loading on nitric oxide-mediated relaxation in aortas from stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Impaired endothelial vasomotor function after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation

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Impaired filterability of erythrocytes from patients with chronic hepatitis C and effects of eicosapentaenoic acid on the filterability

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Impaired functional connectivity at EEG alpha and theta frequency bands in major depression

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Impaired glucose tolerance as a risk factor for stroke in a cohort of non-institutionalised people aged 70 years

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Impaired hatching success and male-biased embryo mortality in Tree Sparrows

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Impaired inhibitory oculomotor control in patients with Parkinson's disease

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Impaired lung function and lung cancer incidence in a cohort of Swedish construction workers

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Impaired masticatory behavior in subjects with reduced periodontal tissue support

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Impaired mesenchymal cell function in Gata4 mutant mice leads to diaphragmatic hernias and primary lung defects

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Impaired microvascular perfusion improves with increased incubator temperature in preterm infants

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Impaired neural development caused by inducible expression of Axin in transgenic mice

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Impaired neuromuscular transmission after recovery of the train-of-four ratio

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Impaired pericyte recruitment and abnormal retinal angiogenesis as a result of angiopoietin-2 overexpression

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Impaired phagocytosis of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae by human alveolar macrophages in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Impaired proteolysis of collagen I inhibits proliferation of hepatic stellate cells: implications for regulation of liver fibrosis

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Impaired recognition of facial expressions of anger in Parkinson's disease patients acutely withdrawn from dopamine replacement therapy

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Impaired regulatory T-cell response and enhanced atherosclerosis in the absence of inducible costimulatory molecule

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Impaired release of bioactive parathyroid hormone-related peptide in patients with pulmonary hypertension and endothelial dysfunction

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Impaired renal function and duration of dialysis therapy are associated with oxidative stress and proatherogenic cytokine levels in patients with end-stage renal disease

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Impaired renal haemodynamic response to L-arginine in essential hypertension: role of buffering anion and tubuloglomerular feedback

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Impaired self-initiated task preparation during task switching in Parkinson's disease

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Impaired skeletal development in interleukin-6-transgenic mice: a model for the impact of chronic inflammation on the growing skeletal system

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Impaired spatial working memory and altered choline acetyltransferase (CHAT) immunoreactivity and nicotinic receptor binding in rats exposed to intermittent hypoxia during sleep

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Impaired spatial working memory but spared spatial reference memory following functional loss of NMDA receptors in the dentate gyrus

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Impaired therapeutic vasculogenesis by transplantation of OxLDL-treated endothelial progenitor cells

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Impaired transport as a mechanism of resistance to thiopurines in human T-lymphoblastic leukemia cells

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Impaired vascular function in normoglycemic mice prone to autoimmune diabetes: role of nitric oxide

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Impaired vasodilation in response to perivascular nerve stimulation in mesenteric arteries of TRPV1-null mutant mice

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Impaired verbal source monitoring in schizophrenia: an intermediate trait vulnerability marker?

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Impaired visual search in drivers with Parkinson's disease

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Impairement of transcription in culture cells after in vivo incorporation of anti-RNP antibodies

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Impairment in the cognitive functioning of men with fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS)

Zacks, M.A., 2007:
Impairment of cell division of Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

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Impairment of functional capillary density but not oxygen delivery in the hamster window chamber during severe experimental malaria

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Impairment of microtubule-dependent trafficking by overexpression of alpha-synuclein

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Impairment of mitochondrial function by particulate matter (PM) and their toxic components: implications for PM-induced cardiovascular and lung disease

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Impairment of odor recognition in Parkinson's disease caused by weak activations of the orbitofrontal cortex

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Impairment of reaction time among children awakened during stage 4 sleep

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Impairment of several immune functions in anxious women

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Impairment of sexual life in patients with psoriasis

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Impairment of the oral stereognosis in the partial anterior open bite

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Impairments in spatial memory retention of GFAP-apoE4 female mice

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Impairments in water maze learning of aged rats that received dextromethorphan repeatedly during adolescent period

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Impedance spectral measurements made through a membrane infection barrier

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Impending trade suspensions of Caribbean queen conch under CITES: A case study on fishery impacts and potential for stock recovery

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Implant placement at the time of maxillary molar extraction: technique and report of preliminary results of 83 sites

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Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator infection due to Brucella melitensis: case report and review of brucellosis of cardiac devices

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Implantable insulin pumps: the Veterans Administration Study, a decade later

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Implantable intrathecal pumps for chronic pain: highlights and updates

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Implantable neural electrical stimulator for external control of gastrointestinal motility

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Implantation of decellularized small-caliber vascular xenografts with and without surface heparin treatment

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Implantation of paclitaxel-eluting stents in saphenous vein grafts: clinical and angiographic follow-up results from a multicentre study

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Implanted cardioverters-defibrillators in the treatment of arrhythmias and prevention of sudden death

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Implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices for staffing in neonatal intensive care units

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Implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices to improve pain management of neonates

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Implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices to improve the discharge process in the neonatal intensive care unit

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Implementation and evaluation of a new workflow for registration and segmentation of pulmonary MRI data for regional lung perfusion assessment

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Implementation and evaluation of a nursing home fall management program

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Implementation and performance evaluation of reconstruction algorithms on graphics processors

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Implementation impediments to institutionalising the practice of sustainable urban water management

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Implementation of a weight management pharmaceutical care service

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Implementation of an antiretroviral access program for HIV-1-infected individuals in resource-limited settings - Clinical results from 4 African countries

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Implementation of an iterative scatter correction, the influence of attenuation map quality and their effect on absolute quantitation in SPECT

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Implementing an animated geographic information system to investigate factors associated with nosocomial infections: a novel approach

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Implementing Good Clinical Practice in two noncommercial phase II studies in children with cancer

la Marca, G.; Casetta, B.; Malvagia, S.; Pasquini, E.; Innocenti, M.; Donati, M.Alice.; Zammarchi, E., 2006:
Implementing tandem mass spectrometry as a routine tool for characterizing the complete purine and pyrimidine metabolic profile in urine samples

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Implication des mitochondries dans la biologie musculaire: un role cle au cours du developpement, de la croissance et de la fonte musculaire

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Implication of B lymphocytes in endotoxin-induced hepatic injury after partial hepatectomy in rats

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Implication of PTEN in production of reactive oxygen species and neuronal death in in vitro models of stroke and Parkinson's disease

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Implication of central asymmetry in speech processing on selecting the ear for cochlear implantation

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Implication of site quality on mitochondrial electron transport activity and its interaction with temperature in feral Mya arenaria clams from the Saguenay Fjord

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Implications for management of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in adult-to-adult live donor liver transplantation

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Implications for molecular mechanisms of glycoprotein hormone receptors using a new sequence-structure-function analysis resource

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Implications of collection patterns of botanical specimens on their usefulness for conservation planning: an example of two neotropical plant families (Moraceae and Myristicaceae) in Peru

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Implications of conspecific background noise for features of blue tit, Cyanistes caeruleus, communication networks at dawn

Verchot, L., V.; Zomer, R.; Van-Straaten, O.; Muys, B., 2007:
Implications of country-level decisions on the specification of crown cover in the definition of forests for land area eligible for afforestation and reforestation activities in the CDM

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Implications of deep electrode insertion on cochlear implant fitting

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Implications of early structural-functional changes in the endothelium for vascular disease

