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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 13074

Chapter 13074 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cheng, C.H.ang, Y.; Yang, S., 1997:
A novel feeding strategy for enhanced plasmid stability and protein production in recombinant yeast redbatch fermentation

Vennema, H.R.ttier, P.; Horzinek, M.; Spaan, W., 1992:
A novel glycoprotein of feline infectious peritonitis coronoavirus contain a KDEL-like endoplasmic reticulum retention signal

Kimura, H.; Takizawa, N.; Allemand, E.; Hori, T.; Iborra, F.-J.N.zaki, N.; Muraki, M.; Hagiwara, M.; Krainer, A.-R.F.kagawa, T.; Okawa, K., 2006:
A novel histone exchange factor, protein phosphatase 2C(Sd(B, mediates the exchange and dephosphorylation of H2A-H2B

Vasudevan, P.T.; López-Cortés, N.; Caswell, H.; Reyes-Duarte, D.; Plou, F.J.; Ballesteros, A.; Como, K.; Thomson, T., 2004:
A novel hydrophilic support, CoFoam, for enzyme immobilization

Streit, L.M.reau, M.G.udin, J.E.ert, E.B.ssche, H.V.nden, 1991:
A novel imidazole carboxylic acid ester is a herbicide inhibiting 14 alpha-methyl-demethylation in plant sterol biosynthesis

Doorsselaere, J.V.n; Baucher, M.C.ognot, E.C.abbert, B.T.llier, M.; Petit-Conil, M.L.ple, J.; Pilate, G.C.rnu, D.M.nties, B., 1995:
A novel lignin in poplar trees with a reduced caffeic acid

Peng, Y.L.; Shirano, Y.; Ohta, H.; Hibino, T.; Tanaka, K.; Shibata, D., 1994:
A novel lipoxygenase from rice. Primary structure and specific expression upon incompatible infection with rice blast fungus

Hammond, D.J.; Gutteridge, W.E.; Opperdoes, F.R., 1981:
A novel location for two enzymes of de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis in trypanosomes and Leishmania

Fogarty, W.; Bealin-Kelly, F.K.lly, C.; Doyle, E., 1991:
A novel maltohexaose-forming alpha-amylase from Bacillus caldovelox: patterns and mechanisms of action

George, A.; De-Lumen, B., 1991:
A novel methionine-rich protein in soybean seed: identification, amino acid composition, and N-terminal sequence

Aggelis, G.; Samelis, J.; Metaxopoulos, J., 1998:
A novel modelling approach for predicting microbial growth in a raw cured meat product stored at 3 degrees C and at 12 degrees C in air

Ni, Y.V.n-Heiningen, A.; Lora, J.M.gdzinski, L.P.e, E., 1996:
A novel ozone bleaching technology for the ALCELL process

Ishii, C.; Nakamura, K.; Inoue, H., 1991:
A novel phenotype of an excision-repair mutant in Neurospora crassa: mutagen sensitivity of the mus-18 mutant is specific to UV

Cocolin, L.M.nzano, M.A.gio, D.C.ntoni, C.C.mi, G., 2001:
A novel polymerase chain reaction (PCR)--denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) for the identification of Micrococcaceae strains involved in meat fermentations. Its application to naturally fermented Italian sausages

Ordonez, M.; Hohl, H.; Velasco, J.; Ramon, M.; Oyarzun, P.; Smart, C.; Fry, W.; Forbes, G.; Erselius, L., 2000:
A novel population of Phytophthora, similar to P. infestans, attacks wild Solanum species in Eucador

Okorokov, L.A.; Tanner, W.; Lehle, L., 1993:
A novel primary Ca(2+)-transport system from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kallel, H.; Rourou, S.; Majoul, S.; Loukil, H., 2003 :
A novel process for the production of a veterinary rabies vaccine in BHK-21 cells grown on microcarriers in a 20-l bioreactor

Rucci, N.; Digiacinto, C.; Orru, L.; Millimaggi, D.; Baron, R.; Teti, A., 2005:
A novel protein kinase C -dependent signal to ERK1

Barlow, T.W.; Richards, W.G., 1995:
A novel representation of protein structure

Campbell, W.; Ogren, W., 1990:
A novel role for light in the activation of ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase

