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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 12993

Chapter 12993 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rüster, B.; Göttig, S.; Ludwig, R.J.; Bistrian, R.; Müller, S.; Seifried, E.; Gille, J.; Henschler, R., 2006:
Mesenchymal stem cells display coordinated rolling and adhesion behavior on endothelial cells

Ghajar, C.M.; Blevins, K.S.; Hughes, C.C.W.; George, S.C.; Putnam, A.J., 2007:
Mesenchymal stem cells enhance angiogenesis in mechanically viable prevascularized tissues via early matrix metalloproteinase upregulation

Carrara, R.C.V.; Orellana, M.D.; Fontes, A.M.; Palma, P.V.B.; Kashima, S.; Mendes, M.R.; Coutinho, M.A.; Voltarelli, J.C.; Covas, D.T., 2007:
Mesenchymal stem cells from patients with chronic myeloid leukemia do not express BCR-ABL and have absence of chimerism after allogeneic bone marrow transplant

Vilquin, J-Thomas.; Rosset, P., 2007:
Mesenchymal stem cells in bone and cartilage repair: current status

Ramasamy, R.; Fazekasova, H.; Lam, E.W-F.; Soeiro, Iês.; Lombardi, G.; Dazzi, F., 2007:
Mesenchymal stem cells inhibit dendritic cell differentiation and function by preventing entry into the cell cycle

Ramasamy, R.; Lam, E.W-F.; Soeiro, I.; Tisato, V.; Bonnet, D.; Dazzi, F., 2006:
Mesenchymal stem cells inhibit proliferation and apoptosis of tumor cells: impact on in vivo tumor growth

L.Blanc, K., 2006:
Mesenchymal stromal cells: Tissue repair and immune modulation

Noh, K.W.; Wolfsen, H.C.; Bridges, M.D.; Hinder, R.A., 2006:
Mesenteric venous thrombosis following laparoscopic antireflux surgery

Perrins, J.C.; Cordell, J.R.; Ferm, N.C.; Grocock, J.L.; Herwig, R.P., 2006:
Mesocosm experiments for evaluating the biological efficacy of ozone treatment of marine ballast water

Tang, K., W.; Grossart, H.-Peter; Yam, E., M.; Jackson, G., A.; Ducklowl, H., W.; Kiorboe, T., 2006:
Mesocosm study of particle dynamics and control of particle-associated bacteria by flagellate grazing

Gionar, Y.R.; Atmosoedjono, S.; Bangs, M.J., 2006:
Mesocyclops brevisetosus (Cyclopoida: Cyclopoidae) as a potential biological control agent against mosquito larvae in Indonesia

Yap, O.W.Stephanie.; Hendrickson, M.R.; Teng, N.N.H.; Kapp, D.S., 2006:
Mesonephric adenocarcinoma of the cervix: a case report and review of the literature

Radchenko, Vladimir I., 2007:
Mesopelagic fish community supplies 'biological pump'

Rukhadze, I.; Kubin, L., 2006:
Mesopontine cholinergic projections to the hypoglossal motor nucleus

Heikkilä, T.; Salonen, J.; Tuura, J.; Hamdy, M.S.; Mul, G.; Kumar, N.; Salmi, T.; Murzin, D.Yu.; Laitinen, L.; Kaukonen, A.M.; Hirvonen, J.; Lehto, V-P., 2006:
Mesoporous silica material TUD-1 as a drug delivery system

Iba, Y.; Sano, S-Ichi., 2006:
Mesorbitolina (Cretaceous larger foraminifera) from the Yezo Group in Hokkaido, Japan and its stratigraphic and paleobiogeographic significance

Sliwa, C.; Johnson, C., R.; Hewitt, C., L., 2006:
Mesoscale dispersal of the introduced kelp Undaria pinnatifida attached to unstable substrata

Bagchi, P., 2007:
Mesoscale simulation of blood flow in small vessels

Mourino-Carballido, B.; Mcgillicuddy, D., J.J., 2006:
Mesoscale variability in the metabolic balance of the Sargasso Sea

Bayram, S.; Cobanoglu, S., 2005:
Mesostigmata (Acari) of bulaceous ornemental plants in Turkey

Boulanger, E.; Grossin, N.; Wautier, M-P.; Taamma, R.; Wautier, J-L., 2006:
Mesothelial RAGE activation by AGEs enhances VEGF release and potentiates capillary tube formation

Bollman, S., L.; Kells, J., J.; Bauman, T., T.; Loux, M., M.; Slack, C., H.; Sprague, C., L., 2006:
Mesotrione and atrazine combinations applied preemergence in corn (Zea mays L.)

Singh, N.P., 2006:
Mesozoic lithostratigraphy of the Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan

Anonymous, 2006:
Message from the editorial office

Maksimovic, N.; Jankovic, S.; Tomic-Spiric, V.; Bogic, M.; Marinkovic, J., 2006:
Messung der gesundheitsbezogenen Lebensqualitat bei Patienten mit Rhinitis allergica

Rapin, V.; Poncetz, P. , A.; Burger, D.; Mermod, C.; Hausberger, M.; Richard, M. , A., 2007:
Mesure de la duree d'attention chez le cheval

Paracchini, V.; Raimondi, S.; Gram, I., T.; Kang, D.; Kocabas, N., A.; Kristensen, V., N.; Li, D.; Parl, F., F.; Rylander-Rudqvist, T.; Soucek, P.; Zheng, W.; Wedren, S.; Taioli, E., 2007:
Meta- and pooled analyses of the cytochrome P-4501B1 Val432Leu polymorphism and breast cancer: A HuGE-GSEC review