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Implications of error and uncertainty for an environmental planning scenario: A sensitivity analysis of GIS-based variables in a reserve design exercise

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Implications of family protective-risk index for screening cognitive development of children aged 13-15 years

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Implications of high-risk family studies for prevention of depression

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Implications of livelihood dependence on non-timber products in Peruvian Amazonia

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Implications of mechanism-based inhibition of CYP2D6 for the pharmacokinetics and toxicity of MDMA

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Implications of prostate-specific antigen doubling time as indicator of failure after surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer

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Implications of research on endocrine disruption for the environmental risk assessment, regulation and monitoring of chemicals in the European Union

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Implications of the failure to identify high-risk electrocardiogram findings for the quality of care of patients with acute myocardial infarction: results of the Emergency Department Quality in Myocardial Infarction (EDQMI) study

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Implications of the initial mutations in membrane cofactor protein (MCP; CD46) leading to atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

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Implications of transdisciplinarity for sustainability research

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Implicit change identification: a replication of Fernandez-Duque and Thornton (2003)

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Implicit learning deficits in dyslexic adults: an fMRI study

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Implicit learning of semantic category sequences: response-independent acquisition of abstract sequential regularities

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Implicit task sets in task switching?

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Import and fate of fluorescent analogs of oxidized phospholipids in vascular smooth muscle cells

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Import of peroxisomal membrane proteins: the interplay of Pex3p- and Pex19p-mediated interactions

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Importance and predictability of cannibalism in rainbow smelt

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Importance of CXC chemokine receptor 2 in the homing of human peripheral blood endothelial progenitor cells to sites of arterial injury

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Importance of a pilot study for non-invasive genetic sampling: genotyping errors and population size estimation in red deer

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Importance of amino acid alterations and expression of penicillin-binding protein 5 to ampicillin resistance of Enterococcus faecium in Taiwan

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Importance of assemblage-level thinning: A field experiment in an alpine meadow on the Tibet plateau

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Importance of atrophic gastritis in diagnostics and prevention of gastric cancer: application of plasma biomarkers

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Importance of bile acids for novel oral absorption system containing polyamines to improve intestinal absorption

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Importance of blood pressure control in chronic kidney disease

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Importance of collateral circulation in coronary heart disease

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Importance of complete revascularization in patients with acute myocardial infarction treated with percutaneous coronary intervention

Freiberg, M.; Turton, S., M., 2007:
Importance of drought on the distribution of the birds nest fern, Asplenium nidus, in the canopy of a lowland tropical rainforest in north-eastern Australia

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Importance of early lighting conditions in maternal care by dam as well as anxiety and memory later in life of offspring

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Importance of heterotrophic planktonic communities in a mussel culture environment: the Grande Entree lagoon, Magdalen Islands (Quebec, Canada)

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Importance of hydration and dynamics on the selectivity of the KcsA and NaK channels

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Importance of information on tillage practices in the modelling of environmental processes and in the use of environmental indicators

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Importance of maintenance therapy in C225-induced enhancement of tumor control by fractionated radiation

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Importance of melanocortin signaling in refeeding-induced neuronal activation and satiety

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Importance of plasticity and decision-making strategies for plant resource acquisition in spatio-temporally variable environments

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Importance of receptor usage, Fli1 activation, and mouse strain for the stem cell specificity of 10A1 murine leukemia virus leukemogenicity

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Importance of salt in determining blood pressure in children: meta-analysis of controlled trials

Korepanov, A.P.; Gongadze, G.M.; Garber, M.B.; Court, D.L.; Bubunenko, M.G., 2007 :
Importance of the 5 S rRNA-binding ribosomal proteins for cell viability and translation in Escherichia coli

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Importance of the Hsp70 ATPase domain in yeast prion propagation

Eyre, N.S.; Cleland, L.G.; Tandon, N.N.; Mayrhofer, G., 2006:
Importance of the carboxyl terminus of FAT/CD36 for plasma membrane localization and function in long-chain fatty acid uptake

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Importance of the election of the type of oak shavings (chips) in the characteristics of the final wine product

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Importance of the electrocardiographic strain pattern in patients with resistant hypertension

Miklavcic, D.; Corovic, S.; Pudhar, G.; Pavseli, N., 2006:
Importance of tumour coverage by sufficiently high local electric field for effective electrochemotherapy

Weiss, N.; Tadmouri, A.; Mikati, M.; Ronjat, M.; De Waard, M., 2006:
Importance of voltage-dependent inactivation in N-type calcium channel regulation by G-proteins

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Importance of water source in controlling leaf leaching losses in a dwarf red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle L.) wetland

Costa, S.; Pinto, D.; Pereira, D.; Vasconcelos, Aé.; Afonso-Lopes, C.; Osório, T.; Lopes, C.; Medeiros, R., 2006:
Importance of xeroderma pigmentosum group D polymorphisms in susceptibility to ovarian cancer

Lozoya-Saldana, Hector, 2005 :
Importancia Internacional del Valle de Toluca, Mexico, en Estudios Sobre el Tizon Tardio de la Papa (Solanum tuberosum L.), Causado Por Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary

Aspinall, S.; Hellyer, P., 2006:
Important bird areas of the United Arab Emirates

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Important roles of hydroxylic amino acid residues in the function of Bacillus subtilis adenylosuccinate lyase

Abd-Rabou, Shaaban, 2006:
Importation, colonization and establishment of the parasitoid, Encarsia pergandiella Howard (Hymenoptera : Aphelinidae) on Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring (Homoptera : Aleyrodidae) in Egypt

Jennings, R.M.; D.S.uza, J.Brian.; Todd, J.E.; Armstrong, M.; Flanagan, K.L.; Riley, E.M.; Doherty, J.F., 2006:
Imported Plasmodium falciparum malaria: are patients originating from disease-endemic areas less likely to develop severe disease? A prospective, observational study

Clark, P.; Parsons, T.M.; Boyd, J.C.; Dewey, P.; Mintz, P.D., 2006:
Imported platelets demonstrate decreased pH and glucose by reagent strip testing when compared to locally derived platelets

Schweizer, G.; Gruenenfelder, F.; Sydler, T.; Rademacher, N.; Braun, U.; Deplazes, P., 2006:
Importierte Coenurose beim Schaf

Teng, S-Chun.; Wu, K-Juey.; Tseng, S-Fu.; Wong, C-Wei.; Kao, L., 2006:
Importin KPNA2, NBS1, DNA repair and tumorigenesis

Nakahara, S.; Hogan, V.; Inohara, H.; Raz, A., 2006:
Importin-mediated nuclear translocation of galectin-3

Liu, W-Hui.; Chiu, Y-Wen.; Huang, D-Ji.; Liu, M-Yie.; Lee, C-Chang.; Liu, L-Lian., 2006 :
Imposex in the golden apple snail Pomacea canaliculata in Taiwan

Hall, J.; Fu, G.; Lawry, J., 2007:
Imprecise probabilities of climate change: aggregation of fuzzy scenarios and model uncertainties

Camprubí, C.; Coll, M.Dolors.; Villatoro, S.; Gabau, E.; Kamli, A.; Martínez, M.Jesus.; Poyatos, D.; Guitart, M., 2006:
Imprinting center analysis in Prader-Willi and Angelman syndrome patients with typical and atypical phenotypes

Gross, S.R.; Kinzy, T.Goss., 2006:
Improper organization of the actin cytoskeleton affects protein synthesis at initiation