Dow, J.; Maddrell, S.; Davies, S.; Skaer, N.; Kaiser, K., 1994:
A novel role of the nitric oxide-cGMP signaling pathway: the control of epithelial function in Drosophila

Katahira, R.U.ihara, M.N.katsubo, F., 2003:
A novel selective cleavage method for beta-omicron-4 substructure in lignins names TIZ method. I. Degradation of guaiacyl and syringyl models

Ohkubo, M.M.yagawa, K.O.atomi, K.H.ra, K.N.zaki, Y.I.hihara, T., 2004:
A novel serine protease complexed with a2-macroglobulin from skeletal muscle of lizard fish (Saurida undosquamis)

Zhang, H.; Lee, T., 1997:
A novel silica gel adsorption

Bergquist, N.R.; Waller, T., 1983:
A novel simple immunoassay for rapid detection of human IgG antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii

Capozzi, G.F.lciani, C.M.nichetti, S.N.tivi, C.F.anck, R., 1995:
A novel stereo- regio-controlled synthesis of 2-dexoy-alpha-O-aryl glucosides

Jenkins, M.M.; LeBoeuf, R.D.; Ruth, G.R.; Bloomer, J.R., 1998:
A novel stop codon mutation (X417L) of the ferrochelatase gene in bovine protoporphyria, a natural animal model of the human disease

Vujaklija, D.; Schröder, W.; Abramić, M.; Zou, P.; Lescić, I.; Franke, P.; Pigac, J., 2002:
A novel streptomycete lipase: cloning, sequencing and high-level expression of the Streptomyces rimosus GDS(L)-lipase gene

Okubo, K.; Hori, N.; Matoba, R.; Niiyama, T.; Matsubara, K., 1991:
A novel system for large-scale sequencing of cDNA by PCR amplification

Schubert, K.; Reiml, D.; Accolas, J.P.; Fiedler, F., 1993:
A novel type of meso-diaminopimelic acid-based peptidoglycan and novel poly(erythritol phosphate) teichoic acids in cell walls of two coryneform isolates from the surface flora of French cooked cheeses

Kühn, C.; Frommer, W.B., 1995:
A novel zinc finger protein encoded by a couch potato homologue from Solanum tuberosum enables a sucrose transport-deficient yeast strain to grow on sucrose

Saloheimo, A.; Henrissat, B.; Hoffrén, A.M.; Teleman, O.; Penttilä, M., 1994:
A novel, small endoglucanase gene, egl5, from Trichoderma reesei isolated by expression in yeast

Jiang, Z-Qiang.; Deng, W.; Li, L-Te.; Ding, C-He.; Kusakabe, I.; Tan, S-Sze., 2004:
A novel, ultra-large xylanolytic complex (xylanosome) secreted by Streptomyces olivaceoviridis

Nakashima, K.K.yosue, T.Y.maguchi-Shinozaki, K.S.inozaki, K., 1997:
A nuclear gene, erd1, encoding a chloroplast-targeting Clp protease regulatory subunit homolog is not only induced by water stress but also developmentally up-regulated during senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana

Irrgang, K.; Shi, L.; Funk, C.S.hroder, W., 1995:
A nuclear-encoded subunit of photosystem II reaction center

Pereira, N.M.; Königk, E., 1981:
A nucleotidase from Leishmania tropica Promastigotes: partial purification and properties

Johnson, G.S.; Cosgrove, D.M.; Frederick, D.B., 2001:
A numerical model and spreadsheet interface for pumping test analysis

Yong, S.; Feoli, E., 1991:
A numerical phytoclimatic classification of China

Ormarsson, S.D.hlblom, O.P.tersson, H., 1999:
A numerical study of the shape stability of sawn timber subjected to moisture variation. 2. Simulation of drying board

Fan, Y.K.hawita, R., 1994:
A numerical study of variable density flow and mixing in porous media

Lai, M.-K.S.imabukuro, S.-K.W.nkam, N.-S.R.man, S.P.ttabi, 1982:
A nutrient analysis of student's diets in the state of Hawaii

