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A simple wet chemical extraction procedure to characterize soil organic matter (SOM) . 3. Results of vegetation, crop litter, and forest litter in comparison to data as revealed with CPMAS 13NMR spectroscopy and pyrolysis-field ionization mass spectroscopy

Beyer, L.F.und, R.W.chendorf, C.K.icker, H.S.rge, C.K.bbemann, C.S.hulten, H.; Ludemann, H.; Blume, H.

Communications in soil Science and plant analysis 7(9-10): 2243-2264


ISSN/ISBN: 0010-3624
Accession: 013073938

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Data on the organic matter composition of vegetation, crop litter, and forest litter of Oi (=L) horizons from several European locations available with the litter compound analysis (LCA) discussed in previous communications are presented. The wet chemical results are discussed in comparison to data as revealed by cross polarization magic angle spinning carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (CPMAS 13C-NMR) and pyrolysis-field ionization mass spectrometry (Py-FIMS). The LCA of vegetation, crop litter, and forest litter provides much detailed information about the chemical composition of extractable organic matter. Normally, both CPMAS 13C-NMR and Py-FIMS confirm the wet chemical results. Our data suggest a moderate chemical variation between the fresh organic residue and the litter. NMR revealed structural information about the nonextractable organic matter using a combination of wet chemical extraction and CPMAS 13C-NMR of whole soil. In addition, Py-FIMS identified specific SOM segments at a qualitative level.

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