Raimondi, S.; Paracchini, V.; Autrup, H.; Barros-Dios, J.M.; Benhamou, S.; Boffetta, P.; Cote, M.L.; Dialyna, I.A.; Dolzan, V.; Filiberti, R.; Garte, S.; Hirvonen, A.; Husgafvel-Pursiainen, K.; Imyanitov, E.N.; Kalina, I.; Kang, D.; Kiyohara, C.; Kohno, T.; Kremers, P.; Lan, Q.; London, S.; Povey, A.C.; Rannug, A.; Reszka, E.; Risch, A.; Romkes, M.; Schneider, J.; Seow, A.; Shields, P.G.; Sobti, R.C.; Sørensen, M.; Spinola, M.; Spitz, M.R.; Strange, R.C.; Stücker, I.; Sugimura, H.; To-Figueras, 2006:
Meta- and pooled analysis of GSTT1 and lung cancer: a HuGE-GSEC review

Berghaus, G., 2006:
Meta-analyses in research in forensic medicine: Alcohol, drugs, diseases and traffic safety

Moreno, Rúl.; Fernández, C.; Calvo, L.; Sánchez-Recalde, A.; Galeote, G.; Sanchez-Aquino, R.; Alfonso, F.; Macaya, C.; López-Sendón, Jé.L., 2007:
Meta-analysis comparing the effect of drug-eluting versus bare metal stents on risk of acute myocardial infarction during follow-up

Polzer, J.; Bangs, M.E.; Zhang, S.; Dellva, M.Anne.; Tauscher-Wisniewski, S.; Acharya, N.; Watson, S.B.; Allen, A.J.; Wilens, T.E., 2006:
Meta-analysis of aggression or hostility events in randomized, controlled clinical trials of atomoxetine for ADHD

Antoniou, A.; Lovegrove, R.E.; Tilney, H.S.; Heriot, A.G.; John, T.G.; Rees, M.; Tekkis, P.P.; Welsh, F.K.S., 2006:
Meta-analysis of clinical outcome after first and second liver resection for colorectal metastases

Christou, M.A.C.; Siontis, G.C.M.; Katritsis, D.G.; Ioannidis, J.P.A., 2007:
Meta-analysis of fractional flow reserve versus quantitative coronary angiography and noninvasive imaging for evaluation of myocardial ischemia

Ioannidis, J.P.A.; Ng, M.Y.; Sham, P.C.; Zintzaras, E.; Lewis, C.M.; Deng, H-Wen.; Econs, M.J.; Karasik, D.; Devoto, M.; Kammerer, C.M.; Spector, T.; Andrew, T.; Cupples, L.Adrienne.; Duncan, E.L.; Foroud, T.; Kiel, D.P.; Koller, D.; Langdahl, B.; Mitchell, B.D.; Peacock, M.; Recker, R.; Shen, H.; Sol-Church, K.; Spotila, L.D.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Wilson, S.G.; Kung, A.W.C.; Ralston, S.H., 2007 :
Meta-analysis of genome-wide scans provides evidence for sex- and site-specific regulation of bone mass

Fung, A.T.; Reid, S.E.; Jones, M.P.; Healey, P.R.; McCluskey, P.J.; Craig, J.C., 2006:
Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials comparing latanoprost with brimonidine in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension or normal-tension glaucoma

Masunaga, Y.; Ohno, K.; Ogawa, R.; Hashiguchi, M.; Echizen, H.; Ogata, H., 2007:
Meta-analysis of risk of malignancy with immunosuppressive drugs in inflammatory bowel disease

Serretti, A.; Kato, M.; D.R.nchi, D.; Kinoshita, T., 2006:
Meta-analysis of serotonin transporter gene promoter polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) association with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor efficacy in depressed patients

Bélanger, L.; Vallières, A.; Ivers, H.; Moreau, V.; Lavigne, G.; Morin, C.M., 2007:
Meta-analysis of sleep changes in control groups of insomnia treatment trials

Gutiérrez, Jé.; Jiménez, A.; de Dios Luna, J.; Soto, Mía.José.; Sorlózano, A., 2006:
Meta-analysis of studies analyzing the relationship between bladder cancer and infection by human papillomavirus

Hartweg, J.; Farmer, A.J.; Holman, R.R.; Neil, H.A.W., 2006:
Meta-analysis of the effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on haematological and thrombogenic factors in type 2 diabetes

Hiyama, T.; Yoshihara, M.; Matsuo, K.; Kusunoki, H.; Kamada, T.; Ito, M.; Tanaka, S.; Nishi, N.; Chayama, K.; Haruma, K., 2007:
Meta-analysis of the effects of prokinetic agents in patients with functional dyspepsia

Rodriguez-Granillo, Gón.A.; Agostoni, P.; Garcia-Garcia, Héctor.M.; Biondi-Zoccai, G.G.L.; McFadden, Eène.; Amoroso, G.; de Jaegere, P.; Bruining, N.; de Feyter, P.; Serruys, P.W., 2007:
Meta-analysis of the studies assessing temporal changes in coronary plaque volume using intravascular ultrasound

Li, D.; He, L., 2006:
Meta-analysis supports association between serotonin transporter (5-HTT) and suicidal behavior