Han, H-Kyung.; Choi, H-Kyun., 2006:
Improved absorption of meloxicam via salt formation with ethanolamines

Liu, J.-Yan; Guo, Z.-Gang; Zeng, Z.-Lin, 2007:
Improved accumulation of phenylethanoid glycosides by precursor feeding to suspension culture of Cistanche salsa

Olsen, T., 2007:
Improved accuracy of intraocular lens power calculation with the Zeiss IOLMaster

Carlhed, R.; Bojestig, M.; Wallentin, L.; Lindström, G.; Peterson, A.; Aberg, C.; Lindahl, B., 2006:
Improved adherence to Swedish national guidelines for acute myocardial infarction: the Quality Improvement in Coronary Care (QUICC) study

Kluitenberg, G.J.; Ochsner, T.E.; Horton, R., 2007:
Improved analysis of heat pulse signals for soil water flux determination

Ozcan, Süreyya.; Senyuva, H.Z., 2006:
Improved and simplified liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry method for the analysis of underivatized free amino acids in various foods

Batist, G.; Harris, L.; Azarnia, N.; Lee, L.Waiyee.; Daza-Ramirez, P., 2006:
Improved anti-tumor response rate with decreased cardiotoxicity of non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin compared with conventional doxorubicin in first-line treatment of metastatic breast cancer in patients who had received prior adjuvant doxorubicin: results of a retrospective analysis

Wang, T.; Tian, L.; Haino, M.; Gao, J-Liang.; Lake, R.; Ward, Y.; Wang, H.; Siebenlist, U.; Murphy, P.M.; Kelly, K., 2006:
Improved antibacterial host defense and altered peripheral granulocyte homeostasis in mice lacking the adhesion class G protein receptor CD97

Kim, M-Jeong.; Kim, M-Kyung.; Kang, J-Seung., 2007:
Improved antibiotic susceptibility test of Orientia tsutsugamushi by flow cytometry using monoclonal antibody

Quan, A.L.; Ciezki, J.P.; Reddy, C.A.; Angermeier, K.; Ulchaker, J.; Mahadevan, A.; Chehade, N.; Altman, A.; De Oreo, G.; Klein, E.A., 2006:
Improved biochemical relapse-free survival for patients with large/wide glands treated with prostate seed implantation for localized adenocarcinoma of prostate

Alley, W.R.; Mechref, Y.; Klouckova, I.; Novotny, M.V., 2007:
Improved collision-induced dissociation analysis of peptides by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry through 3-sulfobenzoic acid succinimidyl ester labeling

Cefali, E.A.; Simmons, P.D.; Stanek, E.J.; Shamp, T.R., 2006:
Improved control of niacin-induced flushing using an optimized once-daily, extended-release niacin formulation

Lasota, J.; Wasag, B.; Steigen, S.E.; Limon, J.; Miettinen, M., 2007:
Improved detection of KIT exon 11 duplications in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Schlunt, L.B.; Harper, J.D.; Broome, D.R.; Baron, P.W.; Watkins, G.E.; Ojogho, O.N.; Baldwin, D.Duane., 2007:
Improved detection of renal vascular anatomy using multidetector CT angiography: Is 100% detection possible?

Obua, C.; Gustafsson, L.L.; Aguttu, C.; Anokbonggo, W.W.; Ogwal-Okeng, J.W.; Chiria, J.; Hellgren, U., 2006:
Improved efficacy with amodiaquine instead of chloroquine in sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine combination treatment of falciparum malaria in Uganda: experience with fixed-dose formulation

Konrad, D.; Rudich, A.; Schoenle, E.J., 2007:
Improved glucose tolerance in mice receiving intraperitoneal transplantation of normal fat tissue

Wegener, J.W.M.; Hopman-Ubbels, G.H.J.; Van Velzen, M., 2006:
Improved glucuronide hydrolysis in the determination of urinary 1-hydroxypyrene

Khoschnau, S.; Fahlgren, A.; Aspenberg, P.; Rahme, H., 2007:
Improved healing of ligament to bone with point fixation in rabbits

McCaffrey, D.F.; Bell, R.M., 2006:
Improved hypothesis testing for coefficients in generalized estimating equations with small samples of clusters

Petrov, K., K.; Petrova, P., M.; Beschkov, V., N., 2007:
Improved immobilization of Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC 7469 in polyacrylamide gel, preventing cell leakage during lactic acid fermentation

Uchiyama, T.; Watanabe, K., 2006:
Improved inverse PCR scheme for metagenome walking

Zhang, H.; Onning, G.; Oste, R.; Gramatkovski, E.; Hulthén, L., 2007:
Improved iron bioavailability in an oat-based beverage: the combined effect of citric acid addition, dephytinization and iron supplementation

Hansen, D.Flemming.; Kay, L.E., 2007:
Improved magnetization alignment schemes for spin-lock relaxation experiments

Kann, L.; Han, J.; Ahlquist, D.; Levin, T.; Rex, D.; Whitney, D.; Markowitz, S.; Shuber, A., 2006:
Improved marker combination for detection of de novo genetic variation and aberrant DNA in colorectal neoplasia

Cecchi, F.; Ruggiero, M.; Cappelletti, R.; Lanini, F.; Vannucchi, S., 2006:
Improved method for analysis of glycosaminoglycans in glycosaminoglycan/protein mixtures: application in Cohn-Oncley fractions of human plasma

Liu, Z.; Nukazuka, A.; Takagi, S., 2007:
Improved method for visualizing cells revealed dynamic morphological changes of ventral neuroblasts during ventral cleft closure of Caenorhabditis elegans

Matsuyama, T.; Morita, T.; Horikiri, Y.; Yamahara, H.; Yoshino, H., 2006:
Improved nasal absorption of salmon calcitonin by powdery formulation with N-acetyl-L-cysteine as a mucolytic agent

Ring, A.; Steinstraesser, L.; Muhr, G.; Steinau, H-U.; Hauser, J.; Langer, S., 2007:
Improved neovascularization of PEGT/PBT copolymer matrices in response to surface modification by biomimetic coating

Wilson-Costello, D.; Friedman, H.; Minich, N.; Siner, B.; Taylor, G.; Schluchter, M.; Hack, M., 2007:
Improved neurodevelopmental outcomes for extremely low birth weight infants in 2000-2002

Meyer, T.S.; Martinoff, S.; Hadamitzky, M.; Will, A.; Kastrati, A.; Schömig, A.; Hausleiter, Jörg., 2007:
Improved noninvasive assessment of coronary artery bypass grafts with 64-slice computed tomographic angiography in an unselected patient population

Nickols, N.G.; Jacobs, C.S.; Farkas, M.E.; Dervan, P.B., 2006:
Improved nuclear localization of DNA-binding polyamides

Gupte, G.L.; Beath, S.V.; Protheroe, S.; Murphy, M.Stephen.; Davies, P.; Sharif, K.; McKiernan, P.J.; de Ville de Goyet, J.; Booth, I.W.; Kelly, D.A., 2006 :
Improved outcome of referrals for intestinal transplantation in the UK

Lui, K.; Abdel-Latif, M.E.; Allgood, C.L.; Bajuk, B.; Oei, J.; Berry, A.; Henderson-Smart, D., 2006:
Improved outcomes of extremely premature outborn infants: effects of strategic changes in perinatal and retrieval services

Dallerup-Rasmussen, C.; Andersen, J., E.T.; Zachau-Christiansen, B., 2007:
Improved performance of the potentiometric biosensor for the determination of creatinine

