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Chapter 13,062

Physico-chemical quality of meat from heifers and young bulls of the Black-and-White (BW) variety of Polish Holstein-Friesian breed, and commercial BW crossbreds sired by Limousine and Charolaise bulls

Litwinczuk, Z.; Florek, M.; Pietraszek, K.

Animal Science Papers and Reports 24(Suppl 2): 179-186


ISSN/ISBN: 0860-4037
Accession: 013061741

The investigations covered 49 young bulls and 32 heifers representing three genetic groups: Black and-White (BW) variety of Polish Holstein-Friesian breed (34 animals), and commercial BW crosses sired by Limousine and Charolaise bulls (26 and 24 animals, respectively). In the samples of lumbar section of the longissimus dorsi (LD) and of semitendinosus (ST) muscle determined were pH, electric conductivity (EC), water holding capacity (WHC), tenderness (shear force), meat colour and marbling as well as the basic chemical composition. The beef physical properties, especially WHC, were found more affected by sex than by animals' genotype. As for the meat chemical composition and tenderness, the effect of sex and genotype was alike. A content of dry matter and fat of both muscles proved significantly higher (P < 0.001) in the heifer (irrespective of a breed) than in young bulls meat. It is noteworthy that breed as well as sex x breed interaction both affected (P<0.001) the fat content of the LD muscle. In the meat from BW heifers the content of fat was nearly twice higher (4.07%) than in the crosses sired by Charolaise (2.36%) and Limousine (2.49%) bulls.

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