Dentali, F.; Douketis, J.D.; Gianni, M.; Lim, W.; Crowther, M.A., 2007:
Meta-analysis: anticoagulant prophylaxis to prevent symptomatic venous thromboembolism in hospitalized medical patients

Khurana, R.; Fischbach, L.; Chiba, N.; VA.Z.nten, S.V.; Sherman, P.M.; George, B.A.; Goodman, K.J.; Gold, B.D., 2007:
Meta-analysis: Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment efficacy in children

Turgeon, A.F.; Hutton, B.; Fergusson, D.A.; McIntyre, L.; Tinmouth, A.A.; Cameron, D.William.; Hébert, P.C., 2007:
Meta-analysis: intravenous immunoglobulin in critically ill adult patients with sepsis

Szajewska, H.; Skórka, A.; Dylag, M., 2007:
Meta-analysis: Saccharomyces boulardii for treating acute diarrhoea in children

Tan, E.K.; Cornish, J.; Darzi, A.W.; Tekkis, P.P., 2006:
Meta-analysis: Alvimopan vs. placebo in the treatment of post-operative ileus

Tong, J.L.; Ran, Z.H.; Shen, J.; Zhang, C.X.; Xiao, S.D., 2007:
Meta-analysis: the effect of supplementation with probiotics on eradication rates and adverse events during Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy

Tran, T.; Lowry, A.M.; El-Serag, H.B., 2007:
Meta-analysis: the efficacy of over-the-counter gastro-oesophageal reflux disease therapies

Gatta, L.; Vaira, D.; Sorrenti, G.; Zucchini, S.; Sama, C.; Vakil, N., 2007:
Meta-analysis: the efficacy of proton pump inhibitors for laryngeal symptoms attributed to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Gurrera, R.J.; Simpson, J.C.; Tsuang, M.T., 2007:
Meta-analytic evidence of systematic bias in estimates of neuroleptic malignant syndrome incidence

Noguchi, H.; Park, J.; Takagi, T., 2006:
MetaGene: prokaryotic gene finding from environmental genome shotgun sequences

Veyrieras, J-Baptiste.; Goffinet, B.; Charcosset, A., 2007:
MetaQTL: a package of new computational methods for the meta-analysis of QTL mapping experiments

Lu, J.-Jing; Ren, L.-Kun; Feng, F.; You, H.; Zhang, L.-Hua; Li, M.--Li; Sun, F.; Fu, H.-Hong; Jin, Z.-Yu, 2006:
Metabolic abnormalities in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy patients depicted by proton MR spectroscopy using a 3.0T MR scanner

Stöve, J.; Gremmes, C.; Günther, K.Peter.; Scharf, H-Peter.; Schwarz, M., 2006:
Metabolic activity and gene expression of osteoarthritic chondrocytes in correlation with radiological and histological characteristics

Rolland, A-Sophie.; Herrero, M-Trinidad.; Garcia-Martinez, V.; Ruberg, M.; Hirsch, E.C.; François, C., 2006:
Metabolic activity of cerebellar and basal ganglia-thalamic neurons is reduced in parkinsonism

Mazankova, L.N.; Ilyina, N.O.; Kondrakova, O.A.; Zatevalov, A.M., 2006:
Metabolic activity of the intestinal microflora in children with acute intestinal infections

Zhou, Z.Sheng.; Huang, S.Qi.; Guo, K.; Mehta, S.Kant.; Zhang, P.Chao.; Yang, Z.Min., 2006:
Metabolic adaptations to mercury-induced oxidative stress in roots of Medicago sativa L

Kodde, Iäk.Frederik.; van der Stok, J.; Smolenski, R.T.; de Jong, J.Willem., 2006:
Metabolic and genetic regulation of cardiac energy substrate preference

Bhopale, K.K.; Wu, H.; Boor, P.J.; Popov, V.L.; Ansari, G.A.S.; Kaphalia, B.S., 2006:
Metabolic basis of ethanol-induced hepatic and pancreatic injury in hepatic alcohol dehydrogenase deficient deer mice

Huang, C.; Mattis, P.; Tang, C.; Perrine, K.; Carbon, M.; Eidelberg, D., 2006:
Metabolic brain networks associated with cognitive function in Parkinson's disease

Jin, S.; DiPaola, R.S.; Mathew, R.; White, E., 2007:
Metabolic catastrophe as a means to cancer cell death

Smallbone, K.; Gatenby, R.A.; Gillies, R.J.; Maini, P.K.; Gavaghan, D.J., 2006:
Metabolic changes during carcinogenesis: potential impact on invasiveness

Gao, H.; Xiang, Y.; Sun, N.; Zhu, H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, M.; Ma, Y.; Lei, H., 2007:
Metabolic changes in rat prefrontal cortex and hippocampus induced by chronic morphine treatment studied ex vivo by high resolution H-1 NMR spectroscopy

Yun, S.Hee.; Hwang, T.Sik.; Park, D.Hyun., 2007:
Metabolic characterization of lactic acid bacterium Lactococcus garvieae sk11, capable of reducing ferric iron, nitrate, and fumarate

De-Silva, K.S.H.; Wickramasinghe, V.P.; Gooneratne, I.N.A., 2006:
Metabolic consequences of childhood obesity - a preliminary report

Shapiro, I.M.; Srinivas, V., 2006:
Metabolic consideration of epiphyseal growth: survival responses in a taxing environment