Chin, J., 1990:
A nutrient data base application for the food industry

Brown, G.; Wyse, B.-W.H.nsen, R.G.urth, 1979:
A nutrient density - nutrition education program for elementary schools

Alway, Fj, 1940:
A nutrient element slighted in agricultural research

Bahl, S.; Orban, D.; Montoya, I., 1989:
A nutrition

Blake, Aj, 1992:
A nutrition

Lohr, L.A.; Carruth, B.R., 1979:
A nutrition attitude instrument for nursing students

German, M.J.; Pearce, J.; Wyse, B.W.; Hansen, R.G., 1981:
A nutrition component for high school health education curriculums

Dehoger, F.-S.T.ivette, C.; Culley, P., 1981:
A nutrition education and training project for school food service technicians

Manning, C.; Kauwell, G.; Stapell, C., 1986:
A nutrition education card game for children

Hamilton, Marlene, 1980:
A nutrition education curriculum for Grade 9 students

Evers, C., 2000:
A nutrition education report card

Terry, Sg, 1994:
A nutrition integrity primer

Carver, L.-R.L.wis, K., J., 1979:
A nutrition knowledge test for elementary school teachers

Cassell, Ja, 1993:
A nutrition label the public can understand--and count on

Mcnutt, Kristen, W., 1978:
A nutrition perspective from the Hill

Farrer, Kth, 1979:
A nutrition policy for a food industry

Leveille, Gilbert, A., 1980:
A nutrition scientist's view of food and nutrition education needs

Tramposch, T.; Blue, L., 1987:
A nutrition screening and assessment system for use with elderly in extended care

Glanz, K.; Scharf, M., 1985:
A nutrition training program for social workers serving the homebound elderly

Smith, M.; Gonzalez, L., 1987:
A nutrition, food production, and life-skills program for low-income women in Paraguay

Campbell-Asselbergs, E., 1986:
A nutritional approach to fisheries projects

Lapointe, A.G.ulet, J.C.uillard, C.L.marche, B.L.mieux, S., 2005:
A nutritional intervention promoting the Mediterranean food pattern is associated with a decrease in circulating oxidized LDL particles in healthy women from the Québec City metropolitan area

Fanelli, M.T.; Abernethy, M.M., 1986:
A nutritional questionnaire for older adults

Rubin, Kw, 1988:
A nutritional quiz. II

Voichick, Jane, 1977:
A nutritionist describes her involvement with a newspaper story

Halcrow, A., 1985:
A nutritious plan for improved productivity

Dennison, K.; Galante, D.D.nnison, D.G.laszewski, T., 1996:
A one year post-program assessment of a computer-assisted instruction (CAI) weight management program for industrial employees: lessons learned

Koster, R.; Eagleson, P., 1990:
A one-dimensional interactive soil-atmosphere model for testing formulations of surface hydrology

Barlow, T.W.; Richards, W.G., 1996:
A one-dimensional representation of protein structure

Thornton, C.; Groenhof, A.; Forrest, R.L.motte, R., 2004:
A one-step, immunochromatographic lateral flow device specific to Rhizoctonia solani and certain related species, and its use to detect and quantifiy R. solani in soil

John, P.; Zhang, K.D.ng, C., 1993:
A p34(cdc2)-based cell cycle: its significance in monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous and unicellular plants

Menéndez, C.; Igloi, G.; Henninger, H.; Brandsch, R., 1995:
A pAO1-encoded molybdopterin cofactor gene (moaA) of Arthrobacter nicotinovorans: characterization and site-directed mutagenesis of the encoded protein

Baker, B.Y.; Yaworsky, D.C.; Miller, W.L., 2005:
A pH-dependent molten globule transition is required for activity of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein, StAR

Brody, Al, 1990:
A packaging odyssey: Voyage into the 1990s

Woodburn, J.; Friedberg, B., 1986:
A pair of multi-use tools

Omichinski, L., 1993:
A paradigm shift from weight loss to healthy living

Avila, D.; Robinson, A.; Kaushal, V.B.rnes, L., 1991:
A paradoxical increase of a metabolite upon increased expression of its catabolic enzyme: the case of diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) and ApA phosphorylase I in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pettey, C.; Leuze, M.; Grefenstette, J., 1987:
A parallel genetic algorithm

