Standardization of process for Kalakand prepared from blend of cow and buffalo milk

Priyanka Chaturvedi; Yadav, G.; Yadav, M.P.S.; Singh, S.K.

Farm Science Journal 15(1): 75-76


Accession: 013045315

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This article presents the standardized manufacture of Kalakand, a sweet product from sugar and khoa from cow and buffalo milk. Average composition for Kalakand were 0.467% titratable acidity, 16.25% fat, 15.03% protein, 12.64% lactose, 24.14% sucrose, 2.77% ash, 70.83% total solids and 29.17% moisture content. It was shown that Kalakand made from 6% sugar and coagulated by 0.1% lactic acid had the best sensory qualities, indicating that these may be used for the standardized production of Kalakand.