Taylor, R., P.; Olsen, M., E.; Starnes, J., W., 2007:
Improved postischemic function following acute exercise is not mediated by nitric oxide synthase in the rat heart

Wang, T.; Elston, R.C., 2007:
Improved power by use of a weighted score test for linkage disequilibrium mapping

Sandberg, R.; Larsson, O., 2007:
Improved precision and accuracy for microarrays using updated probe set definitions

Schott, M.; Eckstein, A.; Willenberg, H.S.; Nguyen, T-B-T.; Morgenthaler, N.G.; Scherbaum, W.A., 2007:
Improved prediction of relapse of Graves' thyrotoxicosis by combined determination of TSH receptor and thyroperoxidase antibodies

Rodgers, S.E.; Hunter, G.J.; Hamberg, L.M.; Schellingerhout, D.; Doherty, D.B.; Ayers, G.D.; Shapiro, S.E.; Edeiken, B.S.; Truong, M.T.; Evans, D.B.; Lee, J.E.; Perrier, N.D., 2006:
Improved preoperative planning for directed parathyroidectomy with 4-dimensional computed tomography

Halterman, J.S.; Fisher, S.; Conn, K.M.; Fagnano, M.; Lynch, K.; Marky, A.; Szilagyi, P.G., 2006:
Improved preventive care for asthma: a randomized trial of clinician prompting in pediatric offices

Xu, F.; Yuan, Q.-Peng; Zhu, Y., 2007 :
Improved production of lycopene and beta-carotene by Blakeslea trispora with oxygen-vectors

Havugimana, P.C.; Wong, P.; Emili, A., 2006:
Improved proteomic discovery by sample pre-fractionation using dual-column ion-exchange high performance liquid chromatography

Löhr, F.; Hänsel, R.; Rogov, V.V.; Dötsch, V., 2007:
Improved pulse sequences for sequence specific assignment of aromatic proton resonances in proteins

Debener, S.; Strobel, A.; Sorger, B.; Peters, J.; Kranczioch, C.; Engel, A.K.; Goebel, R., 2006:
Improved quality of auditory event-related potentials recorded simultaneously with 3-T fMRI: removal of the ballistocardiogram artefact

Yoo, D-Hyung.; Lee, B-Hoo.; Chang, P-Shick.; Lee, H.Gyu.; Yoo, S-Ho., 2007:
Improved quantitative analysis of oligosaccharides from lichenase-hydrolyzed water-soluble barley beta-glucans by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography

Khlebnikov, A.I.; Schepetkin, I.A.; Domina, N.G.; Kirpotina, L.N.; Quinn, M.T., 2006:
Improved quantitative structure-activity relationship models to predict antioxidant activity of flavonoids in chemical, enzymatic, and cellular systems

van de Pol, L.A.; Barnes, J.; Scahill, R.I.; Frost, C.; Lewis, E.B.; Boyes, R.G.; van Schijndel, R.A.; Scheltens, P.; Fox, N.C.; Barkhof, F., 2006:
Improved reliability of hippocampal atrophy rate measurement in mild cognitive impairment using fluid registration

Smith, C.D.; Edgar, R.C.; Yandell, M.D.; Smith, D.R.; Celniker, S.E.; Myers, E.W.; Karpen, G.H., 2006:
Improved repeat identification and masking in Dipterans

Catalano, O.; Corsi, C.; Antonaci, S.; Moro, G.; Mussida, M.; Frascaroli, M.; Baldi, M.; Caiani, E.; Lamberti, C.; Cobelli, F., 2007:
Improved reproducibility of right ventricular volumes and function estimation from cardiac magnetic resonance images using level-set models

Zawilla, N.H.; Li, B.; Hoogmartens, J.; Adams, E., 2006:
Improved reversed-phase liquid chromatographic method combined with pulsed electrochemical detection for the analysis of amikacin

Grignola, J.C.; Ginés, F.; Bia, D.; Armentano, R., 2006:
Improved right ventricular-vascular coupling during active pulmonary hypertension

Lerman, H.; Lievshitz, G.; Zak, O.; Metser, U.; Schneebaum, S.; Even-Sapir, E., 2007:
Improved sentinel node identification by SPECT/CT in overweight patients with breast cancer

Zhou, X.; Symons, J.; Hoppes, R.; Krueger, C.; Berens, C.; Hillen, W.; Berkhout, B.; Das, A.T., 2007:
Improved single-chain transactivators of the Tet-On gene expression system

Vales, T.; Feng, X.; Ge, L.; Xu, N.; Cairney, J.; Pullman, G.S.; Peter, G.F., 2006:
Improved somatic embryo maturation in loblolly pine by monitoring ABA-responsive gene expression

Zhao, F.; Jin, T.; Wang, P.; Kim, S-Gi., 2006:
Improved spatial localization of post-stimulus BOLD undershoot relative to positive BOLD

Sommer, F.; Klotz, T.; Engelmann, U., 2006:
Improved spontaneous erectile function in men with mild-to-moderate arteriogenic erectile dysfunction treated with a nightly dose of sildenafil for one year: a randomized trial

Sharma, S.; Mittal, A.; Gupta, V.K.; Singh, H., 2007:
Improved stabilization of microencapsulated Cathepsin B in harsh conditions

Cho, H.Rae.; Suh, J.Hee.; Lee, E.A.; Kim, J-Eun.; Lee, S-Chul.; Kwon, B., 2007:
Improved surgical technique for heterotopic aortic transplantation in mice

Moore, R.; Nutley, M.; Cina, C.S.; Motamedi, M.; Faris, P.; Abuznadah, W., 2007:
Improved survival after introduction of an emergency endovascular therapy protocol for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms

Thomopoulos, K.; Theocharis, G.; Mimidis, K.; Lampropoulou-Karatza, C.; Alexandridis, E.; Nikolopoulou, V., 2006:
Improved survival of patients presenting with acute variceal bleeding. Prognostic indicators of short- and long-term mortality

Beck, J.; Campoccia, F.; Allo, J-Christophe.; Brander, L.; Brunet, F.; Slutsky, A.S.; Sinderby, C., 2007:
Improved synchrony and respiratory unloading by neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) in lung-injured rabbits

He, H.; Argiro, L.; Dessein, H.; Chevillard, C., 2007:
Improved technique that allows the performance of large-scale SNP genotyping on DNA immobilized by FTA (R) technology

Niu, W.-Ning; Li, Z.-Peng; Zhang, D.-Wei; Yu, M.-Rui; Tan, T.-Wei, 2006:
Improved thermostability and the optimum temperature of Rhizopus arrhizus lipase by directed evolution

Hadigan, C.; Liebau, J.; Torriani, M.; Andersen, R.; Grinspoon, S., 2006:
Improved triglycerides and insulin sensitivity with 3 months of acipimox in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with hypertriglyceridemia

Morbiducci, U.; Di Benedetto, G.; Kautzky-Willer, A.; Pacini, G.; Tura, A., 2006:
Improved usability of the minimal model of insulin sensitivity based on an automated approach and genetic algorithms for parameter estimation

Tóth, A.; Petykó, Zán.; Máthé, Kálmán.; Szabó, I.; Czurkó, Aás., 2006:
Improved version of the printed circuit board (PCB) modular multi-channel microdrive for extracellular electrophysiological recordings