Del-Carpio, Ca, 1996:
A parallel genetic algorithm for polypeptide three dimensional structure prediction. A transputer implementation

Garrido, D.C.lvino, A.H.ugh, G., 2001:
A parametric model to average time-intensity taste data

Entwisle, D.; Alexander, K., 1995:
A parent's economic shadow: family structure versus family resources as influences on early school achievement

Southers, Cl, 1990:
A parenthood education model: building on our intellectual foundation

Swanson, L.; Busch, L., 1985:
A part-time farming model reconsidered: a comment on a POET model

Bi, Y.; Cook, J.M.; Lequesne, P.W., 1994:
A partial synthesis of the Alstonia bisindole alkaloid villastonine

Wu, K., 1994:
A partnership approach to successful, cost-effective technology transfer

Lambert-Lagace, L.D.saulniers, L.L.flamme, M., 1996:
A passion for nutrition and communication

Oliver, R.-L.B.rger, P., K., 1979:
A path analysis of preventive health care decision models

Smit, F., 1982:
A patient with (South American) mucocutaneous leishmaniasis recurring after treatment with co-trimoxazole

Hammer, G.; Sinclair, T.; Boote, K.; Wright, G.; Meinke, H.B.ll, M., 1995:
A peanut simulation model. I. Model development and testing

Haddad, E.J.mbazian, P.K.runia, M.T.nzman, J.S.bate, J., 2006:
A pecan-enriched diet increases (Sd(B-tocopherol

Christoffel, K., 1981:
A pediatric perspective on vegetarian nutrition

van den Berg, J.A.; Osinga, M., 1986:
A peptide to DNA conversion program

Hayes, D., 1999:
A perfect 10

White, P., 1998:
A perfect fit

Harper, W.; Blake, M., 1980:
A performance evaluation of an alternative approach for training international students

Mclaren, P., 1989 :
A permanent ware solution

Ludwig, R.D.; McGregor, R.G.; Blowes, D.W.; Benner, S.G.; Mountjoy, K., 2002:
A permeable reactive barrier for treatment of heavy metals

Cole-Hamilton, Isabel, 1982:
A personal view of teaching nutrition

Anonymous, 1987:
A perspective on calcium

Mcbean, Ld, 1987:
A perspective on food safety concerns

Achterberg, C., 1988:
A perspective on nutrition education research and practice

Cross, E.; Shanklin, C., 1997:
A perspective on quality

Smith, J.T.rner, J., 1986:
A perspective on the history and use of the recommended dietary allowances

Ackerman, S.; Miller, A.; Swift, C., 1979:
A phase testing method for rapidly determining the stability of sausage emulsions

Martens, M., 1999:
A philosophy for sensory science

Bloomquist, K., 1982:
A photogrammetric approach for testing the accuracy of terrain slope data from land-use-maps: the case of Adams County, Illinois

Weller, S.; Wagner, W.; Sakai, A., 1995:
A phylogenetic analysis of Schiedea and Alsinidendron (Caryophyllaceae: Alsinoideae): implications for the evolution of breeding systems

Martinez-Murcia, A.J.; Collins, M.D., 1991:
A phylogenetic analysis of an atypical leuconostoc: description of Leuconostoc fallax sp. nov

Beilstein, M.; Windham, M., 2003:
A phylogenetic analysis of western North American Draba (Brassicaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences from the ITS region

Smith, J.; Draper, S.; Hileman, L.; Baum, D., 2004:
A phylogenetic analysis within tribes Gloxinieae and Gesnerieae (Gesnerioideae: Gesneriaceae)

Gutenberger, S.K.; Giovannoni, S.J.; Field, K.G.; Fryer, J.L.; Rohovec, J.S., 1991:
A phylogenetic comparison of the 16S rRNA sequence of the fish pathogen, Renibacterium salmoninarum, to gram-positive bacteria

Vargas, P.B.ldwin, B.; Constance, L., 1999:
A phylogenetic study of Sanicula sect. Sanicoria and S. sect. Sandwicenses (Apiaceae) based on nuclear rDNA and morphological data

