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Chapter 13,039

Effects of milking and adlibitum sucking during the early lactation period on metabolic profile of ewes delivered single or multiple lambs

Oztabak, K.

Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi Istanbul 31(2): 41-52


Accession: 013038284

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This study was conducted to investigate the effects of controlled milking or suckling by a single lamb instead of multiple offspring within the first 24 h after birth (time period when the secretion of colostrum was highest) on the metabolic profiles of ewes. A total of 21 ewes that delivered lambs were used in this study. The lambs of 7 ewes that delivered single offspring were separated from their mothers right after birth without suckling. These ewes comprised group I. Another 7 ewes that delivered single lambs were allowed to stay with their offspring that suckled colostrum ad libitum. These ewes comprised group II.

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