Macours, P.; Cotton, Fédéric., 2006 :
Improvement in HPLC separation of porphyrin isomers and application to biochemical diagnosis of porphyrias

Yamada, S.; Gotoh, O.; Yamana, H., 2006:
Improvement in accuracy of multiple sequence alignment using novel group-to-group sequence alignment algorithm with piecewise linear gap cost

Yokoyama, O.; Yusup, A.; Oyama, N.; Aoki, Y.; Miwa, Y.; Akino, H., 2007:
Improvement in bladder storage function by tamsulosin depends on suppression of C-fiber urethral afferent activity in rats

Gunn, V.L.; Phillippi, R.M.; Cooper, W.O., 2007:
Improvement in booster seat use in Tennessee

Yang, E.Bo.; Hood, D.C.; Rodarte, C.; Zhang, X.; Odel, J.G.; Behrens, M.M., 2007:
Improvement in conduction velocity after optic neuritis measured with the multifocal VEP

Schindler, T.H.; Facta, A.D.; Prior, J.O.; Cadenas, J.; Hsueh, W.A.; Quinones, M.J.; Schelbert, H.R., 2006:
Improvement in coronary vascular dysfunction produced with euglycaemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Pu, X-Yong.; Hu, L-Quan.; Wang, H-Peng.; Luo, Y-Xiong.; Wang, X-Huan., 2006:
Improvement in erectile dysfunction after insulin-like growth factor-1 gene therapy in diabetic rats

Lewis, I.J.; Nooij, M.A.; Whelan, J.; Sydes, M.R.; Grimer, R.; Hogendoorn, P.C.W.; Memon, M.A.; Weeden, S.; Uscinska, B.M.; van Glabbeke, M.; Kirkpatrick, A.; Hauben, E.I.; Craft, A.W.; Taminiau, A.H.M., 2007:
Improvement in histologic response but not survival in osteosarcoma patients treated with intensified chemotherapy: a randomized phase III trial of the European Osteosarcoma Intergroup

Zhang, J.; Shan, D.; Mu, S., 2007:
Improvement in selectivity and storage stability of a choline biosensor fabricated from poly(aniline-co-o-aminophenol)

Suzuki, S.; Noble, A., D.; Ruaysoongnern, S.; Chinabut, N., 2007:
Improvement in water-holding capacity and structural stability of a sandy soil in northeast Thailand

Fries, E.; Püttmann, W., 2006:
Improvement of HS-SPME for analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in water samples by simultaneous direct fiber cooling and freezing of analyte solution

Gavrilova, L.O., 2007:
Improvement of a procedure for determining the fractional and group composition of humus in chernozemic soils

Iwama, K.; Kaneki, R.; Tanigawa, T.; Yabe, K., 2006:
Improvement of a sub-irrigation system using unglazed porous pottery tube - Practicality of intermittent irrigation and effect of root restriction seat

Bikkinina, A.G.; Loginov, O.N.; Silishchev, N.N.; Bakaeva, M.D.; Galimzianova, N.F.; Boiko, T.F., 2006:
Improvement of bioremediation of worked-out leaching soil polluted with hydrocarbons upon a combined use of a biopreparation complex Lenoil plus Azolen

Kano, M.R.; Bae, Y.; Iwata, C.; Morishita, Y.; Yashiro, M.; Oka, M.; Fujii, T.; Komuro, A.; Kiyono, K.; Kaminishi, M.; Hirakawa, K.; Ouchi, Y.; Nishiyama, N.; Kataoka, K.; Miyazono, K., 2007:
Improvement of cancer-targeting therapy, using nanocarriers for intractable solid tumors by inhibition of TGF-beta signaling

Xia, Q-gui.; Na, T.; Guo, Y-min.; Bi, Y-tian.; Zhang, H-yan.; Dai, D-zai., 2007:
Improvement of chronic heart failure by dexamethasone is not associated with downregulation of leptin in rats

Anichini, R.; Zecchini, F.; Cerretini, I.; Meucci, G.; Fusilli, D.; Alviggi, L.; Seghieri, G.; De Bellis, A., 2006:
Improvement of diabetic foot care after the Implementation of the International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot (ICDF): results of a 5-year prospective study

Caballero, P.; Gomez, M.R.sell, C., 2007 :
Improvement of dough rheology, bread quality and bread shelf-life by enzymes combination

Cuozzo, S.; Calvez, S.; Prévost, H.; Drider, D., 2006:
Improvement of enterocin P purification process

Barai, N.D.; Supp, A.P.; Kasting, G.B.; Visscher, M.O.; Boyce, S.T., 2006:
Improvement of epidermal barrier properties in cultured skin substitutes after grafting onto athymic mice

Miyamoto, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Nomura, K.; Enosawa, S., 2006:
Improvement of hepatocyte viability after cryopreservation by supplementation of long-chain oligosaccharide in the freezing medium in rats and humans

Saha, T.Kumar.; Yoshikawa, Y.; Sakurai, H., 2007:
Improvement of hyperglycaemia and metabolic syndromes in type 2 diabetic KKAy mice by oral treatment with [meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrinato]oxovanadium(IV)(4-) complex

Zhang-Tong; Hu-Hong-Ying; Zong-Zu-Sheng, 2006:
Improvement of method for detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in wastewater reuse system

Czerniczyniec, A.; Bustamante, J.; Lores-Arnaiz, S., 2006:
Improvement of mouse brain mitochondrial function after deprenyl treatment

Vercauteren, M.; Remy, E.; Devaux, C.; Dautreaux, B.; Henry, J-Paul.; Bauer, F.; Mulder, P.; Hooft van Huijsduijnen, R.; Bombrun, Aès.; Thuillez, C.; Richard, V., 2006:
Improvement of peripheral endothelial dysfunction by protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors in heart failure

Santos, R.Neves.Figueiredo.Dos.; Galvão, R.Kawakami.Harrop.; Araujo, M.Cesar.Ugulino.; Silva, E.Cirino.da., 2007:
Improvement of prediction ability of PLS models employing the wavelet packet transform: A case study concerning FT-IR determination of gasoline parameters

Viallard, J.F.; Lazaro, E.; Ellie, E.; Eimer, S.; Camou, F.; Caubet, O.; Lafon, M.E.; Fleury, H.; Pellegrin, J.L., 2007:
Improvement of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy after cidofovir therapy in a patient with a destructive polyarthritis

van Midwoud, P.M.; Rieux, L.; Bischoff, R.; Verpoorte, E.; Niederländer, H.A.G., 2007:
Improvement of recovery and repeatability in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of peptides

Vorobeĭchikov, E.V.; Volkov, M.Iu.; Sinitsa, A.V.; Vasilenko, A.Zh., 2006:
Improvement of regimens for emergency prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

Futrakul, N.; Butthep, P.; Futrakul, P.; Sitprija, V., 2007:
Improvement of renal function in type 2 diabetic nephropathy

Tully, T.P.; Bergum, J.S.; Schwarz, S.R.; Durand, S.C.; Howell, J.M.; Patel, R.N.; Cino, P.M., 2006:
Improvement of sordarin production through process optimization: combining traditional approaches with DOE

Tsukagoshi, S.; Ota, T.; Fujii, M.; Kazama, M.; Okumura, M.; Johkoh, T., 2007:
Improvement of spatial resolution in the longitudinal direction for isotropic imaging in helical CT

Hirai, N.; Ishikawa, K.; Takahashi, K., 2006:
Improvement of the agitation granulation method to prepare granules containing a high content of a very hygroscopic drug