Wang, H.C.; Sun, H.; Compton, J.A.; Yang, J.B., 2006:
A phylogeny of Thermopsideae (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) inferred from nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences

Villanova, N.P.squi, F.B.rzacchini, S.F.rlani, G.M.nini, R.S.ppini, A.M.lchionda, N.M.rchesini, G., 2006:
A physical activity program to reinforce weight maintenance following a behavior program in overweight

Robinson, D.; Jones, S.; Blonquist, J.J.; Friedman, S., 2005:
A physically derived water content

Ellis, P.R.; Rayment, P.; Wang, Q., 1996:
A physico-chemical perspective of plant polysaccharides in relation to glucose absorption, insulin secretion and the entero-insular axis

Arogoba, S.; Ajiboro, A.; Odukwe, I., 1994:
A physico-chemical study of Nigerian velvet tamarind (Dialium guineense L) fruit

Culotta, V.; Joh, H.; Lin, S.; Slekar, K.; Strain, J., 1995:
A physiological role for Saccharomyces cerevisiae copper

Kedderis, L.B.; Mills, J.J.; Andersen, M.E.; Birnbaum, L.S., 1993:
A physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for 2,3,7,8-tetrabromodibenzo-p-dioxin (TBDD) in the rat: tissue distribution and CYP1A induction

Laidlaw, Af, 1978:
A pilgrim in New Lanark

Zhang, P.Q.; Chai, C.F.; Lu, X.L.; Qian, Q.F.; Feng, W.Y., 1997:
A pilot biological environmental specimen bank in China

Hoffman, C.; Maynard, F., 1992:
A pilot program of nutrition education and exercise for polio survivors: a community-based model for secondary disability prevention

Passik, S.D.; Whitcomb, L.A.; Kirsh, K.L.; Donaghy, K.; Theobald, D.; Holtsclaw, E.; Edgerton, S.; Dugan, W., 2002:
A pilot study of oncology staff perceptions of palliative care and psycho-oncology services in rural and community settings in Indiana

Schuelke, L.; Dosedel, J.; Bond, D., 1978:
A pilot survey of courses in technology transfer offered at selected colleges and universities in the United States

Chapman, S.; Byerley, B.; Smyth, D.; Mackay, D., 1997:
A pilot test of passive oxygen release for enhancement of in situ bioremediation of BTEX-contaminated ground water

Devino, Gt, 1977:
A pilot university industry master's training program

Carbonneau, C., 1979:
A place reserved for cooperative education (in the CCQ brief prepared for the Summit Conference)

Marx, Hg, 1982:
A planned approach for transferring research knowledge

Byrne, Jg, 1978:
A planner's viewpoint on the urban forestry effort

Fan, H.; Sugiura, M., 1995:
A plant basal in vitro system supporting accurate transcription of both RNA polymerase II- and III-dependent genes: supplement of green leaf component(s) drives accurate transcription of a light-responsive rbcS gene

Kendall, W.; Leath, K., 1991:
A plant growth system to facilitate root observations and treatments

Chang, Y.; Henriquez, X.P.euss, D.C.penhaver, G.; Zhang, H., 2003:
A plant-transformation-competent BIBAC library from Arabidopsis thaliana Landsberg ecotype for functional and comparative genomics

Chen, F.H.; Ratterman, D.M.; Sze, H., 1993:
A Plasma Membrane-Type Ca2+-ATPase of 120 Kilodaltons on the Endoplasmic Reticulum from Carrot (Daucus carota) Cells (Properties of the Phosphorylated Intermediate)

Levy, A.; Erlanger, M.; Rosenthal, M.; Epel, B., L., 2007:
A plasmodesmata-associated (Sb(B-1,3-glucanase in Arabidopsis

Shikanai, T.F.yer, C.; Dulieu, H.P.rry, M.; Yokota, A., 1996:
A point mutation in the gene encoding the Rubisco large subunit interfers with holoenzyme assembly

Payros, A.; Pujalte, V.; Orue-Etxebarria, X., 2007:
A point-sourced calciclastic submarine fan complex (Eocene Anotz Formation, western Pyrenees): facies architecture, evolution and controlling factors