Kobayashi, E.; Bagshaw, A.P.; Gotman, J.; Dubeau, Fçois., 2006:
Metabolic correlates of epileptic spikes in cerebral cavernous angiomas

Provost, A.; Bastin, G.; Agathos, S.N.; Schneider, Y-J., 2006:
Metabolic design of macroscopic bioreaction models: application to Chinese hamster ovary cells

Suzuki, K.T.; Iwata, K.; Naranmandura, H.; Suzuki, N., 2006:
Metabolic differences between two dimethylthioarsenicals in rats

Itoh, E.; Hizuka, N.; Fukuda, I.; Takano, K., 2006:
Metabolic disorders in adult growth hormone deficiency: A study of 110 patients at a single institute in Japan

Blaut, M.; Clavel, T., 2007:
Metabolic diversity of the intestinal microbiota: implications for health and disease

Itoh, Hiroshi, 2006:
Metabolic domino: New concept in lifestyle medicine

Spina, E.; de Leon, J., 2007:
Metabolic drug interactions with newer antipsychotics: a comparative review

Parker, J.C.; Irwin, N.; Lavery, K.S.; Green, B.D.; O'Harte, F.P.M.; Gault, V.A.; Flatt, P.R., 2007:
Metabolic effects of sub-chronic ablation of the incretin receptors by daily administration of (Pro3)GIP and exendin(9-39)amide in obese diabetic (ob/ob) mice

Buse, J.B.; Klonoff, D.C.; Nielsen, L.L.; Guan, X.; Bowlus, C.L.; Holcombe, J.H.; Maggs, D.G.; Wintle, M.E., 2007:
Metabolic effects of two years of exenatide treatment on diabetes, obesity, and hepatic biomarkers in patients with type 2 diabetes: an interim analysis of data from the open-label, uncontrolled extension of three double-blind, placebo-controlled trials

Gross, F.; Ring, M.W.; Perlova, O.; Fu, J.; Schneider, S.; Gerth, K.; Kuhlmann, S.; Stewart, A.Francis.; Zhang, Y.; Müller, R., 2006:
Metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas putida for methylmalonyl-CoA biosynthesis to enable complex heterologous secondary metabolite formation

Nishizaki, T.; Tsuge, K.; Itaya, M.; Doi, N.; Yanagawa, H., 2006:
Metabolic engineering of carotenoid biosynthesis in Escherichia coli by ordered gene assembly in Bacillus subtilis

Misaki, K.; Matsui, S.; Matsuda, T., 2007:
Metabolic enzyme induction by HepG2 cells exposed to oxygenated and nonoxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Wehrli, S.; Reynolds, R.; Segal, S., 2006:
Metabolic fate of administered [13C]galactose in tissues of galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase deficient mice determined by nuclear magnetic resonance

Kleijn, R., J.; Geertman, J.-Maarten, A.; Nfor, B., K.; Ras, C.; Schipper, D.; Pronk, J., T.; Heijnen, J., J.; Van-Maris, A., J.A.; Van-Winden, W., A., 2007:
Metabolic flux analysis of a glycerol-overproducing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain based on GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR-derived C-13-labelling data

Solà, A.; Jouhten, P.; Maaheimo, H.; Sánchez-Ferrando, F.; Szyperski, T.; Ferrer, P., 2006:
Metabolic flux profiling of Pichia pastoris grown on glycerol/methanol mixtures in chemostat cultures at low and high dilution rates

Steil, G.; Rebrin, K.; Mastrototaro, J.J., 2006:
Metabolic modelling and the closed-loop insulin delivery problem

Sauer, Uwe, 2006:
Metabolic networks in motion: C-13-based flux analysis

Falhammar, H.; Filipsson, H.; Holmdahl, G.; Janson, P-Olof.; Nordenskjöld, A.; Hagenfeldt, K.; Thorén, M., 2006:
Metabolic profile and body composition in adult women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency

Kawashima, C.; Sakaguchi, M.; Suzuki, T.; Sasamoto, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Matsui, M.; Miyamoto, A., 2007:
Metabolic profiles in ovulatory and anovulatory primiparous dairy cows during the first follicular wave postpartum

Rudolph, M.C.; McManaman, J.L.; Phang, T.; Russell, T.; Kominsky, D.J.; Serkova, N.J.; Stein, T.; Anderson, S.M.; Neville, M.C., 2006:
Metabolic regulation in the lactating mammary gland: a lipid synthesizing machine

Coloff, J.L.; Rathmell, J.C., 2006:
Metabolic regulation of Akt: roles reversed

Colen, C., B.; Seraji-Bozorgzad, N.; Marples, B.; Galloway, M., P.; Sloan, A., E.; Mathupala, S., P., 2006:
Metabolic remodeling of malignant gliomas for enhanced sensitization during radiotherapy: An in vitro study

Abe, H.; Hirai, S.; Okada, S., 2006:
Metabolic responses and arginine kinase expression under hypoxic stress of the kuruma prawn Marsupenaeus japonicus

Wiberg, B.; Sundström, J.; Arnlöv, J.; Terént, A.; Vessby, B.; Zethelius, Börn.; Lind, L., 2006:
Metabolic risk factors for stroke and transient ischemic attacks in middle-aged men: a community-based study with long-term follow-up

Mcardle, N.; Hillman, D.; Beilin, L.; Watts, G., 2007:
Metabolic risk factors for vascular disease in obstructive sleep apnea - A matched controlled study