Kang, H-Jin.; Uegaki, K.; Fukada, H.; Ishikawa, K., 2006:
Improvement of the enzymatic activity of the hyperthermophilic cellulase from Pyrococcus horikoshii

Troshkova, G.P.; Martynets, L.D.; Kirova, E.V.; Sumkina, T.P.; Yudin, A.V., 2006:
Improvement of the technique for producing media for cell culturing on the basis of enzymatic hydrolysates of soy and rice flour

Bzheumyhov, V.S.; Kobozev, I.V.; Tokbaev, M.M., 2006:
Improvement of tillage practices after alfalfa growing on leached black earth in central Pre-Caucasus

Zhu, W.; Buell, C.Robin., 2007:
Improvement of whole-genome annotation of cereals through comparative analyses

Raja, M., 2006:
Improvement or worsening of psychotic symptoms after treatment with low doses of aripiprazole

Czernin, J.; Allen-Auerbach, M.; Schelbert, H.R., 2007:
Improvements in cancer staging with PET/CT: literature-based evidence as of September 2006

Kraft, M.; Cairns, C.B.; Ellison, M.C.; Pak, J.; Irvin, C.; Wenzel, S., 2006:
Improvements in distal lung function correlate with asthma symptoms after treatment with oral montelukast

Buchbinder, R.; Jolley, D., 2007:
Improvements in general practitioner beliefs and stated management of back pain persist 4.5 years after the cessation of a public health media campaign

Esquenazi, A., 2006:
Improvements in healthcare and cost benefits associated with botulinum toxin treatment of spasticity and muscle overactivity

Cangahuala-Inocente, G.-Claudia; Dal-Vesco, L.-Luiz; Steinmacher, D.; Torres, A.-Carlos; Guerra, M.-Pedro, 2007:
Improvements in somatic embryogenesis protocol in Feijoa (Acca sellowiana (Berg) Burret): Induction, conversion and synthetic seeds

Petrow, T.; Thieken, A.H.; Kreibich, H.; Bahlburg, C.Heinrich.; Merz, B., 2006:
Improvements on flood alleviation in Germany: lessons learned from the Elbe flood in August 2002

Wu, C-Hsien.; Yang, R-Jen., 2006:
Improvements on the electrokinetic injection technique for microfluidic chips

Klein, G.J.; Gillberg, J.M.; Tang, A.; Inbar, S.; Sharma, A.; Unterberg-Buchwald, C.; Dorian, P.; Moore, H.; Duru, F.; Rooney, E.; Becker, D.; Schaaf, K.; Benditt, D., 2006:
Improving SVT discrimination in single-chamber ICDs: a new electrogram morphology-based algorithm

Yang, L.Rong.; Zhao, H.; Wang, H.Ping.; Li, Y.; Niu, J.Ping.; Su, K.Jian.; Mao, H.Qing.; Yang, H.; Wei, C.Nian.; Ueda, A., 2006:
Improving ability of married women to prevent reproductive tract infections in rural western China

Hilson, G.; Hilson, C.J.; Pardie, S., 2006:
Improving awareness of mercury pollution in small-scale gold mining communities: challenges and ways forward in rural Ghana

Ernst, W.; Schinko, T.; Spenger, A.; Oker-Blom, C.; Grabherr, R., 2006:
Improving baculovirus transduction of mammalian cells by surface display of a RGD-motif

Zhidekhina, T.V., 2006:
Improving breed-variety composition of berry crops and nontraditional orchard cultures under conditions of the Central Nonchernozem area

Solomon, D.H.; Polinski, J.M.; Stedman, M.; Truppo, C.; Breiner, L.; Egan, C.; Jan, S.; Patel, M.; Weiss, T.W.; Chen, Y-ting.; Brookhart, M.Alan., 2007:
Improving care of patients at-risk for osteoporosis: a randomized controlled trial

Mittelman, M.S.; Haley, W.E.; Clay, O.J.; Roth, D.L., 2006:
Improving caregiver well-being delays nursing home placement of patients with Alzheimer disease

Huang, Q.; Chen, M.; Liang, S.; Acha, V.; Liu, D.; Yuan, F.; Hawks, C.L.; Hornsby, P.J., 2006:
Improving cell therapy--experiments using transplanted telomerase-immortalized cells in immunodeficient mice

Matsuda, T.; Koshiba, S.; Tochio, N.; Seki, E.; Iwasaki, N.; Yabuki, T.; Inoue, M.; Yokoyama, S.; Kigawa, T., 2007:
Improving cell-free protein synthesis for stable-isotope labeling

Murphy, D.A.; Hoffman, D.; Seage, G.R.; Belzer, M.; Xu, J.; Durako, S.J.; Geiger, M., 2007:
Improving comprehension for HIV vaccine trial information among adolescents at risk of HIV

Kshirsagar, S.A.; Blaschke, T.F.; Sheiner, L.B.; Krygowski, M.; Acosta, E.P.; Verotta, D., 2006:
Improving data reliability using a non-compliance detection method versus using pharmacokinetic criteria

Lazarus, J., V.; Bjork, C.; Ostergren, M., 2006:
Improving family and community health in eastern Europe - The lifecycle approach at WHO

Battaglia, T.A.; Roloff, K.; Posner, M.A.; Freund, K.M., 2006:
Improving follow-up to abnormal breast cancer screening in an urban population. A patient navigation intervention

Tanner, S.; Shen, Z.; Ng, J.; Florea, L.; Guigó, R.; Briggs, S.P.; Bafna, V., 2006:
Improving gene annotation using peptide mass spectrometry

Nichol, K.L., 2006:
Improving influenza vaccination rates among adults

Hanssens, Y.; Woods, D.; Alsulaiti, A.; Adheir, F.; Al-Meer, N.; Obaidan, N., 2006:
Improving oral medicine administration in patients with swallowing problems and feeding tubes

Lafata, J.Elston.; Kolk, D.; Peterson, E.L.; McCarthy, B.D.; Weiss, T.W.; Chen, Y-Ting.; Muma, B.K., 2007:
Improving osteoporosis screening: results from a randomized cluster trial

Furrer, K.; Deoliveira, M.Lucinda.; Graf, R.; Clavien, P-Alain., 2007:
Improving outcome in patients undergoing liver surgery

Vergote, I.; Van-Gorp, T.; Cadron, I.; Leunen, K.; Neven, P.; Amant, F., 2007:
Improving outcome in the first-line management of advanced ovarian cancer

Komajda, Michel, 2006:
Improving outcomes in chronic heart failure

Stein, J.P., 2006:
Improving outcomes with radical cystectomy for high-grade invasive bladder cancer

Benn, M.; Nordestgaard, Børge.G.; Jensen, G.Boje.; Tybjaerg-Hansen, A., 2006:
Improving prediction of ischemic cardiovascular disease in the general population using apolipoprotein B: the Copenhagen City Heart Study

Gaba, N.D.; Blatt, B.; Macri, C.J.; Greenberg, L., 2007:
Improving teaching skills in obstetrics and gynecology residents: evaluation of a residents-as-teachers program

Rätsch, G.; Sonnenburg, Sören.; Srinivasan, J.; Witte, H.; Müller, K-R.; Sommer, R-J.; Schölkopf, B., 2007:
Improving the Caenorhabditis elegans genome annotation using machine learning

Selbig, W.R.; Bannerman, R.; Bowman, G., 2007:
Improving the accuracy of sediment-associated constituent concentrations in whole storm water samples by wet-sieving

