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Chapter 13,058

Incidences and factors affecting reproductive disorders in Surti buffaloes

Nagda, R.K.; Jain, L.S.; Tailor, S.P.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 59(6): 414-416


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 013057997

The incidences of reproductive disorders viz. abortion, stillbirth, retention, of placenta and prolapse for a period of 33 years (1972 to 2004) were recorded in Surti buffaloes maintained at Livestock Research Station, Vallabhnagar comprising 4182 calving records. Of all calvings 3752 (89.72%) were normal and remaining 430 (10.28%) were abnormal i.e. calving followed reproductive disorders like abortion, still birth, retention of placenta and prolapse.

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