Friedlander, A.H.; Weinreb, J.; Friedlander, I.; Yagiela, J.A., 2007:
Metabolic syndrome: pathogenesis, medical care and dental implications

Sipilä, K.; Koivistoinen, T.; Moilanen, L.; Nieminen, T.; Reunanen, A.; Jula, A.; Salomaa, V.; Kaaja, R.; Kööbi, T.; Kukkonen-Harjula, K.; Majahalme, S.; Kähönen, M., 2007:
Metabolic syndrome and arterial stiffness: the Health 2000 Survey

Ratto, E.; Leoncini, G.; Viazzi, F.; Vaccaro, V.; Parodi, A.; Falqui, V.; Conti, N.; Tomolillo, C.; Deferrari, G.; Pontremoli, R., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk in primary hypertension

Bataille, V.; Perret, B.; Dallongeville, J.; Arveiler, D.; Yarnell, J.; Ducimetière, P.; Ferrières, J., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease risk in a population-based study of middle-aged men from France and Northern Ireland. A nested case-control study from the PRIME cohort

Kaysen, G.A., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome and renal failure: similarities and differences

Gami, A.S.; Witt, B.J.; Howard, D.E.; Erwin, P.J.; Gami, L.A.; Somers, V.K.; Montori, V.M., 2007:
Metabolic syndrome and risk of incident cardiovascular events and death: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

Dessein, P.H.; Tobias, M.; Veller, M.G., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome and subclinical atherosclerosis in rheumatoid arthritis

Cui, R.; Iso, H.; Pi, J.; Kumagai, Y.; Yamagishi, K.; Tanigawa, T.; Shimamoto, T., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome and urinary cGMP excretion in general population

Mondy, K.; Overton, E.Turner.; Grubb, J.; Tong, S.; Seyfried, W.; Powderly, W.; Yarasheski, K., 2007:
Metabolic syndrome in HIV-infected patients from an urban, midwestern US outpatient population

Mancia, G.; Bombelli, M.; Corrao, G.; Facchetti, R.; Madotto, F.; Giannattasio, C.; Trevano, F.Quarti.; Grassi, G.; Zanchetti, A.; Sega, R., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome in the Pressioni Arteriose Monitorate E Loro Associazioni (PAMELA) study: daily life blood pressure, cardiac damage, and prognosis

Loevinger, B.L.; Muller, D.; Alonso, C.; Coe, C.L., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome in women with chronic pain

Chen, H-Hsiang.; Wu, C-Jen.; Chen, Y-Chou.; Tsai, C-Sheng.; Lin, F-J.; Yeh, H-I., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome is associated with severe coronary artery disease and poor cardiac outcome in end-stage renal disease patients with acute coronary syndrome

Karvounaris, S.A.; Sidiropoulos, P.I.; Papadakis, J.A.; Spanakis, E.K.; Bertsias, G.K.; Kritikos, H.D.; Ganotakis, E.S.; Boumpas, D.T., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome is common among middle-to-older aged Mediterranean patients with rheumatoid arthritis and correlates with disease activity: a retrospective, cross-sectional, controlled, study

Ishizaka, N.; Ishizaka, Y.; Hashimoto, H.; Toda, E-Ichi.; Nagai, R.; Yamakado, M., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome may not associate with carotid plaque in subjects with optimal, normal, or high-normal blood pressure

Lund Håheim, L.; Wisløff, T.F.; Holme, I.; Nafstad, P., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome predicts prostate cancer in a cohort of middle-aged Norwegian men followed for 27 years

Skoumas, J.; Papadimitriou, L.; Pitsavos, C.; Masoura, C.; Giotsas, N.; Chrysohoou, C.; Toutouza, M.; Panagiotakos, D.; Stefanadis, C., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome prevalence and characteristics in Greek adults with familial combined hyperlipidemia

Fujioka, K., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome treatment strategies

Cabrera, M.A.S.; Gebara, Oávio.C.E.; Diament, J.; Nussbacher, A.; Rosano, G.; Wajngarten, Mício., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, and cardiovascular risk in elderly women

Lau, D.C.W.; Yan, H.; Dhillon, B., 2006:
Metabolic syndrome: a marker of patients at high cardiovascular risk

Barkai-Laszlo; Paragh-Gyorgy, 2006:
Metabolikus szindroma gyermekes serdulokorban

Diehm, C.; Darius, H.; Pittrow, D.; Allenberg, J.R.; Haberl, R.L.; Mahn, M.; Tepohl, H.G.; Trampisch, H.J.; Lange, S., 2007:
Metabolisches Syndrom und periphere arterielle Verschluss-krankeit als Indikatoren fur erhohtes kardiovaskulares Risiko

Yan, Z.; Easterwood, L.M.; Maher, N.; Torres, R.; Huebert, N.; Yost, G.S., 2007:
Metabolism and bioactivation of 3-methylindole by human liver microsomes

Odensten, M.O.; Berglund, B.; Persson Waller, K.; Holtenius, K., 2007:
Metabolism and udder health at dry-off in cows of different breeds and production levels

Miyazawa, M.; Gyoubu, K., 2006:
Metabolism of (+)-fenchone by CYP2A6 and CYP2136 in human liver microsomes

Miyazawa, M.; Gyoubu, K., 2007:
Metabolism of (-)-fenchone by CYP2A6 and CYP2B6 in human liver microsomes