Jenzsch, M.; Gnoth, S.; Kleinschmidt, M.; Simutis, R.; Lübbert, A., 2006:
Improving the batch-to-batch reproducibility in microbial cultures during recombinant protein production by guiding the process along a predefined total biomass profile

Stone, A.; Wheeler, C.; Barge, A., 2006:
Improving the design of phase II trials of cytostatic anticancer agents

Paridah, M.T.; Ong, L.L.; Zaidon, A.; Rahim, S.; Anwar, U.M.K., 2006:
Improving the dimensional stability of multilayered strand board through resin impregnation

Bartasiute, A.; Westerink, B.H.C.; Verpoorte, E.; Niederländer, H.A.G., 2007:
Improving the in vivo predictability of an on-line HPLC stable free radical decoloration assay for antioxidant activity in methanol-buffer medium

Landon, B.E.; Hicks, L.S.; O'Malley, A.James.; Lieu, T.A.; Keegan, T.; McNeil, B.J.; Guadagnoli, E., 2007:
Improving the management of chronic disease at community health centers

Amin, A., 2006:
Improving the management of patients after myocardial infarction, from admission to discharge

Stiller, I.; Dancs, Gábor.; Hesse, H.; Hoefgen, R.; Bánfalvi, Zófia., 2006:
Improving the nutritive value of tubers: elevation of cysteine and glutathione contents in the potato cultivar White Lady by marker-free transformation

Farooq, M.; Basra, S.M.A.; Ahmad, N., 2007:
Improving the performance of transplanted rice by seed priming

Tognetti, C.; Mazzarino, M.J.; Laos, F., 2006:
Improving the quality of municipal organic waste compost

Graham, P.L.; Kuhnert, P.M.; Cook, D.A.; Mengersen, K., 2006:
Improving the quality of patient care using reliability measures: a classification tree approach

Daley, S.; Wingard, D.L.; Reznik, V., 2006:
Improving the retention of underrepresented minority faculty in academic medicine

Volkov, A.; Messerschmidt, M.; Coppens, P., 2007:
Improving the scattering-factor formalism in protein refinement: application of the University at Buffalo Aspherical-Atom Databank to polypeptide structures

Cumming, R.G.; Ivers, R.; Clemson, L.; Cullen, J.; Hayes, M.F.; Tanzer, M.; Mitchell, P., 2007:
Improving vision to prevent falls in frail older people: a randomized trial

Forstmeier, S.; Rueddel, H., 2007:
Improving volitional competence is crucial for the efficacy of psychosomatic therapy: a controlled clinical trial

Olley, B.O., 2006:
Improving well-being through psycho-education among voluntary counseling and testing seekers in Nigeria: a controlled outcome study

Gao, S.; Chen, L.; Teng, Z., 2006:
Impulsive vaccination of an SEIRS model with time delay and varying total population size

Ettelt, S.; Ruhrmann, S.; Barnow, S.; Buthz, F.; Hochrein, A.; Meyer, K.; Kraft, S.; Reck, C.; Pukrop, R.; Klosterkötter, J.; Falkai, P.; Maier, W.; Wagner, M.; Freyberger, H.J.; Grabe, H.J., 2007:
Impulsiveness in obsessive-compulsive disorder: results from a family study

James, L.M.; Taylor, J., 2006:
Impulsivity and negative emotionality associated with substance use problems and Cluster B personality in college students

Doran, N.; McChargue, D.; Cohen, L., 2006:
Impulsivity and the reinforcing value of cigarette smoking

Fossati, A.; Barratt, E.S.; Borroni, S.; Villa, D.; Grazioli, F.; Maffei, C., 2006:
Impulsivity, aggressiveness, and DSM-IV personality disorders

Ognibene, E.; Adriani, W.; Granstrem, O.; Pieretti, S.; Laviola, G., 2006:
Impulsivity-anxiety-related behavior and profiles of morphine-induced analgesia in heterozygous reeler mice

Cheng, J.Yuk.Ki.; Chan, M.Fai.; Chan, T.Wai.; Hung, M.Yuen., 2006:
Impurity profiling of ecstasy tablets seized in Hong Kong by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Dai, J.Y.; Ruczinski, I.; LeBlanc, M.; Kooperberg, C., 2006:
Imputation methods to improve inference in SNP association studies

Law, J.A.; O'Hearn, S.; Sollner-Webb, B., 2006:
In Trypanosoma brucei RNA editing, TbMP18 (band VII) is critical for editosome integrity and for both insertional and deletional cleavages

Okabayashi, K.; Asashima, M., 2006:
In Vitro organogenesis using amphibian pluripotent cells

Geldmacher, C.; Currier, J.R.; Gerhardt, M.; Haule, A.; Maboko, L.; Birx, D.; Gray, C.; Meyerhans, A.; Cox, J.; Hoelscher, M., 2007:
In a mixed subtype epidemic, the HIV-1 Gag-specific T-cell response is biased towards the infecting subtype

Qin, C.; Liu, Z., 2006:
In atherogenesis, the apoptosis of endothelial cell itself could directly induce over-proliferation of smooth muscle cells

Zanoni, G.; Navone, R.; Lunardi, C.; Tridente, G.; Bason, C.; Sivori, S.; Beri, R.; Dolcino, M.; Valletta, E.; Corrocher, R.; Puccetti, A., 2006:
In celiac disease, a subset of autoantibodies against transglutaminase binds toll-like receptor 4 and induces activation of monocytes

Aronson, N.E.; Sanders, J.W.; Moran, K.A., 2006:
In harm's way: infections in deployed American military forces

Borucki, K.; Dierkes, J.; Wartberg, J.; Westphal, S.; Genz, A.; Luley, C., 2007:
In heavy drinkers, fatty acid ethyl esters remain elevated for up to 99 hours

Goudeau, J-Jacques.; Clermont, Gëlle.; Guillery, O.; Lemaire-Ewing, Séphanie.; Musat, A.; Vernet, M.; Vergely, C.; Guiguet, M.; Rochette, L.; Girard, C., 2007:
In high-risk patients, combination of antiinflammatory procedures during cardiopulmonary bypass can reduce incidences of inflammation and oxidative stress

Mura, G.; Matousek, B.; Klein, J.C.rel-Von-Vaupel, 2006:
In memoriam Jan Brtek (1926-2005)

Naveh, Zev, 2007:
In memoriam of Francsco Di Castri (1930-2005)

Sagi, D.; Reeves, A., 2006:
In memoriam: Peter Carpenter Dodwell, D. Phil., FRSC 1930-2006

Frenyo, Laszlo, V., 2006:
In memorioam prof Dr. Peter Rudas (1951-2006)

Cox, B.; Yang, Q., 2006:
In quest of virtual tests for structural composites

O'Brien, D.P.; Sauvageot, D.; Zachariah, R.; Humblet, P., 2006:
In resource-limited settings good early outcomes can be achieved in children using adult fixed-dose combination antiretroviral therapy

Wozniacka, A.; Szajerski, P.; Adamus, J.; Gebicki, J.; Sysa-Jedrzejowska, A., 2006:
In search for new antipsoriatic agents: NAD topical composition

Bechtel, W.; Abrahamsen, A., 2007 :
In search of mitochondrial mechanisms: interfield excursions between cell biology and biochemistry

