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Nueva especie de roedor (Histriocognathi: Echimydae) del bosque nublado en la Reserva de Biosfera del Manu, Peru

Patterson, B., D.; Velazco, P., M.

Mastozoologia Neotropical 13(2): 175-191


ISSN/ISBN: 0327-9383
Accession: 012998171

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Recent surveys in Peru's Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve uncovered a new species of hystricognath rodent, a spiny rat (Echimyidae) with dense, soft fur. Inhabiting Andean cloud-forests at 1900 m, the new rodent belongs to a radiation of "brush-tailed tree rats" previously known only from the Amazon, Orinoco, and other lowland river drainages. Phylogenetic analysis of morphology (cranial and dental characters) unambiguously allies the new species with species of lsothrix. While the inclusion of the new taxon does not resolve the "star phylogeny" which underlies the echimyid radiation, it identifies the Andes as a possible theatre for the evolution of some soft-haired members of the group. The new species is described and a revised diagnosis of the genus Isothrix is presented.

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