Propagation of avocado cv. Fuerta by herbaceous cuttings

Mindello Neto, U.R.; Hirano, E.; Telles, C.A.; Biasi, L.A.

Scientia Agraria 7(1/2): 101-104


Accession: 013043730

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This work was done with the purpose of evaluating the effect of the indolbutyric acid (IBA) concentration and immersion time for rooting of herbaceous cuttings of avocado cv. Fuerte. The cuttings were treated with IBA at concentrations of 0, 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 mg/litre in two immersion periods (5 seconds and 24 h). All cuttings tested were placed in a substrate with sand medium texture in expanded polystyrene trays with 72 cells. Afterwards, the treated cuttings were placed inside an intermittent mist greenhouse for 185 days. The highest percentage of rooted cuttings (47.5%) was obtained by immersion for 5 seconds at the concentration of 500 mg/litre of IBA. The immersion of cuttings in distilled water promoted the rooting regardless the immersion time. The rooting percentage was zero when the cuttings were immersed into hydro-alcoholic solution of IBA for 24 h.