Phenotypic expression of whitebacked planthopper resistance in the newly established japonica/indica doubled haploid rice population

Sogawa, K.; Sun ZongXiu; Qian Qian; Zeng DaLi

Rice Science 11(2): 155-160


ISSN/ISBN: 1672-6308
Accession: 013043055

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A new doubled haploid (DH) rice population was established from a cross between whitebacked planthopper (WBPH, Sogatella furcifera)-resistant japonica Chunjiang 06 (CJ-06) and susceptible indica TN1. The sucking inhibitory and ovicidal resistance of the DH rice lines were evaluated on the basis of non-preference response of WBPH immigrants and honeydew excretion by WBPH females, and appearance of watery lesions in the necrotic discoloration of leaf sheaths oviposited by WBPH, respectively. Both the major gene resistance to WBPH, sucking inhibitory and ovicidal resistance showed 1 (resistant):1 (susceptible) segregation ratio in the DH population. The relative density of the WBPH populations and damage scores in the DH population indicated combined functions of both the major resistance genes as well as the quantitative trait loci (QTLs) affecting the host plant response to WBPH infestations. Thus, the newly developed CJ-06/TN1 DH population could be a useful material to analyse the major genes and QTLs for WBPH resistance in japonica rice.