Ogg, C.; Johnson, J.; Clayton, K., 1982:
A policy option for targeting soil conservation expenditures

Richmond, Fred, 1980:
A political perspective on the diet

Liu, D.X.; Cavanagh, D.; Green, P.; Inglis, S.C., 1991:
A polycistronic mRNA specified by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus

Naylor, J.M.cnair, M.; Williams, E.; Poulton, P., 1996:
A polymorphism for phosphate uptake

Jan, C.; Chen, C.; Chiu, Y.; Chen, L.; Wu, H.; Huang, C.; Yen, M.; Chen, T., 2006:
A population-based study investigating the association between metabolic syndrome and Hepatitis B

Emge, R.; Melching, S.K.ngsolver, C., 1969:
A portable chamber for the growth and isolation of infected plants

Menon, S.Devi.; Osman, Z.; Chenchill, K.; Chia, W., 2005:
A positive feedback loop between Dumbfounded and Rolling pebbles leads to myotube enlargement in Drosophila

Taylor, Rr, 1986:
A positive guide to theft deterrence

Yen, Y.; Shu, B.; Wang, C.; Yang, M.; Kao, W.; Shih, C.; Lung, F., 2006:
A positive relationship between Apo (Sf(B2 allele and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol

Breslow, L., 1979:
A positive strategy for the nation's health

Mayumi, K.S.ibaoka, H., 1995:
A possible double role brassinolide in the reorientation of cortical microtubules in the epidermal cells of Azuki bean epicotyls

Ozawa, T.T.uji, T., 1993:
A possible role of polyamines in the repression of growth of Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteriods in soybean nodules

Ono, T.; Inoue, Y., 1991:
A possible role of redox-active histidine in the photoligation of manganese into a photosynthetic O2-evolving enzyme

Asai, T.; O'Sullivan, W.J.; Tatibana, M., 1983:
A potent nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase from the parasitic protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. Purification, some properties, and activation by thiol compounds

Nyankori, J.; Courter, J., 1979:
A potential source of income for farms with small land base

Segal, M., 1987:
A potpourri of consumers' questions about food

Anonymous, 1978:
A potpourri of fresh vegetable ideas

Boyce, J.S.anklin, C., 1998:
A practical application of HACCP in a refrigerated food manufacturing operation

Garceau, A.; Dwyer, J.; Holland, M., 1989:
A practical approach to nutrition in the patient with juvenile rhematoid arthritis

Loveridge, S., 1995:
A practical approach to shift-share analysis

Kahn, Linda, 1979:
A practical guide to critical TV viewing skills

Hamlin, R., 1991:
A practical guide to empowering your employees

Barrett, C., 1985:
A practical guide to soyfoods

Barlow, W.E.; Hane, E.Z., 1992:
A practical guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act

Anonymous, 1979:
A practical method for bean storage

Gangstad, E.; Snell, R., 1948:
A practical method for quantitative evaluation of texture in sweet corn inbreds and hybrids

Bouyoucos, Gj, 1950:
A practical soil moisture meter as a scientific guide to irrigation practices

Erlich, J.; Gutterman, A., 2003:
A practical view of strategies for improving federal technology transfer

Walters, E., 1991:
A practicum in clinical nutrition as the internship component of an integrated masters

Chen, T.; Zhang, Z.; Glotzer, S.C., 2007:
A precise packing sequence for self-assembled convex structures

Gardiner, Wp, 1983:
A prediction system for the life-cycle of the sheep tick, Ixodes ricinus L

Callahan, Ka, 1993:
A predictive model for the marketing of home economics

May, B.; Vandergheynst, J., 2001:
A predictor variable of efficacy of Lagenidium giganteum produced in solid-state cultivation

Holden, C., 1989:
A preemptive strike for animal research

Trivedi, R.K.are, A.K.are, M., 1990:
A pregnane triclycoside from Oxystelma esculentum

Humphries, K.T.aci, M.; Seekins, T., 2004:
A preliminary assessment of the nutrition and food-system environment of adults with intellectual disabilities living in supported arrangements in the community