Deveryshetty, J.; Suvekbala, V.; Varadamshetty, G.; Phale, P.S., 2006:
Metabolism of 2-, 3- and 4-hydroxybenzoates by soil isolates Alcaligenes sp. strain PPH and Pseudomonas sp. strain PPD

Labrie, F.; Bélanger, A.; Bélanger, P.; Bérubé, Ré.; Martel, Céline.; Cusan, L.; Gomez, Jé.; Candas, B.; Chaussade, Véronique.; Castiel, I.; Deloche, C.; Leclaire, J., 2006:
Metabolism of DHEA in postmenopausal women following percutaneous administration

Dean, B.J.; Chang, S.; Silva Elipe, M.Victoria.; Xia, Y-Qing.; Braun, M.; Soli, E.; Zhao, Y.; Franklin, R.B.; Karanam, B., 2006:
Metabolism of MK-0524, a prostaglandin D2 receptor 1 antagonist, in microsomes and hepatocytes from preclinical species and humans

Rittenbach, K.A.; Holt, A.; Ling, L.; Shan, J.; Baker, G.B., 2006:
Metabolism of N-methyl, N-propargylphenylethylamine: studies with human liver microsomes and cDNA expressed cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes

Hansen, L.; Hare, K.J.; Hartmann, B.; Deacon, C.F.; Ugleholdt, R.K.; Plamboeck, A.; Holst, J.J., 2006:
Metabolism of glucagon-like peptide-2 in pigs: role of dipeptidyl peptidase IV

Grande, S.; Luciani, A.M.; Rosi, A.; Palma, A.; Giovannini, C.; Sapora, O.; Guidoni, L.; Viti, V., 2007:
Metabolism of glutathione in tumour cells as evidenced by 1H MRS

Van Hoof, N.; Courtheyn, D.; Gillis, W.; Van Hende, J.; Van Peteghem, C.; Van de Wiele, M.; Poelmans, S.; Noppe, H.; Van Poucke, C.; Cobbaert, E.; Vanthemse, P.; D.B.abander, H.F., 2007:
Metabolism of methenolone acetate in a veal calf

Hao, F-rong.; Yan, M-fen.; Hu, Z-han.; Jin, Y-zun., 2007:
Metabolism of mitomycin C by human liver microsomes in vitro

Kristensen, N.B.; Storm, A.; Raun, B.M.L.; Røjen, B.A.; Harmon, D.L., 2007:
Metabolism of silage alcohols in lactating dairy cows

Picard, N.; Djebli, N.; Sauvage, Fçois-Ludovic.; Marquet, P., 2006:
Metabolism of sirolimus in the presence or absence of cyclosporine by genotyped human liver microsomes and recombinant cytochromes P450 3A4 and 3A5

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Metabolism of the new anxiolytic agent, a pyridobenzimidazole (PBI) analog (RWJ-53050), in rat and human hepatic S9 fractions, and in dog; identification of cytochrome p450 isoforms mediated in the human microsomal metabolism

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Metodologia diagnostica ante la recidiva bioquimica despues de la radioterapia

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Mg2+ activates the ryanodine receptor type 2 (RyR2) at intermediate Ca2+ concentrations

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Mi a cardiovascularis kockazat csokkentesenek leghatekonyabb modja 2-es tipusu diabetes mellitusban?

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MiST: a microbial signal transduction database

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Microecological aspects of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome

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Microencephaly and microphthalmia in rat fetuses by busulfan

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Microendoliths of the Shallow Euphotic Zone in open and shaded habitats at 30 degrees N - Eilat, Israel - paleoecological implications

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Microenvironment of forest gaps and its effects on the growth of naturally regenerated seedlings of different ages in subalpine Abies faxoniana forest

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Microevolution and ecotoxicology of metals in invertebrates

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Microflora of extreme and Atacama Desert soils

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Microflora patterns in oil-contaminated soils

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Microfluidic biofuel cells: the influence of electrode diffusion layer on performance

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Microfluidic digital PCR enables multigene analysis of individual environmental bacteria

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Microfluidic separation of (S)-ibuprofen using enzymatic reaction

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Microfluidics for multiplexed MS analysis

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Microfracture of chondral defects in the knee associated with different results in patients aged 40 years or younger?

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Microgeographical genetic structure of forest robusta coffee (Coffea canephora, Pierre), in Kibale National Park, Uganda

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Microglia in gemistocytic astrocytomas

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Microglia serve as a neuroimmune substrate for stress-induced potentiation of CNS pro-inflammatory cytokine responses

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Microglia-derived interleukin-6 and leukaemia inhibitory factor promote astrocytic differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells

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Microgravity-induced changes in aortic stiffness and their role in orthostatic intolerance

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Microhabitat selection by tadpoles of Buergeria japonica inhabiting the coastal area

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Microhabitat type determines the composition of nematode communities associated with sediment-clogged cold-water coral framework in the Porcupine Seabight (NE Atlantic)

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Microhabitat use by the Eastern worm snake, Carphophis amoenus

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Microhabitat use by the larvae of cryptic lamprey species in Lethenteron reissneri in a sympatric area

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Microhabitat use, diet, and performance data on the Hispaniolan twig anole, Anolis sheplani: pushing the boundaries of morphospace

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Microhabitat-specific controls on soil respiration and denitrification in the Mojave Desert: The role of harvester ant nests and vegetation

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Microincision bimanual phacoemulsification and Thinoptx (R) implantation through a 1.70mm incision

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Microinjection of DLH into the region of the caudal ventral respiratory column in the cat: evidence for an endogenous cough-suppressant mechanism

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Microlaryngoscopic repair of iatrogenic pharyngeal pouch perforations: treatment of choice?

