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Chapter 13,038

Effect of dietary supplementation of Herbal E on production performance and other parameters of commercial broilers

Chatterjee, S.; Das, S.N.; Singh, B.P.; Sharma, A.; Agrawala, S.K.

Livestock International 10(11): 11-16


Accession: 013037677

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The effect of Herbal E (containing natural vitamin E and synergistic herbs) supplementation on broiler performance was studied. 120 day-old broiler chicks were divided into 4 groups which were fed a standard ration only (Group A), standard ration + synthetic vitamin E ( alpha -tocopheryl acetate, 50% at 100 g/tonne feed, Group B), standard ration + Herbal E at 100 g/tonne feed (Group C) and standard ration + Herbal E at 50 g/tonne feed (Group D) from March 30-May 10.