Effects of crossing rams of Texel breed with Corriedale and ideal ewes on meat quality

Rota, E. de L.; Osorio, M.T.M.; Osorio, J.C. da S.; Oliveira, N.M. de; Barboza, J.; Kasinger, S.

Revista Brasileira de Agrociencia 10(4): 487-491


Accession: 013054199

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An experiment was conducted to find out the effect of crossing rams from the Texel breed with Corriedale and mating it with an ideal ewe on meat quality. 23 male lambs (12 Texel x Ideal ewe and 11 Texel x Corriedale) were evaluated in this study. The animals were raised in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. On the 180th day the animals were slaughtered and results showed no significant difference in initial pH, water holding capacity, color, and hardness of muscles for the Ideal and Corriedale crossbreeding.