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Microlepidoptera review of 2005

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Micromechanical response of mineral and collagen phases in bone

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Micromixer utilizing electrokinetic instability-induced shedding effect

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Micromolar intracellular hydrogen peroxide disrupts metabolism by damaging iron-sulfur enzymes

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Micromorphological features of seed from six genera plants in tribe Anthemideae

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Micromorphological traits of north American ash species introduced in Croatia

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Micromorphology of glandular trichomes of Nepeta congesta Fisch & Mey. var. congesta (Lamiaceae) and chemical analysis of the essential oils

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Micromorphology of the achene epidermis of Kohresia (Cyperaceae) revealed by SEM and its taxonomic significance

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Micromycetes on the monuments of National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos (Crimea)

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Micronecta ludibunda Breddin (Heteroptera : Corixidae : Micronectinae), the second Asian water bug introduced into Florida, USA

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Micronutrient interventions and HIV infection: a review of current evidence

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Microparticles and nanoparticles for drug delivery

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Micropatterned biopolymer 3D scaffold for static and dynamic culture of human fibroblasts

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Micropatterned thin film honeycomb materials from regiospecifically modified cellulose

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Microphthalmia, persistent hyperplastic hyaloid vasculature and lens anomalies following overexpression of VEGF-A(188) from the alpha A-crystallin promoter

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Microphytobenthos of the Dogger Bank: a comparison between shallow and deep areas using phytopigment composition of the sediment

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Microplate assay for inhibitors of the transpeptidase activity of PBP1b of Escherichia coli

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Microplate orbital mixing improves high-throughput cell-based reporter assay readouts

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Micropropagation as means of rapid multiplication of newly developed blackberry and black currant cultivars

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Micropropagation in banana using high levels of cytokinins does not involve any genetic changes as revealed by RAPD and ISSR markers

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Micropropagation of Dianthus caryophyllus and Dianthus barbatus through shoot tip and node culture

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Micropropagation of Hoslundia opposita Vahl - a valuable medicinal plant

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Micropropagation of Vanasushava pedata - An endangered medicinal plant of south India

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Micropropagation of gymea lily (Doryanthes excelsa Correa) from new South Wales, Australia

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Microreview: capsule-associated genes of Cryptococcus neoformans

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Microrheologic dysfunctions in blood during malaria

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Microsaccadic response during inhibition of return in a target-target paradigm

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Microsatellite DNA analysis of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from western Alberta, Canada: native status and evolutionary distinctiveness of Athabasca rainbow trout

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Microsatellite DNA markers for analysis of population structure in the sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii

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Microsatellite analysis for determination of the mutagenicity of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and ionising radiation in vitro

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Microsatellite analysis of Japanese sea cucumber, Stichopus (Apostichopus) japonicus, supports reproductive isolation in color variants

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Microsatellite investigation of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in Scandinavia reveals genetic differentiation of a Baltic Sea Island population

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Microsatellite loci in the Propertius duskywing, Erynnis propertius (Lepidoptera : Hesperiidae), and related species

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Microsatellite null alleles and estimation of population differentiation

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Microsatellite variation of Quercus aquifolioides populations at varying altitudes in the Wolong natural reserve of China

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Microsatellites loci isolated in the freshwater fish Brycon hilarii

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Microscopic anatomy of foot of the spiny top shell, Batillus cornutus (Lightfoot, 1786) (Gastropoda : Turbinidae)

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Microscopic detection of thermogenesis in a single HeLa cell

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Microscopic fungi in the Atlantic Rainforest in Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Microscopic intrarenal particles after pulsatile machine preservation do not adversely affect outcomes after renal transplantation

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Microscopic myocardial changes: Implications for forensic medical diagnosis

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Microscopic observations of the early development of Pleurotus pulmonatius fruit bodies

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Microscopic structure and digital morphometric analysis of the statoconia of hagfish, Paramyxine nelsoni (Myxiniformes)

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Microscopical anatomy and ultrastructure of the lophophoral organs and adjacent epithelia of the lophophoral concavity and the anal papilla of Phoronopsis harmeri Pixell, 1912 (Lophophorata : Phoronida)

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Microsomal glutathione transferase 1 in anticancer drug resistance

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Microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 deficiency is associated with elevated peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma - Regulation by prostaglandin E-2 via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Akt pathway

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Microsomal triglyceride transfer protein is required for yolk lipid utilization and absorption of dietary lipids in zebrafish larvae

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Microspheres method for ocular blood flow measurement in rats: size and dose optimization

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Microsporidia-insect host interactions: teratoid sporogony at the sites of host tissue melanization

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Microstimulation reveals opposing influences of prelimbic and infralimbic cortex on the expression of conditioned fear

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Microstructural analysis of iron aluminide formed by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis mechanism in aluminium matrix composite

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Microstructural and tensile properties of elastin-based polypeptides crosslinked with genipin and pyrroloquinoline quinone

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Microstructural changes of CM186LC single-crystal superalloy during creep deformation at 750 degrees C

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Microstructural modeling of collagen network mechanics and interactions with the proteoglycan gel in articular cartilage

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Microstructure of common reef-building coral genera Acropora, Pocillopora, Goniastrea and Porites: constraints on spatial resolution in geochemical sampling