Campbell, B., M.; Gordon, I., J.; Luckert, M., K.; Petheram, L.; Vetter, S., 2006:
In search of optimal stocking regimes in semi-arid grazing lands: One size does not fit all

Jackson, M.B., 2006:
In search of the fusion pore of exocytosis

Saeys, Y.; Rouzé, P.; Van de Peer, Y., 2007:
In search of the small ones: improved prediction of short exons in vertebrates, plants, fungi and protists

Scior, T.; Luna, F.; Koch, W.; Sánchez-Ruiz, J.F., 2007:
In silico analysis identifies a C3HC4-RING finger domain of a putative E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase located at the C-terminus of a polyglutamine-containing protein

Chong, C-Eng.; Lim, B-San.; Nathan, S.; Mohamed, R., 2006:
In silico analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei genome sequence for potential drug targets

Ottaviani, G.; Martel, S.; Carrupt, P-Alain., 2007:
In silico and in vitro filters for the fast estimation of skin permeation and distribution of new chemical entities

Vecchietti, S.; Grandi, E.; Severi, S.; Rivolta, I.; Napolitano, C.; Priori, S., G.; Cavalcanti, S., 2007:
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In silico prediction of drug solubility in water-dioxane mixtures using the Jouyban-Acree model

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In situ characterization of a rectifying electrical junction

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In situ derivatization hollow fiber mediated liquid phase microextraction of alkylphosphonic acids from water

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In situ device for detection of oil spill in seawater

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In situ electrochemical contact angle study of hemoglobin and hemoglobin-Fe3O4 nanocomposites

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In situ fabrication of cross-linked protein membranes by using microfluidics

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In situ feeding and metabolism of glass sponges (Hexactinellida, Porifera) studied in a deep temperate fjord with a remotely operated submersible

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In situ localization of plethodontid courtship pheromone mRNA in formalin-fixed tissue

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In situ measured seasonal variations in F-v/F-m of two common Red Sea corals

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In situ monitoring of urban air in Cordoba, Argentina using the Tradescantia-micronucleus (Trad-MCN) bioassay

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In situ observations of early oxide formation in steel under hot-rolling conditions

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In situ observations on preferential grazing of seaweeds by some herbivores

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In the best interests of society

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In the early phase of programmed cell death in Tobacco Bright Yellow 2 cells the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator, adenylate kinase and nucleoside diphosphate kinase are impaired in a reactive oxygen species-dependent manner

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In the general hospital: A doctors' perception survey

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In vitro acetolactate synthase (ALS) insensitivity in populations of Sonchus arvensis L. subsp arvensis

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In vitro and in vivo confocal Raman study of human skin hydration: assessment of a new moisturizing agent, pMPC

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In vitro and in vivo determination of piperacillin metabolism in humans

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In vitro and in vivo effect of BU99006 (5-isothiocyanato-2-benzofuranyl-2-imidazoline) on I2 binding in relation to MAO: evidence for two distinct I2 binding sites

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In vitro and in vivo effects of bone marrow stem cells on cardiac structure and function

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In vitro and in vivo effects of recombinant bovine interferon-tau on bovine leukemia virus

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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of [11C]MPEPy as a potential PET ligand for mGlu5 receptors

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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of medicinal carbon granules and tablet on the adsorption of acetaminophen

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In vitro and in vivo response to nanotopographically-modified surfaces of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) and polycaprolactone

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In vitro and in vivo suppression of hepatocellular carcinoma growth by chitosan nanoparticles

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In vitro anti-cancer activity and structure-activity relationships of natural products isolated from fruits of Panax ginseng

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In vitro antianaerobic activity of DX-619, a new des-fluoro(6) quinolone

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In vitro antibacterial activity of Lucilia sericata maggot secretions

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In vitro antibacterial activity of aqueous garlic (Allium sativum Linn.) extract on isolates from surface wounds

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In vitro antioxidative and anticancer activities of tea glycoprotein in green tea

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In vitro apoptotic activity of 2,2-diphenyl-1,3,2-oxazaborolidin-5-ones in L5178Y cells

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In vitro assays for bioactivity-guided isolation of endocrine active compounds in Vitex agnus-castus

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In vitro cell fusion between CD4(+) and HIV-1 Env(+) T cells generates a diversity of syncytia varying in total number, size and cellular content

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In vitro characterization of a human neural progenitor cell coexpressing SSEA4 and CD133

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In vitro characterization of parasympathetic and sympathetic responses in cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis in the rat

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In vitro co-stimulation of anti-tumor activity by soluble B7 molecules

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In vitro control of Shigella sp., the human pathogenic bacteria, by some higher plants

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In vitro culture of cryopreserved caprine ovarian tissue pieces and isolated follicles

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In vitro culture of tobacco callus on medium containing peptone and phytate leads to growth improvement and higher genetic stability

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In vitro cytotoxicity and mitochondrial toxicity of tenofovir alone and in combination with other antiretrovirals in human renal proximal tubule cells

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In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of some substituted isatin derivatives

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In vitro degradation of biodegradable blending materials based on poly(p-dioxanone) and poly(vinyl alcohol)-graft-poly(p-dioxanone) with high molecular weights

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In vitro development of human oocytes after parthenogenetic activation or intracytoplasmic sperm injection

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In vitro effect of D-004, a lipid extract of the fruit of the Cuban royal palm (Roystonea regia), on prostate steroid 5 alpha-reductase activity

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In vitro effects of antimicrobial agents on planktonic and biofilm forms of Staphylococcus lugdunensis clinical isolates

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In vitro effects of bethanechol on specimens of intestinal smooth muscle obtained from the duodenum and jejunum of healthy dairy cows

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In vitro effects of dexamethasone on mouse ovarian function and pre-implantation embryo development

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In vitro effects of enamel matrix derivative on microvascular cells

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In vitro effects of ghrelin on gastric H+-K+-ATPase and pepsin activity and mRNA expression of gastrin, sornatostatin, receptors for GH and IGF-1 in cultured gastric mucosal cells of weanling piglets

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In vitro quantification of smooth surface caries with DIAGNOdent and the DIAGNOdent pen

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In vitro regeneration of Stevia rebaudiana (Bert) from the nodal explant

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In vitro regeneration system for Indian grown geranium cultivar

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In vitro sealing ability of two materials at five different implant-abutment surfaces

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In vitro study for inhibition of NO production about constituents of Sappan Lignum

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In vitro study on the binding of neutral red to bovine serum albumin by molecular spectroscopy

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In vitro transport of an allatostatin across the foregut of Manduca sexta larvae and metabolism by the gut and hemolymph

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In vitro-expanded donor alloantigen-specific CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells promote experimental transplantation tolerance

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In vivo 3-dimensional measurement of the force exerted on a tooth during clenching

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In vivo EIS characterization of tumour tissue properties is dominated by excess extracellular fluid

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In vivo actions of angiopoietins on quiescent and remodeling blood and lymphatic vessels in mouse airways and skin

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In vivo analysis of the acidic ribosomal proteins BmP1 and BmP2 of the silkworm Bombyx mori in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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In vivo analysis reveals a critical role for neuropilin-1 in cranial neural crest cell migration in chick

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In vivo and in vitro antiviral activity of hyperoside extracted from Abelmoschus manihot (L) medik

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In vivo biocompatibility of sulfonated PEO-grafted polyurethanes for polymer heart valve and vascular graft

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In vivo biodegradability and biocompatibility of porcine type I atelocollagen newly crosslinked by oxidized glycogen

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