Cornelius, J.; Ikerd, J.; Nelson, A., 1981:
A preliminary evaluation of price forecasting performance by agricultural economists

Kudray, G.; Hanover, J., 1980:
A preliminary evaluation of the Spartan spruce (Picea glauca X Picea pungens hybrid)

Igarashi, H.K.tsuta, Y.N.kazato, Y.K.wasaki, T., 1991:
A preliminary investigation into the opacifying effects in vitro of compounds with varying numbers of nitrogen-containing groups using isolated porcine corneas

Hamilton, Morag, 1980:
A preliminary investigation of consumer preference for white fish of different species

Batterham, M.G.ld, J.N.idoo, D.L.x, O.S.dler, S.B.indle, S.E.ing, M.O.iver, C., 2001:
A preliminary open label dose comparison using an antioxidant regimen to determine the effect on viral load and oxidative stress in men with HIV

Ramos, R.A.drade, P.; Seabra, R.; Pereira, C.F.rreira, M.; Faia, M., 1999:
A preliminary study of non-coloured phenolics in wines of varietal white grapes (codega, gouveio and malvasia fina): effects of grape variety, grape maturation and technology of winemaking

Sivala, K.M.kherjee, R.; Bhole, N., 1993:
A preliminary study of rice bran oil expression in a manually operated hydraulic press

Gabryszewska, E., 1989:
A preliminary study on in vitro propagation Syringa vularis L

Griffin, L.F.st, M., 1982:
A preliminary study on poly-parasitism and the size of primary schoolchildren in Kenya

Sobhi, F.; Hunter, S.M.tkis, F.S.oeb, S.S.aker, Z., 1979:
A preliminary study on the antibody immune response in bilharzial hepatosplenic cases by the indirect immunofluorescence and circumoval precipitin tests

Evans, Ne, 1993:
A preliminary study on the effects of nitrogen supply on the growth in vitro of nine potato genotypes (Solanum spp)

Morales, R.; Cheung, S.S., 1980:
A prenatal nutrition project using dietetic students in physicians' offices

Fournet, Rm, 1988:
A preoperative nutritional assessment for determining postoperative complications

Lazarus, W.; Scott, J.J., 1981:
A present value analysis of returns to irrigation in south central Illinois

Riordan, M.; Bales, C.D.ezner, M., 1987:
A preventive and therapeutic program for osteoporosis: a multi-faceted approach to care

Faith, N.; Uhlich, G.; Luchansky, J.B.; Neudeck, B.; Czuprynski, C., 2005:
A prfA transposon mutant of Listeria monocytogenes F2365, a serotype 4b strain, is able to survive in the gastrointestinal tract but does not cause systemic infection of the spleens and livers of intragastrically inoculated mice

French, S.A.; Jeffery, R.W.; Story, M.; Hannan, P.; Snyder, M.P., 1997:
A pricing strategy to promote low-fat snack choices through vending machines

Folkenberg, J., 1988:
A primer on food additives

Lauro, G.J., 1991:
A primer on natural colors

Mciver, C., 1985:
A primer on nutrition legislation

Wilkins, L., 2001:
A primer on risk: an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about public understanding of agbiotech

Mcgregor, Slt, 1994:
A primer on the micro-economic paradigm: the traditional approach to consumer policy

Cavanaugh, W., 1977:
A problem in credit union quantitative analysis

Mulkey, D.H.te, J., 1979:
A procedure for estimating interregional input-output matrices from secondary data

Conger, R.; Lorenz, F.; Elder, G.J.; Melby, J.; Simons, R.; Conger, K., 1991:
A process model of family economic pressure and early adolescent alcohol use

Elliot, W.; Laflen, J., 1993:
A process-based rill erosion model

O'-Brien, B.M.riarty, P., 1990:
A procrastinator's guide to a safe Thanksgiving

Gunter, D.; Emerson, R., 1977:
A production function for Florida foliage nurseries from time series and cross section data

Miller, R.O.; Kotuby Amacher, J.; Dellavalle, N.B., 1996:
A proficiency testing program for the agricultural laboratory industry results of the 1994 program

Smith, P.; Sheeran, K., 1992:
A profile of consumer preferences for baby diapers

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