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Microstructure of polypterid scales (Osteichthyes : Actinopterygii : Polypteridae) from the Upper Cretaceous Bahariya Formation, Bahariya oasis, Egypt

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Microsurgical inguinal varicocelectomy with and without testicular delivery

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Microsurgical outcomes after failed repeated Gamma Knife surgery for refractory trigeminal neuralgia

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Microsystem for transfection of exogenous molecules with spatio-temporal control into adherent cells

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Microtaphonomy of bioclasts and paleoecology of microencrusters from Upper Jurassic spongiolithic limestones (External Prebetic, Southern Spain)

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Microtechnology: Meet neurobiology

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Microtensile bond strength of composite resin to human enamel prepared using erbium: Yttrium aluminum garnet laser

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Microtensile bond strengths of two adhesive resins to discolored dentin after amalgam removal

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Microtubule-associated proteins in higher plants

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Mikrozirkulation and Sauerstofff-versorgung des Gewebes Methode des so genannten 02C (oxygen to see)

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Mineral phase in linguloid brachiopod shell: Lingula adamsi

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Mineral status of iodine in organism of bulls during fattening on stillage

Hanczyc, M.M.; Mansy, S.S.; Szostak, J.W., 2006:
Mineral surface directed membrane assembly

Rhoden, A.-Clayton; Da-Silva, L.-Souza; De-Oliveira-Camargo, F.-Anastacio; Britzke, D.; Benedetti, E.-Luiza, 2006:
Mineralizacao anaerobia do nitrogenio em solos de varzea do Rio Grande do Sul

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Mineralization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/adipate modified starch blend in agricultural soil

Yamamoto, T.; Domon, T.; Takahashi, S.; Anjuman, K.Ara.Yasmin.; Fukushima, C.; Wakita, M., 2006:
Mineralization process during acellular cementogenesis in rat molars: a histochemical and immunohistochemical study using fresh-frozen sections

Afaj, A.H.; Sultan, M.A., 2005:
Mineralogical composition of the urinary stones from different provinces in Iraq

Halder, R.C.; Jahng, A.; Maricic, I.; Kumar, V., 2006:
Mini review: immune response to myelin-derived sulfatide and CNS-demyelination

Lourenco, R., A.; Veras, R., P., 2006:
Mini-Exame do Estado Mental: caracteristicas psicometricas em idosos ambulatoriais

Shephard, J.M.; Kho, S.; Chen, J.; Kosslyn, S.M., 2006:
MiniCog: A method for administering psychological tests and experiments on a handheld personal digital assistant

Okoli, A.S.; Wadstrom, T.; Mendz, G.L., 2007:
MiniReview: bioinformatic study of bile responses in Campylobacterales

Hood, C.; Duggan, L.; Bazley, S.; Denham, J.; Kron, T., 2006:
Miniature LiF : Mg,Cu,P TLDs to study the effect of applicator material in 192-Ir brachytherapy

Canales, B.K.; Fung, L.C.T.; Elliott, S.P., 2006:
Miniature intravesical urethral lengthening procedure for treatment of pediatric neurogenic urinary incontinence

Krikken, J.; Huijbregts, J., 2006:
Miniature scarabs of the genus Haroldius on Sulawesi, with notes on their relatives (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae)

Chance, S.A.; Casanova, M.F.; Switala, A.E.; Crow, T.J., 2006:
Minicolumnar structure in Heschl's gyrus and planum temporale: Asymmetries in relation to sex and callosal fiber number

Singh, G.; Cooper, T.A., 2006:
Minigene reporter for identification and analysis of cis elements and trans factors affecting pre-mRNA splicing

Srikummool, M.; Chaijaruwanich, J.; Kampuansai, J.; Kangwanpong, D., 2006:
Minimal Y-chromosomal haplotype selection for phylogenetic study using the bootstrapped DTI method

Saha, T., C.; Singh, H., 2006:
Minimal change disease: A review

Au, T.; Thorne, S.; Korn, W.M.; Sze, D.; Kirn, D.; Reid, T.R., 2006:
Minimal hepatic toxicity of Onyx-015: spatial restriction of coxsackie-adenoviral receptor in normal liver

Micco, N.; Gold, B.; Buzzell, P.; Leonard, H.; Pintauro, S.; Harvey-Berino, J., 2007:
Minimal in-person support as an adjunct to internet obesity treatment

Nabhan, C.; Coutré, S.; Hillmen, P., 2006:
Minimal residual disease in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: is it ready for primetime?

Ganeshan, A.; Upponi, S.; Uberoi, R.; D'Costa, H.; Picking, C.; Bungay, H., 2006:
Minimal-preparation CT colon in detection of colonic cancer, the Oxford experience

Ho, S.K.; Cheung, N.H., 2007:
Minimally destructive and multi-element analysis of aluminium alloys by ArF laser-induced atomic emissions

Hwang, P.Y.K.; Ho, C.Long., 2007:
Minimally invasive carpal tunnel decompression using the KnifeLight

Øyen, O.; Scholz, T.; Hartmann, A.; Pfeffer, P., 2006:
Minimally invasive kidney transplantation: the first experience

Aron, M.; Gill, I.S., 2006:
Minimally invasive nephron-sparing surgery (MINSS) for renal tumours part I: laparoscopic partial nephrectomy

Aron, M.; Gill, I., S., 2007:
Minimally invasive nephron-sparing surgery (MINSS) for renal turnours - Part II: Probe ablative therapy

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